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--From CEDICT with significant adaptations, originally licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
export.glosses = {
	["一"] = "one; single; a; (before verbs) as soon as, once; (before a noun) entire (family, etc.)",
	["丁"] = "4th [[heavenly stem]]; man; people; little cube; ''surname''",
	["七"] = "seven",
	["丈"] = "zhang (unit of measurement)",
	["三"] = "three",
	["上"] = "up; on; on top; upon; first; previous or last; upper; higher; above; previous; to climb; to go into; to go up",
	["下"] = "under; next; lower; below; underneath; down(wards); to go down; latter",
	["丌"] = "''surname''",
	["不"] = "not; no",
	["丏"] = "hidden",
	["丐"] = "beg for alms; beggar",
	["丑"] = "2nd [[earthly branch]]; 1-3 am; clown; ''surname''",
	["且"] = "further; moreover",
	["丕"] = "grand",
	["世"] = "life; age; generation; era; world; lifetime",
	["丘"] = "mound; hill; Confucius; given name",
	["丙"] = "3rd [[heavenly stem]]",
	["丞"] = "deputy",
	["丟"] = "to lose; to put aside; to throw",
	["並"] = "and; furthermore; (not) at all; simultaneously; also; together with; to combine; to join; to merge",
	["丫"] = "fork; bifurcation",
	["中"] = "middle; center; within; among; in; while (doing sth); during; China; Chinese; hit (the mark)",
	["丮"] = "catch",
	["丰"] = "buxom; good-looking; appearance and carriage of a person",
	["丱"] = "tufts of hair",
	["串"] = "to string together; to mix up; to conspire; to connect; (a measure word); string",
	["丳"] = "skewer",
	["丸"] = "pill",
	["丹"] = "red; pellet; powder; cinnabar",
	["主"] = "to own; to host; master; lord; primary",
	["丼"] = "bowl of food; well",
	["乂"] = "mow; to regulate",
	["乃"] = "to be; thus; so; therefore; then; only; thereupon",
	["久"] = "(long) time; (long) duration of time",
	["乇"] = "to depend on, to entrust with",
	["么"] = "small; one",
	["之"] = "'s; him/her/it; this",
	["乍"] = "for the first time; suddenly",
	["乎"] = "(interrog. part.)",
	["乏"] = "short of; tired",
	["乒"] = "bing (onomat.)",
	["乓"] = "bang (onomat.)",
	["乖"] = "(of a child) obedient, well-behaved; clever",
	["乘"] = "ride; mount; make use of; take advantage of; multiply; to avail of; to ride",
	["乙"] = "2nd [[heavenly stem]]",
	["乜"] = "squint; (dial.) what",
	["九"] = "nine",
	["乞"] = "beg",
	["也"] = "also; too",
	["乩"] = "to divine",
	["乳"] = "breast; milk",
	["乾"] = "dry; clean; male; strong; one of the Eight Trigrams; ''surname''",
	["乿"] = "to cure, to heal",
	["亂"] = "in confusion; disorderly",
	["亃"] = "name of a kind of animal",
	["亄"] = "covetous; greedy",
	["了"] = "to know; to understand; (modal particle intensifying preceding clause); (completed action marker)",
	["予"] = "to give; I",
	["事"] = "matter; thing; item; work; affair",
	["二"] = "two",
	["亍"] = "step with right foot",
	["于"] = "''surname''",
	["云"] = "(classical) to say",
	["互"] = "mutual",
	["亓"] = "''surname''; his; her; its; their",
	["五"] = "five",
	["井"] = "warn; well",
	["亙"] = "extend across; through",
	["些"] = "some; few; several; (a measure word)",
	["亞"] = "second; inferior; Asia",
	["亟"] = "repeatedly; frequently; urgent",
	["亡"] = "to die; to perish",
	["亢"] = "overbearing",
	["交"] = "to deliver; to turn over; to make friends; to intersect (lines); to pay (money)",
	["亥"] = "12th [[earthly branch]]; 9-11 pm",
	["亦"] = "also",
	["亨"] = "prosperous",
	["享"] = "enjoy",
	["京"] = "capital; Beijing (abbrev.)",
	["亭"] = "pavilion",
	["亮"] = "light; bright",
	["亳"] = "name of district in Anhui; capital of Yin",
	["亶"] = "''surname''; sincere",
	["亹"] = "resolute",
	["人"] = "man; person; people",
	["什"] = "tenth (used in fractions)",
	["仁"] = "humane; kernel",
	["仂"] = "surplus; tithe",
	["仄"] = "oblique tone",
	["仆"] = "fall prostrate",
	["仇"] = "''surname''; match; mate; hatred; animosity; enmity; a rival; an enemy; feud",
	["仈"] = "''surname''",
	["今"] = "today; modern; present; current; this; now",
	["介"] = "introduce; lie between; between",
	["仍"] = "still; yet; to remain",
	["仔"] = "minutely; young; duty; responsibility",
	["仕"] = "an official",
	["他"] = "he; him; other",
	["仗"] = "battle",
	["付"] = "pay",
	["仙"] = "immortal",
	["仚"] = "to fly",
	["仝"] = "together; same",
	["仞"] = "(measure)",
	["仟"] = "thousand",
	["仡"] = "strong; brave",
	["代"] = "substitute; replace; generation; dynasty; geological era; era; age; period",
	["令"] = "make or cause to be; order; command; decree; honorable",
	["以"] = "to use; according to; so as to; in order to; by; with; because; Israel (abbrev.)",
	["仨"] = "three (of)",
	["仰"] = "look up",
	["仲"] = "2nd in seniority",
	["仳"] = "to part",
	["仵"] = "opponent",
	["件"] = "a measure word for thing, clothes, item",
	["任"] = "to assign; to appoint; office; responsibility",
	["份"] = "share; portion; part",
	["仿"] = "to imitate; to copy",
	["伀"] = "restless; agitated",
	["企"] = "plan a project; stand on tiptoe",
	["伈"] = "nervous; fearful",
	["伉"] = "husband; wife",
	["伊"] = "he; she; ''surname''; Iraq (abbrev.); Iran (abbrev.)",
	["伋"] = "unreal",
	["伍"] = "associate with; five; company",
	["伎"] = "craft",
	["伏"] = "conceal (ambush); prostrate; submit",
	["伐"] = "(v) cut down; fell; (v) dispatch an expedition against; descend upon",
	["休"] = "to rest",
	["伕"] = "porter",
	["伙"] = "assistant; furniture; partner",
	["伝"] = "summon; propagate, transmit",
	["伢"] = "child (''colloquial'')",
	["伯"] = "father's elder brother; senior; paternal elder uncle; eldest of brothers; respectful form of address",
	["估"] = "estimate",
	["伴"] = "partner; companion; associate; to accompany; comrade",
	["伶"] = "solitary; lonely; actor; clever",
	["伸"] = "to stretch; to extend",
	["伺"] = "to watch; to wait; to examine; to spy; wait on",
	["伻"] = "to cause",
	["似"] = "to seem; to appear; similar; like; to resemble",
	["伾"] = "multitudinous; powerful",
	["佃"] = "farmer",
	["但"] = "but; yet; however; only; merely; still",
	["佇"] = "wait; look towards; turn one's back on",
	["佈"] = "diffuse; extend; notify",
	["佉"] = "''surname''",
	["佌"] = "petty; wretched",
	["位"] = "position; location; (measure word for persons); place; seat",
	["低"] = "to lower (one's head); to let droop; to hang down; low; to incline; beneath",
	["住"] = "to live; to dwell; to reside; to stop",
	["佐"] = "assist",
	["佑"] = "bless; protect",
	["佔"] = "to occupy; to constitute; to make up; to account; to observe; to divine",
	["何"] = "carry; what; how; why; which",
	["佗"] = "carry on the back",
	["佘"] = "''surname''",
	["余"] = "extra; surplus; remaining; after; I; me",
	["佚"] = "idle",
	["佛"] = "Buddha; Buddhism",
	["作"] = "to regard as; to take (somebody) for; to do; to make",
	["佝"] = "rickets",
	["佞"] = "eloquent; talent",
	["佟"] = "''surname''",
	["你"] = "you",
	["佡"] = "make effort, endeavor",
	["佢"] = "he (''Cantonese'')",
	["佣"] = "commission (for middleman)",
	["佤"] = "[[w:Wa people|Wa people]]",
	["佩"] = "to respect; wear (belt, etc.)",
	["佪"] = "irresolute; move back and forth",
	["佫"] = "''surname''",
	["佬"] = "man; guy",
	["佯"] = "pretend",
	["佰"] = "(complicated form of) hundred (used to avoid fraud)",
	["佳"] = "excellent",
	["佴"] = "assistant",
	["併"] = "amalgamate; combine",
	["佶"] = "difficult to pronounce",
	["佷"] = "to act contrary to",
	["佸"] = "meet",
	["佹"] = "almost succeed; crafty; suddenly",
	["佺"] = "immortal",
	["佻"] = "frivolous; unsteady; delay",
	["佼"] = "handsome",
	["佽"] = "''surname''; nimble; to help",
	["佾"] = "row of dancers at sacrifices",
	["使"] = "to make; to cause; to enable; to use; to employ; messenger",
	["侀"] = "shape; statute",
	["侁"] = "large crowd",
	["侂"] = "to commission, to entrust to, to depute; to request, to ask",
	["侃"] = "bold",
	["侄"] = "nephew",
	["侅"] = "to give; prepared for included in ; embraced in",
	["來"] = "to come",
	["侇"] = "a class, a category a corpse",
	["侈"] = "extravagant; wasteful; exaggerating",
	["例"] = "example; precedent; rule; case; instance",
	["侍"] = "attend on",
	["侐"] = "still; silent",
	["侑"] = "urge to eat",
	["侔"] = "similar; comparable; equal",
	["侖"] = "arrange",
	["侗"] = "ignorant; (ethnic group)",
	["侘"] = "boast; despondent",
	["侚"] = "buried with dead; die for a cause",
	["供"] = "offer; sacrificial offering; trial statement; confession; offer (information etc.); supply",
	["侜"] = "conceal; to cover",
	["依"] = "according to; depend on; near to; (''Min Dong'') kinship prefix",
	["侮"] = "insult",
	["侯"] = "marquis",
	["侵"] = "to invade; to infringe; to approach",
	["侶"] = "companion",
	["侷"] = "narrow",
	["便"] = "advantageous; cheap; ordinary; plain; convenient; handy; easy; then; so; thus; to relieve oneself",
	["俁"] = "big",
	["係"] = "be; connection; relation; tie up; bind",
	["促"] = "to hurry; to rush; to hasten; near; to promote",
	["俄"] = "suddenly; very soon; Russian",
	["俅"] = "ornamental cap",
	["俊"] = "smart; eminent; handsome; talented",
	["俎"] = "a stand for food at sacrifice",
	["俏"] = "smart",
	["俐"] = "clever",
	["俑"] = "wooden figures buried with the dead",
	["俓"] = "straight; pass",
	["俔"] = "like",
	["俗"] = "vulgar",
	["俘"] = "prisoner of war",
	["俚"] = "rustic",
	["俛"] = "exhort",
	["俜"] = "forlorn",
	["保"] = "to defend; to protect; to insure or guarantee; to maintain; hold or keep; to guard",
	["俞"] = "''surname''; accede",
	["俟"] = "until; wait for",
	["俠"] = "knight-errant; chivalrous; heroic",
	["信"] = "letter; true; to believe; sign; evidence",
	["修"] = "to decorate; to embellish; to repair; to build; to study; to write; to cultivate",
	["俯"] = "look down; stoop",
	["俱"] = "a social club; entirely; without exception",
	["俳"] = "irresolute; not serious; variety show",
	["俴"] = "short; shallow; thin plate",
	["俵"] = "distribute",
	["俶"] = "begin",
	["俸"] = "salary",
	["俺"] = "I (northern dialects)",
	["俾"] = "to cause",
	["倀"] = "groping; rash; reckless",
	["倅"] = "deputy; second; sub-",
	["倆"] = "(a numeral-measure word) two; both",
	["倉"] = "barn; granary; storehouse; cabin; hold (in ship)",
	["個"] = "(a measure word); individual",
	["倌"] = "a groom",
	["倍"] = "(two, three, etc) -fold; times (multiplier); double; to increase or multiply",
	["倏"] = "sudden; abrupt",
	["們"] = "(plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)",
	["倒"] = "upset; turn over; to tip; to pour; to go home; to the contrary; inverted; to fall; to collapse; to topple; to change; to fail; bankrupt",
	["倔"] = "crabby; tough",
	["倖"] = "lucky",
	["倘"] = "if",
	["薇"] = "''[[Osmunda regalis]]''",
	["候"] = "wait",
	["倚"] = "to lean on; rely upon",
	["倜"] = "energetic; exalted; magnanimous",
	["借"] = "to lend; to borrow; excuse; pretext; by means of",
	["倡"] = "initiate; instigate; introduce; lead",
	["倢"] = "handsome",
	["倣"] = "imitate",
	["倦"] = "tired",
	["倨"] = "haughty; arrogant",
	["倩"] = "niece; plagiarize; winsome",
	["倪"] = "''surname''",
	["倫"] = "human relationship",
	["倬"] = "noticeable, large; clear, distin",
	["倭"] = "Japanese; dwarf",
	["值"] = "value; (to be) worth; to happen",
	["偁"] = "to call",
	["偃"] = "to lie supine; to stop; to fall down",
	["假"] = "vacation; fake; false; artificial; to borrow; if; suppose",
	["偈"] = "forceful; martial; Buddhist hymn; gatha; Buddhist verse",
	["偉"] = "big; large; great",
	["偌"] = "so; such; to such a degree",
	["偎"] = "to cuddle",
	["偏"] = "one-sided; to lean; to slant; prejudiced; inclined to one side",
	["偓"] = "constrained",
	["偕"] = "in company with",
	["做"] = "to do; to make; to produce",
	["停"] = "to stop; to halt; to park (a car)",
	["偝"] = "disobey; stand back-to-back",
	["偟"] = "agitated; alarmed",
	["偢"] = "to stare at",
	["健"] = "healthy",
	["偨"] = "uneven",
	["偩"] = "rely on; to resemble",
	["偪"] = "close to; compel",
	["偫"] = "wait for; lay in",
	["偭"] = "transgress",
	["偯"] = "to sob; wail",
	["偲"] = "talented",
	["側"] = "lean on one side; the side; to incline towards; to lean; inclined; lateral; side",
	["偵"] = "to scout; to spy",
	["偶"] = "accidental; image; pair; mate",
	["偷"] = "to steal; to pilfer",
	["偽"] = "false; fake; forged; bogus",
	["傀"] = "grand; strange",
	["傅"] = "instruct; tutor; instructor; adhere; apply",
	["傌"] = "to curse, to revile, to abuse; to scold",
	["傍"] = "near; nestle; near (approaching)",
	["傎"] = "inversion; mistake",
	["傑"] = "hero; heroic",
	["傒"] = "of Jiangxi province; servant",
	["傔"] = "servant",
	["傖"] = "low fellow; rustic; rude; rough",
	["傘"] = "umbrella; parasol",
	["備"] = "to prepare; get ready; to provide or equip",
	["傚"] = "imitate",
	["傜"] = "Yao tribe",
	["傞"] = "uneven; unsteady (in dancing)",
	["傢"] = "furniture; tool",
	["傣"] = "the Dai minority living in South China",
	["催"] = "urge; press; expedite; prompt; hurry",
	["傭"] = "hire; servant",
	["傮"] = "finish, to go around",
	["傯"] = "busy; hurried; despondent",
	["傲"] = "proud; overbearing; insolent; arrogant",
	["傳"] = "to pass on; to spread; to transmit; to infect; to transfer; to circulate; to conduct (electricity); biography",
	["傴"] = "hunchbacked",
	["債"] = "debt",
	["傷"] = "injure; injury; wound",
	["傺"] = "detain; hinder",
	["傻"] = "foolish",
	["傾"] = "to overturn; to collapse; to lean; to tend; to incline; to pour out",
	["傿"] = "a fraudulant price; name of an immortal; an ancient placename",
	["僂"] = "hunchback",
	["僄"] = "light; airy",
	["僅"] = "barely; only; merely",
	["僇"] = "despise; insult",
	["僉"] = "all",
	["僊"] = "immortal",
	["僎"] = "collect",
	["像"] = "(look) like; similar (to); appearance; to appear; to seem; image; portrait; resemble; seem",
	["僑"] = "emigrant; reside abroad",
	["僕"] = "servant",
	["僖"] = "cautious; merry; joyful",
	["僚"] = "bureaucrat",
	["僝"] = "to revile; to abuse",
	["僣"] = "assume, usurp",
	["僤"] = "great; severe",
	["僥"] = "by mere luck",
	["僦"] = "hire; to rent",
	["僧"] = "monk",
	["僨"] = "instigate; ruin; destroy",
	["僩"] = "courageous; valiant",
	["僬"] = "clever; pigmies",
	["僭"] = "usurp",
	["僮"] = "name of an ethnic group in Guangxi; boy",
	["僯"] = "ashamed",
	["僰"] = "name of an ethnic group",
	["僱"] = "hire",
	["僵"] = "rigid; deadlock; stiff (corpse)",
	["價"] = "price; value; valence (on an atom); great; good; middleman; servant",
	["僻"] = "low; rustic; secluded",
	["僾"] = "indistinct; hazy",
	["僿"] = "small, minute; lacking sincerity",
	["儀"] = "apparatus; rites; appearance; present; ceremony",
	["儂"] = "you (Shanghai dial.)",
	["億"] = "a hundred million; calculate",
	["儅"] = "stop",
	["儆"] = "warn; admonish",
	["儇"] = "ingenious; frivolous",
	["儈"] = "broker",
	["儉"] = "frugal; to be in need",
	["儊"] = "rough and rugged",
	["儋"] = "carry",
	["儌"] = "by mere luck",
	["儐"] = "best man; entertain",
	["儒"] = "scholar; Confucian",
	["儓"] = "servant",
	["儔"] = "comrades; friends; companions",
	["儕"] = "a class; a company; companion",
	["儗"] = "doubtful; suspicious; emulate; imitate",
	["儘"] = "to the utmost",
	["儜"] = "weak; wearied; in distress",
	["償"] = "to compensate; pay back; to recompense",
	["儡"] = "to ruin",
	["儤"] = "on night duty",
	["儦"] = "walking to and fro",
	["儩"] = "the end; to finish",
	["優"] = "excellent; superior",
	["儭"] = "to assist; to give alms",
	["儱"] = "rude; barbarous",
	["儲"] = "savings; to save; to deposit; to store; ''surname''",
	["儳"] = "irregular; mixed",
	["儵"] = "alternate form of 倏; sudden; abrupt",
	["儷"] = "husband and wife",
	["儸"] = "smart; clever",
	["儹"] = "to accumulate, to hoard, to store up",
	["儺"] = "exorcise demons",
	["儻"] = "if; unexpectedly",
	["儼"] = "majestic; dignified",
	["儽"] = "lazy; tired out, worn fatigued",
	["兀"] = "cut off the feet; rising to a height; towering; bald",
	["允"] = "just; fair; to permit; to allow",
	["元"] = "primary; first; fundamental; dollar; (dynasty)",
	["兄"] = "elder brother",
	["充"] = "fill; satisfy; fulfill; to act in place of; substitute; sufficient; full",
	["兆"] = "omen; million; million million, trillion",
	["兇"] = "fierce",
	["先"] = "early; prior; former; in advance; first",
	["光"] = "light; ray; bright",
	["克"] = "gram; subdue; to restrain; to overcome",
	["兌"] = "to cash",
	["免"] = "to exempt; to remove; to avoid; to excuse",
	["兒"] = "son; child; ''diminutive suffix''",
	["兔"] = "rabbit",
	["兕"] = "rhinoceros indicus",
	["兗"] = "place name",
	["党"] = "party",
	["兜"] = "pocket",
	["兝"] = "decigram, dg.",
	["兞"] = "milligram, mg.",
	["兟"] = "to advance",
	["兢"] = "to be fearful; apprehensive",
	["入"] = "to enter",
	["內"] = "inside; inner; internal; within; interior",
	["全"] = "all; whole; entire; every; complete",
	["兩"] = "both; two; ounce; some; a few; tael",
	["八"] = "eight",
	["公"] = "just; honorable; public; common; fair; duke; mister",
	["六"] = "six",
	["兮"] = "(part.)",
	["共"] = "all together; in while; to share; common; general; together; total",
	["兵"] = "soldiers; a force; an army; weapons; arms; military; warlike",
	["其"] = "his; her; its; theirs; that; such; it (refers to sth preceding it)",
	["具"] = "tool; device; utensil; equipment; instrument",
	["典"] = "canon; dictionary",
	["兼"] = "double; twice; simultaneous; holding two or more (official) posts at the same time",
	["冀"] = "to hope; to look forward to; Hebei",
	["冇"] = "not have (''dialectal'')",
	["冉"] = "passing (of time)",
	["冊"] = "book; a measure word for books; booklet",
	["再"] = "again; once more; next in sequence; another",
	["冑"] = "helmet",
	["冒"] = "to cover; to emit; to manifest; to risk; bold; brave",
	["冓"] = "inner rooms of palace; ten billions",
	["冔"] = "cap of Yin dynasty",
	["冕"] = "royal crown",
	["冗"] = "extraneous",
	["冘"] = "to move on; doubtful",
	["冞"] = "deep",
	["冠"] = "to head; hat; crown; crest; cap",
	["冢"] = "great; mound",
	["冤"] = "injustice; to wrong",
	["冥"] = "dark; deep",
	["冪"] = "power (math.term)",
	["冬"] = "winter",
	["冰"] = "ice",
	["冱"] = "congealed; frozen",
	["冶"] = "smelt",
	["冷"] = "cold",
	["冼"] = "''surname''",
	["冽"] = "cold and raw",
	["凄"] = "intense cold; mournful",
	["凅"] = "dried up; dry; exhausted, tired",
	["准"] = "to allow; to grant; to permit; accurate; standard",
	["凈"] = "clean",
	["凊"] = "cool; fresh; to cool",
	["凋"] = "withered",
	["凌"] = "encroach; soar; thick ice",
	["凍"] = "to freeze",
	["凔"] = "cold",
	["凜"] = "shiver with cold or fear",
	["凝"] = "congeal; concentrate attention",
	["凞"] = "bright, splendid, glorious",
	["几"] = "a few; how many; small table",
	["凡"] = "ordinary; every; all; whatever; worldly",
	["凰"] = "female fenghuang",
	["凱"] = "triumphant; victorious",
	["凳"] = "bench; stool",
	["凵"] = "receptacle",
	["凶"] = "fierce; terrible; ominous",
	["凸"] = "(adj) convex; stick out",
	["凹"] = "a depression; indentation; concave; hollow",
	["出"] = "to go out; to come out; to occur; to produce; to go beyond; to rise; to put forth; to happen; (a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)",
	["函"] = "envelope; case; letter",
	["刀"] = "knife",
	["刁"] = "artful; wicked",
	["刃"] = "edge of blade",
	["分"] = "to divide; minute; (a measure word); (a unit of leng",
	["切"] = "close to; to cut; to slice",
	["刈"] = "mow",
	["刊"] = "to print; publish",
	["刎"] = "cut across (throat)",
	["刑"] = "punishment",
	["划"] = "to row",
	["刓"] = "trim",
	["刖"] = "cut off the feet as punishment",
	["列"] = "to arrange; to line up; row; file; series",
	["刜"] = "to chop; strike",
	["初"] = "initial; first; beginning; junior; basic",
	["刡"] = "to scrape; to pare",
	["判"] = "to judge; to sentence; to discriminate; to discern",
	["別"] = "other; distinguish; contrary; difficult; awkward; leave; depart; separate; classify; another; do not; must not; to pin",
	["刨"] = "eliminate; to dig; to question; a plane; to plane; level or make smooth",
	["利"] = "advantage; benefit; profit; sharp",
	["刪"] = "to delete",
	["刮"] = "to scrape; to blow",
	["到"] = "to (a place); until (a time); up to; to go; to arrive",
	["刱"] = "establish, create; knife cut",
	["刲"] = "cut open and clean",
	["刳"] = "to cut open; rip up; scoop out",
	["刵"] = "cut off the ears as punishment",
	["制"] = "system; to make; to manufacture; to control; to regulate",
	["刷"] = "brush; to swipe; to select",
	["券"] = "deed; bond; contract; ticket",
	["刺"] = "thorn; sting; prick; pierce; stab; thrust; assassinate; murder",
	["刻"] = "quarter (hour); (a measure word); to carve; to engrave; to cut; oppressive",
	["剁"] = "chop (meat)",
	["剃"] = "shave",
	["剄"] = "cut the throat",
	["則"] = "(expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause); standard; norm; rule; to imitate; to follow; then; principle",
	["剉"] = "to break; deaden; to file; to chop",
	["削"] = "to reduce; to pare (away); to cut (down); to scrape",
	["剋"] = "to overcome; subdue; to overthrow; restrain; cut down; to be able to",
	["剌"] = " to contradict; to slash, cut in two; cruel; obstinate",
	["前"] = "front, forepart; in front; past; former; previous; last; before; preceding; earlier; ago; future; time ahead; first; top; battlefront; to move forward",
	["剎"] = "to brake (car); Buddhist monastery or temple; a brief moment",
	["剔"] = "pick (as teeth)",
	["剖"] = "to cut",
	["剚"] = "erect; stab",
	["剛"] = "hard; firm; strong; just; barely; exactly",
	["剜"] = "scoop out",
	["剝"] = "peel; to skin",
	["剟"] = "to prick; to cut blocks, to engrave",
	["剡"] = "sharp; river in Zhejiang",
	["剩"] = "have as remainder",
	["剪"] = "cut with scissors; scissors",
	["剮"] = "to cut flesh off from bone; lingchi",
	["副"] = "secondary; auxiliary; deputy; assistant; vice-; (measure word for a pair)",
	["割"] = "cut off",
	["剴"] = "carefully; moderately",
	["創"] = "begin; initiate; inaugurate; start; create; a wound; cut; injury; trauma",
	["剷"] = "level off; root up",
	["剸"] = "slash",
	["剺"] = "mark",
	["剽"] = "to rob; swift; nimble",
	["剿"] = "destroy (bandits)",
	["劁"] = "neuter",
	["劃"] = "to delimit; to transfer; to assign; to differentiate; to mark off; to draw (a line); to delete; stroke of a Chinese character",
	["劄"] = "write down",
	["劇"] = "drama; play; show; severe",
	["劈"] = "split in two; divide; hack; chop; split open",
	["劉"] = "Liu (Chinese surname)",
	["劊"] = "amputate, cut off",
	["劌"] = "cut; injure",
	["劍"] = "(double-edged) sword",
	["劑"] = "dose; agent",
	["劓"] = "cut off the nose",
	["劖"] = "bore; cut; polish",
	["劘"] = "whittle",
	["劙"] = "a divide, to partition",
	["力"] = "power; force; strength",
	["功"] = "merit; achievement; result; service; accomplishment",
	["加"] = "to add; plus",
	["劣"] = "inferior",
	["助"] = "to help; to assist",
	["努"] = "to exert; to strive",
	["劫"] = "plunder",
	["劬"] = "labor",
	["劭"] = "''surname''; stimulate to effort",
	["劻"] = "zealous",
	["劼"] = "careful; diligent; firm",
	["劾"] = "impeach",
	["勁"] = "stalwart; sturdy; strength",
	["勃"] = "flourishing; prosperous; suddenly; abruptly",
	["勇"] = "brave",
	["勉"] = "exhort",
	["勍"] = "violent; strong",
	["勒"] = "strangle; rein in",
	["動"] = "to move; to change; to use; to act",
	["勖"] = "exhort; stimulate",
	["勗"] = "exhort; stimulate",
	["勘"] = "to investigate; to survey; to collate",
	["務"] = "affair; business; matter",
	["勛"] = "medal; merit",
	["勝"] = "victorious; able to do; competent enough to",
	["勞"] = "toil",
	["募"] = "canvass for contributions; to recruit; to collect; to raise",
	["勢"] = "power; force; tendency; conditions; influence",
	["勣"] = "merit; accomplishment",
	["勤"] = "diligent; frequent",
	["勦"] = "destroy (bandits)",
	["勩"] = "toil",
	["勯"] = "exhausted",
	["勰"] = "harmonious",
	["勱"] = "put forth effort",
	["勳"] = "medal; merit",
	["勵"] = "exhort",
	["勷"] = "haste",
	["勸"] = "to advise; to urge; to try to persuade; exhort",
	["勺"] = "ladle; spoon",
	["勻"] = "even; evenly (divided); uniform",
	["勾"] = "affair; to reach for (with hand); to cancel; to delineate; hook",
	["勿"] = "do not",
	["包"] = "to cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet; to contract (to or for)",
	["匆"] = "hurried; hasty",
	["匈"] = "Hungary; thorax; chest",
	["匉"] = "noise of waters",
	["匊"] = "receive with both hands",
	["匋"] = "pottery",
	["匏"] = "bottle gourd; Lagenaria vulgaris",
	["匕"] = "dagger; ladle; an ancient type of spoon",
	["化"] = "to make into; to change into; -ization; to ... -ize; to transform",
	["北"] = "north",
	["匙"] = "spoon",
	["匚"] = "box; basket",
	["匜"] = "washbasin with a tubular handle",
	["匝"] = "go round",
	["匟"] = "couch for two",
	["匠"] = "craftsman",
	["匡"] = "correct",
	["匣"] = "box",
	["匪"] = "bandit; not",
	["匭"] = "small box",
	["匯"] = "remit; to converge (of rivers); to exchange",
	["匱"] = "lacking; empty; exhausted",
	["匹"] = "(measure word for horses, mules, a bolt of cloth); ordinary person; mate; one of a pair",
	["匽"] = "to hide, to secrete, to repress; to bend",
	["匾"] = "a tablet; a board with an inscription; a sign hung above a door",
	["匿"] = "to hide",
	["區"] = "area; region; district; small; distinguish; ''surname''",
	["十"] = "ten",
	["千"] = "thousand",
	["卄"] = "twenty, twentieth",
	["卅"] = "thirty",
	["升"] = "to raise; to hoist; to promote; pint",
	["午"] = "7th [[earthly branch]]; 11 am-1 pm; noon",
	["卉"] = "plants",
	["半"] = "half; semi-; incomplete; (after a number) and a half",
	["卌"] = "40",
	["卍"] = "swastika",
	["卑"] = "low; base; vulgar; inferior; humble",
	["卒"] = "die; soldier; abruptly; hurriedly",
	["卓"] = "outstanding",
	["協"] = "cooperate; harmonize; to help; to assist; to join",
	["南"] = "south",
	["博"] = "extensive; ample; rich; obtain; aim; to win; to get; plentiful; to gamble",
	["卜"] = "to divine; foretell; turnip",
	["卞"] = "hurried",
	["占"] = "to divine",
	["卡"] = "customs station; to be choked; to fasten; to clip; to wedge; checkpost; to check; to stop; to block; card",
	["卣"] = "wine container",
	["卦"] = "divinatory trigram",
	["卬"] = "high; raise (head)",
	["卮"] = "goblet",
	["卯"] = "4th [[earthly branch]]; 5-7 am",
	["印"] = "stamp; seal; mark; print; India (abbrev.)",
	["危"] = "danger; to endanger",
	["卲"] = "''surname''",
	["即"] = "namely; right away; to approach; to draw near",
	["卵"] = "ovum",
	["卷"] = "chapter; examination paper; to roll (up); to sweep up; to carry on",
	["卸"] = "unload; take off",
	["卹"] = "give relief; sympathy",
	["卻"] = "but; yet; however; while; to go back; to decline; to retreat; nevertheless",
	["卼"] = "uncomfortable; unsteady",
	["卿"] = "(old) minister; (old) term of endearment between spouses; thou (poet.)",
	["厂"] = "cliff; slope",
	["厄"] = "adversity",
	["厎"] = "whetstone",
	["厔"] = "river bent",
	["厖"] = "huge",
	["厘"] = "one thousandth",
	["厙"] = "''surname''",
	["厚"] = "generous; thick (for flat things)",
	["厜"] = "a mountain peak",
	["厝"] = "(''Min'') house; bury; to place; dispose",
	["原"] = "former; original; primary; raw; level; cause; source",
	["厤"] = "to calculate; the calendar",
	["厥"] = "his; its",
	["厭"] = "loathe",
	["厲"] = "severe",
	["厴"] = "operculum",
	["厹"] = "to trample; spear",
	["去"] = "to go; to leave; to remove",
	["參"] = "ginseng; take part in; participate; join; attend; to join; unequal; varied; irregular; to counsel; uneven; not uniform",
	["叄"] = "three (formal form used on checks, etc.)",
	["又"] = "(once) again; also; both... and...; again",
	["叉"] = "to cross; be stuck; to diverge; to open (as legs); fork; pitchfork; prong; pick; cross; intersect",
	["及"] = "to reach; and",
	["友"] = "friend",
	["反"] = "wrong side out or up; anti-",
	["叔"] = "uncle in direct address",
	["取"] = "to take; to get; to choose; to fetch",
	["受"] = "to bear; to stand; to endure; (passive marker); to receive",
	["叛"] = "to betray; to rebel; to revolt",
	["叟"] = "old gentleman",
	["叡"] = "astute; perspicacious",
	["叢"] = "cluster; collection; collection of books; thicket",
	["口"] = "mouth; (a measure word, for people, livestock or utensils)",
	["古"] = "ancient; old",
	["句"] = "(a measure word, for sentences or lines of verse); sentence",
	["另"] = "other; another; separate; separately",
	["叨"] = "be in receipt of; grumble; garrulous",
	["叩"] = "knock",
	["只"] = "only; merely; just; but",
	["叫"] = "to call; to yell; to be called; to order",
	["召"] = "to call together; to summon; to convene; ''surname''; name of an ancient state",
	["叭"] = "denote a sound or sharp noise (gunfire, etc.)",
	["叮"] = "sting (of mosquito); to ask",
	["可"] = "can; may; able to; certain(ly); to suit; (particle used for emphasis)",
	["台"] = "surname; (classical) you (in letters); platform; Taiwan (abbr.)",
	["叱"] = "to scold; shout at; to hoot at",
	["史"] = "history",
	["右"] = "right (-hand)",
	["叵"] = "cannot; thereupon",
	["司"] = "company; control",
	["叻"] = "place names",
	["叼"] = "(v) hold sth in the mouth",
	["吁"] = "implore; sh; hush",
	["吃"] = "eat; eradicate; destroy; receive; stammer",
	["各"] = "each; every",
	["吆"] = "shout",
	["合"] = "to close; to gather; to join; to fit; all; together",
	["吉"] = "lucky; Jilin Province (abbrev.)",
	["吊"] = "to hang; to suspend",
	["吋"] = "inch (English)",
	["同"] = "like; same; similar; together; alike; with",
	["名"] = "name; fame; to describe; place",
	["后"] = "empress; queen; surname",
	["吏"] = "minor official",
	["吐"] = "vomit; to spit",
	["向"] = "direction; part; side; towards; to; guide; opposite to",
	["吒"] = "upbraid",
	["君"] = "monarch; lord; gentleman; ruler",
	["吝"] = "stingy",
	["吞"] = "to swallow; to take",
	["吟"] = "moan; to hum",
	["吠"] = "to bark",
	["否"] = "clogged; evil; to negate; to deny; not",
	["吧"] = "(modal particle indicating polite suggestion); ...right?; ...OK?; (onomat.); dumb",
	["吩"] = "leave instructions; to order",
	["吪"] = "move",
	["含"] = "to keep; to contain",
	["吭"] = "throat",
	["吮"] = "to suck",
	["吰"] = "clang",
	["吱"] = "(phonetic)",
	["吳"] = "''surname''; province of Jiangsu",
	["吵"] = "to quarrel; to make a noise; noisy; to disturb by making a noise",
	["吶"] = "(final part.); battle cry",
	["吸"] = "to breathe; to suck in; to absorb; to inhale",
	["吹"] = "to blow; blast; puff; boast; brag; end in failure",
	["吻"] = "kiss; mouth",
	["吼"] = "to roar; to shout",
	["吾"] = "I; my",
	["呀"] = "(final part.)",
	["呂"] = "''surname''",
	["呃"] = "hiccough",
	["呆"] = "foolish; stupid; no expression; stay",
	["呇"] = "star",
	["呈"] = "to assume (a form); to submit; to petition; to show; to present; to offer",
	["告"] = "to tell; to inform; to say",
	["呎"] = "foot (English)",
	["呏"] = "gallon; quart",
