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MTV generation

  1. The generation that came of age watching MTV in the late 20th century.
    • 1992, PC Mag (volume 11, number 22, 22 December 1992, page 346)
      But while the small screen and grainy full-motion video on a CD-ROM [] may wow computerphiles [] , it won't impress the MTV generation.
    • 1996, James Robert Walker & Robert V. Bellamy, Jr., Television and the Remote Control, Guilford Press, page 96:
      "Younger viewers are seen as part of the MTV generation: raised on a collage of rapidly shifting images..."
    • 1998, Garry Mitchell, The Trainer's Handbook, AMACOM, page 311:
      "The problem was that this young man, like many young people who grew up in the MTV generation, had developed only a very short attention span. "
    • 2003, Patricia B. Seybold & Martin Lindstrom, Brandchild, Kogan Page, page 8:
      "Then the MTV generation took over. Writing became unfashionable."

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