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Short form of Alana, or from Russian Лана (Lana), diminutive of several names including Светла́на (Svetlána).

Proper nounEdit


  1. A female given name from Russian.
    • 1942 Irving Wallace, The Loves of Lana Turner, Liberty magazine, September 5, 1942:
      Mervyn LeRoy, the boyish cigar-smoking director who signed her, didn't like her name Julia. So she thought awhile and said, "What about Lana?" For no reason at all it became Lana - pronounced Lah-nah.
    • 2013 Matt Haig, The Humans, Canongate, →ISBN page 832:
      I discovered that her full name was Margaret Lowell. I wasn't an expert on Earth names, but I still knew this was wildly inappropriate. She should have been called Lana Bellcurve or Ashley Brainsex or something.



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Lana n (genitive Lanas)

  1. A municipality of South Tyrol