	["呠"] = "to spurt; to blow out; to puff out; to snort",
	["呡"] = "the corners of the mouth; the lips",
	["呢"] = "woolen material; (question particle)",
	["呤"] = "purine in chem. compound; whisper",
	["呦"] = "bleating of the deer",
	["呧"] = "vex",
	["周"] = "encircle; circuit; complete; lap; week; cycle; all; every; attentive; thoughtful",
	["呫"] = "whisper; lick, taste; petty",
	["呬"] = "to rest",
	["呱"] = "crying sound of child",
	["味"] = "taste",
	["呴"] = "breathe on; yawn; roar",
	["呵"] = "expel breath; my goodness; (phonetic particle)",
	["呶"] = "clamor",
	["呷"] = "suck, swallow, drink",
	["呸"] = "to spit (in contempt)",
	["呺"] = "voice of anger vast, spacious",
	["呻"] = "groan",
	["呼"] = "to call; to cry; to shout; to breath out; to exhale",
	["命"] = "life; fate",
	["呿"] = "to yawn",
	["咀"] = "chew",
	["咁"] = "so (''Cantonese'')",
	["咂"] = "smack one's lips",
	["咄"] = "noise of rage, cry out in anger",
	["咆"] = "to roar",
	["咇"] = "fragrant",
	["咈"] = "oppose",
	["咋"] = "loud noise; shout; suddenly; gnaw",
	["和"] = "mix together; peace; harmony; and; with; union; cap (a poem); respond in singing; soft; warm",
	["咍"] = "(interj.); happy; sound of laughter",
	["咎"] = "blame",
	["咐"] = "to order",
	["咑"] = "da! (sound used to move animals along)",
	["咒"] = "put a curse on",
	["咕"] = "''an onomatopoeia''",
	["咖"] = "coffee",
	["咚"] = "boom (of a drum)",
	["咠"] = "to whisper; to blame, to slander",
	["咡"] = "space between mouth and ears",
	["咢"] = "beat a drum; startle",
	["咥"] = "loud laugh; gnaw; bite",
	["咦"] = "expression of surprise",
	["咧"] = "draw back corners of mouth; child's cry",
	["咨"] = "consult",
	["咩"] = "the bleating of sheep",
	["咪"] = "sound to call cat",
	["咫"] = "8 in. length unit of Zhou dynasty",
	["咬"] = "bite; nip",
	["咮"] = "beak of bird; peck at",
	["咯"] = "part. indicating obviousness; cough (blood); to argue; debate; (phonetic)",
	["咱"] = "we (incl.)",
	["咳"] = "cough; sound of sighing",
	["咷"] = "wail",
	["咸"] = "all",
	["咺"] = "glorious; sob; weep",
	["咻"] = "call out; jeer",
	["咼"] = "''surname''",
	["咽"] = "to swallow; to choke (in crying); narrow pass; throat",
	["咾"] = "a noise; a sound",
	["咿"] = "(onomat.)",
	["哀"] = "sorrow; grief; pity; to grieve for; to pity; to lament",
	["品"] = "conduct; grade; thing; product; good",
	["哂"] = "smile",
	["哄"] = "deceive; coax; resound with laughter",
	["哆"] = "quiver; woolen cloth",
	["哇"] = "sound of child's crying",
	["哈"] = "onomatopoeic representation of laughter",
	["哉"] = "(exclamatory or interrog. part.)",
	["哎"] = "an interjection; hey; lookout; why etc",
	["哞"] = "moo (sound made by cow)",
	["員"] = "person; employee; member",
	["哢"] = "(phonetic); -r + one (chem.)",
	["哤"] = "jargon",
	["哥"] = "elder brother",
	["哦"] = "oh is that so; to chant",
	["哨"] = "a whistle; sentry",
	["哩"] = "mile; (part. for continued state); (onomat.)",
	["哪"] = "which",
	["哫"] = "to cajole",
	["哭"] = "to cry; to weep",
	["哮"] = "pant; roar; bark (of animals)",
	["哲"] = "philosophy; wise",
	["哺"] = "feed",
	["哼"] = "(interj. of contempt); hum",
	["哽"] = "choking",
	["哿"] = "excellent; happy; well-being",
	["唁"] = "condole with",
	["唄"] = "to chant",
	["唅"] = "a sound; to put in the mouth",
	["唆"] = "incite; suck",
	["唇"] = "lip",
	["唈"] = "palpitation; short breathing",
	["唉"] = "alas; oh dear; an interjection; to express realization or agreement (yes, oh, right, etc)",
	["唎"] = "(final part.); sound; noise",
	["唏"] = "sound of sobbing",
	["唐"] = "Tang dynasty (618-907)",
	["唑"] = "azole",
	["唔"] = "hold in mouth; bite; (''Cant.'') no/not",
	["唚"] = "vomiting of animals; to use bad language",
	["唧"] = "(onomat.); to pump (water)",
	["唪"] = "recite; chant",
	["唬"] = "intimidate; tiger's roar; to fool",
	["售"] = "to sell",
	["唯"] = "yes; only; alone",
	["唱"] = "sing; to call loudly; to chant",
	["唲"] = "forced laughter",
	["唳"] = "cry of a crane or wild goose",
	["唵"] = "syllable",
	["唶"] = "sigh, groan; loud laughter",
	["唷"] = "(exclamatory part.)",
	["唸"] = "read aloud",
	["唹"] = "to smile at",
	["唾"] = "saliva; spit at",
	["啀"] = "gnaw",
	["啁"] = "twittering of birds",
	["啃"] = "to gnaw; to nibble; to bite",
	["啄"] = "to peck",
	["商"] = "commerce; consult",
	["啊"] = "an interjection; to express doubt or to question; to show realization; to stress; (interj. for surprise); oh (interjection); (a modal particle showing affirmation, approval, or consent); (interj.); ah",
	["啍"] = "move slowly",
	["啎"] = "obstinate, disobedient, intractable",
	["問"] = "to ask",
	["啐"] = "sip; spit",
	["啕"] = "wail",
	["啖"] = "eat; taste; entice (with a bait)",
	["啗"] = "eat; entice",
	["啜"] = "drink; taste; sip; suck",
	["啞"] = "dumb; mute; (onomat.)",
	["啟"] = "to open; to start",
	["啡"] = "coffee",
	["啢"] = "ounce",
	["啣"] = "hold in mouth",
	["啤"] = "beer",
	["啥"] = "(dialect) what",
	["啦"] = "(an auxiliary word performing the grammatical functions of mood); fusion of le + a; (onomat.); (phonetic)",
	["啪"] = "An onomatopoeia of the sound of beating, clapping, etc.",
	["啶"] = "-d + ine (chem.)",
	["啻"] = "(not) just; (not) only",
	["啼"] = "mourn; to cry; hoof",
	["啽"] = "(''Cantonese'') to speak",
	["啾"] = "wailing of child; chirp",
	["喀"] = "(onomat.)",
	["喁"] = "breathing (of fish)",
	["喂"] = "(interjection) hello; to feed (someone or some animal); hey; telephone greeting",
	["喃"] = "mumble in repetition",
	["善"] = "good",
	["喇"] = "(phonetic); (onomat.)",
	["喈"] = "harmonious (of music)",
	["喉"] = "throat; larynx",
	["喊"] = "call; cry; to shout",
	["喋"] = "flowing flood; to chatter",
	["喌"] = "syllable",
	["喎"] = "a wry mouth",
	["喏"] = "to salute; make one's curtsy",
	["喑"] = "dumb",
	["喒"] = "a dual pronoun, I, you and me, we two",
	["喓"] = "grasshopper chirp; mosquito buzz",
	["喔"] = "I see; oh",
	["喘"] = "to gasp; to pant; asthma",
	["喙"] = "beak; to pant",
	["喚"] = "to call",
	["喜"] = "to be fond of; to like; to enjoy; to be happy; to feel pleased; happiness; delight; glad",
	["喝"] = "to drink; to shout; to shout applause",
	["喟"] = "to sigh",
	["喣"] = "to breathe upon",
	["喤"] = "sobbing; sound of bell",
	["喥"] = "(''Cantonese'') a place",
	["喦"] = "talkative",
	["喧"] = "clamor; noise",
	["喨"] = "clear; resounding",
	["喪"] = "lose (by death); mourning; funeral",
	["喫"] = "eat",
	["喬"] = "tall",
	["喭"] = "condole with",
	["單"] = "bill; list; form; single; only; sole; ''surname''; chieftain",
	["喱"] = "grain weight",
	["喲"] = "(interj) Oh, sound made when expressing surprise; (idiom) used at end of sentence as an exclamation",
	["喳"] = "twitter; chirp",
	["喵"] = "meow (onomat. for cat's mewing)",
	["喻"] = "allegory",
	["喿"] = "chirping of birds",
	["嗀"] = "to vomit",
	["嗃"] = "scold with severity",
	["嗄"] = "hoarse; ah (exclamatory part.)",
	["嗅"] = "sense of smell",
	["嗆"] = "choke; pungent; against wind",
	["嗇"] = "stingy",
	["嗈"] = "to choke",
	["嗉"] = "crop (of bird)",
	["嗊"] = "sing",
	["嗎"] = "(question tag); morphine",
	["嗐"] = "exclamation of regret",
	["嗑"] = "to crack (seeds) with front teeth",
	["嗒"] = "to despair",
	["嗓"] = "throat; voice",
	["嗔"] = "to be angry at",
	["嗙"] = "boast",
	["嗚"] = "(onomat. for humming)",
	["嗛"] = "pouch; hold; content",
	["嗜"] = "addicted to; fond of",
	["嗝"] = "hiccup; belch",
	["嗟"] = "sigh",
	["嗡"] = "buzz; whirr",
	["嗣"] = "to connect, inherit; descendants, heirs",
	["嗤"] = "laugh at; jeer; scoff at; sneer at",
	["嗥"] = "howl; bawl; to bark; roar",
	["嗨"] = "oh alas",
	["嗯"] = "(a groaning sound)",
	["嗶"] = "beiges; serge",
	["嗷"] = "loud clamor; the sound of wailing",
	["嗹"] = "chattering",
	["嗽"] = "cough",
	["嗾"] = "to urge on; incite",
	["嗿"] = "sound of many people eating",
	["嘀"] = "''An onomatopoeia''",
	["嘁"] = "whispering sound",
	["嘂"] = "loud",
	["嘆"] = "to sigh",
	["嘈"] = "bustling; tumultuous; noisy",
	["嘉"] = "excellent",
	["嘍"] = "(part. expressing chagrin or resentment); subordinates in gang of bandits",
	["嘎"] = "cackling sound",
	["嘏"] = "far; grand; good fortune; longevity",
	["嘐"] = "boastful; bombastic",
	["嘒"] = "shrill sound; twinkling",
	["嘓"] = "loud swallowing sound",
	["嘔"] = "vomit",
	["嘖"] = "(interj. of admiration or of disgust); to click one's tongue; to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak",
	["嘗"] = "to taste; flavor; indicator of past tense; already; ever; once; test; formerly",
	["嘛"] = "(a modal particle)",
	["嘜"] = "mark",
	["嘟"] = "toot; honk",
	["嘩"] = "cat-calling sound; clamor; noise; crashing sound",
	["嘬"] = "suck; to gnaw; eat ravenously",
	["嘮"] = "to chatter",
	["嘯"] = "to hiss; to whistle",
	["嘰"] = "grumble",
	["嘲"] = "to ridicule; ridicule; mock",
	["嘴"] = "mouth",
	["嘵"] = "a cry of alarm; querulous",
	["嘶"] = "hiss; neigh",
	["嘸"] = "unclear; an expletive",
	["嘹"] = "clear sound; cry (of cranes etc.)",
	["嘻"] = "laugh; giggle",
	["嘿"] = "hey",
	["噀"] = "spurt out of the mouth",
	["噁"] = "",
	["噂"] = "talk together",
	["噅"] = "to speak falsely or wrongly; ugly",
	["噉"] = "eat; entice",
	["噌"] = "sound of bells, etc; to scold; whoosh!",
	["噎"] = "choke",
	["噓"] = "exhale; hiss",
	["噗"] = "sound of escaping laughter; water",
	["噘"] = "to push (lips)",
	["噙"] = "hold in the mouth",
	["噚"] = "fathom",
	["噞"] = "the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water",
	["噠"] = "(phonetic); command to a horse; clatter (of horses' hoofs)",
	["噢"] = "oh!",
	["噤"] = "unable to speak; silent",
	["噥"] = "garrulous",
	["器"] = "device; tool; utensil",
	["噩"] = "startling",
	["噪"] = "chirp; mixture of voices; noise; buzzing; clamor",
	["噫"] = "(interj. of approval); belch",
	["噬"] = "devour; to bite",
	["噭"] = "shout",
	["噯"] = "(interj. of regret); (interj. of disapproval)",
	["噱"] = "loud laughter",
	["噲"] = "''surname''; throat; to swallow",
	["噳"] = "herd; stag; buck",
	["噴"] = "fragrant; sneeze; to puff; to spout; to spray; to spurt",
	["噸"] = "ton",
	["噹"] = "dong (onomatopoeia for bell)",
	["嚀"] = "enjoin",
	["嚃"] = "to drink; to swallow",
	["嚄"] = "(interj. of surprise); stunned and speechless",
	["嚅"] = "chattering",
	["嚆"] = "sound; noise",
	["嚇"] = "to frighten; to scare; to intimidate; to threaten",
	["嚌"] = "sip",
	["嚎"] = "howl; bawl",
	["嚏"] = "sneeze",
	["嚐"] = "to taste",
	["嚕"] = "grumble; chatter",
	["嚙"] = "gnaw",
	["嚚"] = "insincere; stupid",
	["嚜"] = "be silent; final particle",
	["嚥"] = "to swallow",
	["嚦"] = "sound of splitting; cracking",
	["嚨"] = "throat",
	["嚬"] = "knit the brows",
	["嚭"] = "great; great fortune",
	["嚮"] = "guide; opposite to",
	["嚲"] = "hang down",
	["嚳"] = "name of an emperor",
	["嚴"] = "(air or water) tight; stern; serious; strict; severe",
	["嚵"] = "gluttonous; greedy",
	["嚶"] = "calling of birds",
	["嚷"] = "blurt out; to shout",
	["嚼"] = "to chew",
	["囀"] = "sing, chirp, warble, twitter",
	["囁"] = "move the mouth as in speaking",
	["囂"] = "clamor",
	["囅"] = "smilingly",
	["囈"] = "talk in sleep",
	["囉"] = "subordinate in a gang of bandits; fussy; talkative",
	["囊"] = "sack",
	["囌"] = "loquacious; nag",
	["囍"] = "double happiness",
	["囑"] = "enjoin",
	["囓"] = "gnaw",
	["囔"] = "muttering, indistinct speech",
	["囗"] = "enclosure",
	["囚"] = "prisoner",
	["四"] = "four",
	["囝"] = "child",
	["回"] = "to circle; to go back; to turn around; to answer; to return; to revolve; (a measure word for matters or actions) a time; Islam",
	["囟"] = "skull; top of head",
	["因"] = "cause; reason; because",
	["囡"] = "one's daughter; to filch; to secrete",
	["囤"] = "to store; hoard; bin for grain",
	["囥"] = "to hide; store",
	["囪"] = "window; chimney",
	["囮"] = "decoy",
	["困"] = "distress; sleepy; doze off",
	["囷"] = "granary",
	["囹"] = "prison",
	["固"] = "hard; strong; solid; sure",
	["囿"] = "park; to limit; be limited to",
	["圂"] = "grain-fed animals; pigsty",
	["圃"] = "garden; orchard",
	["圄"] = "imprison",
	["圈"] = "circle; ring; loop; to confine; enclose; pen (pig); a fold",
	["圉"] = "prison; to keep the horse; one who keeps the horse; frontier",
	["圊"] = "pigsty; rest-room",
	["國"] = "country; state; nation",
	["圌"] = "name of a mountain",
	["圍"] = "to circle; to surround",
	["園"] = "garden",
	["圓"] = "circle; round; circular; spherical; (of the moon) full; unit of Chinese currency (Yuan); tactful; to justify",
	["圖"] = "diagram; to plan; picture; drawing; chart",
	["團"] = "regiment; round; circular; group; society",
	["圛"] = "mist rolling upwards",
	["圜"] = "circle; round; encircle",
	["圞"] = "round",
	["土"] = "earth; dust; rural; uncouth; uncultured; plebeian",
	["在"] = "(located) at; in; exist; (before verbs) immediately involved in; right in the middle of doing",
	["圩"] = "dike",
	["圪"] = "(phonetic)",
	["圬"] = "to plaster; whitewash",
	["圭"] = "jade tablet",
	["圮"] = "destroyed; injure",
	["圯"] = "bridge, bank",
	["地"] = "earth; ground; field; place; land; (subor. part. adverbial); -ly",
	["圳"] = "furrow in field, small drainage",
	["圻"] = "boundary; a border",
	["址"] = "location; site",
	["均"] = "equal; even; all; uniform",
	["坊"] = "subdivision of a city",
	["坋"] = "dust, earth; a bank of earth; to dig; to bring together",
	["坌"] = "bring together; dust",
	["坍"] = "collapse",
	["坎"] = "pit; threshold",
	["坐"] = "to sit; to take a seat; to take (a bus, airplane etc.)",
	["坑"] = "pit; to defraud",
	["坒"] = "to compare; to match; to equal",
	["坡"] = "slope",
	["坤"] = "the earth-; female-principle",
	["坦"] = "flat; open-hearted; level; smooth",
	["坨"] = "lump; spherical substance",
	["坩"] = "earthenware",
	["坪"] = "a plain",
	["坫"] = "stand for goblets",
	["坭"] = "mud",
	["坯"] = "unburnt earthenware",
	["坰"] = "environs; wilderness",
	["坱"] = "boundless (space); fine dust",
	["坳"] = "a depression; cavity; hollow",
	["坴"] = "a clod of earth; land",
	["坵"] = "earthenware, earthenware vessel",
	["坻"] = "place name; islet; rock in river",
	["坼"] = "to crack; split; break; to chap",
	["垂"] = "to hang (down); droop; dangle; bend down; hand down; bequeath; nearly; almost; to approach",
	["型"] = "model",
	["垓"] = "boundary",
	["垔"] = "to restrain; to dam a stream and change its direction ; a mound",
	["垕"] = "thick",
	["垗"] = "sacrifice",
	["垚"] = "embankment",
	["垛"] = "pile; battlement; target",
	["垝"] = "dilapidated",
	["垞"] = "place name",
	["垟"] = "clay sheep buried with the dead",
	["垠"] = "bank",
	["垢"] = "dirt; disgrace",
	["垣"] = "wall",
	["垤"] = "anthill; mound",
	["垮"] = "collapse",
	["埂"] = "channel for irrigation",
	["埃"] = "dirt; dust; angstrom",
	["埆"] = "stony",
	["埇"] = "raised path",
	["埋"] = "to blame; bury",
	["埌"] = "wasteland; wild",
	["城"] = "city walls; city; town",
	["埏"] = "boundary; to mix water with clay",
	["埒"] = "enclosure, dike, embankment",
	["埕"] = "earthen jar",
	["埜"] = "open country, field; wilderness",
	["域"] = "field; region; area; domain (taxonomy)",
	["埠"] = "a jetty; port; a city; quay",
	["埡"] = "character used in place names",
	["埤"] = "low wall",
	["埧"] = "diked pond",
	["埭"] = "dam",
	["埰"] = "allotment to a feudal noble",
	["埳"] = "a pit, a hole, a snare, a danger; a crisis; a mortar",
	["埴"] = "soil with large clay content",
	["埵"] = "solid earth",
	["埶"] = "skill; art",
	["執"] = "execute (a plan); grasp",
	["埸"] = "border",
	["培"] = "to cultivate; to earth up",
	["基"] = "base; foundation; basic; radical (chemistry)",
	["埼"] = "headland",
	["埽"] = "broom; dike",
	["堀"] = "cave; hole",
	["堂"] = "(main) hall; large room",
	["堄"] = "[[parapet]]",
	["堅"] = "strong; solid; firm; unyielding; resolute",
	["堆"] = "a pile; a mass; heap; stack",
	["堇"] = "yellow loam; clay; season; few",
	["堈"] = "earthen jug, crock, cistern",
	["堉"] = "fertile soil",
	["堊"] = "to whitewash; to plaster",
	["堋"] = "target in archery",
	["堌"] = "place name",
	["堍"] = "side of bridge",
	["堎"] = "mound; tomb",
	["堙"] = "bury; mound; to dam; close",
	["堝"] = "",
	["堞"] = "battlements",
	["堠"] = "mounds for beacons",
	["堡"] = "earthwork; castle; position of defense; stronghold; character used in place names",
	["堤"] = "dike",
	["堧"] = "adjoin",
	["堨"] = "dam; to stop; check",
	["堪"] = "endure",
	["堭"] = "a dry moat outside a city wall; a dry ditch",
	["堮"] = "a boundary; a border",
	["堯"] = "''surname''; emperor Yao",
	["堰"] = "weir",
	["報"] = "to [[announce]]; to [[inform]]; report; newspaper; to [[repay]]; to recompense; revenge",
	["堲"] = "hate",
	["堳"] = "low wall",
	["場"] = "courtyard; open space; place; field; a measure word; (a measure word, used for sport or recreation)",
	["堵"] = "stop up",
	["堽"] = "mound",
	["堿"] = "alkali; soda",
	["塈"] = "to brick a grave; to snuff out",
	["塊"] = "piece; chunk; lump; (a measure word, for cloth, cake, soap); (measure word for chunks, lumps); yuan (unit of currency); fast (of a watch); swift; rapid; happy; joyful; soon; quick",
	["塋"] = "a grave",
	["塌"] = "collapse",
	["塍"] = "raised path between fields",
	["塏"] = "dry terrain",
	["塑"] = "to model (a figure) in clay",
	["塒"] = "hen roost",
	["塓"] = "to plaster; whitewash (wall)",
	["塔"] = "pagoda; tower",
	["塕"] = "a gust of wind",
	["塗"] = "to smear; daub",
	["塘"] = "pond",
	["塙"] = "truly",
	["塚"] = "mound",
	["塝"] = "the edge; border of a field",
	["塞"] = "to stuff; to stop up; to squeeze in; strategic pass; piston; unenlightened; Serb (abbr.); Serbian",
	["塢"] = "dock; low wall",
	["塤"] = "ancient porcelain wind-instrument",
	["塥"] = "dry clay lump",
	["填"] = "to fill in",
	["塱"] = "raised bank; mud wall",
	["塵"] = "dust; dirt; earth",
	["塹"] = "moat around a city",
	["塼"] = "brick",
	["塽"] = "elevated prominent ground",
	["塾"] = "private tutorage",
	["塿"] = "small mound",
	["墀"] = "courtyard",
	["墁"] = "to plaster",
	["境"] = "border; place; condition; boundary; circumstances; territory",
	["墅"] = "villa",
	["墈"] = "cliff",
	["墉"] = "fortified wall",
	["墊"] = "pad; cushion; mat",
	["墐"] = "bury; plaster with mud",
	["墓"] = "tomb",
	["墜"] = "fall",
	["墝"] = "stony soil",
	["增"] = "to increase; to expand; to add",
	["墟"] = "old burial grounds",
	["墠"] = "level spot for sacrifices",
	["墦"] = "a grave",
	["墨"] = "China ink; ink stick; abbrev. for Mexico",
	["墩"] = "block; gate pillar; pier",
	["墫"] = "goblet; bottle; wine-jar",
	["墮"] = "degenerate; fall",
	["墳"] = "a grave",
	["墺"] = "building-plot",
	["墾"] = "reclaim (land)",
	["壁"] = "wall; rampart",
	["壅"] = "obstruct; stop up",
	["壆"] = "stiff, hard clay or rocky strata; crack in a jar",
	["壇"] = "altar",
	["壈"] = "disappointed",
	["壎"] = "ancient porcelain wind-instrument",
	["壑"] = "gully",
	["壒"] = "dust; mud",
	["壓"] = "to crush; to press; to push down; to keep under (control); in the first place",
	["壔"] = "column; cylinder",
	["壕"] = "air-raid shelter; trench",
	["壖"] = "land on water edge or under wall",
	["壘"] = "rampart",
	["壙"] = "tomb",
	["壚"] = "clay; shop",
	["壝"] = "a mound, an embankment; the earthen altar to the god of the soil",
	["壞"] = "bad; evil; rotten; spoiled",
	["壟"] = "monopolize",
	["壤"] = "soil; earth",
	["壩"] = "dam; dyke; embankment",
	["士"] = "scholar; warrior; knight",
	["壬"] = "9th [[heavenly stem]]",
	["壯"] = "to strengthen; strong; robust",
	["壹"] = "one (alternate form of 一 used on checks)",
	["壺"] = "pot; (a measure word)",
	["壼"] = "palace corridor or passageway",
	["壽"] = "(long) life",
	["壿"] = "goblet; bottle; wine-jar",
	["夆"] = "to butt (as horned animals)",
	["夌"] = "to dawdle; the name of the father of the Emperor Yao",
	["夏"] = "summer; Xia (proper name)",
	["夔"] = "one-legged monster; respectful",
	["夕"] = "dusk; evening",
	["外"] = "outside; in addition; foreign; external",
	["夗"] = "to turn over when asleep",
	["夙"] = "morning",
	["多"] = "many; much; a lot of; numerous; multi-",
	["夜"] = "night",
	["夠"] = "to reach; to be enough",
	["夢"] = "to dream",
	["夤"] = "late at night",
	["夥"] = "assistant; partner; many; great; numerous",
	["大"] = "big; great; huge; large; major; wide; deep; oldest; eldest; doctor",
	["天"] = "day; sky; heaven",
	["太"] = "too (much); very; extremely; highest; greatest",
	["夫"] = "husband; man",
	["夬"] = "decisive",
	["夭"] = "tender; gentle; to die prematurely",
	["央"] = "center; to implore",
	["夯"] = "to carry on the shoulder (forcefully); rammer; to ram; to strike forcefully",
	["失"] = "to lose; to miss; to fail",
	["夷"] = "safe; to raze; to exterminate; barbarian",
	["夸"] = "to boast",
	["夾"] = "hold between; clip; lined; narrow lane; folder; to press from both sides; to place in between",
	["奄"] = "suddenly; to embrace; castrate; to delay",
	["奇"] = "strange; odd; weird; wonderful; odd (Num)",
	["奈"] = "how can one help",
	["奉"] = "to receive (from superior); to offer; to revere",
	["奎"] = "name of constellation; stride",
	["奏"] = "present a memorial; to achieve; to play",
	["奐"] = "excellent",
	["契"] = "contract",
	["奓"] = "extravagant",
	["奔"] = "go to; towards; to hurry or rush; to run quickly; to elope",
	["奕"] = "abundant; graceful",
	["套"] = "to cover; covering; case; cover; (a measure word, a set of something); sheath",
	["奘"] = "fat; stout; great",
	["奚"] = "what; why",
	["奜"] = "big",
	["奠"] = "libation",
	["奡"] = "haughty; vigorous",
	["奢"] = "extravagant",
	["奧"] = "obscure; mysterious",
	["奩"] = "bridal trousseau",
	["奪"] = "rob; snatch",
	["奭"] = "''surname''; angry",
	["奮"] = "exert oneself",
	["奰"] = "anger",
	["女"] = "female; woman; daughter",
	["奴"] = "slave",
	["奶"] = "breast; lady; milk",
	["奸"] = "traitor",
	["她"] = "she",
	["好"] = "good; well; be fond of",
	["妁"] = "''surname''; matchmaker",
	["如"] = "as (if); such as",
	["妃"] = "imperial concubine",
	["妄"] = "absurd; fantastic",
	["妊"] = "be pregnant",
	["妍"] = "beautiful",
	["妒"] = "jealous",
	["妓"] = "prostitute",
	["妖"] = "goblin; witch; devil; bewitching; enchanting; monster; phantom",
	["妗"] = "wife of mother's brother",
	["妙"] = "clever; wonderful",
	["妝"] = "adornment; adorn",
	["妞"] = "little girl",
	["妣"] = "deceased mother",
	["妤"] = "handsome; fair",
	["妥"] = "secure; sound",
	["妨"] = "hinder; harm",
	["妮"] = "girl; phonetic \"ni\" (in girl's name)",
	["妲"] = "concubine of last Shang emperor",
	["妳"] = "you (fem.)",
	["妵"] = "(feminine name); beautiful; fair",
	["妹"] = "younger sister",
	["妺"] = "wife of the last ruler of the Xia dynasty",
	["妻"] = "wife; to marry off (a daughter)",
	["妾"] = "concubine",
	["姁"] = "chatter like old woman; cheerful",
	["姅"] = "menstruation",
	["姆"] = "governess",
	["姊"] = "older sister",
	["始"] = "begin",
	["姍"] = "deprecate; lithe (of woman's walk)",
	["姐"] = "older sister",
	["姑"] = "paternal aunt",
	["姒"] = "''surname''; wife of older brother",
	["姓"] = "surname; family name; name",
	["委"] = "give up; indeed; to commission; crooked",
	["姘"] = "be a mistress or lover",
	["姚"] = "''surname''",
	["姜"] = "''surname''",
	["姝"] = "pretty woman",
	["姞"] = "''surname''",
	["姣"] = "cunning; pretty",
	["姤"] = "copulate; good",
	["姥"] = "governess; old woman; grandma (maternal)",
	["姦"] = "adultery",
	["姨"] = "one's mother's sister; aunt",
	["姪"] = "nephew (of the same surname)",
	["姬"] = "''surname''; women",
	["姱"] = "fascinating; pretty",
	["姺"] = "name of an ancient state",
	["姻"] = "marriage connections",
	["姽"] = "quiet and nice",
	["姿"] = "beauty; disposition; looks; appearance",
	["娀"] = "name of an ancient state",
	["威"] = "power; might; prestige",
	["娃"] = "baby; doll",
	["娉"] = "graceful",
	["娑"] = "",
	["娓"] = "active; comply with",
	["娘"] = "mother; young lady",
	["娛"] = "amuse",
	["娜"] = "elegant; graceful",
	["娟"] = "beautiful; graceful",
	["娠"] = "pregnant",
	["娣"] = "wife of a younger brother",
	["娥"] = "good; beautiful",
	["娩"] = "complaisant; agreeable; give birth to a child",
	["娵"] = "(feminine name); (star)",
	["娶"] = "take a wife",
	["娸"] = "to ridicule; ugly",
	["娼"] = "prostitute",
	["婀"] = "graceful; willowy; unstable",
	["婁"] = "(star); ''surname''",
	["婆"] = "grandmother; matron; mother-in-law",
	["婉"] = "graceful; tactful",
	["婊"] = "prostitute; bitch",
	["婐"] = "maid",
	["婕"] = "handsome",
	["婚"] = "to marry; marriage; wedding; to take a wife",
	["婞"] = "upright",
	["婢"] = "slave girl; maid servant",
	["婤"] = "(feminine name)",
	["婥"] = "weak; delicate",
	["婦"] = "woman",
	["婧"] = "modest; supple",
	["婪"] = "avaricious",
	["婬"] = "obscene, licentious, lewd",
	["婭"] = "address term between sons-in-law",
	["婷"] = "graceful",
	["婺"] = "beautiful",
	["婼"] = "recalcitrant",
	["婿"] = "husband; son-in-law",
	["媄"] = "beautiful",
	["媊"] = "planet Venus in the morning",
	["媒"] = "medium; intermediary; matchmaker; go-between",
	["媕"] = "girl in love; undecided",
	["媚"] = "flatter; charm",
	["媛"] = "a beauty",
	["媟"] = "to lust for",
	["媢"] = "envious",
	["媧"] = "''surname''; sister of Fu2 Xi1",
	["媬"] = "governess; nurse",
	["媮"] = "improper; irregular",
	["媯"] = "''surname''; name of a river",
	["媲"] = "to match; to pair",
	["媳"] = "daughter in law",
	["媵"] = "maid escorting bride to new home",
	["媸"] = "ugly woman",
	["媺"] = "beautiful",
	["媻"] = "to move",
	["媼"] = "old woman",
	["媽"] = "mother; mama",
	["媾"] = "to marry; to copulate",
	["媿"] = "ashamed",
	["嫁"] = "marry (a husband)",
	["嫂"] = "older brother's wife; sister-in-law",
	["嫄"] = "name of an empress",
	["嫈"] = "attentively; carefully",
	["嫉"] = "jealousy; be jealous of",
	["嫋"] = "delicate; graceful",
	["嫌"] = "to dislike; to suspect",
	["嫖"] = "visit a prostitute",
	["嫗"] = "brood over; old woman; protect",
	["嫘"] = "''surname''",
	["嫚"] = "''surname''; insult",
	["嫜"] = "husband's parent; lady in the moon",
	["嫠"] = "widow",
	["嫡"] = "first wife; son of first wife",
	["嫣"] = "captivating",
	["嫩"] = "tender; soft",
	["嫪"] = "''surname''; lustful",
	["嫫"] = "ugly woman",
	["嫵"] = "flatter; to please",
	["嫻"] = "elegant; refined",
	["嫽"] = "good; smart; to play",
	["嫿"] = "tranquil",
	["嬃"] = "elder sister",
	["嬈"] = "disturbance; graceful",
	["嬉"] = "amusement",
	["嬋"] = "beautiful; graceful",
	["嬌"] = "lovable; pampered; tender; delicate; frail",
	["嬔"] = "baby rabbit",
	["嬖"] = "(treat as a) favorite",
	["嬗"] = "changes and succession",
	["嬙"] = "female court officials",
	["嬛"] = "clever; pretty; place where supreme bestows books",
	["嬝"] = "delicate; graceful",
	["嬤"] = "ma; mamma",
	["嬪"] = "imperial concubine",
	["嬬"] = "mistress, concubine; weak",
	["嬭"] = "breast; lady; milk",
	["嬰"] = "infant; baby",
	["嬲"] = "tease; disturb",
	["嬴"] = "full; profit; win",
	["嬸"] = "wife of father's younger brother",
	["嬾"] = "lazy",
	["嬿"] = "lovely",
	["孀"] = "widow",
	["孃"] = "mother; troubled",
	["孅"] = "cunning; slender",
	["孌"] = "beautiful",
	["子"] = "child; son; (''noun suffix''); small thing; seed; egg; 1st [[earthly branch]]; 11 pm-1 am; midnight;",
	["孑"] = "alone; mosquito larvae; small",
	["孓"] = "larvae of mosquito",
	["孔"] = "hole; ''surname''",
	["孕"] = "pregnant",
	["孖"] = "twins",
	["字"] = "letter; symbol; character; word",
	["存"] = "exist; deposit; store; keep; survive",
	["孚"] = "trust",
	["孛"] = "comet",
	["孜"] = "hard-working; industrious",
	["孝"] = "filial",
	["孟"] = "first month; eldest brother; ''surname''",
	["孢"] = "spore",
	["季"] = "season; period",
	["孤"] = "lone; lonely",
	["孥"] = "child; offspring",
	["孩"] = "child",
	["孫"] = "grandson",
	["孰"] = "who; which; what",
	["孱"] = "coward; weak; dodger",
	["孳"] = "industrious; produce; bear",
	["孵"] = "hatch",
	["學"] = "learn; study; science; -ology",
	["孺"] = "child",
	["孻"] = "last",
	["孽"] = "consequence of sin",
	["孿"] = "twins",
	["它"] = "it (used for things)",
	["宄"] = "traitor",
	["宅"] = "residence",
	["宇"] = "room; universe",
	["守"] = "to guard",
	["安"] = "content; calm; still; quiet; to pacify; peace; how",
	["宋"] = "''surname''; name of a dynasty",
	["完"] = "to finish; to be over; whole; complete; entire",
	["宏"] = "spacious",
	["宓"] = "still; silent",
	["宕"] = "dissipated; put off",
	["宗"] = "school; sect; purpose; model; ancestor; family",
	["官"] = "official; government; organ of body",
	["宙"] = "universe",
	["定"] = "to set; to fix; to determine; to decide; to stabilise; to order",
	["宛"] = "similar; winding",
	["宜"] = "proper; should; suitable; appropriate",
	["客"] = "customer; visitor; guest",
	["宣"] = "to declare (publicly); to announce",
	["室"] = "room",
	["宥"] = "forgive; help; profound",
	["宦"] = "an official",
	["宧"] = "northeastern corner of a room",
	["宬"] = "library stack; storage",
	["宮"] = "palace; uterus",
	["宰"] = "slaughter; butcher; govern; rule; official",
	["害"] = "to do harm to; to cause trouble to; harm; evil; calamity",
	["宴"] = "feast; repose",
	["宵"] = "night",
	["家"] = "home; family; -ist; -er; -ian; measure word for stores and schools",
	["宸"] = "imperial apartments",
	["容"] = "to hold; to contain; to allow; appearance; look; countenance",
	["宿"] = "(a) night; constellation; lodge for the night; old; former",
	["寀"] = "feudal estate",
	["寁"] = "swift",
	["寂"] = "lonesome",
	["寄"] = "lodge at; to mail; to send; to entrust; to depend",
	["寅"] = "3rd [[earthly branch]]; 3-5 am",
	["密"] = "secret; confidential; close; thick; dense",
	["寇"] = "bandit",
	["富"] = "rich; abundant; to enrich; resource",
	["寎"] = "nightmare; start in sleep",
	["寐"] = "sleep soundly",
	["寒"] = "cold; poor; to tremble",
	["寓"] = "reside; residence",
	["寔"] = "really; solid",
	["寖"] = "immerse; soak",
	["寘"] = "put aside, put down; discard",
	["寙"] = "bad; useless; weak",
	["寞"] = "lonesome",
	["察"] = "examine; inquire; observe; inspect; look into; to examine",
	["寠"] = "poor; rustic",
	["寡"] = "few; widowed",
	["寢"] = "lie down",
	["寤"] = "awake from sleep",
	["寥"] = "empty; lonesome; very few",
	["實"] = "real; true; honest; really; solid",
	["寧"] = "peaceful; rather; Ningxia (abbrev.)",
	["寨"] = "stronghold; stockade",
	["審"] = "to examine; to investigate; carefully; to try (in court)",
	["寪"] = "surname",
	["寫"] = "to write",
	["寬"] = "lenient; wide; broad",
	["寮"] = "Laos; fellow-official; hut",
	["寰"] = "large domain",
	["寵"] = "to love; to pamper; to spoil; to favor",
	["寶"] = "a jewel or gem; a treasure; precious",
	["寸"] = "a unit of length",
	["寺"] = "Buddhist temple",
	["封"] = "to confer; to grant; to seal; (a measure word)",
	["尃"] = "to state to, to announce",
	["射"] = "radio- (chem.); shoot",
	["將"] = "a general; (will, shall, \"future tense\"); ready; prepared; to get; to use",
