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God's green earth

  1. (idiomatic) The world.
    No way on God's green earth is that going to happen.
    • 1958, Isaac Asimov, Lenny
      [A] MEC model that will do nothing on God's green earth but take two steps forward, say 'Pleased to meet you, sir,' shake hands, then take two steps back...
    • 1999, Dwain Campbell, Tales from the Frozen Ocean, page 8:
      Few places on God's green earth are as imbued with primordial magic as those bordering the phantasmagoric waters of Fundy.
    • 2001, Carl Hiaasen, Sick puppy
      And with regard to the Toad Island bridge, junior, there's not a damn thing you or anyone else on God's green earth can do to stop it.