Module sandbox for tests. The main function is show.

If you want to keep your test module as private, please create page in format: Module:User:(username)/(module_name).

  • bnt-cmn, bnt-ngu-pro, bnt-pro, bnt-sts-pro, rw-kin, rw-run

local export = {}

	local Array = require "Module:array"
	local bnt_descendants = Array(require "Module:family tree".list_descendants_of("bnt"))
	local guthrie_codes = Array.keys(require "Module:Guthrie codes".codes):to_set()
	local families = require "Module:families/data"
	local bnt_descendant_lang_not_guthrie = bnt_descendants
		:filter(function(code) return not families[code] and not guthrie_codes[code] end)
	return bnt_descendant_lang_not_guthrie:concat(", ")

return export