	["專"] = "for a particular person, occasion, purpose; focused on one thing; special; expert; particular (to sth); concentrated; specialized",
	["尉"] = "milit. official; to quiet",
	["尊"] = "to honor",
	["尋"] = "to search; to look for; to seek",
	["對"] = "couple; pair; to be opposite; to oppose; to face; for; to; correct (answer); to answer; to reply; to direct (towards sth); right",
	["導"] = "to transmit; to lead; to guide; to conduct; to direct",
	["小"] = "small; tiny; few; young",
	["少"] = "young; few; little; lack",
	["尒"] = "thou",
	["尕"] = "(phonetic)",
	["尖"] = "point (of needle); sharp; shrewd; pointed",
	["尚"] = "still; yet; to value; to esteem",
	["尟"] = "few; rare",
	["尢"] = "lame",
	["尤"] = "outstanding; particularly; especially",
	["尨"] = "shaggy dog; striped",
	["尪"] = "feeble; lame",
	["尬"] = "in an embarrassing situation",
	["尰"] = "swell",
	["就"] = "at once; then; right away; only; (emphasis); to approach; to move towards; to undertake",
	["尸"] = "corpse",
	["尹"] = "to rule; ''surname''",
	["尺"] = "a Chinese foot (M); one-third of a meter; a ruler; a note musical note on traditional Chinese scale",
	["尻"] = "end of spine",
	["尼"] = "Buddhist nun; (often used in phonetic spellings)",
	["尾"] = "tail",
	["尿"] = "urinate; urine",
	["局"] = "situation; office; (a measure word used for games) set or round office",
	["屁"] = "to break wind; to fart",
	["屄"] = "''a vulgar reference of vulva''; cunt",
	["居"] = "reside",
	["屆"] = "arrive at (place or time); period; to become due; measure words for events (e.g., meetings, elections)",
	["屇"] = "cave; hole",
	["屈"] = "bent; feel wronged",
	["屋"] = "house; room",
	["屌"] = "penis; to fuck",
	["屍"] = "corpse",
	["屎"] = "stool; feces",
	["屏"] = "(standing) screen; get rid of; put aside; reject; keep control; hold back",
	["屐"] = "clogs",
	["屑"] = "crumbs; filings; worth while",
	["展"] = "to spread out; to postpone; to unfold; to use",
	["屘"] = "the youngest",
	["屙"] = "defecate",
	["屜"] = "drawer; tier; tray",
	["屝"] = "coarse; sandals",
	["屠"] = "slaughter; slaughter man",
	["屢"] = "time and again",
	["屣"] = "slippers",
	["層"] = "layer; floor; a measure word for layers; laminated; repeated; story (of a building); (math.) sheaf",
	["履"] = "shoe; to tread on",
	["屧"] = "wooden shoes",
	["屨"] = "sandals",
	["屩"] = "hemp sandals",
	["屪"] = "penis",
	["屬"] = "belong to; category; be subordinate to; genus (taxonomy); be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals); family members; dependants; join together; fix one's attention on; concentrate on",
	["屭"] = "gigantic strength",
	["屮"] = "plants sprouting",
	["屯"] = "to store up; to station (soldiers); difficult; stingy",
	["山"] = "mountain; hill",
	["屴"] = "high mountain range",
	["屹"] = "high and steep",
	["屺"] = "hill without trees",
	["屼"] = "bare hill",
	["岊"] = "mountain peak",
	["岌"] = "lofty peak; perilous",
	["岍"] = "name of a mountain",
	["岐"] = "divergent; side road; steep",
	["岑"] = "a small hill; ''surname''",
	["岔"] = "branch in a road; astray; diverge",
	["岝"] = "name of a mountain in Shandong",
	["岡"] = "ridge; mound",
	["岣"] = "name of a hill in Hunan",
	["岧"] = "lofty peak",
	["岨"] = "rocky hill",
	["岩"] = "cliff; rock",
	["岫"] = "cave; mountain peak",
	["岬"] = "cape (geog.)",
	["岱"] = "name of a mountain in Shandong",
	["岳"] = "mountain; wife's father",
	["岵"] = "wooded hill",
	["岷"] = "name of a river in Sichuan",
	["岸"] = "bank; shore; beach; coast",
	["峇"] = "cave, cavern",
	["峋"] = "ranges of hills",
	["峒"] = "name of a mountain",
	["峓"] = "place name",
	["峙"] = "peak; to store",
	["峞"] = "high and uneven",
	["峨"] = "lofty; name of a mountain",
	["峪"] = "valley",
	["峭"] = "steep hill",
	["峰"] = "peak; summit",
	["峱"] = "name of a mountain",
	["峴"] = "steep hill",
	["島"] = "island",
	["峹"] = "name of a mountain",
	["峻"] = "steep",
	["峽"] = "gorge",
	["峿"] = "name of a mountain",
	["崀"] = "place name in hunan province",
	["崆"] = "name of a mountain",
	["崇"] = "high; dignified; lofty; to honor",
	["崌"] = "mountain name",
	["崍"] = "name of a mountain in Sichuan",
	["崎"] = "mountainous",
	["崑"] = "Kunlun mountains",
	["崒"] = "rocky peaks; lofty and dangerous",
	["崔"] = "high mountain; precipitous",
	["崖"] = "precipice",
	["崗"] = "mound; policeman's beat",
	["崙"] = "Koulkun mountains",
	["崚"] = "lofty (as of mountain)",
	["崛"] = "towering as a peak",
	["崞"] = "name of a mountain",
	["崟"] = "high; rugged mountains; steep",
	["崠"] = "place name in Guangxi province",
	["崢"] = "excel; lofty",
	["崤"] = "mountain in Henan",
	["崦"] = "name of a mountain in Gansu",
	["崧"] = "lofty; name of a mountain in Henan",
	["崩"] = "collapse; fall into ruins",
	["崮"] = "(element in mountain names)",
	["崱"] = "lofty",
	["崳"] = "county in shandong province",
	["崴"] = "high, lofty; precipitous",
	["崶"] = "name of a legendary hill",
	["崽"] = "young of animals",
	["崿"] = "cliff; precipice",
	["嵂"] = "rise sharply; to tower",
	["嵇"] = "''surname''; name of a mountain",
	["嵊"] = "name of a district in Zhejiang",
	["嵌"] = "deep valley; inlay",
	["嵎"] = "mountain range",
	["嵐"] = "mist; name of a mountain",
	["嵒"] = "cliff",
	["嵙"] = "place name",
	["嵩"] = "lofty; name of a mountain in Henan",
	["嵫"] = "name of a mountain in Gansu",
	["嵬"] = "rocky",
	["嵯"] = "lofty (as of mountain)",
	["嵼"] = "winding mountain path",
	["嵾"] = "uneven; not uniform",
	["嶁"] = "mountain peak",
	["嶂"] = "cliff; range of peaks",
	["嶄"] = "precipitous peak",
	["嶇"] = "rugged",
	["嶒"] = "lofty; precipitous",
	["嶓"] = "name of a mountain",
	["嶔"] = "loftiness (of mountain)",
	["嶗"] = "name of a mountain in Shandong",
	["嶙"] = "ranges of hills",
	["嶝"] = "path leading up a mountain",
	["嶞"] = "mountain peak",
	["嶠"] = "highest peak",
	["嶡"] = "sacrificial vessel; precipitous; mountainous",
	["嶢"] = "high; steep; to tower",
	["嶧"] = "name of hills in Shandong",
	["嶨"] = "big rocky mountain",
	["嶭"] = "elevated, lofty",
	["嶮"] = "precipitous; rugged",
	["嶰"] = "mountain valley",
	["嶲"] = "a name of an old town in Sichuan; cuckoo; revolution of a wheel",
	["嶴"] = "place name",
	["嶷"] = "name of a mountain in Hunan",
	["嶺"] = "mountain range",
	["嶼"] = "islet",
	["嶽"] = "mountain",
	["巂"] = "place name in Sichuan",
	["巃"] = "steep; precipitous (of mountain)",
	["巇"] = "mountain-gorge; ravine",
	["巉"] = "cliff",
	["巋"] = "high and mighty (of mountain); hilly",
	["巍"] = "high; lofty; towering; majestic",
	["巒"] = "mountain ranges",
	["巔"] = "summit",
	["巖"] = "cliff",
	["巘"] = "peak of mountain",
	["川"] = "river; creek; plain; an area of level country; Sichuan province (abbrev.)",
	["州"] = "province; prefecture; state; county",
	["巟"] = "a watery waste; to reach",
	["巡"] = "to patrol; to make one's rounds",
	["巢"] = "nest",
	["工"] = "work; worker; skill; profession; trade; craft; labor",
	["左"] = "left",
	["巧"] = "opportunely; coincidentally; as it happens; skillful; timely",
	["巨"] = "very large; huge; tremendous; gigantic",
	["巫"] = "witch; Malay",
	["差"] = "differ from; short of; to lack; poor; send; a messenger; a mission; to commission; uneven; difference; discrepancy; to differ; error; to err; to make a mistake",
	["巰"] = "hydrosulfuryl",
	["己"] = "6th [[heavenly stem]]; self",
	["已"] = "already; to stop; then; afterwards",
	["巳"] = "6th [[earthly branch]]; 9-11 am",
	["巴"] = "(suff. for certain nouns); to hope; to wish; Palestinian, Palestine (abbrev.); Pakistan (abbrev.); Pascal (unit of pressure)",
	["巷"] = "lane; alley",
	["巹"] = "nuptial wine cup",
	["巽"] = "a sign in the trigram; obey",
	["巾"] = "towel",
	["巿"] = "revolve, make circuit, turn",
	["市"] = "market; city",
	["布"] = "to declare; to announce; to spread; to make known; spread; (cotton) cloth",
	["帆"] = "sail",
	["希"] = "to hope; rare; infrequent",
	["帑"] = "treasury",
	["帔"] = "cape",
	["帕"] = "handkerchief",
	["帖"] = "invitation card; notice; rubbing from incised inscription; fit snugly",
	["帗"] = "object held by dancer",
	["帘"] = "wine shop sign",
	["帙"] = "book cover",
	["帚"] = "broom",
	["帛"] = "silk",
	["帝"] = "emperor",
	["帟"] = "canopy",
	["帡"] = "shelter, screen, awning",
	["帣"] = "a bag which holds 30 pecks",
	["帥"] = "commander in chief; handsome; graceful; smart",
	["帨"] = "handkerchief",
	["師"] = "a division (milit.); teacher; master; expert; model",
	["席"] = "banquet; woven mat; seat; place",
	["帳"] = "account; mosquito net; tent; curtain; debt; credit",
	["帶"] = "band; belt; girdle; ribbon; area; zone; region; wear; carry; lead; bring; consists of; show; and",
	["帷"] = "curtain; screen",
	["常"] = "always; ever; often; frequently; common; general; constant",
	["帽"] = "hat; cap",
	["幀"] = "frame; one of a pair (scrolls); picture",
	["幃"] = "curtain; women's apartment; tent",
	["幄"] = "tent",
	["幅"] = "(measure word for textile or picture); width; roll",
	["幋"] = "large scarf",
	["幌"] = "advertising sign",
	["幔"] = "curtain",
	["幕"] = "stage curtain; tent",
	["幗"] = "cap worn by women; feminine",
	["幘"] = "conical cap",
	["幙"] = "a curtain, a screen",
	["幛"] = "hanging scroll",
	["幟"] = "flag",
	["幠"] = "arrogant; rude; to cover",
	["幡"] = "banner",
	["幢"] = "(measure word for houses); tents",
	["幣"] = "money; coins; currency",
	["幦"] = "chariot canopy",
	["幨"] = "curtain in carriage; screen",
	["幩"] = "ornamental tassel on bridle",
	["幪"] = "cover",
	["幫"] = "to assist; to support; to help; group; gang; party",
	["幬"] = "canopy; curtain",
	["幭"] = "carriage cover",
	["幯"] = "wipe",
	["幰"] = "curtain at front of carriage",
	["干"] = "to concern; to interfere; shield; stem",
	["平"] = "flat; level; equal; to make the same score; to tie; to draw; calm; peaceful",
	["年"] = "year",
	["幵"] = "even level. to raise in both hands",
	["并"] = "and; also; together with",
	["幸"] = "fortunate; lucky",
	["幹"] = "main part of something; to manage; to work; to do; capable; tree trunk; to kill (slang)",
	["幻"] = "fantasy",
	["幼"] = "young",
	["幽"] = "quiet; secluded",
	["幾"] = "how much; how many; several; a few; almost",
	["庀"] = "prepare",
	["庄"] = "farm; village",
	["庇"] = "to protect; cover; shelter; hide or harbor",
	["庈"] = "(person)",
	["庉"] = "a village; to dwell together",
	["床"] = "bed; couch; (a measure word)",
	["庋"] = "a cupboard or pantry to store",
	["序"] = "order; sequence; preface",
	["底"] = "background; bottom; base; (possessive part.); (subor. part.)",
	["庖"] = "kitchen",
	["店"] = "inn; shop; store",
	["庚"] = "7th [[heavenly stem]]; age",
	["府"] = "prefecture; mansion",
	["庠"] = "asylum for the aged; school",
	["庤"] = "prepare",
	["庥"] = "protection; shade",
	["度"] = "capacity; degree; standard",
	["座"] = "seat; base; stand; measure word for large, solid things",
	["庫"] = "warehouse; storehouse",
	["庬"] = "huge",
	["庭"] = "court; courtyard",
	["庳"] = "low-built house",
	["庴"] = "place name",
	["庵"] = "hut; Buddhist convent; small Buddhist temple",
	["庶"] = "ordinary",
	["康"] = "peaceful; spongy (of radishes)",
	["庸"] = "ordinary; to use",
	["庹"] = "length of 2 outstretched arms",
	["庾"] = "''surname''; name of a mountain",
	["廁"] = "rest-room; toilet; lavatory",
	["廂"] = "box (in theater); side room",
	["廄"] = "a stable",
	["廆"] = "a room; the wall of a house; a man's name",
	["廈"] = "tall building",
	["廉"] = "incorrupt; inexpensive",
	["廊"] = "porch",
	["廋"] = "to search; be concealed",
	["廎"] = "room; small hall",
	["廑"] = "careful; hut",
	["廒"] = "granary",
	["廓"] = "big; empty; open",
	["廕"] = "shade",
	["廖"] = "''surname''",
	["廚"] = "kitchen",
	["廛"] = "market place",
	["廝"] = "servant",
	["廞"] = "to prepare horses and chariots for battle",
	["廟"] = "temple; monastery",
	["廠"] = "factory; yard; depot; workhouse; works; (industrial) plant",
	["廡"] = "veranda",
	["廢"] = "abolish; crippled",
	["廣"] = "wide; numerous; to spread",
	["廧"] = "wall",
	["廨"] = "office",
	["廩"] = "government granary",
	["廬"] = "hut",
	["廱"] = "harmonious",
	["廳"] = "(reception) hall; office",
	["延"] = "to prolong; to extend; to delay",
	["廷"] = "palace courtyard",
	["建"] = "to establish; to found; to set up; to build; to construct",
	["廾"] = "hands joined",
	["廿"] = "twenty",
	["弁"] = "cap",
	["异"] = "(interj.); raise; to stop",
	["弄"] = "to do; to manage; to handle; to play with; to fool with; to mess with; to fix; to toy with; lane; alley",
	["弇"] = "to cover; trap",
	["弈"] = "Chinese chess game",
	["弊"] = "detriment; fraud; harm; defeat",
	["弋"] = "to shoot",
	["式"] = "type; form; pattern; style",
	["弒"] = "murder a superior",
	["弓"] = "a bow (weapon)",
	["弔"] = "condole with; hang",
	["引"] = "to lead; to divert (water); to guide",
	["弗"] = "not",
	["弘"] = "great; liberal",
	["弛"] = "unstring a bow; slacken; relax; loosen",
	["弝"] = "the part of a bow grasped when shooting",
	["弟"] = "younger brother",
	["弢"] = "bow case; to cover",
	["弣"] = "handle of bow",
	["弤"] = "carved bow",
	["弦"] = "bow string; string of mus. instr.",
	["弧"] = "arc",
	["弨"] = "unbent bow",
	["弩"] = "cross-bow",
	["弭"] = "to stop; repress",
	["弮"] = "a crosshow which discharged several bolts in succession",
	["弰"] = "ends of a bow",
	["弱"] = "weak; feeble; young; inferior",
	["弳"] = "circular measure",
	["張"] = "(a measure word); ''surname; open up",
	["強"] = "strength; force; power; powerful; better",
	["弸"] = "full; stretch",
	["弼"] = "assist",
	["彀"] = "enough",
	["彄"] = "nock at end of bow; stretch",
	["彆"] = "contrary; difficult; awkward",
	["彈"] = "bullet; shot; ball; to play (a stringed instrument); to pluck a string; impeach",
	["彊"] = "strong; superior; compel; willful",
	["彌"] = "full; to fill",
	["彎"] = "bend; bent",
	["彔"] = "to carve wood",
	["彖"] = "hog; to judge",
	["彗"] = "comet",
	["彘"] = "swine",
	["彙"] = "class; collection",
	["彝"] = "normal nature of man; rule",
	["形"] = "to appear; to look; form; shape",
	["彤"] = "red",
	["彥"] = "accomplished; elegant",
	["彧"] = "accomplished; elegant",
	["彩"] = "(bright) color; variety; applause; applaud; (lottery) prize",
	["彪"] = "a tiger-cat; stripes; streaks; veins",
	["彫"] = "engrave",
	["彬"] = "ornamental; refined",
	["彭"] = "''surname''",
	["彰"] = "manifest",
	["影"] = "picture; image; reflection; shadow",
	["彳"] = "step with left foot",
	["彴"] = "bridge",
	["彸"] = "restless, agitated",
	["役"] = "service",
	["彼"] = "that; those; (one) another)",
	["彽"] = "go to and fro",
	["往"] = "toward; (of a train) bound for; to go (in a direction); past; previous; towards",
	["征"] = "attack; levy (troops or taxes); journey; trip; expedition",
	["徂"] = "to go; to reach",
	["待"] = "wait; treat; deal with; need; about; intending to do something; stay; delay",
	["徇"] = "follow; quick",
	["很"] = "very; rather; quite",
	["律"] = "law",
	["後"] = "back; behind; rear; afterwards; after; later",
	["徐"] = "slow; gentle; ''surname''",
	["徑"] = "path",
	["徒"] = "apprentice; disciple",
	["得"] = "get; obtain; gain; proper; suitable; proud; contented; allow; permit; ready; finished; a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect; degree or possibility; to have to; must; ought to; to need to",
	["徙"] = "change one's residence",
	["從"] = "from; obey; observe; follow; second cousin; lax; yielding; unhurried",
	["徠"] = "to come",
	["御"] = "defend; imperial; to drive",
	["復"] = "again; recover; reply to a letter; to repeat; to duplicate",
	["循"] = "to follow; to adhere to; to abide by",
	["徬"] = "irresolute",
	["徭"] = "compulsory service",
	["微"] = "tiny; minute; clandestine; hide; elegant; exquisite",
	["徯"] = "footpath; wait for",
	["徵"] = "note in Chinese musical scale; levy (troops or taxes)",
	["德"] = "Germany; virtue; goodness; morality; ethics; kindness; favor; character; kind",
	["徹"] = "pervade; penetrate; pass through; thorough; penetrating",
	["徻"] = "a wide room",
	["徼"] = "boundary; go around; by mere luck",
	["徽"] = "insignia",
	["忀"] = "to stroll; to ramble",
	["心"] = "heart; mind",
	["必"] = "certainly; must; will; necessarily",
	["忉"] = "grieved",
	["忌"] = "avoid as taboo; jealous",
	["忍"] = "to bear; to endure; to tolerate",
	["忒"] = "excessive; to change",
	["忖"] = "ponder; consider; guess",
	["志"] = "the will",
	["忘"] = "to forget; to overlook; to neglect",
	["忙"] = "busy",
	["忝"] = "to shame",
	["忠"] = "loyal",
	["忡"] = "grieved; distressed; sad; uneasy",
	["忤"] = "disobedient; unfilial",
	["忪"] = "restless; agitated",
	["快"] = "fast; quick; swift",
	["忭"] = "delighted; pleased",
	["忮"] = "aggressive",
	["忱"] = "sincerity; honesty",
	["念"] = "to miss; to think of; to read; to study (a subject); to attend (a school); to read aloud; idea; remembrance; twenty",
	["忸"] = "accustomed to; blush; be shy",
	["忻"] = "happy",
	["忽"] = "suddenly",
	["忿"] = "vehement",
	["怍"] = "ashamed",
	["怎"] = "how",
	["怏"] = "discontented",
	["怒"] = "indignant",
	["怔"] = "be startled",
	["怕"] = "to be afraid; to fear",
	["怖"] = "terror; terrified; afraid; frightened",
	["怗"] = "peaceful; quiet",
	["怙"] = "presume",
	["怚"] = "dull, stupid, suspicious",
	["怛"] = "distressed; alarmed; shocked; grieved",
	["思"] = "to think; to consider",
	["怞"] = "to grieve; sorrowful",
	["怠"] = "idle; lazy; negligent; careless",
	["怡"] = "harmony; pleased",
	["急"] = "hurried; worried",
	["怦"] = "impulsive",
	["性"] = "sex; nature; suffix corresponding to -ness or -ity",
	["怨"] = "blame; complain",
	["怩"] = "shy, timid, bashful; look ashame",
	["怪"] = "queer; to blame",
	["怫"] = "anxious; anger",
	["怭"] = "frivolous; rude",
	["怯"] = "afraid; rustic",
	["怲"] = "sad; mournful",
	["怳"] = "disappointed; flurried; indistinct",
	["怵"] = "fearful; timid; to fear",
	["怹"] = "a polite version of he",
	["恁"] = "that, like this, thus, so, such",
	["恂"] = "sincere",
	["恃"] = "rely upon",
	["恆"] = "permanent",
	["恇"] = "to fear; apprehensive",
	["恉"] = "purport",
	["恌"] = "frivolous",
	["恍"] = "disappointed; flurried; indistinct",
	["恐"] = "afraid; frightened; to fear",
	["恓"] = "troubled; vexed",
	["恔"] = "cheerful",
	["恕"] = "forgive",
	["恙"] = "sickness",
	["恚"] = "rage",
	["恛"] = "disordered; indistinct doubtful; blurred",
	["恝"] = "indifferent",
	["恟"] = "scared, nervous",
	["恢"] = "to restore; to recover; great",
	["恣"] = "throw off restraint",
	["恤"] = "give relief; sympathy",
	["恥"] = "shame; disgrace",
	["恧"] = "ashamed",
	["恨"] = "to hate; regret",
	["恩"] = "kind act (from above)",
	["恪"] = "''surname''; respectful",
	["恫"] = "frighten",
	["恬"] = "quiet, calm, tranquil, peaceful",
	["恭"] = "respectful",
	["息"] = "rest; news; interest; breath",
	["恰"] = "exactly; just",
	["恿"] = "",
	["悁"] = "impatient; angry; sad",
	["悃"] = "sincere",
	["悄"] = "quiet; sad",
	["悅"] = "pleased",
	["悆"] = "happy",
	["悉"] = "in all cases; know",
	["悊"] = "wise. to know intuitively",
	["悌"] = "do one's duty as a younger brother",
	["悍"] = "violent",
	["悐"] = "respect, regard; to stand in awe of, to be alarmed",
	["悒"] = "anxiety; worry",
	["悔"] = "regret",
	["悖"] = "perverse; rebellious; to rebel",
	["悚"] = "frightened",
	["悛"] = "to reform",
	["悜"] = "obscure",
	["悝"] = "sad; laugh at",
	["悟"] = "comprehend",
	["悠"] = "at ease; long (in time); sad",
	["患"] = "misfortune; suffer (from illness); trouble; danger; worry; to contract (a disease)",
	["您"] = "(''polite'') you",
	["悰"] = "joy",
	["悱"] = "want but cannot speak",
	["悲"] = "sad; sadness; sorrow; grief",
	["悴"] = "haggard; sad; downcast; distressed",
	["悵"] = "regretful; upset; despair; depressed",
	["悶"] = "melancholy; smother; stuffy",
	["悸"] = "afraid",
	["悻"] = "angry",
	["悼"] = "mourn; lament",
	["悽"] = "sorrowful",
	["悾"] = "simple-minded; sincere",
	["惄"] = "distressed; famished",
	["情"] = "feeling; emotion; passion; situation",
	["惆"] = "forlorn; vexed; disappointed",
	["惇"] = "kind-hearted",
	["惋"] = "regret, be sorry; alarmed",
	["惌"] = "to bear a grudge against",
	["惎"] = "injure; vilify",
	["惏"] = "avaricious; greedy",
	["惑"] = "confuse",
	["惓"] = "earnest",
	["惔"] = "cheerful",
	["惕"] = "fearful; respectful",
	["惘"] = "desolate",
	["惙"] = "mournful; uncertain",
	["惚"] = "indistinct",
	["惛"] = "confused; forgetful; silly",
	["惜"] = "pity; regret; rue; begrudge",
	["惝"] = "disappointed",
	["惟"] = "only; think",
	["惠"] = "favor; kind act (from above)",
	["惡"] = "evil; to hate; to loathe; nauseated",
	["惦"] = "think of; remember; miss",
	["惰"] = "lazy",
	["惱"] = "get mad",
	["惲"] = "''surname''",
	["想"] = "to think; to believe; to suppose; to wish; to want; to miss",
	["惴"] = "anxious; worried",
	["惶"] = "frightened",
	["惷"] = "blunt; stupid; to wiggle (of worms)",
	["惸"] = "alone; desolate",
	["惹"] = "to provoke; to exasperate; to annoy",
	["惺"] = "tranquil; understand",
	["惻"] = "sorrowful",
	["愀"] = "change countenance; worry",
	["愁"] = "worry about",
	["愃"] = "well-being",
	["愆"] = "fault; transgression",
	["愈"] = "heal; the more...the more; to recover; better",
	["愉"] = "pleased",
	["愊"] = "melancholy; sincere",
	["愍"] = "pity; sympathize",
	["愎"] = "perverse; obstinate",
	["意"] = "idea; meaning; wish; desire; (abbr.) Italy",
	["愐"] = "shy",
	["愒"] = "to desire",
	["愓"] = "profligate",
	["愔"] = "peaceful; solemn",
	["愕"] = "startled",
	["愚"] = "stupid",
	["愛"] = "to love; affection; to be fond of; to like",
	["愜"] = "cheerful; satisfied",
	["感"] = "to feel; to move; to touch; to affect",
	["愣"] = "to look distracted; to stare blankly; distracted; stupefied; blank",
	["愧"] = "ashamed",
	["愨"] = "honest",
	["愫"] = "guileless; sincere",
	["愬"] = "complain; sue; tell",
	["愮"] = "distressed, agitated",
	["愴"] = "mournful; sad; grieved; sorry",
	["愷"] = "joyful; kind",
	["愾"] = "anger",
	["愿"] = "sincere; willing",
	["慁"] = "confused; dishonor",
	["慄"] = "afraid; trembling",
	["慅"] = "agitated",
	["慆"] = "rejoice",
	["慇"] = "solicitous",
	["慈"] = "compassionate; gentle; merciful; kind; humane",
	["慉"] = "to foster; to bear",
	["慊"] = "contented; dissatisfied",
	["態"] = "appearance; state; attitude; (''linguistics'') voice",
	["慌"] = "to get panicky; to lose one's head",
	["慍"] = "indignant; feel hurt",
	["慎"] = "cautious",
	["慕"] = "admire",
	["慘"] = "miserable; wretched; cruel; inhuman; seriously; badly; tragic",
	["慚"] = "ashamed",
	["慝"] = "evil thought",
	["慟"] = "grief",
	["慢"] = "slow",
	["慣"] = "accustomed to; used to",
	["慥"] = "sincere",
	["慧"] = "intelligent",
	["慨"] = "generous; sad",
	["慪"] = "annoyed",
	["慫"] = "arouse",
	["慬"] = "brave; cautious; sad",
	["慮"] = "anxiety",
	["慰"] = "reassure",
	["慱"] = "sad",
	["慳"] = "stingy",
	["慴"] = "terrified",
	["慵"] = "careless",
	["慶"] = "celebrate",
	["慷"] = "generous; magnanimous",
	["慼"] = "ashamed; grief",
	["慾"] = "desire; wish",
	["憀"] = "to rely on",
	["憂"] = "worried",
	["憃"] = "foolish, stupid, dull, silly",
	["憊"] = "exhausted",
	["憋"] = "hold in (urine); to hold (breath); to choke; stifle; restrain; hold back",
	["憍"] = "arrogant",
	["憎"] = "detest",
	["憐"] = "to pity",
	["憑"] = "lean against; proof; to rely on; to depend on; to be based on",
	["憒"] = "confused; troubled",
	["憔"] = "haggard",
	["憖"] = "injured; moreover; preferably",
	["憚"] = "dread; fear; dislike",
	["憝"] = "dislike; hate",
	["憤"] = "indignant; anger; resentment",
	["憧"] = "irresolute; unsettled",
	["憨"] = "silly; simple-minded",
	["憩"] = "to rest",
	["憪"] = "composed, contented",
	["憫"] = "sympathize; to pity",
	["憬"] = "awaken",
	["憭"] = "clear; intelligible; severe; cold",
	["憮"] = "disappointed; startled",
	["憯"] = "already; sorrowful",
	["憲"] = "statute; constitution",
	["憶"] = "remember",
	["憸"] = "artful; flattering",
	["憺"] = "peace",
	["憾"] = "regret",
	["懂"] = "to understand; to know",
	["懃"] = "solicitous; thoughtful",
	["懅"] = "bashful; ashamed",
	["懆"] = "anxious; sad",
	["懇"] = "earnest",
	["懈"] = "lax; negligent",
	["應"] = "to answer; to respond; ought",
	["懊"] = "to regret",
	["懋"] = "be great; exert the mind",
	["懌"] = "pleased; rejoice",
	["懍"] = "fear",
	["懟"] = "dislike; hate",
	["懠"] = "angry",
	["懣"] = "melancholy",
	["懤"] = "grieved, pained",
	["懥"] = "enraged",
	["懦"] = "imbecile; timid",
	["懨"] = "contented; peaceful",
	["懫"] = "enraged; resentful; to hate; to desist",
	["懮"] = "grievous; relaxed",
	["懰"] = "lovely; beautiful",
	["懲"] = "punish; discipline",
	["懵"] = "stupid",
	["懶"] = "lazy",
	["懷"] = "to think of; to cherish; mind; heart; bosom",
	["懸"] = "hang; suspend",
	["懺"] = "feel remorse; regret; repent",
	["懼"] = "to fear",
	["懽"] = "pleased",
	["懾"] = "afraid; be feared; to fear; to frighten; to intimidate",
	["懿"] = "restrain; virtuous",
	["戀"] = "feel attached to; long for; love",
	["戁"] = "stand in awe",
	["戄"] = "fear; be in awe; sudden glance",
	["戇"] = "simple; stupid",
	["戈"] = "spear",
	["戊"] = "5th [[heavenly stem]]",
	["戌"] = "11th [[earthly branch]]; 7-9 pm",
	["戍"] = "garrison",
	["戎"] = "weapon",
	["成"] = "finish; complete; accomplish; become; turn into; win; succeed; one tenth",
	["我"] = "I; me",
	["戒"] = "swear off; warn against",
	["戔"] = "narrow; small",
	["或"] = "maybe; perhaps; might; possibly; or",
	["戚"] = "get close to; relative; sorrow; battle-axe",
	["戛"] = "a lance; standing alone",
	["戟"] = "a lance with two points",
	["戠"] = "a sword. potter's clay. to gather",
	["戡"] = "kill; suppress",
	["戢"] = "collect oneself; put away",
	["戣"] = "a lance",
	["戤"] = "infringe upon a trade mark",
	["戥"] = "small steelyard for weighing money",
	["戩"] = "carry to the utmost; to cut",
	["截"] = "a section; cut off (a length)",
	["戭"] = "spear",
	["戮"] = "kill",
	["戰"] = "to fight; fight; war; battle",
	["戲"] = "trick; drama; play; show",
	["戳"] = "poke; pierce; prick; wooden or rubber stamp or seal",
	["戴"] = "to put on; to respect; to bear; to support; wear (glasses, hat, gloves)",
	["戶"] = "a household; door; family",
	["戺"] = "door pivot",
	["戽"] = "water bucket for irrigation",
	["戾"] = "do violence; go against",
	["房"] = "house",
	["所"] = "actually; place; (''nominalisation prefix'')",
	["扁"] = "flat; tablet; inscription; small boat",
	["扃"] = "shut",
	["扆"] = "''surname''; screen",
	["扇"] = "fan; to fan; (a measure word for doors, windows, etc.)",
	["扈"] = "retinue",
	["扉"] = "door with only one leaf",
	["扊"] = "upright bar for fastening a door",
	["手"] = "hand; convenient; -er",
	["才"] = "ability; talent; endowment; gift; an expert; only (then); only if; just",
	["扎"] = "to prick; to run or stick (a needle, etc.) into; penetrating (as of cold); struggle; to tie; to bind",
	["扐"] = "divination by straw",
	["扑"] = "to rush at; to throw oneself on",
	["扒"] = "climb; crawl; snatch; pull (out); to strip; hold on to; cling to; dig up; rake; push aside",
	["打"] = "beat; strike; break; mix up; build; fight; fetch; make; tie up; issue; shoot; calculate; since; from; dozen",
	["扔"] = "throw",
	["托"] = "to hold in one's hand; to entrust; to support in one's palm",
	["扛"] = "carry on one's shoulder; lift overhead with both hands",
	["扞"] = "ward off, withstand, resist",
	["扠"] = "to fork",
	["扡"] = "drag along",
	["扢"] = "sprightful; clean; to rub",
	["扣"] = "10 percent; button; detain",
	["扤"] = "to move; sway",
	["扦"] = "graft (tree); stick in",
	["扭"] = "to turn; to twist; to grab; to wring",
	["扮"] = "to disguise oneself; to dress up; adorn",
	["扯"] = "pull; tear; to talk casually",
	["扱"] = "collect; receive",
	["扳"] = "climb up; pull; to pull or draw (up or out)",
	["扶"] = "to support with hand; to help sb. up; to help",
	["批"] = "to ascertain; (measure word for batches, lots); to act on; to criticize; to pass on",
	["扻"] = "to strike; to run against; to throw, as a stone",
	["扼"] = "hold (strategic position)",
	["扽"] = "to move, to shake",
	["找"] = "to try to find; to look for; to call on (sb); to find; to seek; to return",
	["承"] = "to bear; to carry; to hold; to continue; to undertake; to take charge; owing to; due to; to receive",
	["技"] = "skill",
	["抃"] = "strike; tap",
	["抄"] = "to copy; to plagiarize; to search and seize; to go; to transcribe; to take a shortcut; to search and confiscate",
	["抆"] = "wipe",
	["抈"] = "to bend",
	["抉"] = "dig; pick",
	["把"] = "handle; (a measure word); (marker for direct-object); to hold; to contain; to grasp; to take hold of",
	["抌"] = "to bale out water, to dip",
	["抑"] = "to restrain; to restrict; to keep down; or",
	["抒"] = "to strain; pour out",
	["抓"] = "to grab; to catch; to arrest; to snatch",
	["抔"] = "take up in both hands",
	["投"] = "to throw; to send",
	["抖"] = "shake out; tremble",
	["抗"] = "to resist; to fight; to defy",
	["折"] = "tenth (in price); to break; to fold; to turn; broken (as of rope, stick)",
	["抨"] = "attack; impeach",
	["披"] = "scatter; separate; to open; to unroll; to spread out",
	["抬"] = "to lift; to raise; (of two or more persons) to carry",
	["抱"] = "to hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug or embrace; surround; cherish",
	["抵"] = "hold up; on the whole; push against; to support; to resist; to reach; to arrive; mortgage",
	["抶"] = "beat; flog",
	["抹"] = "girdle; brassiere; to plaster; play; to smear",
	["抻"] = "pull",
	["押"] = "detain in custody",
	["抽"] = "to draw out; to smoke (cigarettes); to pump",
	["抿"] = "purse up (lips); to smooth",
	["拂"] = "brush away",
	["拄"] = "post; prop",
	["拆"] = "to tear open; to tear down; to tear apart; to open",
	["拇"] = "thumb",
	["拉"] = "to pull; to play (string instruments); to drag; to draw",
	["拊"] = "pat",
	["拋"] = "to throw; to toss; to fling; to cast; to abandon",
	["拌"] = "to mix; mix in; to toss (a salad)",
	["拍"] = "to clap; to pat; to beat; to hit; to slap; to take (a picture)",
	["拎"] = "to haul; to lift; to take",
	["拏"] = "apprehend; take",
	["拐"] = "kidnap; to turn",
	["拑"] = "pliers; pincers; to clamp",
	["拒"] = "to resist; to repel; to refuse",
	["拓"] = "expand; support on palm; to develop; to open up; make rubbing",
	["拔"] = "pull up; pull out; select; promote",
	["拖"] = "dragging (brush stroke in painting); to drag along",
	["拗"] = "stubborn; contrary; bend; break in two",
	["拘"] = "adhere; capture; restrain",
	["拙"] = "awkward; clumsy; dull; inelegant; (polite) my",
	["拚"] = "stake all; disregard; reject",
	["招"] = "provoke; to recruit",
	["拜"] = "to pay respect; worship; visit; salute",
	["拫"] = "to pull; to drag; to stop",
	["括"] = "enclose; include",
	["拭"] = "wipe",
