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Proper nounEdit


  1. (uncommon) A diminutive of the female given name Dorothy, also spelled Dottie.
    • 2013, D. Vanstone, Dotty and the Fix-it-Cats, (→ISBN), page 7:
      If you really believed and if you waited ever so quietly, you would see Dotty the witch pottering around in her kitchen or picking herbs to put in her potato stew.
    • 2015, Constance C. Greene, Dotty's Suitcase, Open Road Media (→ISBN)
      “It's Dotty!” As if there were only one Dotty in the world. “Dotty who?” a voice asked from behind the door. “Why, Dotty Fickett!” she replied. The door opened and a woman stood there, her face gaunt and filled with sadness. “Mrs. Doherty?”