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  1. (Internet, text messaging) For what it's worth.
    • 1986 August 27, Ries, Marc A., “Re: UNIX v.3 Query”, in net.unix, Usenet[1], retrieved 2016-07-02, message-ID <1267@trwrb.UUCP>:
      Supposidly, SVR3 was developed on the 400 line, and ports to the 3B5/15 line are not due out until early next year. FWIW.
    • 1987 January 6, Daul, William, “B-52's don't fly out of Moffett Naval Air Station”, in mod.politics.arms-d, Usenet[2], retrieved 2016-07-02, message-ID <8701070354.AA12777@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>:
      I spoke with a person that was a crew member of a P3-ORION out of Moffett. Although the Navy will not admit or deny the presence of nuclear depth-charges...he said that they routinely carry them during case the training turns into the REAL thing while they are in the air. FWIW, --Bi// (For What It Is Worth)
  2. (Internet, text messaging) For whoever is wondering.
  3. (Internet, text messaging) From what I've witnessed.
  4. (Internet, text messaging) Forgot where I was.