	["拯"] = "to raise; to aid; to support; to save; to rescue",
	["拱"] = "fold hands in salute; to arch",
	["拳"] = "fist",
	["拴"] = "tie up",
	["拶"] = "punish by squeezing fingers",
	["拷"] = "to beat; to flog; to examine by torture",
	["拼"] = "piece together; stake (all); spell; join together",
	["拽"] = "throw; drag",
	["拾"] = "pick up; ten (fraud-proof)",
	["拿"] = "to hold; to seize; to catch; to apprehend; to take",
	["持"] = "to grasp; to hold; support; manage; direct; maintain",
	["挂"] = "hang; suspend",
	["指"] = "finger; to point; to direct; to indicate",
	["挈"] = "pull out; take family along",
	["按"] = "to press (with the hand); to push; to control; to restrain; to check; pressing down (brush movement in painting); according to; in the light of",
	["挌"] = "fight",
	["挍"] = "compare; criticize",
	["挎"] = "carry on one's arm; carry over one's shoulder or slung on one's side",
	["挐"] = "apprehend; take",
	["挑"] = "incite; carry on a pole; choose",
	["挓"] = "to open out; to expand",
	["挖"] = "to dig; to excavate; to scoop out",
	["挨"] = "next to; suffer (hunger); endure; drag out; delay; stall; play for time; lean to; in order; in sequence",
	["挪"] = "to shift; to move",
	["挫"] = "be obstructed; fail; oppress; repress; lower the tone; bend back; dampen",
	["振"] = "rouse",
	["挲"] = "to stroke; to caress; to fondle",
	["挶"] = "structure for carrying dirt",
	["挹"] = "give up; ladle out; pour out",
	["挺"] = "be straight and stiff; rather (good)",
	["挽"] = "draw; pull; send funeral ode",
	["挾"] = "clasp under the arm; coerce; hold between",
	["捂"] = "to cover; to block; to resist",
	["捃"] = "gather; to sort",
	["捄"] = "to rescue",
	["捅"] = "poke through",
	["捆"] = "a bunch; tie together; bundle",
	["捉"] = "to clutch; to grab; to capture",
	["捋"] = "strip (cow, leaves, branch); stroke (beard)",
	["捌"] = "complicated form of the numeral eight; split; (''Min'') to know",
	["捍"] = "ward off (a blow)",
	["捎"] = "bring or take (along)",
	["捏"] = "to pinch (with one's fingers); to knead; to make up",
	["捐"] = "to contribute; to donate; tax; to abandon",
	["捕"] = "to catch; to seize; to capture",
	["捗"] = "make progress",
	["捘"] = "push",
	["捥"] = "to bend the wrist",
	["捧"] = "hold or offer with both hands",
	["捨"] = "give up; abandon",
	["捩"] = "tear; twist",
	["捫"] = "lay hands on; to cover",
	["捭"] = "weed; spread out; to open",
	["捱"] = "dawdle; suffer",
	["捲"] = "coil; to roll",
	["捶"] = "beat with the fist; to hammer; to cudgel",
	["捷"] = "victory; triumph; quick; prompt; rapid",
	["捺"] = "(downwards-right concave character stroke); press down firmly",
	["捻"] = "twirl (in the fingers)",
	["捼"] = "to rub; to crumple",
	["捽"] = "seize",
	["掀"] = "lift (cover)",
	["掂"] = "weigh in the hand",
	["掃"] = "broom; to sweep",
	["掄"] = "select; whirl (one's arm)",
	["掇"] = "pick up",
	["授"] = "to teach; to instruct; to award; to give",
	["掉"] = "to drop; to fall",
	["掊"] = "break up; hit; take up in both hands",
	["掌"] = "palm (of hand); in charge of",
	["掎"] = "drag",
	["掏"] = "fish out (from pocket)",
	["掐"] = "pick (flowers); to pinch",
	["排"] = "row of logs or boards; a platoon; line up",
	["掔"] = "lead along; substantial",
	["掖"] = "tuck (in)",
	["掗"] = "attach; brandish; hold",
	["掘"] = "dig",
	["掙"] = "to earn; to make (money); struggle",
	["掛"] = "to hang; to put up; to suspend",
	["掞"] = "easy; quiet",
	["掠"] = "plunder",
	["採"] = "to pick; to pluck; to collect; to select; to choose; to gather",
	["探"] = "to explore; to search out; to scout; to visit",
	["掣"] = "pull; obstruct; hinder; draw",
	["掤"] = "arrow-quiver",
	["接"] = "to extend; to connect; to receive; to join",
	["控"] = "to accuse; to charge; to control; to sue",
	["推"] = "push; refuse (responsibility); shove",
	["掩"] = "cover up; to surprise",
	["措"] = "put in order; arrange; administer; execute; take action on",
	["掫"] = "beat the night watches; grasp",
	["掮"] = "carry on shoulders",
	["掯"] = "take by force",
	["掰"] = "to break with both hands",
	["掱"] = "pickpocket",
	["掽"] = "meet with; to bump",
	["掾"] = "official",
	["揀"] = "choose; pick up",
	["揃"] = "shear",
	["揄"] = "draw out; let hanging",
	["揅"] = "grind fine; study; research",
	["揆"] = "consider; estimate",
	["揉"] = "knead; massage; rub",
	["揌"] = "to shake",
	["揍"] = "beat up; break to pieces",
	["揎"] = "pull up sleeves; strike with fists",
	["描"] = "depict; to trace (a drawing); to copy; to touch up",
	["提"] = "to carry; to lift; to put forward; (upwards character stroke); lifting (brush stroke in painting); to mention; carry (suspended)",
	["插"] = "insert; stick in; pierce; to take part in; to interfere; to interpose",
	["揕"] = "to hit; to thrust",
	["揖"] = "greet (by raising the joined hands)",
	["揗"] = "strike, hit with hand; tap",
	["揚"] = "hurl; to raise; to scatter",
	["換"] = "change; exchange",
	["揜"] = "cover up; to surprise",
	["揝"] = "to hold in the hand, to grasp; to wring",
	["揠"] = "eradicate; pull up",
	["握"] = "shake hands; to hold; to grasp",
	["揣"] = "estimate; guess; figure; surmise; put into",
	["揥"] = "get rid of; ivory hairpin",
	["揩"] = "wipe",
	["揪"] = "to clutch",
	["揫"] = "gather; collect",
	["揭"] = "lift off (a cover); divulge",
	["揮"] = "scatter; wield; wipe away",
	["揰"] = "poke out; punch; push into",
	["揲"] = "sort out divining stalks",
	["援"] = "to help; to assist; to aid",
	["揵"] = "carry",
	["揹"] = "carry on one's back",
	["搆"] = "implicate; reach to",
	["搉"] = "consult; knock; beat",
	["搊"] = "pluck (stringed instrument)",
	["搌"] = "bind; wipe",
	["損"] = "to damage; injure; to lose; to harm",
	["搎"] = "to rub with the hand; to stroke",
	["搏"] = "fight; combat; seize",
	["搐"] = "lead; pull",
	["搒"] = "boat; to whip",
	["搓"] = "to rub or roll between the hands or fingers; to twist",
	["搔"] = "disturb; to scratch",
	["搕"] = "to strike; totake in the hand",
	["搖"] = "shake; to rock",
	["搗"] = "pound; beat; hull; attack; disturb; stir",
	["搘"] = "prop up",
	["搜"] = "to search",
	["搞"] = "to do; to make; to go in for; to set up; to get hold of; to take care of",
	["搠"] = "daub; thrust",
	["搡"] = "push back; push over",
	["搢"] = "shake; stick into; strike",
	["搤"] = "hold (strategic position)",
	["搥"] = "beat with the fist; to hammer",
	["搦"] = "take hold",
	["搧"] = "to fan",
	["搨"] = "make rubbing",
	["搪"] = "keep out",
	["搬"] = "remove; transport; move; shift",
	["搭"] = "build (scaffolding); take (boat, train); hang; join; match; take passage",
	["搯"] = "fish out (from pocket)",
	["搰"] = "dig; mix",
	["搴"] = "seize",
	["搵"] = "press with finger; wipe",
	["搶"] = "fight over; to rush; to scramble; to grab; to rob; to snatch; against wind",
	["搷"] = "to beat; to winnow",
	["搽"] = "apply (ointment, powder); smear; paint on",
	["搾"] = "oppress; to extract",
	["搿"] = "to hug",
	["摀"] = "(v) seal up; muffle",
	["摁"] = "to press (with finger)",
	["摎"] = "to strangle; to inquire into",
	["摑"] = "to slap",
	["摒"] = "arrange; drive off; expel",
	["摔"] = "throw on ground; to fall",
	["摘"] = "to borrow; to pick (flowers, fruit); to pluck; to take; to select",
	["摙"] = "to transport; to remove to take",
	["摛"] = "to spread (fame); wield (pen)",
	["摜"] = "fling; smash",
	["摞"] = "pile up",
	["摟"] = "to hug; to embrace; graft (money); solicit; to gather; to collect",
	["摠"] = "general; in every case; to hold",
	["摦"] = "wide; broad",
	["摧"] = "break; destroy; devastate; ravage; repress",
	["摩"] = "rub",
	["摭"] = "pick up; to select",
	["摮"] = "to rattle; to shake. to smite",
	["摯"] = "sincere",
	["摰"] = "to seize with the hand; to grasp. to advance. to breakdown",
	["摲"] = "to cut down; mow",
	["摳"] = "dig out (with finger); stingy",
	["摴"] = "dice; gambling; to release",
	["摶"] = "roll round with hand",
	["摷"] = "to knock; strike",
	["摸"] = "feel with the hand; to touch; to stroke; to grope; to feel (one's pulse); imitate; copy",
	["摹"] = "imitate; copy",
	["摺"] = "folded document; to fold",
	["摻"] = "to grasp; mix",
	["摽"] = "to fall; sign; to signal",
	["撂"] = "to leave (it)",
	["撅"] = "break off; stick up (as a tail)",
	["撇"] = "(downwards-left curved character stroke); throw; cast away",
	["撈"] = "fish up",
	["撊"] = "valiant; wrathful",
	["撋"] = "to rub between the hands",
	["撏"] = "pull out, pluck; take hold of",
	["撐"] = "support; prop-up; to pole a boat; to open; to overfill",
	["撒"] = "to scatter; let go",
	["撓"] = "to scratch",
	["撕"] = "to tear",
	["撙"] = "regulate; restrain",
	["撚"] = "twirl (in the fingers)",
	["撝"] = "wave, brandish; modest, humble",
	["撞"] = "to hit; to strike; to meet by accident; to run into; to bump against; to bump into",
	["撟"] = "correct",
	["撢"] = "to dust",
	["撣"] = "brush away; dust off; a brush or duster; to dust",
	["撤"] = "remove; take away; withdraw",
	["撥"] = "to push aside; to appropriate (money); to move; to set aside; group; batch; to poke; to stir",
	["撦"] = "to tear; pull at",
	["撩"] = "stitch; take; tease; lift up (skirt); pull up (sleeve)",
	["撫"] = "to comfort; touch gently with hand",
	["撬"] = "to lift",
	["播"] = "sow; scatter; spread; broadcast",
	["撮"] = "bring together; little bit; shovel; gather up; pick",
	["撰"] = "compose; compile",
	["撱"] = "clip; shorten; throw away",
	["撲"] = "rush on",
	["撳"] = "to press (bell)",
	["撻"] = "flog; rapid",
	["撼"] = "shake; to incite",
	["撾"] = "beat",
	["撿"] = "pick up; collect; gather",
	["擁"] = "(v) gather round; rush in; crowd; throng; to hold; crowded; to support",
	["擂"] = "beat (a drum); beat; to grind",
	["擄"] = "take captive",
	["擅"] = "usurp; without authority",
	["擇"] = "pick over; to select; to choose; to pick",
	["擉"] = "to pierce; to break through",
	["擊"] = "to hit; to strike; to break",
	["擋"] = "arrange; put in order; hinder; resist; obstruct; cover; keep off; a cover; to block (a blow); to get in the way of",
	["操"] = "to hold; to drill; to exercise; to act; to do; to take in hand; to keep; to manage",
	["擎"] = "to raise (hand)",
	["擐"] = "pass through; to get into (armor)",
	["擒"] = "capture",
	["擔"] = "to carry on shoulder; to undertake; shoulder pole; burden; load; responsibility; picul (133.33 lbs.)",
	["擖"] = "scrape",
	["擗"] = "to beat the breast",
	["擘"] = "thumb; break; tear; pierce; split; to analyze",
	["據"] = "according to; to act in accordance with; to depend on; to seize; to occupy",
	["擠"] = "crowded; to squeeze",
	["擢"] = "pull out; select",
	["擣"] = "stir; to pound",
	["擤"] = "blow nose",
	["擦"] = "to wipe; to erase; rubbing (brush stroke in painting); to clean; to polish",
	["擩"] = "to stain, to dye",
	["擫"] = "to press down",
	["擬"] = "plan to",
	["擭"] = "trap",
	["擯"] = "reject; expel; discard; exclude; renounce",
	["擰"] = "mistake; to twist; stubborn; to pinch; wring",
	["擱"] = "to place",
	["擲"] = "toss",
	["擴"] = "enlarge",
	["擷"] = "collect",
	["擸"] = "to hold, to grasp; to hold the hair; to pull at",
	["擺"] = "pendulum; to place; to display; to swing; to oscillate; to show; to move; to exhibit",
	["擻"] = "shake; trembling",
	["擽"] = "tickle; ticklish, funny",
	["擾"] = "disturb",
	["擿"] = "to select, to pick out from, to discard",
	["攀"] = "climb up; pull",
	["攃"] = "preceding",
	["攄"] = "set forth; to spread",
	["攆"] = "expel",
	["攏"] = "collect; draw near to",
	["攔"] = "cut off; hinder",
	["攖"] = "oppose; to attack",
	["攘"] = "throw into confusion",
	["攙"] = "assist by the arm; mix; support; sustain",
	["攛"] = "rush; stir up; throw; fling; hurry; rage",
	["攜"] = "to carry; to take along; to bring along; to hold (hands)",
	["攝"] = "assist; collect; absorb",
	["攢"] = "collect; hoard; bring together",
	["攣"] = "twisted; bent; crooked; cramped",
	["攤"] = "spread out; vendor's stand",
	["攩"] = "hinder; resist",
	["攪"] = "to disturb; to annoy; to mix; to stir",
	["攫"] = "seize (bird or animal)",
	["攬"] = "monopolize; seize",
	["攮"] = "to fend off; to stab",
	["支"] = "(a measure word); to support; to sustain; to erect; to raise; branch; division; to draw money",
	["攲"] = "up; uneven",
	["收"] = "to receive; to accept; to collect; in care of (used on address line after name)",
	["攷"] = "examine",
	["攸"] = "distant, far; adverbial prefix",
	["改"] = "to change; to alter; to transform; to correct",
	["攻"] = "to attack; to accuse; to study",
	["放"] = "to release; to free; to let go; to put; to place; to let out",
	["政"] = "political; politics; government",
	["敁"] = "to weigh in the hand, to estimate; to shake",
	["敃"] = "strong; robust; vigorous",
	["故"] = "happening; instance; reason; cause; deceased; old",
	["效"] = "effect; efficacy; imitate",
	["敉"] = "peaceful",
	["敏"] = "keen; sensitive",
	["救"] = "to save; to assist; to rescue",
	["敔"] = "(ancient mus. instr.)",
	["敕"] = "imperial orders",
	["敖"] = "ramble",
	["敗"] = "be defeated; to defeat; loss",
	["敘"] = "narrate",
	["教"] = "teach; teaching; religion",
	["敜"] = "to fill up or cover up a hole",
	["敝"] = "my (polite); poor; ruined; shabby; worn out; defeated",
	["敞"] = "spacious; uncovered",
	["敢"] = "dare",
	["散"] = "adjourn; scatter; leisurely; loosen; powdered medicine; to scatter; to come loose",
	["敦"] = "kind-hearted; place name",
	["敧"] = "to pick up thing with chopsticks or pincers.",
	["敪"] = "to weigh; cut; come without being invited",
	["敬"] = "to respect; to venerate; to salute; to offer",
	["敲"] = "extort; knock; to strike; to knock (at a door); to hit",
	["敳"] = "able (in administrating)",
	["整"] = "exactly; in good order; whole; complete; entire; in order; orderly",
	["敵"] = "enemy; match",
	["敷"] = "announce; apply",
	["數"] = "number; figure; to count; to calculate; several; frequently; repeatedly",
	["敹"] = "keep tidy and repaired; sew",
	["敺"] = "expel; urge on",
	["敻"] = "''surname''",
	["敿"] = "tie up (laces)",
	["斁"] = "be weary of",
	["斂"] = "arrange; control oneself; gather",
	["斃"] = "die violently",
	["文"] = "language; culture; writing; formal; literary; gentle",
	["斌"] = "ornamental; refined",
	["斐"] = "(phonetic); ''surname''; elegant",
	["斑"] = "variegated",
	["斒"] = "variegated; striped; marbled",
	["斕"] = "variegated; parti-colored",
	["斗"] = "ladle; dipper; small; big; stars",
	["料"] = "material; stuff; grain; feed; to expect; to anticipate; to guess",
	["斛"] = "5 pecks (M)",
	["斜"] = "slanting",
	["斝"] = "jade cup with ears",
	["斞"] = "a stack of grain; a measure of 16 dou3",
	["斟"] = "pour; to deliberate",
	["斠"] = "to measure",
	["斡"] = "to turn",
	["斢"] = "to plunder",
	["斤"] = "catty; weight equal to 0.5 kg",
	["斥"] = "blame; reprove; reprimand",
	["斧"] = "hatchet",
	["斨"] = "axe",
	["斫"] = "chop; carve wood",
	["斬"] = "behead; chop",
	["斮"] = "cut off",
	["斯"] = "(phonetic); this",
	["新"] = "new; newly; meso- (chem.)",
	["斲"] = "chop; carve wood",
	["斷"] = "to break; to judge; absolutely; decidedly",
	["斸"] = "cut",
	["方"] = "square; quadrilateral; place; region; direction; side; method; way; prescription; power; upright; just",
	["於"] = "in; at; to; from; by; than; out of; ''surname''",
	["施"] = "distribute (alms); to do; to execute; to carry out",
	["斿"] = "scallops along lower edge of flag",
	["旁"] = "beside; one side; other; side; self",
	["旂"] = "flag",
	["旃"] = "felt; silken banner",
	["旄"] = "aged; banner decorated with animal's tail",
	["旅"] = "trip; travel",
	["旆"] = "pennant; streamer",
	["旋"] = "lathe; specially for an occasion; revolve",
	["旌"] = "banner; make manifest",
	["族"] = "race; nationality; ethnicity; clan",
	["旐"] = "banner",
	["旒"] = "tassel",
	["旓"] = "serrated edges on a Chinese flag",
	["旗"] = "banner; flag",
	["旛"] = "pennant",
	["旝"] = "banner, flag, streamer; insignia",
	["旟"] = "banner with falcons; mussed up hair",
	["旡"] = "choke on something eaten",
	["既"] = "already; since; both... (and...)",
	["日"] = "day; sun; date; day of the month; Japan (abbrev.)",
	["旦"] = "dawn; morning; day-break; day",
	["旨"] = "imperial decree; purport; aim; purpose",
	["早"] = "early; morning",
	["旬"] = "ten days; ten years",
	["旭"] = "dawn; rising sun",
	["旰"] = "sunset; evening",
	["旱"] = "drought; dry",
	["旴"] = "dawn",
	["旺"] = "prosperous; flourishing; to prosper; to flourish",
	["旻"] = "heaven",
	["旼"] = "gentle and affable",
	["旽"] = "morning sun, sunrise",
	["昀"] = "sun light; used in personal name",
	["昂"] = "high; soaring; raise; lift; expensive; to raise one's head",
	["昃"] = "afternoon; decline",
	["昄"] = "great; expansive",
	["昆"] = "descendant; elder brother",
	["昇"] = "ascend; peaceful",
	["昉"] = "dawn; to begin",
	["昊"] = "clear summer sky; vast",
	["昌"] = "prosperous; flourish",
	["明"] = "clear; bright; to understand; next; the Ming dynasty",
	["昏"] = "muddle-headed; twilight; to faint; to lose consciousness",
	["昑"] = "bright",
	["易"] = "change; easy; simple",
	["昔"] = "past; former",
	["昕"] = "dawn",
	["昜"] = "to open out, to expand; bright, glorious",
	["昝"] = "(a dual pronoun) you and me, we two",
	["星"] = "star; satellite; small amount",
	["映"] = "reflect; shine",
	["昡"] = "long day; extended; relaxed",
	["昤"] = "sunshine",
	["春"] = "spring (time); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life",
	["昧"] = "conceal; dark",
	["昨"] = "yesterday",
	["昫"] = "warm",
	["昭"] = "illustrious; manifest",
	["是"] = "be; yes; this",
	["昱"] = "bright light",
	["昳"] = "the declining sun in the west",
	["昴"] = "the Pleiades",
	["昵"] = "familiar; to approach",
	["昶"] = "bright; long day",
	["昺"] = "bright; glorious",
	["晁"] = "''surname''",
	["時"] = "o'clock; time; when; hour; season; period",
	["晃"] = "sway; to shade; dazzle",
	["晅"] = "light of the sun; to dry in the sun",
	["晉"] = "to advance; to be promoted; name of a dynasty and state",
	["晌"] = "around noon",
	["晏"] = "late; quiet",
	["晒"] = "to sun",
	["晚"] = "evening; night; late",
	["晛"] = "to appear (of sun)",
	["晜"] = "descendant; elder brother",
	["晝"] = "daytime",
	["晞"] = "dawn; dry in the sun",
	["晟"] = "brightness of sun; splendor",
	["晡"] = "3-5 p.m.",
	["晢"] = "bright",
	["晤"] = "meet (socially)",
	["晥"] = "Anhui province",
	["晦"] = "dark; night; unlucky",
	["晨"] = "morning; dawn; daybreak",
	["晬"] = "1st birthday of a child",
	["普"] = "general; popular; everywhere; universal",
	["景"] = "bright; circumstance; scenery",
	["晰"] = "understanding",
	["晴"] = "clear; fine (weather)",
	["晶"] = "crystal",
	["晷"] = "sundial",
	["智"] = "wisdom; knowledge",
	["晾"] = "to dry in the air",
	["暄"] = "genial and warm",
	["暇"] = "leisure",
	["暈"] = "dizzy; ring around moon or sun; confused; giddy; faint; swoon; lose consciousness; pass out",
	["暉"] = "bright; radiant",
	["暋"] = "strong; vigorous",
	["暌"] = "in opposition to; separated from",
	["暍"] = "hot",
	["暐"] = "the bright shining of the sun",
	["暑"] = "heat; hot weather; summer heat",
	["暔"] = "name of a country",
	["暖"] = "warm; toasty",
	["暗"] = "dark; gloomy; hidden; secret",
	["暘"] = "rising sun; sunshine",
	["暝"] = "(''Min Nan'') night",
	["暠"] = "daybreak; bright and brilliant",
	["暢"] = "smooth; fluent; joyful; happy",
	["暨"] = "and; reach to; the end",
	["暫"] = "temporary; temporarily",
	["暮"] = "evening; dusk; sunset; (''of time'') late; closing",
	["暱"] = "familiar; to approach",
	["暲"] = "bright; to rise (of sun)",
	["暴"] = "sudden; violent; cruel; to show or expose; to injure",
	["暵"] = "dry; hot",
	["暸"] = "bright, clear",
	["暹"] = "Siam",
	["暻"] = "bright",
	["暾"] = "sun above the horizon",
	["曀"] = "obscure; sun hidden by clouds",
	["曄"] = "bright light; to sparkle",
	["曆"] = "calendar",
	["曇"] = "dark clouds",
	["曈"] = "sun about to rise",
	["曉"] = "dawn; to know; to tell (sb sth)",
	["曏"] = "formerly",
	["曖"] = "obscure; clandestine",
	["曙"] = "dawn; the dawn of a new epoch (metaphor)",
	["曚"] = "before day break",
	["曛"] = "twilight; sunset",
	["曜"] = "dazzle; glorious",
	["曝"] = "to air; to sun",
	["曠"] = "waste; wilderness",
	["曦"] = "light of day",
	["曨"] = "bright",
	["曩"] = "in former times",
	["曬"] = "to sun",
	["曰"] = "to speak; to say",
	["曲"] = "tune; song; bent; crooked; wrong",
	["曳"] = "drag",
	["更"] = "to change; more; even more; further; still; still more",
	["曷"] = "why; how; when; what; where",
	["書"] = "book; letter",
	["曹"] = "a company; a class; a generation; ''surname''",
	["曼"] = "handsome; large; long",
	["曾"] = "(refers to something that happened previously); already; at some time in the past; before; once; great-grand (father)",
	["替"] = "to substitute for; to take the place of; to replace; for; on behalf of; to stand in for",
	["最"] = "(the) most; -est",
	["朁"] = "if, supposing, nevertheless",
	["會"] = "to meet; to gather; group; to assemble; association; be able to; be likely to; to balance an account; accounting",
	["朅"] = "to leave; abandon",
	["月"] = "moon; month",
	["有"] = "to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be",
	["朊"] = "protein",
	["朋"] = "friend",
	["服"] = "clothes; dress; garment; submit; take (medicine)",
	["朏"] = "crescent moon",
	["朐"] = "''surname''",
	["朓"] = "scorch; western moon before sunrise",
	["朔"] = "beginning; first day of lunar month",
	["朕"] = "I; we (imperial use); subtle",
	["朗"] = "clear; bright",
	["朘"] = "wane, reduce, contract; exploit",
	["望"] = "hope; expect; to visit; to gaze (into the distance); look towards; towards",
	["朝"] = "morning; to face; towards; facing; direct; a dynasty; the imperial court; (abbr.) Korea, esp. N. Korea",
	["期"] = "a period of time; phase; stage; (used for issue of a periodical, courses of study); time; term; period; to hope",
	["朠"] = "color of the moon",
	["朢"] = "15th day of month (lunar calendar)",
	["朣"] = "light from the rising moon",
	["朦"] = "deceive; indistinct",
	["朧"] = "rising moon",
	["木"] = "tree; wood",
	["未"] = "not yet; 8th [[earthly branch]]; 1-3 pm",
	["末"] = "end; final stage; latter part",
	["本"] = "roots or stems of plants; origin; source; this; the current; root; foundation; basis; (a measure word)",
	["札"] = "short note",
	["朱"] = "''surname''; vermilion",
	["朳"] = "tree",
	["朴"] = "Celtis sinensis var. japonica",
	["朵"] = "M for flowers",
	["机"] = "machine; opportunity; secret",
	["朽"] = "rotten",
	["朾"] = "to bump",
	["朿"] = "stab",
	["杅"] = "bowl; tub",
	["杆"] = "measure for guns; pole",
	["杇"] = "to plaster; whitewash",
	["杈"] = "branches of a tree; fork of a tree; pitchfork",
	["杉"] = "(pine); fir",
	["杌"] = "low stool",
	["李"] = "''surname''; plum",
	["杏"] = "apricot",
	["材"] = "material",
	["村"] = "village",
	["杓"] = "ladle; (star)",
	["杕"] = "lone-standing tree",
	["杖"] = "cane, walking stick",
	["杗"] = "ridge-pole in roof",
	["杙"] = "post for tethering animals",
	["杜"] = "fabricate; restrict; to prevent",
	["杝"] = "(tree)",
	["杞"] = "(willow); name of a feudal state",
	["束"] = "bunch; (a measure word); to bind; to control",
	["杠"] = "carrying pole; horizontal bar; footbridge",
	["杪"] = "the limit; tip of branch",
	["杭"] = "''surname''; Hangzhou",
	["杯"] = "drinkware; cup; glass",
	["杰"] = "hero; heroic",
	["東"] = "east",
	["杲"] = "high; sun shines brightly; to shine",
	["杳"] = "dark and quiet; disappear",
	["杴"] = "(iron) shovel",
	["杵"] = "pestle; to poke",
	["杶"] = "(tree)",
	["杸"] = "to kill; a spear",
	["杻"] = "handcuffs; red apricot",
	["杼"] = "shuttle of a loom",
	["松"] = "pine",
	["板"] = "board; plank; plate; slab",
	["枉"] = "in the wrong; in vain",
	["枋"] = "Santalum album",
	["枌"] = "(tree)",
	["析"] = "to separate; to divide; to analyze",
	["枒"] = "the coconut tree; rim",
	["枓"] = "square base for Chinese flagstaff",
	["枕"] = "pillow",
	["林"] = "woods; forest",
	["枘"] = "tenon; tool handle",
	["枙"] = "tree knot",
	["枚"] = "M for small objects",
	["果"] = "fruit; result",
	["枝"] = "branch; (a measure word)",
	["枟"] = "wood streaks",
	["枯"] = "withered; dried up",
	["枰"] = "chess-like game",
	["枲"] = "male nettle-hemp",
	["枳"] = "(orange); hedge thorn",
	["枴"] = "cane",
	["枵"] = "empty; hollow of a tree",
	["架"] = "to support; frame; rack; framework; measure word for planes, large vehicles, radios, etc.",
	["枷"] = "cangue",
	["枸"] = "{{taxlink|Hovenia acerba|species|ver=191212}}; ''[[Piper betle]]''",
	["枹"] = "{{taxlink|Quercus glandulifera|species|ver=191212}}",
	["枻"] = "oar; stand for correcting a bow",
	["柁"] = "main beam of roof",
	["柂"] = "(tree)",
	["柃"] = "{{taxlink|Eurya japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["柄"] = "authority; handle; hilt",
	["柅"] = "(tree); to stop",
	["柈"] = "plate",
	["柎"] = "calyx of flower",
	["柏"] = "cypress; cedar; ''surname''",
	["某"] = "(used before measure word and noun) some; (a) certain; so and so",
	["柑"] = "large tangerine",
	["柒"] = "seven (fraud-proof); (''Cantonese'') penis",
	["染"] = "to catch (a disease); dye",
	["柔"] = "soft",
	["柘"] = "{{taxlink|Cudrania tricuspidata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["柙"] = "cage; pen; scabbard",
	["柚"] = "pomelo; shaddock",
	["柜"] = "{{taxlink|Salix multinervis|species|ver=191212}}; cupboard; cabinet; wardrobe",
	["柝"] = "watchman's rattle",
	["柞"] = "oak; {{taxlink|Quercus serrata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["柟"] = "{{taxlink|Machilus nanmu|species|ver=191212}}",
	["柢"] = "foundation; root",
	["柣"] = "threshold",
	["柤"] = "(hawthorn); {{taxlink|Chaenomeles japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["查"] = "to research; to check; to investigate; to examine; to refer to; to search",
	["柩"] = "bier",
	["柬"] = "card; note; letter",
	["柮"] = "wood scraps",
	["柯"] = "handle of axe; stem",
	["柰"] = "crab-apple; how can one help",
	["柱"] = "pillar",
	["柲"] = "weapon handle of bamboo strips",
	["柳"] = "willow; ''surname''",
	["柴"] = "firewood",
	["柵"] = "fence",
	["柶"] = "spoon; ladle",
	["柷"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["柸"] = "to hate; bear grudge",
	["柺"] = "old man's staff",
	["柿"] = "persimmon",
	["栒"] = "cross bar",
	["栓"] = "bottle stopper; wooden pin; plug",
	["栔"] = "carve; cut",
	["栖"] = "to roost; to inhabit; to stay; habitat",
	["栗"] = "chestnut",
	["栝"] = "{{taxlink|Juniperus chinensis|species|ver=191212}}; measuring-frame",
	["栟"] = "{{taxlink|Trachycarpus excelsa|species|ver=191212}}",
	["校"] = "school; proofread; to check; to compare",
	["栩"] = "{{taxlink|Quercus serrata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["株"] = "(a measure word, use with plants); trunk of tree",
	["栫"] = "fence; palisade",
	["栭"] = "tree mushroom",
	["栱"] = "post",
	["栲"] = "mangrove",
	["栳"] = "basket",
	["栵"] = "hedge",
	["核"] = "nuclear; atomic; stone (of fruit)",
	["根"] = "radical (chem.); root; basis",
	["栻"] = "(tree)",
	["格"] = "frame; rule",
	["栽"] = "to force; to stick in; to plant",
	["桀"] = "(emperor of Xia dynasty); cruel",
	["桁"] = "pole plate; purlin; ridge-pole",
	["桂"] = "''[[Cinnamomum cassia]]''; Guangxi Autonomous Region (abbrev.)",
	["桃"] = "peach",
	["桄"] = "rung of ladder; {{taxlink|Arenga saccharifera|species|ver=191212}}",
	["桅"] = "mast",
	["框"] = "frame; door frame",
	["案"] = "(legal) case; incident; record; file; table",
	["桉"] = "{{taxlink|Eucalyptus globulus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["桋"] = "(tree)",
	["桌"] = "table",
	["桎"] = "fetters",
	["桐"] = "tung tree",
	["桑"] = "mulberry tree",
	["桓"] = "''surname''; {{taxlink|Sapindus mukurosi|species|ver=191212}}",
	["桔"] = "tangerine; ''[[Platycodon grandiflorus]]''",
	["桫"] = "''[[Stewartia pseudocamellia]]''",
	["桭"] = "eaves; space between two pillars",
	["桮"] = "cup",
	["桯"] = "bed side stand",
	["桲"] = "quince",
	["桴"] = "beam; rafter",
	["桶"] = "pail; bucket; bin; barrel",
	["桷"] = "rafter; {{taxlink|Malus toringo|species|ver=191212}}",
	["桹"] = "(palm)",
	["桿"] = "stick; pole",
	["梁"] = "beam of roof; bridge",
	["梃"] = "a club (weapon)",
	["梅"] = "plum flower",
	["梆"] = "watchman's rattle",
	["梊"] = "squeeze out of; extract",
	["梏"] = "braces (med.); fetters; manacles",
	["梐"] = "stockade",
	["梓"] = "{{taxlink|Catalpa kaempferi|species|ver=191212}}",
	["梔"] = "gardenia",
	["梗"] = "stem",
	["梜"] = "chopstick",
	["條"] = "measure word for long, thin things (i.e. ribbon, river, etc.); a strip; item; article",
	["梟"] = "brave; owl; {{taxlink|Strix uralensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["梠"] = "beam at the eaves",
	["梡"] = "(tree); stand for sacrifice",
	["梢"] = "tip of branch",
	["梧"] = "{{taxlink|Sterculia platanifolia|species|ver=191212}}",
	["梨"] = "pear",
	["梩"] = "basket for removing earth; spade",
	["梭"] = "shuttle",
	["梯"] = "ladder",
	["械"] = "tools",
	["梱"] = "movable door sill",
	["梲"] = "club (weapon); small pillar",
	["梳"] = "comb",
	["梴"] = "length (of a tree or beam); long",
	["梵"] = "Brahma; Sanskrit",
	["棄"] = "abandon; relinquish; to discard; to throw away",
	["棉"] = "cotton",
	["棋"] = "any chess-like game or game requiring strategy",
	["棍"] = "stick",
	["棐"] = "to strengthen; ''[[Torreya grandis]]''",
	["棑"] = "raft; shield; stern of junk",
	["棒"] = "a stick; club or cudgel; smart; capable; strong",
	["棕"] = "palm tree; palm fibre; brown color",
	["棖"] = "door post",
	["棗"] = "jujube",
	["棘"] = "thorns",
	["棚"] = "shed",
	["棜"] = "tray for carrying sacrificial meats",
	["棟"] = "roof beam",
	["棠"] = "cherry-apple",
	["棣"] = "{{taxlink|Kerria japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["棧"] = "warehouse",
	["棨"] = "tally for going through a pass",
	["棪"] = "(tree)",
	["棫"] = "(oak); thorny shrub",
	["棬"] = "bowl",
	["森"] = "of trees, many",
	["棯"] = "jujube tree",
	["棰"] = "flog; whip",
	["棱"] = "corner; square beam",
	["棲"] = "to roost; to inhabit; to stay; habitat",
	["棳"] = "small pillars that support the roof, those which rest on the main beam",
	["棵"] = "M for plants",
	["棸"] = "''surname''",
	["棹"] = "table",
	["棺"] = "coffin",
	["棻"] = "kind of wood from which perfume is made",
	["棼"] = "beams in roof; confused",
	["椄"] = "to graft",
	["椅"] = "chair",
	["椈"] = "''[[Fagus sylvatica]]''",
	["椊"] = "to fit a handle into a socket; a plug or cork",
	["椋"] = "fruit",
	["椌"] = "(wooden mus. instr.)",
	["植"] = "to plant",
	["椎"] = "spine; a hammer",
	["椏"] = "forking branch",
	["椐"] = "{{taxlink|Zelkowa acuminata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["椑"] = "''[[Fagus sylvatica]]''",
	["椒"] = "pepper",
	["椓"] = "beat",
	["椗"] = "(plant); anchor",
	["椪"] = "{{taxlink|Machilus nanmu|species|ver=191212}}, variety of everg",
