Old NorseEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Proto-Germanic *finnaz.

Proper nounEdit

Finnr m (genitive Finns)

  1. An exonym by Norwegians for Sámi people across Arctic Scandinavia
  2. An exonym by Swedes for people in Finland
  3. A male given name; as an element also in Finnviðr, Finnulfr, Finnólfr, et cetera
  4. A byname informally honoring a male with powers of a vǫlva, alluding to the Sámi noaidi
  5. (Norse mythology) A mythic name, used for elves and dwarves i.a.


Derived termsEdit


  • Icelandic: Finnur
  • Faroese: Finnur
  • Norwegian: Finn
  • Swedish: Finne
  • Danish: Finn