See also: fuss, fúss, and Fuß

Central Franconian edit

Alternative forms edit

  • Fuhs (rare variant)
  • Fuchs, Fochs (Moselle Franconian; originally southern, now also northern)

Etymology edit

From Old High German fuhs.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

Fuss m (plural Fusse or Füss or Fiss, diminutive Füssje or Fissje)

  1. (Ripuarian, dated in northern Moselle Franconian) fox
  2. (same dialects) red-haired person, redhead

Derived terms edit

German edit

Noun edit

Fuss m (strong, genitive Fusses, plural Füsse, diminutive Füsschen n)

  1. Switzerland and Liechtenstein standard spelling of Fuß.