	["椳"] = "the pivots, at the top and bottom of a Chinese door, on which the door turns",
	["椴"] = "''[[Hibiscus syriacus]]''",
	["椵"] = "(grapefruit)",
	["椷"] = "a box; letters",
	["椸"] = "clothes-horse",
	["椹"] = "fruit of mulberry",
	["椽"] = "beam; rafters",
	["椿"] = "tree of heaven; {{taxlink|Cedrela chinensis|species|ver=191212}}; father",
	["楀"] = "''surname''; (tree)",
	["楂"] = "Chinese quince; hawthorn; fell trees; raft; to hew",
	["楄"] = "basket-couch in coffin",
	["楅"] = "ox yoke placed on the horns",
	["楊"] = "''surname''; poplar",
	["楎"] = "clothes-horse",
	["楓"] = "maple",
	["楔"] = "to wedge; wedge",
	["楗"] = "door lock",
	["楘"] = "ornaments on chariot-shaft",
	["楙"] = "{{taxlink|Cydonia japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["楚"] = "distinct; clear; orderly; pain; suffering; ancient place name; ''surname''",
	["楛"] = "broken utensil; (tree)",
	["楝"] = "{{taxlink|Melia japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["楞"] = "corner; square beam",
	["楟"] = "tree",
	["楠"] = "{{taxlink|Machilus nanmu|species|ver=191212}}",
	["楢"] = "{{taxlink|Quercus glandulifera|species|ver=191212}}",
	["楣"] = "lintel",
	["楥"] = "to turn on a lathe",
	["楦"] = "block (hat); stretch (shoe)",
	["楨"] = "evergreen shrub",
	["楩"] = "(tree)",
	["楪"] = "small dish; window",
	["楫"] = "oar; to row",
	["楬"] = "a peg; tally; score",
	["業"] = "business; occupation; study",
	["楮"] = "{{taxlink|Broussonetia kasinoki|species|ver=191212}}",
	["楯"] = "draw forth; horizontal railing",
	["楰"] = "(tree)",
	["極"] = "utmost; pole; extreme; to reach the limit",
	["楷"] = "norm; model; (writing)",
	["楸"] = "Catalpa; {{taxlink|Mallotus japonicus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["楹"] = "pillar",
	["概"] = "general; approximate",
	["榃"] = "raised path between fields",
	["榆"] = "elm",
	["榎"] = "(evergreen shrub); {{taxlink|Celtis sinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["榔"] = "(tree)",
	["榕"] = "banyan tree; {{taxlink|Ficus wightiana|species|ver=191212}}",
	["榖"] = "paper mulberry tree",
	["榛"] = "hazel tree; {{taxlink|Corylus heterophylla|species|ver=191212}}",
	["榜"] = "a notice or announcement; a list of names; public roll of successful examinees",
	["榠"] = "Chinese quince",
	["榡"] = "{{taxlink|Quercus dentata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["榤"] = "a stump on which chickens roost",
	["榥"] = "screen",
	["榦"] = "tree trunk",
	["榧"] = "''[[Torreya grandis]]''",
	["榨"] = "salted vegetable; to extract",
	["榪"] = "headboard",
	["榫"] = "tenon and mortise",
	["榭"] = "pavilion",
	["榮"] = "glory; honored",
	["榱"] = "small rafter",
	["榴"] = "pomegranate",
	["榷"] = "footbridge; toll, levy; monopoly",
	["榻"] = "couch",
	["榼"] = "{{taxlink|Pusaetha scandens|species|ver=191212}}",
	["榾"] = "scraps of wood",
	["榿"] = "alder",
	["槁"] = "dry; rotten (as wood)",
	["槃"] = "big; wooden tray",
	["槊"] = "long lance",
	["構"] = "{{taxlink|Broussonetia papyrifera|species|ver=191212}}; to construct; to form; to make up; to compose",
	["槌"] = "hammer; mallet; pestle",
	["槍"] = "gun; firearm; rifle; spear",
	["槎"] = "a raft made of bamboo or wood; to fell trees; to hew",
	["槐"] = "{{taxlink|Sophora japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["槓"] = "carrying pole; horizontal bar",
	["槔"] = "water pulley",
	["槢"] = "a hard wood",
	["槥"] = "coffin",
	["槧"] = "wooden tablet; edition",
	["槨"] = "outer coffin",
	["槱"] = "ritual bonfire",
	["槲"] = "oak; {{taxlink|Quercus dentata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["槳"] = "oar; paddle",
	["槻"] = "zelkova tree",
	["槼"] = "{{taxlink|Elaeocarpus japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["槽"] = "manger; trough; groove",
	["槾"] = "(tree)",
	["槿"] = "''[[Hibiscus syriacus]]''; transient",
	["樁"] = "item; stump; stake; pile",
	["樂"] = "music; happy; laugh; cheerful",
	["樅"] = "{{taxlink|Abies firma|species|ver=191212}}",
	["樊"] = "cage; fence",
	["樏"] = "mountain-climbing shoes",
	["樑"] = "beam of roof",
	["樓"] = "house with more than 1 story; storied building; floor",
	["樕"] = "shrub",
	["樗"] = "[[Simaroubaceae]]",
	["標"] = "the topmost branches of a tree; surface; sign; to mark; (outward) sign; indication; prize; award; bid",
	["樛"] = "''surname''; hang down",
	["樞"] = "hinge; pivot",
	["樟"] = "camphor; ''[[Cinnamomum camphora]]''",
	["樠"] = "elm; gum",
	["模"] = "imitate; model; norm; pattern",
	["樣"] = "manner; pattern; way; appearance; shape",
	["樧"] = "{{taxlink|Zanthoxylum ailanthoides|species|ver=191212}}",
	["樲"] = "acid variety of jujube plum",
	["樴"] = "stake; picket",
	["樵"] = "firewood; gather wood",
	["樸"] = "Pak or Park (Korean surname); plain and simple",
	["樹"] = "tree",
	["樺"] = "{{taxlink|Betula japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["樽"] = "goblet; bottle; wine-jar",
	["樾"] = "shade of trees",
	["樿"] = "(wood)",
	["橁"] = "{{taxlink|Fraxinus bungeana|species|ver=191212}}",
	["橆"] = "without, apart from, none; a negative",
	["橈"] = "bent or twisted piece of wood",
	["橋"] = "bridge",
	["橐"] = "sack; tube for blowing fire",
	["橕"] = "a prop; a shore",
	["橘"] = "tangerine",
	["橙"] = "orange tree; the color orange; orange",
	["橚"] = "tall and straight (of trees)",
	["橛"] = "a peg; low post",
	["機"] = "machine; opportunity; secret",
	["橡"] = "oak; {{taxlink|Quercus serrata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["橢"] = "ellipse",
	["橤"] = "dangle; hang loosely",
	["橧"] = "dwelling on top of wooden stakes",
	["橫"] = "unruly; horizontal; across; (horizontal character stroke)",
	["橿"] = "{{taxlink|Quercus glauca|species|ver=191212}}",
	["檀"] = "sandal wood",
	["檁"] = "cross-beam; ridge-pole",
	["檄"] = "dispatch; order",
	["檇"] = "wooden pestle or rammer",
	["檉"] = "tamarisk",
	["檍"] = "{{taxlink|Quercus glauca|species|ver=191212}}",
	["檐"] = "eaves",
	["檑"] = "logs rolled down in defense of city",
	["檔"] = "cross-piece; official records; grade (of goods); file; records; shelves",
	["檖"] = "(tree)",
	["檗"] = "{{taxlink|Phyllodendron amurense|species|ver=191212}}",
	["檜"] = "{{taxlink|Juniperus chinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["檟"] = "{{taxlink|Thea sinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["檠"] = "instrument for straightening bows",
	["檢"] = "to check; to examine; to inspect",
	["檣"] = "boom; mast",
	["檨"] = "mango",
	["檬"] = "lemon",
	["檮"] = "blockhead; wood-block",
	["檯"] = "desk; platform",
	["檴"] = "(tree)",
	["檸"] = "lemon",
	["檻"] = "door sill; threshold; bar; railing",
	["櫂"] = "oar, scull, paddle; row",
	["櫃"] = "cupboard; cabinet; wardrobe",
	["櫌"] = "harrow",
	["櫓"] = "sculling oar",
	["櫚"] = "",
	["櫛"] = "comb out; weed out, eliminate",
	["櫜"] = "weapon case",
	["櫝"] = "cabinet; case; casket",
	["櫞"] = "''[[Citrus medica]]''",
	["櫟"] = "oak; {{taxlink|Quercus serrata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["櫥"] = "a wardrobe; case; cabinet",
	["櫧"] = "{{taxlink|Quercus glanca|species|ver=191212}}",
	["櫨"] = "capital (of column); smoke tree",
	["櫪"] = "stable",
	["櫫"] = "{{taxlink|Zelkova acuminata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["櫬"] = "{{taxlink|Sterculia plantanifolia|species|ver=191212}}; coffin",
	["櫱"] = "shoots from an old stump",
	["櫳"] = "bar; cage; gratings",
	["櫸"] = "{{taxlink|Zeikowa acuminata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["櫺"] = "lattice",
	["櫻"] = "cherry",
	["欃"] = "''[[Santalum album]]''; comet",
	["欄"] = "fence; railing; hurdle; column; box (as on a document)",
	["權"] = "authority; power; right",
	["欐"] = "beam",
	["欑"] = "gather",
	["欒"] = "{{taxlink|Koelreuteria paniculata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["欖"] = "olive",
	["欙"] = "sedan",
	["欞"] = "the lattice of a window a sill, a lintel",
	["欠"] = "deficient; owe; to lack; yawn",
	["次"] = "number of times; order; sequence; next; second(ary); (measure word)",
	["欣"] = "happy",
	["欨"] = "to blow or breathe upon to smile",
	["欬"] = "cough; sound of laughter",
	["欲"] = "desire; longing; appetite; wish",
	["欷"] = "to sob",
	["欹"] = "interjection",
	["欺"] = "take unfair advantage of; to deceive; to cheat",
	["欻"] = "suddenly; (onomat.); a crashing sound",
	["欼"] = "drink",
	["欽"] = "royal",
	["款"] = "section; paragraph; funds",
	["欿"] = "discontented with oneself",
	["歁"] = "unsatisfied (of eating)",
	["歃"] = "drink",
	["歆"] = "pleased; moved",
	["歇"] = "to rest",
	["歈"] = "songs",
	["歉"] = "apologize; deficient; to regret",
	["歊"] = "vapor; steam",
	["歌"] = "song",
	["歎"] = "to sigh",
	["歐"] = "surname; Europe",
	["歔"] = "to snort",
	["歕"] = "to puff; to spout",
	["歙"] = "name of a district in Anhui",
	["歛"] = "arrange; control oneself; gather",
	["歜"] = "(person); angry",
	["歟"] = "(interrog. part.)",
	["歠"] = "sip; suck",
	["歡"] = "joyous; happy; pleased",
	["止"] = "to stop; prohibit; till",
	["正"] = "just (right); main; upright; straight; correct; principle; Chinese 1st month of year",
	["此"] = "this; these",
	["步"] = "a step; a pace; walk; march; stages in a process",
	["武"] = "martial; military",
	["歧"] = "divergent; side road",
	["歪"] = "askew",
	["歲"] = "year; years old; (a measure word)",
	["歷"] = "to experience; to undergo; to pass through; all; each; every; calendar",
	["歸"] = "to go back; to return",
	["歹"] = "bad; wicked; evil",
	["死"] = "to die; impassable; uncrossable; inflexible; rigid",
	["歾"] = "to end; to die",
	["歿"] = "to end; to die",
	["殀"] = "die young, die prematurely",
	["殂"] = "die",
	["殃"] = "calamity",
	["殄"] = "exterminate",
	["殆"] = "dangerous; perilous; endanger; almost; probably; only",
	["殈"] = "damage egg so it does not hatch",
	["殉"] = "buried with dead; die for a cause",
	["殊"] = "unique",
	["殍"] = "die of starvation",
	["殑"] = "swoon",
	["殖"] = "grow; reproduce",
	["殗"] = "sickness; repeated",
	["殘"] = "destroy; spoil; ruin; injure; cruel; oppressive; savage; incomplete; disabled",
	["殙"] = "to die by taking poison",
	["殛"] = "put to death",
	["殞"] = "perish; die",
	["殢"] = "fatigue",
	["殣"] = "die of hunger",
	["殤"] = "die prematurely",
	["殪"] = "exterminate",
	["殫"] = "entirely; to exhaust",
	["殭"] = "stiff (corpse)",
	["殮"] = "prepare body for coffin",
	["殯"] = "a funeral; to encoffin a corpse; to carry to burial",
	["殰"] = "an abortion; stillborn",
	["殲"] = "annihilate",
	["殳"] = "''surname''; spear",
	["段"] = "paragraph; section; segment",
	["殷"] = "''surname''; dynasty; flourishing; roll of thunder; dark red",
	["殺"] = "to kill; to murder; to slaughter",
	["殼"] = "shell",
	["殽"] = "mixed; viands",
	["殿"] = "palace hall",
	["毀"] = "to destroy; to damage; to ruin",
	["毅"] = "perseverance",
	["毆"] = "brawl",
	["毈"] = "infertile egg",
	["毋"] = "no; not",
	["母"] = "female; mother",
	["每"] = "each; every",
	["毒"] = "poison; narcotics",
	["毓"] = "to nourish; to rear",
	["比"] = "side by side; compare; to gesture; than; ratio",
	["毖"] = "careful; prevent",
	["毗"] = "adjoin; border",
	["毘"] = "adjoin; border",
	["毚"] = "cunning; artful",
	["毛"] = "hair; fur; one tenth of a yuan or dollar",
	["毧"] = "down; felt",
	["毫"] = "hair; drawing brush; (in the) least; one thousandth",
	["毬"] = "ball",
	["毯"] = "blanket; rug",
	["毳"] = "fine animal hair",
	["毷"] = "restless",
	["毽"] = "jianzi",
	["毿"] = "long-haired; shaggy",
	["氂"] = "tail; tuft of hair",
	["氄"] = "down or fine hair",
	["氅"] = "overcoat",
	["氈"] = "felt",
	["氉"] = "restless, melancholy",
	["氏"] = "clan name; maiden name",
	["氐"] = "foundation; on the whole; name of an ancient tribe",
	["民"] = "the people; nationality; citizen",
	["氓"] = "people; vagrant; ruffian",
	["气"] = "air; anger; gas",
	["氕"] = "protium",
	["氖"] = "neon",
	["氘"] = "deuterium",
	["氙"] = "xenon",
	["氚"] = "tritium",
	["氛"] = "miasma; vapor",
	["氝"] = "neon",
	["氟"] = "fluorine",
	["氡"] = "radon",
	["氣"] = "gas; air; smell; weather; vital breath; to make sb. angry; to get angry; to be enraged",
	["氥"] = "xenon",
	["氦"] = "helium",
	["氧"] = "oxygen",
	["氨"] = "ammonia",
	["氪"] = "krypton",
	["氫"] = "hydrogen",
	["氬"] = "argonium",
	["氮"] = "nitrogen",
	["氯"] = "chlorine",
	["氰"] = "cyanogen; ethane dinitrile",
	["氳"] = "heavy atmosphere",
	["水"] = "water; river",
	["永"] = "forever; always; perpetual (ly)",
	["氾"] = "extensive; to overflow",
	["氿"] = "mountain spring",
	["汀"] = "sand-bank",
	["汁"] = "juice",
	["求"] = "to seek; to look for; to request; to demand; to beseech",
	["汆"] = "boil for a short time",
	["汊"] = "branching stream",
	["汋"] = "to pour",
	["汍"] = "shed tears",
	["汎"] = "broad; vast; float; pan-",
	["汐"] = "night tides; evening ebbtide",
	["汔"] = "near",
	["汕"] = "Swatow",
	["汗"] = "perspiration; sweat",
	["汛"] = "high water; sprinkle water",
	["汜"] = "stream which returns after branching",
	["汝"] = "thou",
	["汞"] = "mercury",
	["江"] = "river",
	["池"] = "pond; reservoir",
	["污"] = "dirt; filth",
	["汧"] = "name of a river in Shangdong; marsh; float",
	["汨"] = "name of a river",
	["汩"] = "confused; extinguished",
	["汪"] = "expanse of water; ooze; barking",
	["汭"] = "river-bend",
	["汰"] = "to discard; to eliminate; too",
	["汲"] = "draw water from well",
	["汳"] = "Henan; name of an ancient river",
	["汴"] = "name of a river in Henan; Henan",
	["汶"] = "name of a river",
	["決"] = "breach (a dyke); to decide; to determine",
	["汽"] = "steam; vapor",
	["汾"] = "name of a river",
	["沁"] = "name of a river",
	["沂"] = "name of a river",
	["沃"] = "fertile; rich",
	["沄"] = "rushing of a torrent",
	["沅"] = "name of a river",
	["沆"] = "a ferry; fog; flowing",
	["沇"] = "''surname''",
	["沈"] = "sink; ''surname''; place name",
	["沉"] = "submerge; immerse; sink; deep; profound; to lower; to drop",
	["沌"] = "confused; turbid",
	["沍"] = "congealed; frozen",
	["沏"] = "to steep (tea)",
	["沐"] = "bathe; cleanse; receive favors",
	["沒"] = "have not; drowned; to end; to die; to inundate",
	["沓"] = "again and again; many",
	["沔"] = "inundation; name of a river",
	["沕"] = "abstruse; profound",
	["沖"] = "strong; powerful; forceful; dynamic; to punch; to rinse; to collide; to water; to rush; to dash (against); to wash out; to charge; highway; public road",
	["沘"] = "name of a river",
	["沙"] = "granule; hoarse; raspy; sand; powder; tsar",
	["沚"] = "islet",
	["沛"] = "copious; abundant",
	["沫"] = "foam; suds",
	["沬"] = "dawn; place name",
	["沭"] = "river in Shandong",
	["沮"] = "destroy; to stop",
	["沰"] = "to let drop",
	["沱"] = "tearful; to branch (of river)",
	["河"] = "river",
	["沴"] = "miasma",
	["沷"] = "to remove evil; to cleanse; to wash away",
	["沸"] = "boil",
	["油"] = "oil; sly",
	["沺"] = "turbulent",
	["治"] = "to rule; to govern; to manage; to control; to harness (a river); cure; treatment; to heal",
	["沼"] = "pond; pool",
	["沽"] = "buy; sell",
	["沾"] = "infected by; moisten; receive favors",
	["沿"] = "riverside (with -r); along",
	["況"] = "moreover; situation",
	["泂"] = "vast",
	["泄"] = "divulge; leak out",
	["泅"] = "submerge; swim under water",
	["泆"] = "licentious, libertine, dissipate",
	["泉"] = "fountain; spring",
	["泊"] = "to anchor; touch at; to moor",
	["泌"] = "secrete; pour off",
	["泐"] = "write",
	["泑"] = "the vitreous glaze on china, porcelain, etc.",
	["泒"] = "name of a river",
	["泓"] = "clear; vast and deep",
	["泔"] = "slop from rinsing rice",
	["法"] = "law; method; way; Buddhist teaching; Legalist; France (abbrev.)",
	["泖"] = "still water",
	["泗"] = "place name; snivel",
	["泙"] = "sound of water splashing",
	["泚"] = "clear; bright and brilliant; swea",
	["泛"] = "float; general; vague",
	["泜"] = "a river in Hebei province",
	["泝"] = "go upstream; trace the source",
	["泠"] = "''surname''; sound of water flowing",
	["泡"] = "to steep; soak; bubble(s); foam; puffed; swollen",
	["波"] = "wave; ripple; storm; surge",
	["泣"] = "to sob",
	["泥"] = "restrained; mud; paste; pulp",
	["注"] = "to inject; to pour into; to concentrate; to pay attention; to note; to comment on; to record; to register; to annotate",
	["泩"] = "rising of water",
	["泫"] = "weep",
	["泭"] = "a raft",
	["泮"] = "melt",
	["泯"] = "obliterate; submerge",
	["泰"] = "safe; peaceful; most; Thai(land); grand",
	["泱"] = "agitated (wind, cloud); boundless",
	["泲"] = "clear wine; name of a river",
	["泳"] = "swimming; to swim",
	["泵"] = "pump",
	["洄"] = "eddy; whirlpool",
	["洊"] = "flowing water; successive",
	["洋"] = "ocean; foreign",
	["洌"] = "pure; cleanse",
	["洎"] = "to reach; when",
	["洏"] = "to flow (as water; tears)",
	["洑"] = "undercurrent eddy",
	["洒"] = "spill; sprinkle",
	["洗"] = "to wash; to bathe",
	["洙"] = "''surname''; name of a river",
	["洚"] = "flood",
	["洛"] = "''surname''; name of a river",
	["洞"] = "cave; hole",
	["洟"] = "snivel",
	["津"] = "Tianjin; ferry",
	["洧"] = "name of a river",
	["洨"] = "river in hebei province",
	["洩"] = "divulge; leak out",
	["洪"] = "flood",
	["洫"] = "to ditch; a moat",
	["洮"] = "cleanse; name of a river",
	["洱"] = "name of a river",
	["洲"] = "continent; island",
	["洳"] = "damp, boggy, marshy",
	["洴"] = "wash; bleach (fabric)",
	["洵"] = "truly; whirlpool",
	["洶"] = "torrential rush; tumultuous",
	["洸"] = "sparkling water",
	["洹"] = "name of a river",
	["洺"] = "name of a river",
	["活"] = "to live; alive; living; work; workmanship",
	["洼"] = "winding ditch",
	["洽"] = "accord; make contact",
	["派"] = "clique; school; group; faction; to dispatch",
	["洿"] = "dig (a pond); stagnant water",
	["流"] = "to flow; to spread; to circulate; to move",
	["浙"] = "Zhejiang",
	["浚"] = "deepen; enlighten; profound",
	["浜"] = "stream; creek",
	["浠"] = "name of a river in Hubei",
	["浡"] = "full; gushing (of fountain)",
	["浣"] = "to wash; to rinse; 10 day period in the month (during Tang dynasty)",
	["浤"] = "sound of water surging",
	["浥"] = "damp; moist",
	["浦"] = "riverside; river mouth",
	["浩"] = "grand; vast (water)",
	["浪"] = "wave; breaker; unrestrained; dissipated",
	["浬"] = "nautical mile",
	["浭"] = "name of a river in Hebei",
	["浮"] = "to float",
	["浰"] = "attend (official functions)",
	["浴"] = "bath; to bathe",
	["海"] = "ocean; sea",
	["浸"] = "immerse; soak; steep",
	["浼"] = "ask a favor of",
	["涂"] = "to smear; daub; to apply (paint); to spread",
	["涅"] = "blacken",
	["涇"] = "name of a river",
	["消"] = "consume; news; subside; to disappear; to vanish",
	["涉"] = "involve; concern; wade; to experience",
	["涊"] = "muddy water",
	["涌"] = "bubble up; rush forth",
	["涎"] = "saliva; shamelessly",
	["涑"] = "name of a river",
	["涒"] = "planet Jupiter; vomit",
	["涓"] = "brook; to select",
	["涔"] = "overflow; rainwater; tearful",
	["涕"] = "nasal mucus; tears",
	["涘"] = "river bank",
	["涪"] = "name of a river",
	["涬"] = "watery expanse",
	["涮"] = "rinse",
	["涯"] = "border; horizon; shore",
	["液"] = "liquid; fluid",
	["涴"] = "to soil",
	["涵"] = "contain",
	["涷"] = "rainstorm",
	["涸"] = "to dry; to dry up",
	["涼"] = "cool; cold",
	["涿"] = "place name",
	["淀"] = "shallow water",
	["淄"] = "black; name of a river",
	["淅"] = "sound of rain; sleet etc.",
	["淇"] = "name of a river",
	["淊"] = "drown; submerge",
	["淋"] = "diseases of the bladder; to drain; to drip",
	["淌"] = "drip; to shed (tears)",
	["淒"] = "intense cold; mournful",
	["淓"] = "name of a river",
	["淖"] = "slush; mud",
	["淘"] = "cleanse; eliminate; to clean out; to wash",
	["淙"] = "noise of water",
	["淚"] = "tears",
	["淜"] = "roar of dashing waves",
	["淝"] = "name of a river",
	["淞"] = "name of a river",
	["淟"] = "turbid; muddy",
	["淠"] = "luxuriant (of water plants)",
	["淡"] = "insipid; diluted; weak; light in color; tasteless; fresh; indifferent; nitrogen",
	["淢"] = "moat; swift current",
	["淤"] = "silt",
	["淥"] = "clear (water); strain liquids",
	["淦"] = "name of a river",
	["淨"] = "clean; completely; only",
	["淩"] = "''surname''; encroach; soar",
	["淪"] = "perish",
	["淫"] = "excessive; wanton; lewd; kinky; obscene",
	["淬"] = "dip into water; to temper",
	["淮"] = "name of a river",
	["淰"] = "calm water",
	["深"] = "deep; profound",
	["淳"] = "genuine; pure; honest",
	["淵"] = "abyss",
	["淶"] = "brook; ripple",
	["混"] = "to mix; to get along; thoughtless; confused; dirty; mix",
	["淹"] = "drown; submerge",
	["淺"] = "shallow; sound of moving water",
	["添"] = "to add; to increase; to replenish",
	["淼"] = "a flood; infinity",
	["清"] = "clear; distinct; complete; pure",
	["渙"] = "disperse expansive (of river)",
	["渚"] = "islet; bank",
	["減"] = "to lower; to decrease; to reduce; to subtract; to diminish",
	["渝"] = "Chongqing",
	["渟"] = "stagnant water",
	["渠"] = "big; stream or canal; drain; ditch",
	["渡"] = "to cross; to pass through; to ferry",
	["渢"] = "buoyant; floating",
	["渣"] = "dregs",
	["渤"] = "Gulf of Chili",
	["渥"] = "enrich; moisten",
	["渦"] = "eddy; whirlpool; name of a river",
	["渧"] = "to drop, as liquids; a drop",
	["渨"] = "a cove, a bay; a bend or nook in the hills; the curve of a bow",
	["渫"] = "''surname''; get rid of; scatter",
	["測"] = "side; to lean; to survey; to measure; conjecture",
	["渭"] = "name of a river",
	["渮"] = "place name",
	["港"] = "harbor; Hong Kong (abbr.)",
	["渰"] = "(of cloud) forming or rising",
	["渲"] = "wash (color)",
	["渴"] = "thirsty",
	["游"] = "to walk; to tour; to roam; to swim; to travel",
	["渺"] = "vague; remote",
	["渼"] = "ripple pattern",
	["渾"] = "muddy",
	["湃"] = "to soak something in cold water to cool",
	["湄"] = "brink; edge",
	["湅"] = "boil raw silk",
	["湊"] = "assemble; put together; press near; come together",
	["湋"] = "to flow back (of water)",
	["湍"] = "to rush (of water)",
	["湎"] = "drunk",
	["湑"] = "abundant; bright; strain spirits",
	["湓"] = "flowing of water; name of a river",
	["湔"] = "cleanse; name of a river",
	["湖"] = "lake",
	["湘"] = "name of a river; Hunan province (abbrev.)",
	["湛"] = "deep; clear (water)",
	["湜"] = "clear water; pure",
	["湝"] = "flowing (of water)",
	["湞"] = "river in Guangdong province",
	["湟"] = "name of a river",
	["湢"] = "public bathhouse",
	["湣"] = "mixed, confused; pity",
	["湧"] = "bubble up; rush forth",
	["湩"] = "muddy, turbid; milk",
	["湫"] = "marsh",
	["湮"] = "to submerge",
	["湯"] = "soup; hot water",
	["湱"] = "dashing of waves",
	["湲"] = "rushing (water)",
	["溈"] = "name of a river in Shanxi",
	["溉"] = "irrigate",
	["溎"] = "name of a river",
	["溏"] = "noncoagulative; pond",
	["源"] = "root; source; origin",
	["準"] = "accurate; standard",
	["溘"] = "suddenly",
	["溛"] = "to form hollow; pit",
	["溜"] = "slip away; to skate",
	["溝"] = "ditch; gutter",
	["溟"] = "drizzle; sea",
	["溠"] = "name of a river",
	["溢"] = "overflow",
	["溤"] = "name of a river",
	["溥"] = "extensive; pervading",
	["溦"] = "drizzle; (variant) valley; (variant) mold",
	["溧"] = "name of a river",
	["溪"] = "creek",
	["溫"] = "(luke)warm; to review",
	["溮"] = "river in Henan province",
	["溯"] = "go upstream; trace the source",
	["溱"] = "name of a river",
	["溲"] = "urinate",
	["溳"] = "river name",
	["溴"] = "bromine",
	["溶"] = "dissolve",
	["溷"] = "disordered; privy",
	["溺"] = "urinate; urine; drown; indulge; be addicted to",
	["溼"] = "wet",
	["溽"] = "damp; muggy",
	["溾"] = "light rain",
	["滁"] = "name of a river",
	["滂"] = "rushing (water)",
	["滃"] = "float (of clouds)",
	["滄"] = "blue; green(color of water); cold; vast (of water)",
	["滅"] = "extinguish",
	["滇"] = "Yunnan",
	["滉"] = "bright expanse of water",
	["滊"] = "[not in any dict., assumed var.]",
	["滋"] = "excite; nourish; this",
	["滌"] = "wash; cleanse",
	["滎"] = "place name",
	["滏"] = "name of a river in Hebei",
	["滑"] = "comical; cunning; slippery; smooth",
	["滓"] = "dregs; sediment",
	["滔"] = "overflow; torrent-dash",
	["滕"] = "''surname''; place name",
	["滘"] = "place name in Guangdong",
	["滫"] = "water in which rice was boiled",
	["滬"] = "Shanghai",
	["滮"] = "flowing of water",
	["滯"] = "sluggish",
	["滲"] = "to seep; to ooze; to horrify",
	["滴"] = "a drop; to drip",
	["滷"] = "brine; salt; gravy",
	["滸"] = "bank of a river",
	["滹"] = "''surname''; name of a river",
	["滾"] = "to boil; to roll",
	["滿"] = "to fill; to fulfill; filled; packed; Manchurian",
	["漁"] = "fisherman; to fish",
	["漂"] = "to bleach; elegant; polished; to float; to drift",
	["漆"] = "paint; lacquer",
	["漈"] = "river bank",
	["漉"] = "strain liquids",
	["漊"] = "drizzle",
	["漎"] = "a place where small streams flow into a large one",
	["漏"] = "funnel; to leak; to let out; to divulge",
	["漓"] = "pattering (of rain); seep through",
	["演"] = "to develop; to evolve; to practice; to perform; to play; to act",
	["漕"] = "transport by water; watercourse; canal",
	["漘"] = "shore",
	["漙"] = "heavy dew",
	["漚"] = "steep; bubble; froth",
	["漠"] = "desert; unconcerned",
	["漢"] = "Chinese; name of a dynasty; man",
	["漣"] = "ripple; tearful",
	["漦"] = "go with current; mucus; spittle",
	["漩"] = "eddy",
	["漪"] = "ripple",
	["漫"] = "free; unrestrained; inundate",
	["漬"] = "saturate; soak",
	["漭"] = "vast; expansive (of water)",
	["漯"] = "name of a river",
	["漰"] = "noise of dashing waves",
	["漱"] = "to gargle; rinse (mouth); to wash; to scour",
	["漲"] = "to swell; distend; to rise (of prices, rivers)",
	["漳"] = "name of a river",
	["漵"] = "name of a river",
	["漶"] = "indecipherable",
	["漷"] = "clashing of two currents",
	["漸"] = "gradual; gradually; imbue",
	["漼"] = "having the appearance of depth",
	["漾"] = "overflow; swirl, ripple; be tossed",
	["漿"] = "starch paste; broth; serum; to starch",
	["潀"] = "gather; flow into (water); sound of waters flowing together",
	["潁"] = "name of a river",
	["潎"] = "rippling; pour",
	["潏"] = "bubble up",
	["潑"] = "splash; to spill; violent",
	["潔"] = "clean",
	["潕"] = "river in Henan",
	["潗"] = "friendly; harmonious",
	["潘"] = "''surname''",
	["潚"] = "sound of rain and wind",
	["潛"] = "hidden; latent; secret; to hide; to conceal; to submerge",
	["潝"] = "agree",
	["潞"] = "''surname''; name of a river",
	["潟"] = "saline land",
	["潠"] = "spurt out of the mouth",
	["潢"] = "dye paper; lake; pond; mount scroll",
	["潤"] = "smooth; moist",
	["潦"] = "flooded; heavy rain",
	["潭"] = "deep; deep pool; pit",
	["潮"] = "tide; current; damp; moist; humid",
	["潯"] = "name of a river; steep bank",
	["潰"] = "be dispersed; break down",
	["潲"] = "driving rain; to sprinkle",
	["潸"] = "tearfully",
	["潺"] = "flow; trickle (of water)",
	["潼"] = "high; name of a pass",
	["潾"] = "clear (as of water)",
	["潿"] = "still water",
	["澀"] = "grating (of surfaces); tart; acerbic",
	["澂"] = "clear and still water",
	["澄"] = "settle (liquid); clear; limpid; clarify; purify; ''surname''",
	["澆"] = "to water",
	["澇"] = "flooded",
	["澈"] = "clear (water); thorough",
	["澉"] = "place name; wash",
	["澌"] = "drain dry; to exhaust",
	["澍"] = "moisture; timely rain",
	["澐"] = "river waves",
	["澒"] = "vast; infinite",
	["澔"] = "grand; vast (of water)",
	["澗"] = "mountain stream",
	["澠"] = "name of a river in Shandong",
	["澡"] = "bath",
	["澣"] = "cleanse; bathe",
	["澤"] = "beneficence; marsh",
	["澥"] = "become watery; creek",
	["澦"] = "place name in Sichuan",
	["澧"] = "''surname''; name of a river",
	["澨"] = "bank; shore; name of a river",
	["澬"] = "to rain continuously",
	["澮"] = "drain; stream",
	["澰"] = "full of water; trough",
	["澱"] = "sediment; precipitate",
	["澳"] = "deep bay; cove; bay; harbor; (abbrev) Australia; Macao",
	["澴"] = "to return (of waves)",
	["澶"] = "still (as of water); still water",
	["澹"] = "tranquil; placid; quiet",
	["澼"] = "bleach; to clean",
	["激"] = "to arouse; to incite; to excite; to stimulate; sharp; fierce; violent",
	["濁"] = "impure; muddy",
	["濂"] = "name of a river in Hunan",
	["濃"] = "concentrated; dense",
	["濆"] = "edge of water",
	["濇"] = "grating (of surfaces)",
	["濈"] = "many",
	["濉"] = "name of a river",
	["濊"] = "vast; expansive (as of water)",
	["濔"] = "many; numerous",
	["濕"] = "moist; wet",
	["濘"] = "muddy",
	["濛"] = "drizzle; mist",
	["濜"] = "river in Hubei province",
	["濟"] = "aid; ferry; frugal",
	["濠"] = "trench",
	["濡"] = "dilatory; to moisten",
	["濤"] = "big wave",
	["濩"] = "cook; dashing of water",
	["濫"] = "excessive; indiscriminate",
	["濬"] = "deepen; enlighten; profound",
	["濮"] = "name of a river",
	["濯"] = "rinse; to cleanse",
	["濰"] = "name of a river",
	["濱"] = "shore; beach; coast; bank",
	["濲"] = "name of a river in Hunan",
	["濺"] = "splash",
	["濼"] = "name of a river",
	["濾"] = "to strain; to filter",
	["瀁"] = "ripples",
	["瀅"] = "clear; limpid (of water)",
	["瀆"] = "ditch; trouble (some one to do)",
	["瀉"] = "to flow (out) swiftly; diarrhea",
	["瀋"] = "place name; pour",
	["瀌"] = "copious (of rain; snow)",
	["瀍"] = "name of a river",
	["瀏"] = "clear; deep (of water); swift",
	["瀑"] = "waterfall; shower (rain)",
	["瀔"] = "river name in Henan province",
	["瀕"] = "near",
	["瀘"] = "name of a river in Jiangxi; place name",
	["瀚"] = "ocean; vastness",
	["瀛"] = "ocean",
	["瀝"] = "drip",
	["瀟"] = "river name; sound of rain and wind",
	["瀠"] = "eddy; small river",
	["瀡"] = "slippery",
	["瀣"] = "mist; vapor",
	["瀦"] = "place where water stays",
	["瀧"] = "name of a river in Guangdong; torrential (rain)",
	["瀨"] = "name of a river; rushing of water",
	["瀰"] = "overflowing",
	["瀲"] = "full of water; trough",
	["瀳"] = "to arrive (of water)",
	["瀵"] = "name of a river; valley vapor",
	["瀹"] = "cleanse; to boil",
	["瀺"] = "sound of water",
	["瀼"] = "dewy",
	["瀾"] = "swelling water",
	["灃"] = "name of a river",
	["灄"] = "name of a river",
	["灉"] = "name of a river; sluice",
	["灌"] = "irrigate; pour",
	["灑"] = "spill; sprinkle",
	["灒"] = "to spatter, to splash, to scatter",
	["灕"] = "name of a river; seep through",
	["灘"] = "beach; shoal",
	["灝"] = "vast (of water)",
	["灞"] = "name of a river",
	["灠"] = "pickle fruits",
	["灢"] = "muddy; thick, muddy    water",
	["灣"] = "bay; gulf",
	["灤"] = "name of a river",
	["灥"] = "a group of springs",
	["灨"] = "the River Gan in Jiangxi",
	["灩"] = "tossing of billows",
	["火"] = "fire; angry; fierce; fiery; thriving",
	["灰"] = "gray; ash",
	["灴"] = "to bake, to roast; to dry at a fire",
	["灶"] = "kitchen stove",
	["灸"] = "cauterize; moxibustion",
	["灺"] = "candle stub",
	["灼"] = "brilliant; cauterize",
	["災"] = "disaster; calamity",
	["炅"] = "''surname''",
	["炊"] = "dress food; to steam; to cook food",
	["炎"] = "flame; inflammation; -itis",
	["炒"] = "saute; pan-fry; to fry; fried",
	["炔"] = "alkyne",
