Sorbus aucuparia



European rowan (usually uncountable, plural European rowans)

  1. The tree Sorbus aucuparia, commonly called rowan.
    Synonym: see rowan
    • 2009, Adrian M. I. Roberts, “Chapter 12: Smoothing Methods”, in Irene L. Hudson, Marie R. Keatley, editors, Phenological Research: Methods for Environmental and Climate Change Analysis, page 256:
      Here we will largely focus attention on one species, the European rowan or Mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia), and the influence of temperature.
    • 2008, Aedh Rua, Celtic Flame: An Insider's Guide to Irish Pagan Tradition[1], page 81:
      The wood of the European rowan, or, to a much lesser extent its North American cousin, has long been noted in the lore to drive out Fomors and other unpleasant spiritual beings.
    • 2013, Cassandra Claire, The Shadowhunter's Codex[2], page 26:
      The European rowan tree has long been known to have magically protective properties.