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MMath (uncountable)

  1. Master of Mathematics degree.
    • 1992, Bulletin
      It is clear that these courses provide a more highly focused and specialised training than is envisaged in the recommended four-year MMath degree.
    • 2002, Institution of Electrical Engineers, Radar 2002: 15-17 October 2002, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK., Inspec/Iee
      Carole L. Tham received her MMath(Hons.) degree in Mathematics from the University of Manchester, UK.
    • 2012, Kang Zhang, Software Visualization: From Theory to Practice, Springer Science & Business Media →ISBN
      He received his MMath and BMath degrees from the school of Computer Science of the University of Waterloo in 1999 and 2001.

Usage notesEdit

The MMath is separate from an MSc in mathematics.