	["炕"] = "kang (a heatable brick bed)",
	["炖"] = "stew slowly",
	["炘"] = "mid-day glare; heat",
	["炙"] = "broil",
	["炤"] = "''surname''; shine on",
	["炫"] = "dazzle; to show off",
	["炬"] = "torch",
	["炭"] = "charcoal",
	["炮"] = "cannon; gun; firecracker",
	["炯"] = "bright; clear",
	["炰"] = "to roast",
	["炱"] = "soot",
	["炳"] = "bright; brilliant; luminous",
	["炷"] = "candlewick; incense stick",
	["炸"] = "explode; fry",
	["為"] = "because of; for; to; act as; be; to be; to do; to serve as; to become",
	["烈"] = "ardent; intense; split; crack; rend",
	["烊"] = "molten; smelt",
	["烋"] = "to boil or fumigate",
	["烏"] = "a crow; black; not; empty; void",
	["烓"] = "three-cornered stove",
	["烔"] = "hot; heated",
	["烘"] = "bake; heat by fire",
	["烙"] = "bake; flat iron; large cake",
	["烜"] = "brilliant",
	["烝"] = "advance; many; steam",
	["烤"] = "to roast; bake; to broil",
	["烯"] = "alkene",
	["烳"] = "to travel by the light of torch",
	["烴"] = "hydrocarbon",
	["烷"] = "alkane",
	["烹"] = "cuisine; cooking",
	["烺"] = "blaze; light",
	["烽"] = "beacon fire",
	["焄"] = "fumes from sacrifice",
	["焉"] = "where; how",
	["焊"] = "welding",
	["焌"] = "set fire",
	["焓"] = "enthalpy",
	["焙"] = "to dry over a fire; to bake",
	["焚"] = "burn",
	["焜"] = "brilliant",
	["焞"] = "dim",
	["焠"] = "to temper (as steel)",
	["無"] = "not have",
	["焦"] = "burnt; scorched; worried; anxious",
	["焮"] = "heat; flame; inflammation",
	["焰"] = "flame",
	["焱"] = "flames",
	["然"] = "so; thus; like this; -ly; correct; right",
	["煁"] = "brazier",
	["煃"] = "fiery; blazing",
	["煆"] = "raging fire",
	["煇"] = "bright; glorious",
	["煉"] = "refine; smelt",
	["煌"] = "brilliant",
	["煍"] = "to color by smoke",
	["煎"] = "pan-fry",
	["煐"] = "(person)",
	["煒"] = "glow; raging fire",
	["煖"] = "warm",
	["煙"] = "cigarette; tobacco; smoke",
	["煚"] = "fire",
	["煜"] = "brilliant; glorious",
	["煝"] = "be radiant; flaming; drought",
	["煞"] = "baleful; bring to a stop; very; decrease; tighten",
	["煟"] = "radiance of fire",
	["煠"] = "to fry in fat or oil; to scald",
	["煢"] = "alone",
	["煤"] = "coal",
	["煥"] = "brilliant; lustrous",
	["照"] = "according to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; photograph",
	["煨"] = "simmer; to roast in ashes",
	["煩"] = "feel vexed; to bother",
	["煬"] = "molten; smelt",
	["煮"] = "to cook; to boil",
	["煲"] = "pot or saucepan; to boil; cook or heat",
	["煻"] = "to warm; to toast",
	["煽"] = "fan into a flame; incite",
	["熀"] = "dazzle",
	["熄"] = "(v) extinguish; quench; go out (of fire)",
	["熅"] = "to iron",
	["熇"] = "dry",
	["熉"] = "(yellow color)",
	["熊"] = "bear; to scold; to rebuke",
	["熏"] = "to smoke; scent; fumigate",
	["熒"] = "glimmer; glimmering; dazzling; perplexed; {{taxlink|Polygonatum odoratum|species|ver=191212}} (syn. ''P. officinale'')",
	["熔"] = "to smelt; fuse",
	["熗"] = "cook in soy",
	["熙"] = "prosperous; splendid",
	["熛"] = "blaze; flame flaring",
	["熟"] = "familiar; skilled; ripe; done; cooked",
	["熠"] = "to glow; flash",
	["熤"] = "(person)",
	["熨"] = "an iron; to iron; reconciled; smooth",
	["熬"] = "endure; to boil; stew; to simmer",
	["熯"] = "to dry with fire",
	["熰"] = "great drough; heat",
	["熱"] = "heat; to heat up; fervent; hot (of weather); warm up",
	["熲"] = "blaze",
	["熳"] = "to spread",
	["熵"] = "entropy",
	["熸"] = "extinguish (of fire)",
	["熹"] = "bright; warm",
	["熾"] = "flame; blaze",
	["熿"] = "brilliant",
	["燀"] = "make a fire",
	["燁"] = "blaze of fire; glorious",
	["燂"] = "to heat; to scorch",
	["燃"] = "burn; combustion",
	["燄"] = "flame",
	["燈"] = "lamp; light",
	["燉"] = "stew",
	["燊"] = "brisk; vigorous (of fire)",
	["燋"] = "cauterize; scorch",
	["燎"] = "singe",
	["燏"] = "radiance of fire",
	["燐"] = "phosphorus",
	["燒"] = "to burn; to cook; to stew; to bake; to roast; fever",
	["燔"] = "burn; to roast meat for sacrifice",
	["燕"] = "swallow (bird); ''surname''; place name",
	["燖"] = "warm up (food)",
	["燙"] = "to scald; to burn; to iron; hot",
	["燜"] = "cook in a covered vessel",
	["營"] = "army; to deal in; to trade; to operate; to run; camp; nourishment; to manage",
	["燠"] = "warm",
	["燡"] = "blazing; radiant",
	["燥"] = "dry; parched; impatient",
	["燦"] = "glorious; bright; brilliant; lustrous; resplendent",
	["燧"] = "fire; speculum",
	["燨"] = "fire",
	["燬"] = "blaze; destroy by fire",
	["燭"] = "candle",
	["燮"] = "harmony; harmonize",
	["燴"] = "cooked in soy and vinegar",
	["燹"] = "conflagration",
	["燻"] = "to smoke; scent; fumigate",
	["燼"] = "ashes; embers",
	["燾"] = "cover over; to envelope",
	["燿"] = "brilliant; glorious",
	["爆"] = "to crack; to explode or burst",
	["爇"] = "burn; heat; to burn",
	["爍"] = "bright; luminous",
	["爐"] = "stove",
	["爓"] = "flame, brilliant",
	["爚"] = "bright; fiery",
	["爛"] = "rotten; decayed; well-cooked; mushy; broken; bad; to decay; completely",
	["爝"] = "torch",
	["爟"] = "light a fire",
	["爨"] = "cooking-stove; to cook",
	["爪"] = "claw",
	["爬"] = "crawl; climb",
	["爭"] = "struggle; fight",
	["爰"] = "therefore; to lead on to",
	["爵"] = "nobility; (ancient wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle)",
	["父"] = "father",
	["爸"] = "father; dad; pa; papa",
	["爹"] = "dad",
	["爺"] = "grandpa; etc.; old gentleman",
	["爻"] = "lines on a trigram",
	["爽"] = "invigorating; straightforward; frank; open; bright; clear",
	["爾"] = "thus; so; like that; you; thou",
	["牁"] = "place name",
	["牂"] = "female sheep; place name",
	["牄"] = "to walk rapidly",
	["牆"] = "wall",
	["片"] = "a slice; piece; flake; thin; slice; disc; sheet",
	["版"] = "a register; a block of printing; an edition; version; page",
	["牋"] = "letter; note-paper",
	["牌"] = "cards; game pieces; signboard; plate; tablet",
	["牏"] = "short board; plank",
	["牒"] = "(official) document; dispatch",
	["牓"] = "tablet; register",
	["牖"] = "enlighten; lattice window",
	["牘"] = "documents",
	["牙"] = "tooth; ivory",
	["牛"] = "ox; cow; bull",
	["牝"] = "female",
	["牟"] = "barley; to moo; usurp",
	["牠"] = "it (used for animals)",
	["牡"] = "male",
	["牢"] = "firm; fast",
	["牣"] = "fill up; to stuff",
	["牧"] = "shepherd",
	["物"] = "thing; object; matter",
	["牮"] = "prop up",
	["牯"] = "bullock; cow",
	["牲"] = "domestic animal",
	["牳"] = "(bovine)",
	["牴"] = "to butt; resist",
	["牷"] = "one-color bullock",
	["牸"] = "female of domestic animals",
	["特"] = "special; unusual; extraordinary; male animal",
	["牼"] = "shank bone of ox",
	["牽"] = "lead along",
	["牾"] = "to oppose; to gore",
	["牿"] = "shed or pen for cattle",
	["犀"] = "rhinoceros",
	["犁"] = "plow",
	["犆"] = "male animal",
	["犉"] = "ox",
	["犍"] = "bullock",
	["犒"] = "give a bonus to",
	["犖"] = "brindled ox; clear; eminent",
	["犛"] = "black ox; yak",
	["犢"] = "calf; sacrificial victim",
	["犧"] = "sacrifice",
	["犨"] = "panting of cow; grunting of ox",
	["犬"] = "dog",
	["犯"] = "to violate; to offend",
	["犴"] = "jail",
	["犵"] = "name of a tribe",
	["犺"] = "fierce dog",
	["狀"] = "accusation; suit; state; condition; strong; great",
	["狂"] = "conceited; mad",
	["狃"] = "accustomed to",
	["狄"] = "barbarians; name of a tribe",
	["狆"] = "Pekingese",
	["狉"] = "puppy badger",
	["狎"] = "be intimate with",
	["狐"] = "fox",
	["狒"] = "hamadryad baboon",
	["狗"] = "dog",
	["狘"] = "jump",
	["狙"] = "(ape); to spy; lie in ambush",
	["狠"] = "ruthless; fierce; severe",
	["狡"] = "crafty; cunning; sly",
	["狨"] = "''[[Callithrix jacchus]]'' (syn. ''Hapale jacchus'')",
	["狩"] = "hunting-dog; imperial tour",
	["狫"] = "name of a tribe",
	["狴"] = "(tapir)",
	["狷"] = "timid; cautious",
	["狸"] = "(dog); wild cat",
	["狹"] = "narrow; narrow-minded",
	["狺"] = "snarling of dogs",
	["狻"] = "(mythical animal)",
	["狼"] = "wolf",
	["狽"] = "a legendary wolf; distressed; wretched",
	["猇"] = "the scream or roar of a tiger; to intimidate; to scare",
	["猈"] = "dog with short shinbone",
	["猊"] = "(mythical animal); lion",
	["猋"] = "whirlwind",
	["猓"] = "monkey",
	["猖"] = "mad; wild",
	["猗"] = "(interj.)",
	["猘"] = "mad dog",
	["猙"] = "hideous; fierce-looking",
	["猛"] = "ferocious; suddenly; fierce; violent; abrupt",
	["猜"] = "to guess",
	["猝"] = "abrupt; hurried",
	["猥"] = "humble; rustic; plentiful",
	["猩"] = "ape",
	["猭"] = "ape; ''[[Hylobates agilis]]''",
	["猱"] = "(monkey); scratch",
	["猲"] = "short-snout dog; frightened; terrified",
	["猴"] = "monkey",
	["猶"] = "as if; still",
	["猷"] = "to plan; to scheme",
	["猺"] = "Yao tribe",
	["猾"] = "sly",
	["猿"] = "ape",
	["獀"] = "dog (dial.); to hunt",
	["獃"] = "stay; stupid",
	["獄"] = "prison",
	["獅"] = "lion",
	["獉"] = "jungle",
	["獍"] = "an animal which eats its mother",
	["獎"] = "prize; award; encouragement",
	["獐"] = "river deer; roebuck",
	["獒"] = "mastiff",
	["獗"] = "unruly; rude",
	["獘"] = "collapse",
	["獙"] = "die violently",
	["獚"] = "spaniel",
	["獝"] = "devil",
	["獞"] = "name of a variety of dog; wild tribes in South China",
	["獠"] = "fierce; hunt; name of a tribe",
	["獢"] = "dog",
	["獧"] = "timid; cautious",
	["獨"] = "alone; independent; single; sole; only",
	["獪"] = "crafty; cunning",
	["獫"] = "long-snout dog",
	["獮"] = "to hunt; kill",
	["獯"] = "name of a tribe",
	["獰"] = "fierce-looking",
	["獲"] = "to catch; to obtain; to capture",
	["獳"] = "angry dog",
	["獵"] = "hunting",
	["獷"] = "fierce, rude, uncivilized",
	["獸"] = "beast; quadruped",
	["獺"] = "otter",
	["獻"] = "to offer",
	["獼"] = "macaque",
	["獾"] = "badger",
	["玀"] = "name of a tribe",
	["玁"] = "long-snout dog",
	["玃"] = "a large ape found in W. China",
	["玄"] = "black; mysterious",
	["玅"] = "clever; wonderful",
	["玆"] = "now, here; this; time, year",
	["率"] = "to lead; command; rate; frequency",
	["玈"] = "black",
	["玉"] = "jade",
	["王"] = "king; Wang (proper name)",
	["玎"] = "jingling; tinkling",
	["玓"] = "pearly",
	["玔"] = "jade ring",
	["玖"] = "(black stone); nine (fraud-proof)",
	["玗"] = "half pr stone",
	["玟"] = "veins in jade; jade-like stone",
	["玠"] = "jade tablet indicating rank",
	["玢"] = "porphyrites",
	["玤"] = "(gem)",
	["玥"] = "pearl used in sacrifice",
	["玦"] = "half-circle jade ring",
	["玨"] = "gems mounted together",
	["玩"] = "curios; antiques; to play; to amuse oneself",
	["玫"] = "a kind of fine stone",
	["玳"] = "tortoise shell; turtle",
	["玶"] = "name of one kind of jade",
	["玷"] = "blemish; disgrace; flaw in jade",
	["玻"] = "glass",
	["玼"] = "clear (as in a gem)",
	["珀"] = "amber",
	["珂"] = "jade-like stone",
	["珇"] = "carving on jade",
	["珈"] = "gamma; jewelry",
	["珊"] = "coral",
	["珌"] = "gem on scabbard",
	["珍"] = "precious thing; treasure",
	["珓"] = "(divination device)",
	["珔"] = "(jade)",
	["珖"] = "(jade)",
	["珙"] = "(gem)",
	["珛"] = "quickly-deteriorating jade",
	["珞"] = "neck-ornament",
	["珠"] = "pearl; bead",
	["珣"] = "(gem)",
	["珥"] = "pearl or jade earring",
	["珧"] = "mother-of-pearl",
	["珩"] = "top gem of pendant from girdle",
	["珪"] = "jade tablet; silicon",
	["班"] = "team; class; rank; squad; a work shift; a measure word; ''surname''",
	["珮"] = "girdle ornaments",
	["珶"] = "white jade worn on belt",
	["珺"] = "beautiful jade",
	["珽"] = "scepter",
	["現"] = "appear; present; now; existing; current",
	["琀"] = "gems or pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse",
	["琁"] = "beautiful jade; star",
	["球"] = "ball; sphere",
	["琅"] = "(gem); tinkling of pendants",
	["理"] = "to manage; to heed; to put in order; reason; logic; science; inner principle or structure",
	["琇"] = "(jade)",
	["琖"] = "wine cup",
	["琚"] = "ornamental gems for belt",
	["琛"] = "precious stone; gem",
	["琠"] = "gem used as ear plug; jade earrings",
	["琢"] = "to cut (gems)",
	["琤"] = "tinkling of gems",
	["琥"] = "amber",
	["琦"] = "curio; valuable stone",
	["琨"] = "(jade)",
	["琪"] = "(white gem); angel",
	["琫"] = "gem ornament of scabbard",
	["琬"] = "ensign of royalty",
	["琭"] = "(jade)",
	["琮"] = "''surname''; octagonal jade badge",
	["琯"] = "mus. instr.; to polish jade or gold",
	["琰"] = "gem; glitter of gems",
	["琱"] = "engrave gems",
	["琲"] = "necklace",
	["琳"] = "gem",
	["琴"] = "qin; general name for certain instruments",
	["琿"] = "(fine jade)",
	["瑀"] = "(chalcedony)",
	["瑁"] = "(jade)",
	["瑂"] = "(stone which resembles jade)",
	["瑄"] = "ornamental piece of jade",
	["瑋"] = "(reddish jade); precious; rare",
	["瑑"] = "engraved lines",
	["瑔"] = "(jade; shell)",
	["瑕"] = "blemish; flaw in jade",
	["瑗"] = "large jade ring",
	["瑚"] = "coral",
	["瑛"] = "(crystal); lustrous",
	["瑜"] = "excellence; luster of gems",
	["瑞"] = "lucky; auspicious; propitious; rayl (acoustical unit)",
	["瑟"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["瑢"] = "gem ornaments for belts",
	["瑣"] = "fragmentary; trifling",
	["瑤"] = "(jade); Yao; mother-of-pearl",
	["瑩"] = "luster of gems",
	["瑭"] = "(jade)",
	["瑯"] = "(gem); tinkling of pendants",
	["瑰"] = "(semi-precious stone); extraordinary",
	["瑱"] = "jade ear-plug",
	["瑲"] = "tinkling of gems",
	["瑳"] = "luster of gems",
	["瑽"] = "tinkling of jade pendants",
	["瑾"] = "brilliancy (of gems)",
	["瑿"] = "a black stone like jade; jet",
	["璀"] = "luster of gems",
	["璁"] = "(gem)",
	["璅"] = "fragmentary; trifling",
	["璆"] = "(gem); to tinkle",
	["璇"] = "(jade)",
	["璈"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["璊"] = "(gem); rouge",
	["璋"] = "ancient stone ornament",
	["璐"] = "(jade)",
	["璘"] = "luster of gem",
	["璚"] = "(red stone); half-circle jade ring",
	["璜"] = "semi-circular jade ornament",
	["璞"] = "unpolished gem",
	["璟"] = "luster of gem",
	["璠"] = "(gem)",
	["璡"] = "jade-like stone",
	["璣"] = "irregular pearl",
	["璥"] = "(gem)",
	["璦"] = "jasper; precious stone",
	["璧"] = "piece of jade with hole in center",
	["璨"] = "gem; luster of gem",
	["璩"] = "(jade ring); ''surname''",
	["璪"] = "pendant of pearls on coronet",
	["璫"] = "pendant ornaments",
	["璯"] = "jade ornament in the seams of cap",
	["環"] = "bracelet; ring (not for finger); to surround; to loop; loop",
	["璲"] = "pendant girdle-ornaments",
	["璵"] = "(gem)",
	["璸"] = "(pearl)",
	["璺"] = "a crack, as in porcelain",
	["璽"] = "ruler's seal",
	["璿"] = "(jade)",
	["瓀"] = "opaque; white quartz",
	["瓊"] = "(red stone); beautiful",
	["瓏"] = "a kind of jade that is for requesting rain and has the figure of Chinese dragon on",
	["瓔"] = "necklace",
	["瓖"] = "ornaments",
	["瓘"] = "jade used for making goblets",
	["瓚"] = "libation cup",
	["瓛"] = "scepter",
	["瓜"] = "melon; claw; gourd; squash",
	["瓞"] = "young melon",
	["瓠"] = "gourd",
	["瓢"] = "dipper; ladle",
	["瓣"] = "petal; section",
	["瓤"] = "pulp of fruit",
	["瓦"] = "tile",
	["瓮"] = "earthen jar; urn",
	["瓴"] = "concave channels of tiling",
	["瓶"] = "bottle; (a measure word); vase; pitcher",
	["瓷"] = "chinaware; porcelain",
	["瓻"] = "large wine jar",
	["瓿"] = "a kind of vase",
	["甀"] = "vase with a small mouth",
	["甃"] = "brickwork of well",
	["甄"] = "to mold; discriminate",
	["甇"] = "earthen jar with long neck",
	["甋"] = "a jar without ears",
	["甌"] = "bowl; cup",
	["甍"] = "rafters supporting tiles",
	["甏"] = "a squat jar for holding wine, sauces etc.",
	["甑"] = "caldron; rice pot",
	["甒"] = "(vase; jar)",
	["甓"] = "glazed tile",
	["甔"] = "big jar",
	["甕"] = "earthen jar; urn",
	["甖"] = "earthen jar with small mouth",
	["甗"] = "earthenware vessel",
	["甘"] = "sweet; willingly; Gansu province (abbrev.)",
	["甚"] = "very; extremely; more (than); what",
	["甜"] = "sweet",
	["生"] = "to be born; to give birth; life; to grow; student; raw",
	["甡"] = "multitude; crowd",
	["產"] = "to reproduce; to produce; give birth; products; produce; resources; estate; property",
	["甥"] = "nephew",
	["甦"] = "revive",
	["用"] = "to use",
	["甩"] = "fling",
	["甪"] = "''surname''; place name",
	["甫"] = "honorific for men; just; just now",
	["甬"] = "5 pecks (M); Ningpo",
	["甭"] = "need not",
	["甯"] = "peaceful",
	["田"] = "field; farm",
	["由"] = "follow; from; it is; reason; cause; because of; due to; by; to; to leave it (to sb)",
	["甲"] = "1st [[heavenly stem]]; armor; shell",
	["申"] = "9th [[earthly branch]]; 3-5 pm; to extend; to state; to explain",
	["男"] = "male",
	["甸"] = "imperial domain; suburb",
	["町"] = "raised path between fields",
	["甽"] = "drain between fields, irrigation",
	["甾"] = "steroid",
	["甿"] = "people",
	["畀"] = "confer on; give to",
	["畇"] = "reclaimed land",
	["畈"] = "field; farm",
	["畋"] = "cultivate (land); to hunt",
	["界"] = "boundary; scope; extent; circles; group; kingdom (taxonomy)",
	["畎"] = "field drains",
	["畏"] = "to fear",
	["畔"] = "bank; field-path",
	["留"] = "leave (message); to retain; to stay; to remain; to keep; to preserve",
	["畚"] = "a basket or pan used for earth; manure etc",
	["畛"] = "border; boundary; field-path",
	["畜"] = "to raise (animals); livestock; domesticated animal; domestic animal",
	["畝"] = "about 1; 6 acre (M)",
	["畟"] = "sharp",
	["畢"] = "the whole of; to finish; to complete; complete; full; finished",
	["畤"] = "ancient sacrifice",
	["略"] = "plan; strategy; outline; summary; slightly; rather; to rob; to plunder; to summarize",
	["畦"] = "furrow; small plot of farm land",
	["番"] = "(measure word for acts); deeds; foreign; ''surname''; place name",
	["畫"] = "draw; picture; painting",
	["畬"] = "cultivated field",
	["畯"] = "overseer; steppe",
	["異"] = "different; unusual; strange",
	["當"] = "to act as; represent; equal; should; fitting; suitable; adequate; proper; replace; to be; to hold a position; manage; withstand; when; during; ought; match equally; same; obstruct; just at (a time or place); on the spot; right; just at",
	["畷"] = "raised path between fields",
	["畸"] = "fractional remains; odd",
	["畹"] = "a field of 20 or 30 mu",
	["畽"] = "place trodden by animals",
	["畾"] = "fields divided by dikes",
	["畿"] = "territory around the capital",
	["疆"] = "border; boundary",
	["疇"] = "arable fields; cultivated field; class; category",
	["疊"] = "fold up; repeat",
	["疋"] = "a bolt (of cloth)",
	["疏"] = "negligent; sparse; thin",
	["疐"] = "prostrate",
	["疑"] = "to doubt; to misbelieve; to suspect",
	["疔"] = "boil; carbuncle",
	["疕"] = "facial skin disease; mange",
	["疘"] = "anus",
	["疚"] = "chronic disease",
	["疝"] = "hernia",
	["疢"] = "(disease)",
	["疣"] = "nodule; wart",
	["疤"] = "scar",
	["疥"] = "scabies",
	["疧"] = "sick",
	["疫"] = "epidemic; plague",
	["疲"] = "weary",
	["疳"] = "rickets",
	["疵"] = "blemish; flaw; defect",
	["疶"] = "dysentery",
	["疸"] = "jaundice",
	["疹"] = "measles; rash",
	["疼"] = "(it) hurts; love fondly; ache; pain; sore",
	["疽"] = "gangrene",
	["疾"] = "sickness; disease; hate; envy",
	["疿"] = "prickly heat",
	["痁"] = "malarial fever",
	["痂"] = "scab",
	["痄"] = "mumps",
	["病"] = "ailment; illness; disease; fall ill; sick; defect",
	["症"] = "disease; illness; indication or sign of disease",
	["痊"] = "recover (from illness)",
	["痌"] = "moaning in pain",
	["痍"] = "bruise; sores",
	["痏"] = "a bruise or contusion",
	["痐"] = "roundworm; ''[[Ascaris lumbricoides]]''",
	["痒"] = "to itch; to tickle",
	["痔"] = "piles; hemorrhoid",
	["痕"] = "scar; traces",
	["痗"] = "disease caused by anxiety",
	["痘"] = "small pox",
	["痙"] = "spasm",
	["痚"] = "asthma; difficulty in breathing",
	["痛"] = "ache; pain; sorrow",
	["痞"] = "scoundrel; swelling of the liver",
	["痠"] = "aching of limbs",
	["痡"] = "sick; disabled",
	["痢"] = "dysentery",
	["痣"] = "birthmark; mole",
	["痤"] = "acne",
	["痦"] = "(flat) mole",
	["痧"] = "cholera",
	["痭"] = "menorrhagia",
	["痯"] = "ill-looking",
	["痰"] = "phlegm; spittle",
	["痱"] = "prickly heat",
	["痲"] = "leprosy; numb",
	["痴"] = "imbecile; sentimental; stupid; foolish; silly",
	["痵"] = "nervous start in sleep",
	["痹"] = "paralysis, numbness",
	["痺"] = "numb; paralysis",
	["痻"] = "to be ill",
	["痼"] = "obstinate disease",
	["痾"] = "malady",
	["痿"] = "atrophy",
	["瘀"] = "hematoma; contusion; extravasted",
	["瘁"] = "care-worn; distressed; tired; overworked; sick; weary",
	["瘃"] = "chilblain",
	["瘈"] = "furious; hydrophobia; madness",
	["瘉"] = "heal",
	["瘊"] = "wart",
	["瘋"] = "insane; mad; wild",
	["瘌"] = "scabies; scald-head",
	["瘍"] = "ulcers; sores",
	["瘏"] = "be injured; ill (of animals)",
	["瘐"] = "maltreat (as prisoners)",
	["瘓"] = "illness; numbness of the limbs",
	["瘕"] = "obstruction in the intestine",
	["瘖"] = "dumb",
	["瘙"] = "itch",
	["瘚"] = "to hiccup; the humours of the body",
	["瘜"] = "a polypus",
	["瘝"] = "incapacitated; inefficient",
	["瘞"] = "bury; sacrifice",
	["瘟"] = "epidemic; pestilence; plague",
	["瘠"] = "barren; lean",
	["瘡"] = "sore; skin ulcer",
	["瘢"] = "mark; scar on the skin",
	["瘤"] = "tumor",
	["瘥"] = "disease; recover from disease",
	["瘦"] = "tight; thin; lean",
	["瘧"] = "malaria",
	["瘨"] = "convulsions; crazy",
	["瘭"] = "whitlow",
	["瘯"] = "(skin disease)",
	["瘰"] = "scrofula; tuberculosis of glands",
	["瘲"] = "spasms or convulsions in young children, caused by indigestion",
	["瘳"] = "convalesce; recover; heal",
	["瘴"] = "malaria; miasma",
	["瘵"] = "foci of tubercular infection",
	["瘸"] = "lame",
	["瘺"] = "fistula; sinus",
	["瘼"] = "distress; sickness",
	["療"] = "to treat; to cure",
	["癃"] = "infirmity; retention of urine",
	["癆"] = "tuberculosis",
	["癇"] = "epilepsy; insanity",
	["癈"] = "abrogate, terminate, discard",
	["癉"] = "to hate; (disease)",
	["癌"] = "cancer; carcinoma",
	["癒"] = "heal",
	["癖"] = "habit; hobby",
	["癘"] = "sore caused by varnish poisoning",
	["癙"] = "hidden; secret; scrofula",
	["癜"] = "erythema; leucoderm",
	["癟"] = "deflated; shriveled; sunken; empty",
	["癠"] = "sick; diseased",
	["癡"] = "imbecile; sentimental; stupid; foolish; silly",
	["癢"] = "itch",
	["癤"] = "pimple, sore, boil",
	["癥"] = "obstruction of bowels",
	["癩"] = "scabies; skin disease",
	["癪"] = "spasms, convulsions, hysteria",
	["癬"] = "ringworm",
	["癭"] = "goiter; knob on tree",
	["癮"] = "addiction; craving",
	["癰"] = "carbuncle",
	["癱"] = "paralyzed",
	["癲"] = "convulsions; crazy",
	["癸"] = "10th [[heavenly stem]]",
	["登"] = "to go up; to climb; ascend; mount; register; note; to publish; to issue; to record",
	["發"] = "to send out; to show (one's feeling); to issue; to develop",
	["白"] = "white; empty; blank; bright; clear; plain; pure; gratuitous",
	["百"] = "hundred",
	["皁"] = "black; police runners, from the black clothes formerly worn by them",
	["皂"] = "soap; black",
	["的"] = "really and truly; aim; clear; (possessive, modifying, or descriptive particle); of",
	["皆"] = "all; each and every; in all cases",
	["皇"] = "emperor; ''surname''",
	["皈"] = "comply with; follow",
	["皋"] = "bank; marsh",
	["皎"] = "bright; white",
	["皓"] = "bright; d (19th); white",
	["皖"] = "Anhui",
	["皙"] = "white",
	["皚"] = "white (of snow, etc.)",
	["皜"] = "clear; white",
	["皝"] = "luminous; bright hoary, white",
	["皞"] = "bright, brilliant",
	["皤"] = "white",
	["皦"] = "sparkling; bright",
	["皪"] = "luster (of pearls)",
	["皫"] = "white",
	["皭"] = "pure",
	["皮"] = "leather; skin; fur",
	["皰"] = "pimple",
	["皴"] = "chapped; cracked",
	["皸"] = "to chap",
	["皺"] = "to wrinkle; wrinkled; to crease",
	["皽"] = "scab",
	["皿"] = "shallow container; rad. no. 108",
	["盂"] = "container; cup",
	["盃"] = "cup",
	["盅"] = "cup",
	["盆"] = "basin",
	["盈"] = "full; filled; surplus",
	["益"] = "benefit; increase",
	["盍"] = "why not",
	["盎"] = "abundant; bowl; dish; pot",
	["盒"] = "small box; case",
	["盔"] = "helmet",
	["盚"] = "''surname''",
	["盛"] = "flourishing; to hold; contain; to ladle; pick up with a utensil; ''surname''",
	["盜"] = "steal; rob; plunder; a thief; bandit; robber",
	["盝"] = "box case",
	["盞"] = "M for lamp",
	["盟"] = "oath; pledge; union; to ally",
	["盡"] = "to use up; to exhaust; to end; to finish; to the utmost; exhausted; finished; to the limit (of sth)",
	["監"] = "supervisor; hard; strong; solid; firm; to supervise; to inspect; jail; prison",
	["盤"] = "dish; tray; to build; to check; to examine; to transfer; (a measure word used for dishes of food or coils of wire); to coil",
	["盥"] = "wash (especially hands)",
	["盦"] = "container",
	["盧"] = "''surname''",
	["盩"] = "name of a district in Shaanxi",
	["盪"] = "agitate; swing; sway",
	["盬"] = "covered pot",
	["盭"] = "unreasonable; violent",
	["目"] = "eye; item; section; list; catalogue; table of contents; order (taxonomy); goal; name; title",
	["盯"] = "stare; gaze",
	["盱"] = "''surname''; anxious; stare",
	["盲"] = "blind",
	["直"] = "straight; vertical; frank; directly; straightly; upright",
	["盵"] = "''surname''",
	["相"] = "each other; appearance; portrait; picture; one another; mutually",
	["盹"] = "doze; nap",
	["盻"] = "glare at",
	["盼"] = "to hope for; to long for; to expect",
	["盾"] = "shield",
	["省"] = "comprehend; introspect; visit; frugal; save; to omit; to leave out; to save (money); province",
	["眄"] = "ogle",
	["眅"] = "show the whites of eyes",
	["眇"] = "minute (small); subtle",
	["眈"] = "gaze intently",
	["眉"] = "eyebrow; upper margin",
	["眊"] = "having poor eyesight",
	["看"] = "to see; to look at; to look after; to take care of; to watch; to guard; it depends; think",
	["眑"] = "sunken eyes; deep; abstruse",
	["眕"] = "restrain anger",
	["眙"] = "place name",
	["眚"] = "cataract of the eye; error",
	["眛"] = "blind; imperceptive",
	["真"] = "real; true; genuine",
	["眠"] = "sleep",
	["眢"] = "inflamed eyelids; parched",
	["眣"] = "prominent eyes",
	["眥"] = "canthus",
	["眨"] = "wink",
	["眩"] = "dizzy; dazzled",
	["眭"] = "evil look of deep-set eyes",
	["眯"] = "blind (as with dust)",
	["眴"] = "dazzled; dizzy",
	["眵"] = "gritty secretion in eyes",
	["眶"] = "eye socket",
	["眷"] = "concern; wife and children",
	["眸"] = "pupil of the eye",
	["眹"] = "pupil",
	["眺"] = "gaze afar",
	["眼"] = "eye",
	["眽"] = "to gaze; to ogle to look at",
	["眾"] = "numerous; multitude; crowd",
	["睅"] = "protuberant eyes",
	["睆"] = "good-looking; cute",
	["睇"] = "look down upon; (Cant.) to look; to see; to look after; to think",
	["睊"] = "look",
	["睍"] = "goggle-eyed",
	["睎"] = "to long for; to gaze at",
	["睏"] = "sleepy; doze off",
	["睒"] = "furtively glance; glittering",
	["睖"] = "to stare straight ahead",
	["睙"] = "to roll the eyeballs to look",
	["睛"] = "eye",
	["睜"] = "to open (eye)",
	["睞"] = "gaze; stare",
	["睟"] = "bright eye; clear",
	["睠"] = "look fondly",
	["睡"] = "to sleep",
	["睢"] = "''surname''; stare",
	["督"] = "supervise",
	["睥"] = "look askance",
	["睦"] = "friendly",
	["睨"] = "look askance",
	["睪"] = "testicle; to spy on",
	["睫"] = "eyelashes",
	["睬"] = "pay attention; take notice of; to care for",
	["睯"] = "to be agonized; worried",
	["睹"] = "observe; see",
	["睽"] = "separated; stare",
	["睿"] = "astute; perspicacious; farsighted",
	["瞀"] = "indistinct vision; dim",
	["瞄"] = "to aim",
	["瞅"] = "to look",
	["瞇"] = "to squint",
	["瞋"] = "angry at",
	["瞌"] = "doze off; sleepy",
	["瞍"] = "blind",
	["瞎"] = "blind",
	["瞏"] = "gaze in terror; lonely",
	["瞑"] = "close the eyes",
	["瞕"] = "cataract in the eye",
	["瞞"] = "conceal from",
	["瞟"] = "cast a glance",
	["瞠"] = "stare at something beyond reach",
	["瞢"] = "eyesight obscured; to feel ashamed",
	["瞥"] = "blink; glance",
	["瞧"] = "look at",
	["瞪"] = "stare at",
	["瞫"] = "''surname''",
	["瞬"] = "to wink",
	["瞭"] = "look afar from a high place; clear",
	["瞰"] = "bird's-eye view; glance",
	["瞳"] = "pupil of the eye",
	["瞵"] = "to stare at",
	["瞷"] = "to spy",
	["瞻"] = "gaze; view",
	["瞼"] = "eyelid",
	["瞽"] = "blind",
	["瞿"] = "''surname''; startled",
	["矇"] = "dim sighted; ignorant; deceive; cheat; hoodwink",
	["矍"] = "''surname''; glance fearfully",
	["矓"] = "hazy; unclear",
	["矔"] = "brilliant (of eyes)",
	["矗"] = "lofty; upright",
	["矙"] = "bird's-eye view; glance",
	["矚"] = "to gaze at; to stare at",
	["矛"] = "spear; lance; pike",
	["矜"] = "boast; esteem; sympathize",
	["矞"] = "grand; elegant; propitious",
	["矢"] = "arrow; dart",
	["矣"] = "final particle",
	["知"] = "to know; to be aware",
	["矧"] = "(interrog.)",
	["矩"] = "carpenter's square; rule",
	["矬"] = "short",
	["短"] = "lack; short",
	["矮"] = "short (not tall)",
	["矯"] = "dissemble; rectify",
	["矰"] = "arrow with a streamer",
	["矱"] = "standard; norm",
	["石"] = "rock; stone; 10 pecks",
	["矸"] = "a rock or cliff",
	["矻"] = "to toil",
	["矼"] = "stone bridge",
	["矽"] = "silicon",
	["砂"] = "sand; gravel; granule",
	["砃"] = "white stone",
	["砅"] = "cross stream by stepping on stones",
	["砆"] = "agate; inferior gem",
	["砌"] = "to build by laying bricks or stones",
	["砍"] = "to chop",
	["砑"] = "to calender",
	["砒"] = "arsenic",
	["研"] = "grind fine; study; research",
	["砟"] = "fragments",
	["砠"] = "rocky hill",
	["砢"] = "a heap; pile (of rocks)",
	["砣"] = "steelyard weight",
	["砥"] = "baffle (pier); whetstone",
	["砦"] = "stronghold; stockade",
	["砧"] = "base for beating or chopping",
	["砩"] = "name of a stone; dam up water with rocks",
	["砫"] = "ancestral tablet",
	["砭"] = "a stone probe; acupuncture",
	["砮"] = "flint",
	["砰"] = "sound of crashing; thunder",
	["砲"] = "gun; cannon",
	["砳"] = "rocky",
	["破"] = "to break; to split; broken; damaged; worn out",
	["砵"] = "alms bowl",
	["砷"] = "arsenic",
	["砸"] = "smash; smashed",
	["硃"] = "vermilion",
	["硅"] = "silicon",
	["硍"] = "rumbling of rolling stones",
	["硎"] = "whetstone",
	["硒"] = "selenium",
	["硜"] = "obstinate",
	["硝"] = "saltpeter; to tan (leather)",
	["硤"] = "place name",
	["硫"] = "sulfur",
	["硬"] = "hard; stiff; strong; firm",
	["硭"] = "crude saltpeter",
	["确"] = "authenticated; solid; firm",
	["硯"] = "ink-stone",
	["硻"] = "obstinate",
	["硼"] = "boron",
	["硾"] = "iodide; to weight",
	["碃"] = "(stone)",
	["碇"] = "anchor",
	["碉"] = "Tibetan stone house",
	["碌"] = "laborious; small stone; to record; to tape; to write down; to hire; to employ",
	["碎"] = "to break down; to break into pieces; fragmentary",
	["碏"] = "(gems)",
	["碑"] = "a monument; an upright stone tablet; stele",
	["碓"] = "pestle; pound with a pestle",
	["碔"] = "inferior gem",
	["碗"] = "bowl; cup",
	["碘"] = "iodine",
	["碚"] = "place name in Chongqing",
	["碞"] = "cliff",
	["碟"] = "dish; plate",
	["碣"] = "stone tablet",
	["碧"] = "green jade; bluish green; blue; jade",
	["碩"] = "large; big",
	["碪"] = "anvil",
	["碫"] = "coarse stone (used for whetstone)",
	["碬"] = "whetstone",
	["碭"] = "stone with color veins",
	["碰"] = "to touch; to meet with; to bump",
	["碲"] = "tellurium",
	["碳"] = "carbon",
	["碴"] = "fault; glass fragment; quarrel",
	["確"] = "authenticated; solid; firm; real; true",
	["碻"] = "solid; firm",
