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IInd person

  1. Alternative form of second person
    • 1970, Journal of Tamil Studies, volume 2, number 2:
      Most writers on this subject conclude that the notions Ist person, IInd person and IIIrd person are semantic primes, ie.., cannot be further broken down into other semantic components.
    • 1974, Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute, volume 34, page 35:
      In H. singular Ist person form is different from the rest and in plural the IInd person form is different from the rest of the forms.
    • 1979, Ladakhi grammar, →ISBN, page 104:
      Plural suffixes may be optionally added after the Ist person exclusive ƞə—z̆e, Ist person inclusive ƞə—təƞ, and IInd person non-honorific khyo—z̆e and honorific ñe—z̆e.

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