	["碼"] = "a weight; number; yard; code; pile; stack",
	["碾"] = "stone roller",
	["磁"] = "magnetic; magnetism; porcelain",
	["磅"] = "a measure word; pound (unit of measurement); scale; weigh",
	["磈"] = "rocky; stony",
	["磉"] = "stone plinth",
	["磊"] = "lumpy; rock pile; uneven",
	["磋"] = "deliberate; to polish",
	["磎"] = "mountain stream, creek",
	["磐"] = "firm; stable; rock",
	["磑"] = "mill",
	["磔"] = "tearing off limbs as punishment",
	["磕"] = "to tap; knock",
	["磚"] = "brick",
	["磛"] = "cliff; peak",
	["磠"] = "ammonium",
	["磡"] = "dangerous sea-cliff",
	["磣"] = "gritty",
	["磥"] = "a heap of stones; boulders",
	["磧"] = "moraine; rocks in shallow water",
	["磨"] = "grindstone; to sharpen; to delay; hardship; to grind; to rub",
	["磪"] = "a high mountain; precipitous",
	["磬"] = "ancient percussion instrument made from stone or jade",
	["磯"] = "breakwater; jetty",
	["磴"] = "cliff-ledge; stone step",
	["磷"] = "phosphorus",
	["磹"] = "stone wedge",
	["磺"] = "sulfur",
	["磻"] = "name of a river in Shaanxi",
	["磽"] = "stony soil",
	["礁"] = "reef; shoal rock",
	["礄"] = "bridge",
	["礅"] = "stone block",
	["礎"] = "foundation; base",
	["礙"] = "to hinder; to obstruct; to block",
	["礞"] = "(mineral)",
	["礡"] = "fill; extend",
	["礦"] = "ore; mine",
	["礧"] = "roll stone down hill; stone pile",
	["礪"] = "grind; sandstone",
	["礫"] = "gravel; small stone",
	["礬"] = "alum",
	["礱"] = "grind; mill",
	["礵"] = "arsenic",
	["示"] = "to show; reveal",
	["礽"] = "blessings",
	["社"] = "society; group",
	["礿"] = "spring imperial ancestral sacrifice",
	["祀"] = "offer sacrifice to",
	["祁"] = "''surname''",
	["祂"] = "he, it (pronoun used for God)",
	["祅"] = "calamity from terrestrial disorder",
	["祆"] = "Ormazda, god of the Zoroastrians, extended to god of the Manicheans",
	["祇"] = "but; only; earth-spirit; peace",
	["祈"] = "implore; pray; please",
	["祉"] = "felicity",
	["祊"] = "side altar inside ancestral temple",
	["祏"] = "stone shrine",
	["祐"] = "protect",
	["祓"] = "cleanse; remove evil",
	["祔"] = "worship ancestors",
	["祕"] = "secret",
	["祖"] = "ancestor; forefather; grandparents",
	["祗"] = "respectful (ly)",
	["祚"] = "blessing; the throne",
	["祛"] = "to exercise",
	["祜"] = "celestial blessing",
	["祝"] = "invoke; pray to; wish; to express good wishes",
	["神"] = "God; unusual; mysterious; soul; spirit; divine essence; lively; spiritual being",
	["祟"] = "evil spirit",
	["祠"] = "ancestral hall; temple",
	["祥"] = "auspicious; propitious",
	["祧"] = "ancestral hall",
	["票"] = "bank note; ticket",
	["祫"] = "triennial sacrifice to ancestors",
	["祭"] = "offer sacrifice; hold memorial service",
	["祲"] = "evil force",
	["祺"] = "felicity",
	["祼"] = "pour out libation",
	["祿"] = "good fortune; official salary",
	["禁"] = "to prohibit; to forbid; endure",
	["禂"] = "to pray; prayer",
	["禊"] = "purification ceremony",
	["禋"] = "sacrifice",
	["禍"] = "disaster",
	["禎"] = "auspicious; lucky",
	["福"] = "good fortune; happiness; luck; Fujian province (abbrev); ''surname''",
	["禔"] = "well-being",
	["禕"] = "excellent; precious; rare",
	["禖"] = "heir-requesting sacrifice",
	["禘"] = "imperial ancestral sacrifice",
	["禚"] = "place name",
	["禜"] = "sacrifice",
	["禠"] = "felicity; blessing",
	["禡"] = "sacrifice to god of war",
	["禢"] = "surname",
	["禤"] = "''surname''",
	["禦"] = "defend; resist",
	["禧"] = "favourable luck; good fortune",
	["禨"] = "omen; pray",
	["禪"] = "abdicate; meditation; abstraction; (Zen) Buddhism",
	["禫"] = "sacrifice at the end of mourning",
	["禮"] = "gift; propriety; rite",
	["禰"] = "temple of deceased father; ''surname''",
	["禱"] = "prayer; pray; supplication",
	["禳"] = "sacrifice for avoiding calamity",
	["禴"] = "spring imperial ancestral sacrifice",
	["禸"] = "trample",
	["禹"] = "name of an emperor",
	["禺"] = "(place); district",
	["禽"] = "birds; fowl",
	["禾"] = "cereal; grain",
	["禿"] = "bald; blunt",
	["秀"] = "to ear; beautiful; elegant; outstanding; to show; to display; show",
	["私"] = "personal; private; selfish",
	["秈"] = "common rice",
	["秉"] = "to grasp; hold; maintain",
	["秋"] = "autumn; fall; harvest time; a swing",
	["秏"] = "to waste, to destroy, to diminish",
	["科"] = "branch of study; administrative section; division; field; branch; stage directions; family (taxonomy); rules; laws; to mete out (punishment); to levy (taxes, etc.); to fine somebody",
	["秒"] = "(a measure word); second",
	["秕"] = "grain not fully grown; husks; withered grain; unripe grain",
	["秘"] = "secret",
	["租"] = "rent; taxes",
	["秠"] = "(millet)",
	["秣"] = "feed a horse with grain; horse feed",
	["秤"] = "steelyard; steel yard; scales",
	["秦"] = "''surname''; name of a dynasty",
	["秧"] = "shoots; sprouts",
	["秩"] = "order; orderliness",
	["秪"] = "only, merely",
	["秫"] = "{{taxlink|Panicum italicum|species|ver=191212}}",
	["秬"] = "black millet",
	["秭"] = "billion",
	["秷"] = "sound of reaping",
	["秸"] = "stalks of millet, corn",
	["移"] = "to move; to shift; to change; to alter; to remove",
	["稀"] = "diluted; sparse",
	["稂"] = "grass; weeds",
	["稅"] = "taxes; duties",
	["稈"] = "stalks of grain",
	["稊"] = "grass; tares",
	["程"] = "rule; order; regulations; formula; journey; procedure; sequence; ''surname''",
	["稌"] = "glutinous rice",
	["稍"] = "somewhat; a little",
	["稑"] = "late-planted early-ripening grain",
	["稔"] = "ripe grain",
	["稗"] = "millet; {{taxlink|Panicum crus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["稙"] = "early-planted crop",
	["稚"] = "infantile; young",
	["稛"] = "full",
	["稜"] = "corner; square beam",
	["稞"] = "(wheat)",
	["稟"] = "natural property or endowment; report to (a superior)",
	["稠"] = "dense; crowded; thick; many",
	["種"] = "to plant; to cultivate; kind; type; race; breed; seed; species (taxonomy)",
	["稱"] = "to call; to praise; to weigh; to estimate; to consider; to address; to name; to say; commend; steelyard; balanced; to fit; well-off; suitable",
	["稷"] = "(millet)",
	["稹"] = "accumulate; fine and close",
	["稻"] = "paddy; rice",
	["稼"] = "sow grain",
	["稽"] = "bow to the ground; inspect; check",
	["稿"] = "manuscript; draft; stalk of grain",
	["穀"] = "grain; corn",
	["穄"] = "(millet)",
	["穆"] = "solemn",
	["穇"] = "{{taxlink|Panicum frumentaceum|species|ver=191212}}",
	["穈"] = "porridge; rice sprouts",
	["穋"] = "late-planted early-ripening grain",
	["穌"] = "revive",
	["積"] = "to amass; to accumulate; to store; old; long-standing",
	["穎"] = "clever; gifted",
	["穗"] = "ear of grain",
	["穜"] = "early-planted late-ripening grain",
	["穟"] = "ear of grain",
	["穠"] = "thickly clustered (as blossoms)",
	["穡"] = "gather in harvest",
	["穢"] = "dirt; filth",
	["穧"] = "stack grain stalks evenly",
	["穨"] = "become bald; decadent",
	["穩"] = "settled; steady; stable",
	["穫"] = "reap; harvest",
	["穭"] = "wild grain",
	["穮"] = "to weed",
	["穰"] = "abundant; stalk of grain",
	["穴"] = "hole; cave",
	["穵"] = "dig; scoop out",
	["究"] = "after all; to investigate; to study carefully",
	["穸"] = "the gloom of the grave; a tomb or grave; death",
	["穹"] = "arched; lofty; vast",
	["空"] = "emptied; leisure; air; sky; empty; in vain",
	["穿"] = "to bore through; pierce; perforate; penetrate; pass through; to dress; to wear; to put on; to thread",
	["窀"] = "grave",
	["突"] = "to dash; to move forward quickly",
	["窄"] = "narrow",
	["窅"] = "deep",
	["窆"] = "put a coffin in grave",
	["窈"] = "deep; quiet and elegant",
	["窊"] = "lowland swamp",
	["窋"] = "in a hole",
	["窌"] = "cellar",
	["窒"] = "obstruct; stop up",
	["窔"] = "dark; deep; southeast corner of room",
	["窕"] = "quiet and elegant",
	["窖"] = "cellar",
	["窗"] = "shutter; window",
	["窘"] = "distressed; embarrassed",
	["窞"] = "pit; cave",
	["窟"] = "cave; hole",
	["窠"] = "nest",
	["窣"] = "rush out of a den; rustling",
	["窨"] = "cellar; to scent tea with flowers",
	["窩"] = "nest",
	["窪"] = "depression; sunken; swamp",
	["窬"] = "hole in a wall",
	["窮"] = "exhausted; poor",
	["窯"] = "kiln; oven",
	["窳"] = "bad; useless; weak",
	["窴"] = "fill in",
	["窵"] = "deep; distant; profound",
	["窶"] = "poor; rustic",
	["窸"] = "disturbing noises",
	["窺"] = "peep; pry into",
	["窾"] = "hollow; ignorant",
	["窿"] = "cavity; hole",
	["竁"] = "dig a hole",
	["竄"] = "flee; escape; run away; leap",
	["竅"] = "intelligence; opening",
	["竇"] = "hole; aperture; cavity; sinus (anatom.)",
	["竊"] = "steal; secretly; personally",
	["立"] = "set up; to stand",
	["竑"] = "large; to estimate",
	["站"] = "station; to stand; to halt; to stop",
	["竟"] = "unexpectedly; actually; to go so far as to; indeed",
	["章"] = "chapter; seal; section",
	["竣"] = "complete; finish",
	["童"] = "boy; child; children",
	["竦"] = "horrified; incite; raise",
	["竭"] = "exhaust",
	["端"] = "end; extremity; item; port; to hold sth. level with both hands; to carry; regular",
	["競"] = "to compete; to contend; to struggle",
	["竹"] = "bamboo",
	["竺"] = "''surname''",
	["竽"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["竿"] = "pole",
	["笄"] = "15 years old; hairpin for bun",
	["笆"] = "an article made of bamboo strips; fence",
	["笈"] = "trunks (for books)",
	["笊"] = "",
	["笎"] = "bamboo with black patches",
	["笏"] = "tablet held at an audience",
	["笐"] = "bamboos placed across wooden frames on which grain may be stored in damp climates",
	["笑"] = "laugh; smile",
	["笙"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["笛"] = "flute",
	["笞"] = "to whip with bamboo strips",
	["笠"] = "bamboo rain hat",
	["笤"] = "",
	["笥"] = "hamper; trunk",
	["符"] = "mark; sign; talisman; to seal; to correspond (to); tally; symbol; written charm; to coincide",
	["笨"] = "stupid; foolish; silly; slow-witted; clumsy",
	["笪"] = "''surname''; rough bamboo mat",
	["笫"] = "planks of bed; sleeping-mat",
	["第"] = "(''ordinal prefix''); -th; rank",
	["笭"] = "bamboo screen",
	["笮"] = "board under tiles on roof; narrow",
	["笰"] = "duster",
	["笱"] = "basket for trapping fish",
	["笲"] = "osier basket of brides",
	["笳"] = "whistle made of reed",
	["笵"] = "bamboo mold",
	["笸"] = "flat basket-tray",
	["笻"] = "note: song screen font is wrong. should be",
	["筅"] = "bamboo brush for utensils",
	["筆"] = "pen; pencil; writing brush; to write or compose; the strokes of Chinese characters",
	["筇"] = "species of bamboo",
	["筈"] = "arrow end",
	["等"] = "class; rank; grade; equal to; same as; wait for; await; et cetera; and so on",
	["筊"] = "bamboo rope",
	["筋"] = "muscle",
	["筌"] = "bamboo fish trap",
	["筍"] = "bamboo shoot",
	["筎"] = "thin outside skin of bamboo",
	["筏"] = "raft (of logs)",
	["筐"] = "basket",
	["筑"] = "build; five-string lute",
	["築"] = "build; five-string lute",
	["筒"] = "tube; cylinder",
	["答"] = "reply; answer; return; respond; echo; to answer; agree",
	["策"] = "method; plan; policy; scheme",
	["筘"] = "(a measure of width of cloth)",
	["筠"] = "skin of bamboo",
	["筤"] = "young bamboo",
	["筥"] = "round bamboo basket",
	["筦"] = "''surname''; to control; tube; pipe",
	["筧"] = "bamboo water pipe",
	["筩"] = "tube; cylinder",
	["筭"] = "regard as; to figure",
	["筮"] = "divine by stalk",
	["筰"] = "cable",
	["筱"] = "dwarf bamboo; thin bamboo",
	["筲"] = "basket; bucket",
	["筳"] = "bamboo pole; spindle",
	["筴"] = "policy; scheme",
	["筵"] = "bamboo mat for sitting",
	["筷"] = "chopstick",
	["筸"] = "name of a place in Henan",
	["箂"] = "(bamboo)",
	["箇"] = "general classifier",
	["箊"] = "bamboo with thin; wide leaves",
	["箋"] = "letter; note-paper",
	["箍"] = "hoop; bind with hoops",
	["箎"] = "bamboo flute with 8 holes",
	["箏"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["箐"] = "to draw a bamboo bow or crossbow",
	["箑"] = "fan",
	["箔"] = "bamboo screen; door screen; metal foil; leaf; sheet; tinsel",
	["箕"] = "winnow basket",
	["算"] = "regard as; to figure; to calculate; to compute",
	["箘"] = "bamboo shoots",
	["箙"] = "quiver",
	["箛"] = "(bamboo); trumpet for chariots",
	["箜"] = "ancient string music instrument",
	["箝"] = "pliers; pincers; to clamp",
	["箠"] = "flog; whip",
	["管"] = "to take care (of); to control; to manage; to be in charge of; to look after; to run; tube; pipe",
	["箬"] = "(bamboo); skin of bamboo",
	["箭"] = "arrow",
	["箯"] = "bamboo sedan chair",
	["箱"] = "box; trunk; chest",
	["箴"] = "warn",
	["箸"] = "chopsticks",
	["箾"] = "hit with a pole; pole dance",
	["節"] = "festival; section; segment; point; part; to economize; to save; temperate",
	["篁"] = "(bamboo); bamboo grove",
	["範"] = "model",
	["篆"] = "seal characters",
	["篇"] = "sheet; piece of writing; (a measure word); chapter; article",
	["篋"] = "portfolio; trunk",
	["篌"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["篔"] = "(bamboo)",
	["篘"] = "basket for straining; to strain",
	["篙"] = "pole for punting boats",
	["篚"] = "round covered basket",
	["篛"] = "cuticle of bamboo plant",
	["篜"] = "bamboo",
	["篝"] = "bamboo frame for drying clothes",
	["篟"] = "luxuriant growth of bamboo",
	["篠"] = "dwarf bamboo",
	["篡"] = "to seize; to usurp",
	["篢"] = "bamboo hat",
	["篤"] = "serious (illness); sincere; true",
	["篥"] = "bamboos good for poles; horn",
	["篦"] = "fine-toothed comb; to comb",
	["篧"] = "creel for trapping fish",
	["篨"] = "crude bamboo mat",
	["篩"] = "to filter; to sift; to sieve",
	["篪"] = "bamboo flute with 8 holes",
	["篰"] = "sieve-like utensil",
	["篲"] = "broom",
	["篳"] = "wicker",
	["篴"] = "flute",
	["篷"] = "sail",
	["篹"] = "compose; compile; food; delicacies",
	["篾"] = "bamboo splints for baskets",
	["簁"] = "sieve; to sift, to strain",
	["簃"] = "small house connected to large one",
	["簆"] = "healds of a loom",
	["簇"] = "crowded; frame work for silkworms; gather foliage; a measure word; bunch",
	["簋"] = "round basket of bamboo",
	["簌"] = "dense vegetation; sieve",
	["簍"] = "deep basket",
	["簏"] = "box; basket",
	["簑"] = "raincape made of grass",
	["簜"] = "(bamboo)",
	["簞"] = "round basket for cooked rice",
	["簟"] = "fine woven grass mat",
	["簠"] = "basket used in state worship",
	["簡"] = "simple",
	["簣"] = "basket for carrying soil",
	["簥"] = "large pipe",
	["簦"] = "large umbrella for stalls",
	["簧"] = "metallic reed; spring of lock",
	["簨"] = "cross-beam for hanging bells",
	["簪"] = "hairpin",
	["簫"] = "(flute); pan pipes; xiao - a vertical bamboo flute",
	["簬"] = "(bamboo)",
	["簰"] = "bamboo raft",
	["簷"] = "eaves",
	["簸"] = "dust pan; toss (as waves); to winnow",
	["簹"] = "(bamboo)",
	["簻"] = "big; hunger",
	["簽"] = "sign one's name",
	["簾"] = "curtain",
	["簿"] = "a book; a register; account-book",
	["籀"] = "''surname''; (writing); develop",
	["籃"] = "basket; goal",
	["籊"] = "long bamboo (for fishing rod)",
	["籌"] = "a tally; counter; ticket; plan; devise; manage",
	["籍"] = "record; register; native place",
	["籐"] = "rattan; cane",
	["籓"] = "big winnow basket",
	["籔"] = "basket for draining rice",
	["籙"] = "chart; list; memorandum",
	["籚"] = "basket made of rush; spear-shaft",
	["籛"] = "''surname''",
	["籜"] = "sheath around joints of bamboo",
	["籟"] = "music; musical pipe with 3 reeds",
	["籠"] = "basket; cage",
	["籣"] = "bow case; quiver",
	["籤"] = "a note; a stick; sign one's name",
	["籥"] = "flute; key",
	["籧"] = "crude bamboo mat",
	["籩"] = "basket for fruits",
	["籪"] = "bamboo fish trap",
	["籫"] = "bamboo utensil",
	["籬"] = "a fence",
	["籮"] = "basket",
	["籯"] = "slender basket for chopsticks",
	["籲"] = "implore",
	["米"] = "rice; meter",
	["籵"] = "dm",
	["籸"] = "residue from oil making",
	["籹"] = "cakes of rice-flour and honey",
	["籽"] = "seeds",
	["粁"] = "kilometer",
	["粉"] = "dust; powder",
	["粑"] = "tsamba (food in Tibet)",
	["粒"] = "a grain; a granule",
	["粔"] = "cakes made from rice flour twisted into rings",
	["粕"] = "grains in distilled liquor",
	["粗"] = "coarse; rough; thick; unfinished; vulgar; rude; crude",
	["粘"] = "to stick; paste; sticky",
	["粞"] = "ground rice; thresh rice",
	["粟"] = "grain; millet",
	["粢"] = "common millet",
	["粥"] = "congee; gruel; porridge",
	["粨"] = "hectometer",
	["粱"] = "millet",
	["粲"] = "beautiful; bright; splendid; smilingly",
	["粵"] = "Cantonese; Guangdong",
	["粹"] = "pure; unmixed; essence",
	["粺"] = "polished rice",
	["粻"] = "food; white cooked rice",
	["粼"] = "clear (as of water)",
	["粽"] = "rice dumplings wrapped in leaves",
	["精"] = "energy; perfect; excellent; refined; very; proficient",
	["粿"] = "cooked rice for making cake",
	["糅"] = "mix",
	["糈"] = "official pay; sacrificial rice",
	["糊"] = "paste; cream; muddled; scorched",
	["糒"] = "food for a journey; cakes",
	["糔"] = "to wash (rice; etc.)",
	["糕"] = "cake",
	["糖"] = "sugar; sweets; candy",
	["糗"] = "''surname''; dry provisions",
	["糙"] = "rough; coarse (in texture)",
	["糜"] = "dissolved; rice-gruel; wasted",
	["糝"] = "to mix (of powders)",
	["糞"] = "manure; dung",
	["糟"] = "alcohol dregs; to waste; decayed",
	["糠"] = "husk",
	["糢"] = "blurred",
	["糧"] = "grain; provisions",
	["糨"] = "starch; paste; to starch",
	["糯"] = "glutinous rice",
	["糰"] = "dumpling",
	["糱"] = "fermenting grain; yeast",
	["糲"] = "coarse (grain)",
	["糴"] = "buy up (grain)",
	["糶"] = "sell (grain from granary)",
	["糸"] = "fine silk",
	["系"] = "be; system; to tie; department; faculty",
	["糾"] = "gather together; to investigate; to entangle; correct",
	["紀"] = "discipline; age; era; period; order; record",
	["紂"] = "name of an emperor; saddle crupper",
	["紃"] = "bind; silkcords",
	["約"] = "appointment; agreement; to arrange; to restrict; approximately; weigh",
	["紅"] = "red; revolutionary; prosperity; bonus; popular",
	["紆"] = "''surname''; cord; twist",
	["紇"] = "tassels; knot",
	["紈"] = "white; white silk",
	["紉"] = "to string; to thread (needle)",
	["紊"] = "involved; tangled; disorder",
	["紋"] = "line; trace; mark",
	["納"] = "to accept; to pay (tax etc.)",
	["紐"] = "to turn; to wrench; button",
	["紑"] = "bright; glossy (of silk)",
	["紓"] = "slow; to free from",
	["純"] = "pure; simple; unmixed; genuine",
	["紕"] = "error; carelessness; spoiled silk",
	["紗"] = "cotton yarn; muslin",
	["紘"] = "cord for hat; vast",
	["紙"] = "paper",
	["級"] = "level; grade; rank; step",
	["紛"] = "numerous; disorderly",
	["紜"] = "numerous",
	["紝"] = "thread used for weaving",
	["紞"] = "silk fringe of a coronet",
	["紟"] = "a sash; to tie",
	["素"] = "plain; element",
	["紡"] = "spin",
	["索"] = "to search; to demand; to ask; to exact; large rope; isolated",
	["紩"] = "to stitch; mend",
	["紫"] = "purple; violet; imperial; palace",
	["紬"] = "silk",
	["紮"] = "tie with string or ribbon; bind with rope or cord; to stop",
	["累"] = "accumulate; implicate; tired; cumbersome",
	["細"] = "fine; minutely; thin; slender",
	["紱"] = "ribbon for a seal; sash",
	["紲"] = "leash; rein",
	["紳"] = "member of gentry",
	["紵"] = "Boehmeria nivea",
	["紹"] = "connect; to introduce",
	["紺"] = "violet or purple",
	["紼"] = "heavy rope; rope of a bier",
	["紽"] = "braid on a robe",
	["紾"] = "crooked; obstinate; twist a cord",
	["紿"] = "bind; pretend; to fool",
	["絀"] = "crimson silk; deficiency; to stitch",
	["絁"] = "rough, indelicate silk",
	["終"] = "end; finish",
	["絃"] = "string of mus. instr.",
	["組"] = "to form; compose; make up; group; to organize; cord",
	["絅"] = "monotone garment with no lining",
	["絆"] = "to trip; stumble; hinder",
	["絏"] = "leash; rein",
	["結"] = "knot; sturdy; to bear (fruit); bond; to tie; to bind",
	["絓"] = "anxious; coarse silk; fasten",
	["絕"] = "cut short; extinct; to disappear; to vanish; absolutely; by no means",
	["絖"] = "fine floss-silk or cotton",
	["絛"] = "braid; cord; sash",
	["絜"] = "marking line; pure; regulate; clean",
	["絞"] = "hang (a criminal); to turn; to twist; to wind",
	["絡"] = "net-like; small net",
	["絢"] = "adorned; swift",
	["給"] = "to supply; provide; to; for; for the benefit of; to give; to allow; to do sth (for sb); (passive particle)",
	["絨"] = "velvet; woolen",
	["絪"] = "generative force; magic emanation",
	["絮"] = "line with cotton wadding",
	["絰"] = "hempen cloth worn by mourner",
	["統"] = "to gather; to unite; to unify; whole",
	["絲"] = "silk; thread; trace",
	["絳"] = "purple-red",
	["絹"] = "thick but loosely woven silk",
	["絺"] = "fine fibers of hemp; linen",
	["絻"] = "cap",
	["絿"] = "urgent; pressing",
	["綀"] = "a kind of sackcloth",
	["綁"] = "to tie; bind or fasten together",
	["綃"] = "raw silk",
	["綅"] = "red silk crest of helmet",
	["綆"] = "rope; well-rope",
	["綈"] = "coarse greenish black pongee",
	["綌"] = "coarse hempen fabric",
	["綍"] = "heavy rope; ropes of a bier",
	["綎"] = "silk braided cord",
	["綏"] = "pacify",
	["綑"] = "a bunch; tie together",
	["經"] = "classics; sacred book; pass through; to undergo; scripture",
	["綖"] = "cap tassels",
	["綜"] = "to sum up",
	["綠"] = "green",
	["綢"] = "(light) silk",
	["綣"] = "bound in a league",
	["綦"] = "dark gray; superlative; variegated",
	["綪"] = "dark red color (of silk product)",
	["綬"] = "cord on a seal",
	["維"] = "to preserve; to maintain; to hold together; dimension",
	["綮"] = "embroidered banner",
	["綯"] = "bind; cord; twist",
	["綰"] = "bind up; string together",
	["綱"] = "head rope of a fishing net; guiding principle; key link; class (taxonomy); outline; program",
	["網"] = "net; network",
	["綴"] = "sew; stitch together; combine; link; connect",
	["綵"] = "colored; variegated",
	["綸"] = "classify; silk thread; twist silk",
	["綹"] = "skein; tuft; lock",
	["綺"] = "beautiful; open-work silk",
	["綻"] = "ripped seam",
	["綽"] = "generous; ample; wide; spacious; well-off; cook by scalding (see 焯)",
	["綾"] = "damask; thin silk",
	["綿"] = "cotton; incessant; soft; downy",
	["緁"] = "to join, to splice, to braid",
	["緄"] = "cord; embroidered sash; sew",
	["緅"] = "purple silk",
	["緇"] = "Buddhists; black silk; dark",
	["緊"] = "tight; nervous; strict",
	["緋"] = "dark red; purple silk",
	["緌"] = "strings of cap",
	["緎"] = "seam",
	["緒"] = "beginnings; clues; mental state; thread",
	["緗"] = "light yellow color",
	["緘"] = "letters; to close; seal",
	["緙"] = "to woof",
	["線"] = "thread; string; wire; line",
	["緝"] = "to stitch finely",
	["緞"] = "satin",
	["締"] = "closely joined; connection; knot",
	["緡"] = "cord; fishing-line; string of coins",
	["緣"] = "along; predestined affinity; reason; edge",
	["緦"] = "fine linen",
	["編"] = "weave; plait; organize; group; arrange; edit; compile; write; compose; fabricate",
	["緩"] = "slow; sluggish; gradual; to postpone",
	["緪"] = "a rope",
	["緬"] = "Burma; distant",
	["緯"] = "latitude",
	["緰"] = "net",
	["緱"] = "''surname''",
	["緲"] = "indistinct",
	["練"] = "to practice; to train; to perfect (one's skill); to drill",
	["緶"] = "braid",
	["緹"] = "orange red silk",
	["緻"] = "fine and close",
	["縃"] = "fine silk",
	["縈"] = "wind around",
	["縉"] = "red silk",
	["縊"] = "hang; strangle oneself",
	["縋"] = "let down with a rope",
	["縏"] = "small bag; sack",
	["縐"] = "crepe; wrinkle",
	["縑"] = "thick waterproof silk",
	["縕"] = "hemp; vague; mysterious; generative force; orange color",
	["縗"] = "mourning garments",
	["縚"] = "braid; cord; sash",
	["縛"] = "to bind; to tie",
	["縝"] = "fine and close",
	["縞"] = "plain white silk",
	["縟"] = "adorned; beautiful",
	["縠"] = "fine silk gauze",
	["縡"] = "matter, affair",
	["縢"] = "bind; cord; tie up",
	["縣"] = "a district; county",
	["縫"] = "crack; seam; to sew; to stitch",
	["縭"] = "bridal veil or kerchief",
	["縮"] = "to withdraw; to pull back; to contract; to shrink; to reduce",
	["縯"] = "long",
	["縰"] = "band for the hair",
	["縱"] = "even if; release; vertical",
	["縲"] = "bind; bond",
	["縳"] = "tie up",
	["縴"] = "boatman's tow-rope",
	["縵"] = "plain thin silk; slow; unadorned",
	["縶"] = "connect; tie up",
	["縷"] = "state in detail; strand; thread",
	["縹"] = "misty; indistinct",
	["縻"] = "tie up",
	["總"] = "always; to assemble; gather; total; overall; head; chief; general; in every case",
	["績"] = "merit; accomplishment",
	["縿"] = "fringe; ornament of banner",
	["繁"] = "complicated; many; in great numbers",
	["繃"] = "to have a taut face; to stretch; taut; to tie; to bind",
	["繄"] = "interj.; sighing sound",
	["繅"] = "reel silk from cocoons",
	["繆"] = "to wind round; ''surname''",
	["繇"] = "cause; means; interpretations of the trigrams; folk-song; forced labor",
	["繈"] = "cloth for carrying baby on back",
	["繐"] = "fine and loose cloth; tassel",
	["繒"] = "to tie; to bind; ''surname''; silk fabrics",
	["織"] = "weave",
	["繕"] = "make a fair copy of",
	["繖"] = "umbrella; parasol",
	["繘"] = "a well-rope",
	["繙"] = "translate",
	["繚"] = "lines for a sail; wind round",
	["繞"] = "go around; to wind (around)",
	["繠"] = "dangle; hang loosely",
	["繡"] = "to embroider",
	["繢"] = "multi-color; to draw",
	["繣"] = "obstinate; perverse",
	["繨"] = "a knot (of a rope)",
	["繩"] = "rope",
	["繪"] = "to draw; to paint",
	["繫"] = "connect; to tie",
	["繭"] = "cocoon",
	["繯"] = "bind; tie; noose",
	["繰"] = "to reel silk from cocoons",
	["繳"] = "hand in; hand over",
	["繸"] = "tassel",
	["繹"] = "continuous; explain; unravel",
	["繻"] = "fine silk",
	["繼"] = "to continue; to follow after; then; afterwards; to go on with; to succeed; to inherit",
	["繽"] = "helter-skelter; mixed colors; in confusion",
	["繾"] = "attached to; loving",
	["纁"] = "crimson",
	["纂"] = "compile",
	["纆"] = "bind; cord",
	["纇"] = "flaw; knot",
	["纈"] = "knot; tie a knot",
	["纊"] = "fine floss-silk or cotton",
	["續"] = "continue; replenish",
	["纍"] = "bind; creep; dispirited",
	["纏"] = "to bother; wind around; wrap round; coil; involve; annoy; tangle",
	["纑"] = "hempen thread; to dress hemp",
	["纓"] = "tassel of hat",
	["纔"] = "just; not until",
	["纕"] = "cord to hold up sleeves",
	["纖"] = "fine; delicate; minute",
	["纘"] = "carry on",
	["纙"] = "string on which coins are strung",
	["纚"] = "long; dangling; kerchief; rope",
	["纛"] = "big banner; feather banner or fan",
	["纜"] = "cable; hawser",
	["缶"] = "pottery",
	["缸"] = "jar; vat",
	["缺"] = "lack; scarce; vacant post; to run short of",
	["缽"] = "alms bowl; small earthenware basin",
	["缾"] = "vase; bottle; pitcher",
	["罃"] = "earthen jar with long neck",
	["罄"] = "entirely; exhausted; stern",
	["罅"] = "crack; grudge",
	["罈"] = "earthen jar",
	["罋"] = "earthen jar; urn",
	["罌"] = "earthen jar with small mouth",
	["罍"] = "jar; wooden drinking cup",
	["罏"] = "pile of earth to keep wine jars",
	["罐"] = "can; jar; pot",
	["网"] = "a net",
	["罔"] = "deceive; there is none",
	["罕"] = "rare",
	["罘"] = "net for catching the rabbit",
	["罛"] = "large fishing net",
	["罝"] = "net for catching rabbits",
	["罟"] = "implicate; net for birds or fish",
	["罠"] = "animal trap",
	["罡"] = "(stars)",
	["罣"] = "anxious about",
	["罥"] = "impete",
	["罦"] = "net for catching birds",
	["罨"] = "foment; valve",
	["罩"] = "cover; fish trap (basket); shade",
	["罪"] = "guilt; crime; fault; blame; sin",
	["罫"] = "squares of a chess board",
	["罭"] = "drag-net",
	["置"] = "to install; to place; to put",
	["罰"] = "to punish; to penalize",
	["署"] = "office; bureau",
	["罵"] = "scold; abuse",
	["罶"] = "creel; fish basket",
	["罷"] = "(final part.); to stop; cease; dismiss; suspend; to quit; to finish",
	["罹"] = "happen to; sorrow; suffer from",
	["罻"] = "bird net",
	["罽"] = "(fishing net); woolen rug",
	["罾"] = "large square net",
	["罿"] = "bird net",
	["羃"] = "cover of cloth for food; veil",
	["羅"] = "to collect; to gather; to catch; to shift; gauze",
	["羆"] = "(bear)",
	["羇"] = "inn; to lodge",
	["羈"] = "halter; restrain",
	["羊"] = "caprid",
	["羋"] = "''surname''",
	["羌"] = "educated; name of a tribe; strong",
	["美"] = "beautiful; beauty; America",
	["羑"] = "to lead",
	["羔"] = "lamb",
	["羖"] = "black ewe",
	["羚"] = "antelope",
	["羜"] = "five-month-old lamb",
	["羝"] = "billy goat; ram",
	["羞"] = "shy; ashamed; shame; bashful",
	["羢"] = "wool of sheep",
	["群"] = "crowd; flock; group",
	["羥"] = "hydroxyl (radical)",
	["羧"] = "(chem.) carboxyl (radical)",
	["羨"] = "to envy",
	["義"] = "justice; righteousness; meaning",
	["羭"] = "black ram",
	["羯"] = "castrated buck caprid",
	["羰"] = "carbonyl (radical)",
	["羱"] = "ovis ammon",
	["羲"] = "''surname''; name of an emperor",
	["羵"] = "spirit",
	["羶"] = "rank odor (of sheep or goats)",
	["羸"] = "entangled; lean",
	["羹"] = "soup",
	["羼"] = "confusion; sheep crowding",
	["羽"] = "feather",
	["羿"] = "name of a famous archer",
	["翀"] = "soar",
	["翁"] = "elderly person",
	["翃"] = "to swarm (of insects)",
	["翅"] = "wing",
	["翊"] = "assist; ready to fly; respect",
	["翌"] = "bright; tomorrow",
	["翎"] = "tail feathers",
	["翏"] = "the sound of the wind; to soar",
	["習"] = "to practice; to study; habit",
	["翔"] = "soar",
	["翕"] = "agree",
	["翛"] = "hastiness",
	["翟"] = "''surname''; long-tail pheasant",
	["翠"] = "bluish-green; green jade",
	["翡"] = "green jade; kingfisher",
	["翣"] = "wooden fan carried in procession",
	["翥"] = "soar",
	["翦"] = "cut with scissors; scissors",
	["翩"] = "fly fast",
	["翪"] = "uneven flight of a bird",
	["翫"] = "play with",
	["翬"] = "to fly; variegated pheasant",
	["翮"] = "quill",
	["翯"] = "glistening plumage of birds",
	["翰"] = "pen",
	["翱"] = "soar; hover",
	["翳"] = "feather screen; to screen; to shade",
	["翹"] = "outstanding; to raise",
	["翻"] = "flit about; translate; turn over",
	["翼"] = "wing",
	["翽"] = "noise of bird's wings",
	["翾"] = "flirtatious; short flight",
	["翿"] = "feather banner or fan",
	["耀"] = "brilliant; glorious",
	["老"] = "old; aged; venerable; outdated; experienced; (affectionate prefix)",
	["考"] = "to check; to verify; to test; to examine",
	["耄"] = "aged",
	["者"] = "-ist, -er (person); person (who does sth)",
	["耆"] = "man of sixty or seventy",
	["耇"] = "wrinkled face of the elderly",
	["耋"] = "aged; in one's eighties",
	["而"] = "and; as well as; but (not); yet (not); (shows causal relation); (shows change of state); (shows contrast)",
	["耍"] = "play with; to juggle",
	["耎"] = "pliable",
	["耏"] = "''surname''; beard",
	["耐"] = "to withstand; to bear",
	["耑"] = "concentrated; specialized",
	["耒"] = "plough",
	["耔"] = "hoe up soil around plants",
	["耕"] = "to plow; to till",
	["耗"] = "to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander; mouse; new",
	["耘"] = "to weed",
	["耙"] = "a rake; harrow",
	["耜"] = "plough; ploughshare",
	["耞"] = "flail",
	["耡"] = "hoe",
	["耤"] = "plough",
	["耦"] = "pair; mate; ploughshare",
	["耨"] = "hoe",
	["耩"] = "to plough; to sow",
	["耪"] = "to weed",
	["耬"] = "drill for sowing grain",
	["耰"] = "harrow",
	["耳"] = "ear",
	["耶"] = "(final part.); (phonetic)",
	["耷"] = "big ear; to droop",
	["耽"] = "indulge; delay",
	["耿"] = "bright",
	["聃"] = "ears without rim",
	["聆"] = "to listen",
	["聊"] = "to chat; to have a chat; to kill time",
	["聖"] = "holy; sacred; saint; sage",
	["聘"] = "betrothed; engage (teacher); hire",
	["聚"] = "form gathering; gather",
	["聝"] = "cut off the left ear of the slain",
	["聞"] = "hear; news; celebrated; sniff at",
	["聯"] = "to ally; to unite; to join",
	["聰"] = "quick at hearing; wise; clever; sharp-witted; intelligent; acute",
	["聱"] = "difficult to pronounce",
	["聲"] = "sound; voice; (a measure word, used for sounds); tone; noise",
	["聳"] = "excite; raise up; to shrug; high; lofty; towering",
	["聵"] = "born deaf; deaf",
	["聶"] = "''surname''; whisper",
	["職"] = "office; duty",
	["聹"] = "earwax",
	["聽"] = "let; allow; listen; hear; obey",
	["聾"] = "deaf",
	["聿"] = "introductory part.; pen",
	["肄"] = "descendants; distress; practice",
	["肅"] = "Gansu; respectful",
	["肆"] = "four (fraud-proof); market",
	["肇"] = "at first; devise; originate",
	["肉"] = "meat; flesh",
	["肋"] = "rib",
	["肌"] = "flesh; muscle",
	["肏"] = "to fuck",
	["肐"] = "armpit, arms",
	["肓"] = "region between heart and diaphragm",
	["肕"] = "tough, strong, hard",
	["肖"] = "similar; resembling; to resemble; to be like",
	["肘"] = "elbow; pork shoulder",
	["肙"] = "a small worm; to twist; to surround; empty",
	["肚"] = "belly; tripe",
	["肛"] = "anus",
	["肜"] = "''surname''",
	["肝"] = "liver",
	["股"] = "share; portion; section; part; thigh; (a measure word, e.g. use with electric current); whiff",
	["肢"] = "limb",
	["肥"] = "fat; fertile; loose-fitting",
	["肩"] = "shoulder",
	["肪"] = "animal fat",
	["肫"] = "gizzard",
	["肮"] = "filthy",
	["肯"] = "to agree; to consent; to be ready (to do sth); willing",
	["肱"] = "brachium; humerus",
	["育"] = "nourish; to rear",
	["肴"] = "meat dishes",
	["肵"] = "table",
	["肸"] = "giggle; scatter",
	["肺"] = "lung",
	["肼"] = "hydrazine",
	["肽"] = "peptide",
	["胂"] = "arsine",
	["胃"] = "stomach",
	["胄"] = "descendants",
	["胊"] = "yoke",
	["背"] = "learn by heart; the back of the body; to be burdened; to carry on the back or shoulder",
	["胍"] = "guanidine",
	["胎"] = "fetus; litter",
	["胏"] = "dried meat with bone",
	["胑"] = "wings of birds; legs of animals",
	["胔"] = "rotten meat; bones of dead animal",
	["胖"] = "fat; plump",
	["胗"] = "gizzard",
	["胙"] = "confer upon; sacrificial flesh",
	["胚"] = "fetus",
	["胛"] = "shoulder blade",
	["胜"] = "peptide",
	["胝"] = "callous",
	["胞"] = "the placenta; womb",
	["胠"] = "flank of animal; open",
	["胡"] = "barbarian; recklessly; ''surname''",
	["胤"] = "heir; inherit",
	["胥"] = "all; assist; to store",
	["胦"] = "the navel",
	["胭"] = "rouge",
	["胯"] = "thigh; leg",
	["胰"] = "pancreas; soap",
	["胱"] = "bladder",
	["胲"] = "hydroxylamine",
	["胳"] = "armpit",
	["胴"] = "large intestine; torso",
	["胸"] = "chest; bosom; heart; mind; thorax",
	["胹"] = "to boil",
	["胺"] = "amine",
	["胼"] = "callous on hand or foot",
	["能"] = "ability; can; may; capable; energy; able",
	["胾"] = "cut meat into pieces; diced meat",
	["脂"] = "fat",
	["脅"] = "side of body; threaten",
	["脆"] = "brittle; fragile; crisp; clear and loud voice; neat",
	["脈"] = "mountain range; pulse",
	["脊"] = "spine; back; ridge",
	["脖"] = "neck",
	["脘"] = "internal cavity of stomach",
	["脛"] = "lower part of leg",
	["脝"] = "fat; bloated",
	["脞"] = "chopped meat; trifles",
	["脡"] = "brisket meat; straight",
	["脢"] = "meat on the back of an animal",
	["脣"] = "lip",
	["脤"] = "sacrificial meat (raw)",
	["脥"] = "pelvic cavity; lower abdomen",
	["脧"] = "fleece; extort; reduce",
	["脩"] = "cultivate; repair; teacher's pay",
	["脫"] = "to shed; to take off; to escape; to get away from",
	["脬"] = "bladder",
	["脯"] = "chest (thorax); candied fruit",
	["脰"] = "neck; throat",
	["脹"] = "dropsical; swollen; to swell; to be bloated",
	["脾"] = "spleen",
	["腆"] = "make strong (as liquors); virtuous",
	["腊"] = "preserved (meat)",
	["腋"] = "armpit",
	["腌"] = "to salt; pickle",
	["腍"] = "be satiated; cooked; good-tasting",
	["腎"] = "kidney",
	["腐"] = "decay; rotten",
	["腑"] = "internal organs",
	["腒"] = "dried poultry",
	["腓"] = "calf of leg; decay; protect",
	["腔"] = "cavity of body; tune",
	["腕"] = "wrist",
	["腜"] = "quickening of the fetus",
	["腠"] = "the tissue between the skin and the flesh",
	["腥"] = "fishy (smell)",
	["腦"] = "brain",
	["腫"] = "swollen",
	["腮"] = "gills; lower part of cheeks",
	["腯"] = "fat (of pigs)",
	["腰"] = "waist; lower back; pocket; middle",
	["腱"] = "gristle",
	["腳"] = "role; foot; base",
	["腴"] = "fat on belly; fertile; rich",
	["腶"] = "dried meat",
	["腸"] = "intestines",
	["腹"] = "abdomen; stomach; belly",
	["腺"] = "gland",
	["腿"] = "leg",
	["膀"] = "to flirt; puffed (swollen); bladder; upper arm; wing",
	["膂"] = "backbone; strength",
	["膆"] = "crop of a bird; fat",
	["膇"] = "swelling of foot",
	["膈"] = "diaphragm",
	["膊"] = "shoulder; upper arm",
	["膋"] = "fat on intestines",
	["膏"] = "ointment; paste",
	["膕"] = "hollow",
	["膗"] = "ugly and fat; too fat to move",
	["膘"] = "fat of a stock animal",
	["膙"] = "callous",
	["膚"] = "skin",
	["膛"] = "chest (of body); hollow space; throat",
	["膜"] = "membrane; film; to prostrate",
	["膝"] = "knee",
	["膟"] = "sacrificial flesh",
	["膠"] = "glue; gum",
	["膣"] = "vagina",
	["膦"] = "phosphine",
	["膨"] = "swollen",
	["膩"] = "greasy; tired of",
	["膰"] = "cooked meat used in sacrifice",
	["膲"] = "the three divisions of the viscera (med.)",
	["膳"] = "meals",
	["膴"] = "big piece of meat; dried meat",
	["膵"] = "pancreas",
	["膷"] = "hashed beef; soup",
	["膺"] = "breast; receive",
	["膻"] = "rank odor (of sheep or goats)",
	["膽"] = "the gall; the nerve; courage; guts; gall bladder",
	["膾"] = "minced fish or meat",
	["膿"] = "pus",
	["臀"] = "butt; buttocks",
	["臂"] = "arm",
	["臃"] = "swell up; swelling; fat",
	["臄"] = "palate; sausage",
	["臆"] = "feelings; opinion; thoughts",
	["臇"] = "fat, rich; a stew of fish",
	["臉"] = "face",
	["臊"] = "bashfulness; smell of urine",
	["臌"] = "dropsical; swollen",
	["臍"] = "navel",
	["臏"] = "kneecap; patella",
	["臐"] = "lamb soup",
	["臑"] = "soft",
	["臕"] = "fat; gross, sleek",
	["臘"] = "12th month of Chinese calendar; preserved (meat)",
	["臙"] = "rouge",
	["臚"] = "belly; skin; to state",
	["臛"] = "meat broth",
	["臝"] = "naked",
	["臟"] = "viscera",
	["臠"] = "skinny; sliced meat",
	["臣"] = "statesman; vassal; courtier; minister; official",
	["臥"] = "to lie; to crouch",
	["臧"] = "''surname''; good; lucky",
	["臨"] = "to face; to overlook; to arrive; to be (just) about to; just before",
	["自"] = "from; self; oneself; since",
	["臬"] = "provincial judge",
	["臭"] = "sense of smell; smell bad; stench; stink; smelly; to smell (bad)",
	["臲"] = "tottering; unsteady",
	["至"] = "arrive; most; to; until",
	["致"] = "to send; to devote; to deliver; to cause; to convey",
	["臺"] = "(measure word); platform; stage; terrace; stand; support; desk; station; broadcasting station",
	["臻"] = "to reach; utmost",
	["臼"] = "mortar",
	["臾"] = "''surname''; a moment; little while",
	["臿"] = "to separate the grain from the husk",
	["舀"] = "to scoop",
	["舁"] = "to lift; raise",
	["舂"] = "to pound (grain); beat",
	["舄"] = "shoe; slipper",
	["舅"] = "maternal uncle",
	["與"] = "and; to give; together with; take part in; (interrog. part.)",
	["興"] = "interest; flourish; it is the fashion to; to become popular",
	["舉"] = "to lift; to hold up; to cite; to enumerate; to act; to raise; to choose; to elect",
	["舊"] = "old (opposite of new); former",
	["舋"] = "offer blood in sacrifice",
	["舌"] = "tongue",
	["舍"] = "residence",
	["舐"] = "to lick; lap",
	["舒"] = "relax; stretch; slow",
	["舔"] = "to lick; to lap",
	["舖"] = "a store",
	["舛"] = "mistaken; erroneous; contradictory",
	["舜"] = "name of an emperor",
	["舞"] = "to dance; to wield; to brandish",
	["舟"] = "boat",
	["舠"] = "kayak",
	["舡"] = "boat; ship",
	["航"] = "boat; ship; vessel; craft; to navigate; to sail",
	["舫"] = "2 boats lashed together; large boat",
	["般"] = "sort; kind; class; way; manner",
	["舲"] = "small boat with windows",
	["舳"] = "poopdeck; stern of boat",
	["舵"] = "helm; rudder",
	["舶"] = "sea-going vessels; ship",
	["舷"] = "sides of boat",
	["舸"] = "barge",
	["船"] = "a boat; vessel; ship",
	["舺"] = "(boat)",
	["艄"] = "stern of boat",
	["艅"] = "a despatch boat",
	["艇"] = "small boat",
	["艎"] = "fast-sailing boat",
	["艑"] = "skiff",
	["艕"] = "two boats fastened side by side",
	["艖"] = "raft; boat",
	["艗"] = "bow of a Chinese boat",
	["艘"] = "measure word for boats and ships (mainland pronunciation); measure word for warships (Taiwan pronunciation)",
	["艙"] = "cabin; the hold of a ship or airplane",
	["艚"] = "sea-going junk",
	["艜"] = "a long narrow vessel with two masts",
	["艣"] = "sculling oar",
	["艤"] = "moor a boat to the bank",
	["艦"] = "warship",
	["艨"] = "war-boat",
	["艩"] = "tholepin",
	["艫"] = "bow of ship",
	["艬"] = "large ship",
	["艭"] = "boat",
	["艮"] = "blunt; tough; chewy; one of the eight diagrams; ''surname''",
	["良"] = "good; very; very much",
	["艱"] = "difficult; hard; hardship",
	["色"] = "color; dice; look; appearance",
	["艴"] = "angry",
	["艷"] = "glamorous",
	["艸"] = "grass",
	["艾"] = "''[[Artemisia vulgaris]]''; [[Chinese mugwort]]",
	["芃"] = "luxuriant growth",
	["芄"] = "{{taxlink|Metaplexis stauntoni|species|ver=191212}}",
	["芊"] = "green; luxuriant growth",
	["芋"] = "''[[Colocasia antiquorum]]''",
	["芍"] = "{{taxlink|Paeonia albiflora|species|ver=191212}}",
	["芑"] = "''[[Panicum miliaceum]]''",
	["芒"] = "''[[Miscanthus sinensis]]''",
	["芔"] = "a general term for plants",
	["芘"] = "{{taxlink|Malva sylvestris|species|ver=191212}}",
	["芚"] = "green sprout; foolish",
	["芝"] = "{{taxlink|Zoysia pungens|species|ver=191212}}",
	["芟"] = "cut down; mow; scythe",
	["芡"] = "{{taxlink|Euryale ferox|species|ver=190423}}",
	["芣"] = "(plantain)",
	["芤"] = "hollow; scallion stalk",
	["芥"] = "''[[Brassica juncea]]''",
	["芧"] = "{{taxlink|Scirpus maritimus|species|ver=190423}}; small chestnut",
	["芨"] = "{{taxlink|Bletilla striata|species|ver=190423}} (mucilaginous); Acronym for the Chinese Elder tree 菫草",
	["芩"] = "{{taxlink|Phragmites japonicus|species|ver=190423}}",
	["芫"] = "''[[Daphne genkwa]]''",
	["芬"] = "fragrant",
	["芭"] = "a kind of fragrant grass",
	["芮"] = "''surname''; small",
	["芯"] = "lamp pith; core",
	["芰"] = "{{taxlink|Trapa natans|species|ver=190423}}; [[water caltrop]]",
	["花"] = "flower; blossom; to spend; fancy pattern",
	["芳"] = "fragrant",
	["芴"] = "fluorine",
	["芷"] = "angelica (type of iris; plant root used for medicine)",
	["芸"] = "''[[Ruta graveolens]]''",
	["芹"] = "[[Chinese celery]]",
	["芻"] = "''surname''; cut grass; hay; straw; fodder",
	["芼"] = "select; vegetables",
	["芽"] = "bud; sprout",
	["芾"] = "luxuriance of vegetation; small",
	["苑"] = "park",
	["苒"] = "luxuriant growth; passing (of time)",
	["苓"] = "fungus; tuber",
	["苔"] = "moss; coating (of tongue)",
	["苕"] = "{{vern|Chinese trumpet vine}}",
	["苗"] = "sprout; seedling; descendant; symptom of a trend; young; vaccine; Miao tribe",
	["苙"] = "(herb); pigsty",
	["苛"] = "severe; exacting",
	["苞"] = "flower calyx; luxuriant; profuse",
	["苟"] = "if indeed; thoughtless",
	["苠"] = "multitude; skin of bamboo",
	["苡"] = "[[Job's tears]]",
	["苣"] = "lettuce",
	["若"] = "to seem; like; as; if",
	["苦"] = "bitter; intensely; miserable; painful",
	["苧"] = "[[ramie]] (''[[Boehmeria nivea]]'')",
	["苪"] = "bright; shining, splendid",
	["苫"] = "straw mat; thatch",
	["苯"] = "benzene",
	["英"] = "flower; hero; brave; outstanding; (abbrev) Britain; English",
	["苳"] = "{{taxlink|Petasites japonicus|species|ver=190423}}",
	["苴"] = "(hemp); ''surname''; sack cloth",
	["苶"] = "weary; tired",
	["苹"] = "(artemisia); duckweed",
	["苺"] = "(wild rose)",
	["苻"] = "{{taxlink|Angelica anomala|species|ver=190423}}",
	["苾"] = "(phonetic); fragrant",
	["茀"] = "luxuriant growth",
	["茁"] = "increase; sprout",
	["茂"] = "luxuriant",
	["范"] = "pattern; model; example; ''surname''",
	["茄"] = "eggplant",
	["茅"] = "thatch",
	["茇"] = "betel",
	["茈"] = "{{taxlink|Lithospermum officinale|species|ver=190423}}; water chestnut",
	["茌"] = "name of a district in Shandong",
	["茍"] = "if indeed; thoughtless",
	["茖"] = "{{taxlink|Allium victorialis|species|ver=190423}}",
	["茗"] = "''[[Camellia sinensis]]''; young leaves of tea",
	["茛"] = "[[wolfsbane]]",
	["茜"] = "[[common madder]] (''[[Rubia cordifolia]]'')",
	["茞"] = "fragrant plant; angelica",
	["茠"] = "to weed; to eradicate",
	["茢"] = "rushes; sedges",
	["茥"] = "{{taxlink|Rubus coreanus|species|ver=190423}}",
	["茦"] = "pointed grass blade; to prick",
	["茨"] = "''[[Tribulus terrestris]]''; thatched hut",
	["茫"] = "vague; vast",
	["茬"] = "grain stumps; crop",
	["茭"] = "wild rice ({{taxlink|Zizania aquatica|species|ver=190423}}; {{taxlink|Oenanthe javanica|species|ver=190423}}",
	["茱"] = "Cornelian cherry",
	["茲"] = "herewith",
	["茳"] = "Shichito matgrass ({{taxlink|Cyperus malaccensis|species}})",
	["茴"] = "fennel",
	["茵"] = "{{taxlink|Skimmia japonica|species|ver=190423}}; cushion",
	["茶"] = "tea; tea plant",
	["茷"] = "denseness of grass-foliage",
	["茸"] = "confused; fluffy; luxuriant growth",
	["茹"] = "eat; [[rubicene]] (chemistry)",
	["荀"] = "''surname''",
	["荁"] = "(vegetable); {{taxlink|Viola vaginata|species|ver=190423}}",
	["荃"] = "(fragrant plant)",
	["荄"] = "roots of plant",
	["荅"] = "to answer; agree",
	["荇"] = "{{taxlink|Limnanthemum nymphoides|species|ver=190423}}",
	["荈"] = "{{taxlink|Thea sinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["草"] = "grass; straw; draft (of a document); careless; rough; manuscript; hasty",
	["荊"] = "thorns; brambles",
	["荍"] = "buckwheat; herbal medicine",
	["荏"] = "{{taxlink|Perilla ocimoides|species|ver=190423}}; soft",
	["荐"] = "recommend (a person)",
	["荑"] = "to weed; (grass)",
	["荒"] = "out of practice; uncultivated",
	["荳"] = "bean; peas",
	["荵"] = "[[polemonium]]",
	["荷"] = "peppermint; to carry burden; lotus",
	["荻"] = "{{taxlink|Anaphalis yedoensis|species|ver=190423}}",
	["荼"] = "''[[Sonchus oleraceus]]''",
	["莆"] = "place name",
	["莊"] = "farm; village",
	["莎"] = "(grass); ''[[Cyperus rotundus]]''; (insect); (phonetic)",
	["莒"] = "(fibrous plant)",
	["莓"] = "berry",
	["莔"] = "{{taxlink|Fritillaria verticillata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["莕"] = "{{taxlink|Nymphoides peltatum|species|ver=191212}}",
	["莖"] = "stalk; stem",
	["莘"] = "{{taxlink|Asarum sieboldi|species|ver=191212}}; long; numerous",
	["莙"] = "species of water plant",
	["莚"] = "bamboo mat; feast, banquet",
	["莛"] = "stalk of grass",
	["莝"] = "to chop straw fine for animals",
	["莞"] = "(district); smile; tabernaemontanus [[bulrush]]; ''surname''",
	["莠"] = "''[[Setaria viridis]]''; vicious",
	["莢"] = "pod",
	["莦"] = "jungle grass; lair",
	["莧"] = "{{taxlink|Amarantus mangostanus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["莨"] = "{{taxlink|Scopalia japonica|species|ver=191212}} maxin",
	["莩"] = "die of starvation; [[pellicle]] of culms",
	["莪"] = "[[zedoary]]",
	["莫"] = "do not; there is none who",
	["莰"] = "[[camphane]]",
	["莽"] = "{{taxlink|Illicium anisatum|species|ver=191212}}; rude",
	["莿"] = "{{taxlink|Urtica thunbergiana|species|ver=191212}}",
	["菀"] = "luxuriance of growth",
	["菁"] = "flower of leek",
	["菅"] = "(grass); {{taxlink|Themeda forsbali|species|ver=191212}}",
	["菆"] = "arrow; weeds",
	["菇"] = "mushroom",
	["菉"] = "{{taxlink|Arthraxon|genus|ver=191212}} ciliare; green; rhodacene",
	["菊"] = "chrysanthemum",
	["菌"] = "bacteria; mold; mushroom; germ",
	["菎"] = "beautiful jade; bamboo",
	["菑"] = "''surname''; one-year-old field",
	["菔"] = "turnip",
	["菖"] = "calamus",
	["菘"] = "(cabbage); {{taxlink|Brassica chinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["菜"] = "dish (type of food); vegetables",
	["菟"] = "dodder; cuscuta",
	["菢"] = "hatch",
	["菣"] = "{{taxlink|Artemisia carvifolia|species|ver=191212}}",
	["菧"] = "stibene",
	["菩"] = "Bodhisattva",
	["菫"] = "the hidden violet ({{taxlink|Viola verecunda|species|ver=191212}})",
	["華"] = "flowery; flourishing; magnificent; your; grey; corona; time; essence; China; Chinese; name of a mountain",
	["菰"] = "[[Manchurian wild rice]] (''[[Zizania latifolia]]''); mushroom",
	["菱"] = "{{taxlink|Trapa natans|species|ver=191212}}; water caltrop",
	["菲"] = "rich; luxurious; phenanthrene (chemical); Philippines (abbrev.)",
	["菴"] = "small Buddhist temple",
	["菶"] = "expand; thick weeds",
	["菸"] = "cigarette; tobacco",
	["菺"] = "{{taxlink|Althaea rosea|species|ver=191212}}",
	["菻"] = "ancient name for east Roman empire",
	["菼"] = "''[[Miscanthus sacchariflorus]]''",
	["菾"] = "sugar beet",
	["萁"] = "stalks of pulse",
	["萃"] = "collect; collection; dense; grassy; thick; assemble; gather",
	["萆"] = "castor seed",
	["萇"] = "carambola",
	["萊"] = "''[[Chenopodium album]]''",
	["萋"] = "luxuriant",
	["萌"] = "(arch.) people; sprout; (neol.) moe, cute",
	["萍"] = "duckweed",
	["萎"] = "wither; spiritless; withered",
	["萐"] = "(auspicious herb)",
	["萑"] = "(reeds)",
	["萘"] = "naphthalene",
	["萩"] = "{{taxlink|Lespedeza bicolor|species|ver=191212}}",
	["萬"] = "ten thousand; a great number; ''surname''",
	["萱"] = "{{taxlink|Hemerocallis flava|species|ver=191212}}",
	["萴"] = "(medicinal herb)",
	["萵"] = "(lettuce); ''[[Lactuca sativa]]''",
	["萹"] = "''[[Polygonum aviculare]]''",
	["萻"] = "small Buddhist temple",
	["萼"] = "stem and calyx of flower",
	["落"] = "to fall; to drop (behind); leave behind",
	["葄"] = "straw cushion; pillow",
	["葆"] = "dense foliage; to cover",
	["葇"] = "{{taxlink|Elsholtzia patrinii|species|ver=191212}}",
	["葉"] = "leaf; page",
	["葍"] = "weeds",
	["葎"] = "{{taxlink|Humulus japonicus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["葑"] = "turnip",
	["葒"] = "herb",
	["著"] = "''particle indicating the successful result of a verb''; to touch; to come in contact with; to feel; to be affected by; to catch fire; to fall asleep; to burn; particle attached after verb to indicate action in progress, like -ing ending; to make known; to show; to prove; to write; book; outstanding; to wear (clothes); to contact; to use; to apply; catch; receive; suffer",
	["葙"] = "{{taxlink|Celosia argentea|species|ver=191212}}",
	["葚"] = "fruit of mulberry",
	["葛"] = "coarse grass linen",
	["葠"] = "ginseng",
	["葡"] = "Portugal", -- only sense if used alone
	["董"] = "supervise; to direct; director",
	["葥"] = "{{taxlink|Rubus palmatus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["葦"] = "reed; rush; ''[[Phragmites communis]]''",
	["葩"] = "corolla of flower",
	["葫"] = "",
	["葬"] = "bury (the dead)",
	["葭"] = "reed; ''[[Phragmites communis]]''",
	["葯"] = "medicine; drug",
	["葳"] = "luxuriant",
	["葴"] = "''[[Physalis alkekengi]]''",
	["葵"] = "sunflower",
	["葶"] = "{{taxlink|Draba nemerosa|species|ver=191212}} bebe carpa",
	["葷"] = "meat dish",
	["葸"] = "feel insecure; unhappy",
	["葹"] = "{{taxlink|Xanthium strumarium|species|ver=191212}}",
	["葺"] = "to repair",
	["葽"] = "{{taxlink|Polygala japonica|species|ver=191212}}; lush (grass)",
	["蒂"] = "stem (of fruit)",
	["蒎"] = "pinane",
	["蒐"] = "search out (as data)",
	["蒔"] = "to transplant (to uproot and replant in a different location); to plant",
	["蒗"] = "(herb); place name",
	["蒙"] = "Mongolia; cover",
	["蒜"] = "garlic",
	["蒞"] = "attend (official functions)",
	["蒟"] = "betel",
	["蒢"] = "hedysarum",
	["蒨"] = "luxuriant growth",
	["蒯"] = "a rush; {{taxlink|Scirpus cyperinus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蒱"] = "gambling-game; sedges",
	["蒲"] = "calamus",
	["蒴"] = "pod; capsule",
	["蒸"] = "to steam",
	["蒹"] = "reed",
	["蒺"] = "''[[Tribulus terrestris]]''",
	["蒻"] = "",
	["蒼"] = "dark blue; fly; musca; deep green",
	["蒽"] = "anthracene",
	["蒿"] = "wormwood",
	["蓀"] = "fragrant grass",
	["蓁"] = "abundant, luxuriant vegetation",
	["蓂"] = "lucky place",
	["蓄"] = "to store",
	["蓆"] = "woven mat",
	["蓉"] = "",
	["蓊"] = "a plant in bloom; thick",
	["蓋"] = "cover; lid; top; canopy; to build",
	["蓌"] = "to squat (in salutation)",
	["蓍"] = "{{taxlink|Achillea sibirica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蓏"] = "fruit of plants (not of trees)",
	["蓐"] = "mat; rushes",
	["蓑"] = "rain coat made of straw, etc.",
	["蓓"] = "(flower) bud",
	["蓖"] = "the castor-oil plant",
	["蓧"] = "bamboo basket",
	["蓪"] = "{{taxlink|Aralia papyrifera|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蓫"] = "(weed); {{taxlink|Phytolacca acinosa|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蓬"] = "(grass); disheveled",
	["蓮"] = "lotus",
	["蓰"] = "(grass); increase five fold",
	["蓴"] = "{{taxlink|Brasenia purpurea|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蓷"] = "{{taxlink|Leonurus macranthus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蓺"] = "skill; art",
	["蓼"] = "luxuriant growth; polygonum; smartweed",
	["蓽"] = "bean; pulse",
	["蔀"] = "cycle of 76 years; shade",
	["蔂"] = "basket for carrying earth",
	["蔆"] = "{{taxlink|Trapa natans|species|ver=191212}}; water caltrop",
	["蔇"] = "luxuriant growth; extreme; reach",
	["蔉"] = "to bank up the roots of plants",
	["蔊"] = "{{taxlink|Nasturtium montanum|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蔋"] = "dry; scorched",
	["蔌"] = "''surname''; vegetables",
	["蔎"] = "{{taxlink|Thea sinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蔑"] = "belittle; nothing",
	["蔓"] = "creeper; to spread; {{taxlink|Brassica campestris|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蔔"] = "turnip",
	["蔕"] = "stem (of fruit)",
	["蔗"] = "sugar cane",
	["蔘"] = "ginsen; huge",
	["蔙"] = "(herb)",
	["蔚"] = "''surname''; place name; {{taxlink|Artemisia japonica|species|ver=191212}}; luxuriant",
	["蔞"] = "{{taxlink|Arthemisia vulgaris|species|ver=191212}}; ''[[Piper betle]]''",
	["蔟"] = "collect; frame for silk worm; nest",
	["蔡"] = "''surname''",
	["蔣"] = "''surname''",
	["蔥"] = "scallion; green onion",
	["蔦"] = "[[Grossulariaceae]]",
	["蔫"] = "fade; wither",
	["蔬"] = "vegetables",
	["蔭"] = "shade",
	["蔯"] = "a variety of artemisia",
	["蔽"] = "to cover; to shield; to screen; to conceal",
	["蔾"] = "[[Chenopodiaceae]]",
	["蕃"] = "flourishing; to reproduce",
	["蕆"] = "complete; prepare",
	["蕈"] = "mold; mushroom",
	["蕉"] = "banana",
	["蕊"] = "stamen; pistil",
	["蕍"] = "{{taxlink|Alisma plantago|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蕎"] = "buckwheat",
	["蕑"] = "''surname''; {{taxlink|Eupatorium chinense|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蕓"] = "celza",
	["蕕"] = "{{taxlink|Caryopteris divaricata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蕖"] = "lotus",
	["蕗"] = "leucacene",
	["蕘"] = "fuel; grass",
	["蕙"] = "{{taxlink|Coumarouna odorata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蕝"] = "coarse grass used to show rank",
	["蕞"] = "assemble; small",
	["蕡"] = "hemp seeds; luxurious; abundant",
	["蕢"] = "''surname''; {{taxlink|Amaranthus mangostanus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蕣"] = "''[[Hibiscus syriacus]]''",
	["蕤"] = "fringe; overladen with flowers",
	["蕨"] = "{{taxlink|Pteridium aquilinum|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蕩"] = "a pond; pool; wash; squander; sweep away; move; shake; dissolute",
	["蕪"] = "overgrown with weeds",
	["蕭"] = "mournful",
	["蕸"] = "water-lily leaves",
	["蕺"] = "''[[Houttuynia cordata]]''",
	["蕻"] = "budding; flourishing",
	["蕾"] = "bud",
	["薀"] = "hippuris or mare's tail",
	["薁"] = "{{taxlink|Prunus japonica|species|ver=191212}}",
	["薃"] = "{{taxlink|Cyperus amuricus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["薄"] = "thin; slight; meagre; small; ungenerous; unkind; mean; frivolous; despise; belittle; to approach; to go near; peppermint",
	["薅"] = "pull out (weed)",
	["薆"] = "to cover; to hide; to conceal",
	["薈"] = "flourish",
	["薉"] = "weedy",
	["薊"] = "''[[Cirsium]]''; thistle",
	["薌"] = "(Fujian drama)",
	["薏"] = "germ of the lotus seed",
	["薑"] = "ginger",
	["薔"] = "wild rose",
	["薖"] = "big; hungry-looking",
	["薘"] = "''[[Plantago major]]''",
	["薙"] = "shave; to weed",
	["薛"] = "''surname''; wormwood",
	["薜"] = "{{taxlink|Ficus pumila|species|ver=191212}}",
	["薢"] = "woody climbing plant",
	["薤"] = "{{taxlink|Allium bakeri|species|ver=191212}}; shallot; scallion",
	["薦"] = "to recommend; to offer sacrifice; straw (mat); repeatedly",
	["薧"] = "dried food",
	["薨"] = "death of a prince; swarming",
	["薩"] = "''surname''; Bodhisattva",
	["薪"] = "fuel; salary",
	["薯"] = "potato; yam",
	["薰"] = "{{taxlink|Coumarouna odorata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["薳"] = "(grass); ''surname''",
	["薶"] = "to bury; to stop up; dirty, filthy",
	["薷"] = "{{taxlink|Elshotria paltrini|species|ver=191212}}",
	["薸"] = "[[duckweed]]",
	["薹"] = "{{taxlink|Carex dispalatha|species|ver=191212}}",
	["薺"] = "''[[Capsella bursa-pastoris]]''",
	["薽"] = "(grass); (orchid)",
	["薾"] = "luxuriant growth of flower",
	["薿"] = "luxuriant (of plants)",
	["藄"] = "(fern)",
	["藇"] = "''surname''; beautiful",
	["藉"] = "by means of; in disorder",
	["藋"] = "[[Chinese elder]]",
	["藍"] = "blue; [[w:true indigo|indigo plant]]; ''surname''",
	["藎"] = "''[[Arthraxon hispidus]]''; loyal",
	["藏"] = "storehouse; depository; Buddhist or Taoist scripture; Zang; Tibet; to hide away; to conceal; to harbor; store; accumulate",
	["藐"] = "despise; small",
	["藕"] = "root of lotus",
	["藘"] = "madder",
	["藙"] = "{{taxlink|Zanthoxylum ailanthoides|species|ver=191212}}",
	["藚"] = "{{taxlink|Alisma plantago|species|ver=191212}}",
	["藜"] = "''[[Chenopodium album]]''",
	["藝"] = "skill; art",
	["藟"] = "bud; creeper; bramble",
	["藤"] = "rattan; cane",
	["藥"] = "medicine; drug; cure",
	["藦"] = "{{taxlink|Metaplexis stauntoni|species|ver=191212}}",
	["藨"] = "kind of raspberry",
	["藪"] = "marsh; place of concourse",
	["藶"] = "{{taxlink|Draba nemerosa vsr. hebecarpa|variety|ver=191212}}",
	["藷"] = "potato; yam",
	["藹"] = "friendly",
	["藺"] = "''[[Juncus effusus]]''",
	["藻"] = "(aquatic grasses); elegant",
	["藾"] = "(fragrant labiate plant)",
	["藿"] = "{{taxlink|Lophanthus rugosus|species|ver=191212}}; beans",
	["蘀"] = "fallen leaves and bark",
	["蘄"] = "(herb); implore; pray; place name",
	["蘅"] = "{{taxlink|Asarum blumei|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蘆"] = "rush; reed; ''[[Phragmites communis]]''",
	["蘇"] = "(plant); place name; revive; Soviet",
	["蘊"] = "bring together; collect",
	["蘋"] = "apple; {{taxlink|Marsiliaceae|family|ver=191212}}; {{vern|clover fern}}",
	["蘑"] = "mushroom",
	["蘗"] = "shoots from an old stump",
	["蘘"] = "a kind of wild ginger",
	["蘚"] = "mosses on damp walls",
	["蘢"] = "{{taxlink|Polygonum posumbu|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蘤"] = "flower, blossoms",
	["蘧"] = "''surname''; {{taxlink|Dianthus superbus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蘩"] = "{{taxlink|Artemisia stellariana|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蘭"] = "orchid",
	["蘵"] = "{{taxlink|Physalis angulata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蘸"] = "to dip in (ink, sauce, etc.)",
	["蘺"] = "{{taxlink|Gracilaria confervoides|species|ver=191212}}",
	["蘼"] = "millet",
	["蘿"] = "radish",
	["虀"] = "fragment; salted vegetables; spices",
	["虆"] = "creeper; bramble; dirt-basket",
	["虍"] = "stripes of tiger",
	["虎"] = "tiger",
	["虐"] = "oppressive; tyrannical",
	["虒"] = "amphibious animal with one horn",
	["虓"] = "roar of a tiger",
	["虔"] = "devout",
	["處"] = "a place; location; spot; point; office; department; bureau; respect; to reside; to live; to dwell; to be in; to stay; get along with; to be in a position of; deal with",
	["虖"] = "exhale; scream of tiger; to call",
	["虛"] = "devoid of content; void; false; empty; vain",
	["虜"] = "take captive",
	["虞"] = "forewarned; peace; worry",
	["號"] = "number; call; name; roar; cry",
	["虡"] = "bell pendant stand",
	["虢"] = "name of an ancient state",
	["虣"] = "cruel; violent",
	["虥"] = "striped wild cat",
	["虧"] = "deficiency; deficit",
	["虩"] = "terrified",
	["虫"] = "insect; worm",
	["虯"] = "young dragon with horns",
	["虱"] = "louse",
	["虷"] = "worm",
	["虹"] = "rainbow",
	["虺"] = "poisonous snakes; sick; with no ambition",
	["虻"] = "{{taxlink|Tabanus trigonus|species|ver=191212}}; house fly",
	["蚊"] = "mosquito",
	["蚋"] = "(mosquito); {{taxlink|Simulia lugubris|species|ver=191210}}; blackfly",
	["蚌"] = "oysters; mussels",
	["蚓"] = "earthworm",
	["蚔"] = "green-frog",
	["蚘"] = "tapeworm",
	["蚜"] = "aphis",
	["蚝"] = "hairy and poisonous caterpillars",
	["蚡"] = "(mole)",
	["蚤"] = "flea",
	["蚧"] = "horned toad",
	["蚨"] = "(water-beetle); money",
	["蚩"] = "''surname''; ignorant; worm",
	["蚳"] = "ant eggs",
	["蚴"] = "larva",
	["蚵"] = "oyster",
	["蚶"] = "small clam; {{taxlink|Arca inflata|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蚹"] = "{{taxlink|Eulota peliomphala|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蚺"] = "a boa constrictor",
	["蚻"] = "{{taxlink|Aphrophora maritima|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蚿"] = "millipede",
	["蛀"] = "termite; to bore (of insects)",
	["蛁"] = "{{taxlink|Pomponia maculatiocollis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蛄"] = "mole-cricket",
	["蛅"] = "a caterpillar",
	["蛆"] = "maggot",
	["蛇"] = "snake; serpent",
	["蛋"] = "egg; oval shaped",
	["蛌"] = "cricket",
	["蛑"] = "insect which eats roots of seedlings",
	["蛓"] = "(larva)",
	["蛔"] = "roundworm; ''[[Ascaris lumbricoides]]''",
	["蛘"] = "a weevil found in rice, etc.",
	["蛙"] = "frog",
	["蛚"] = "{{taxlink|Cyrtoxiphus ritsemae|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蛛"] = "spider",
	["蛜"] = "wood-louse",
	["蛟"] = "scaly dragon",
	["蛣"] = "beetle",
	["蛤"] = "clam",
	["蛩"] = "anxious; grasshopper; a cricket",
	["蛭"] = "fluke; leech; hirudinea",
	["蛵"] = "dragonfly",
	["蛸"] = "octopus",
	["蛹"] = "chrysalis; pupa",
	["蛻"] = "exuviae of insects or reptiles",
	["蛾"] = "moth",
	["蜀"] = "Sichuan",
	["蜂"] = "bee; wasp",
	["蜃"] = "(mythical animal); clam; sea-serpent",
	["蜅"] = "crab",
	["蜆"] = "{{taxlink|Cyclina orientalis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蜇"] = "jellyfish; to sting",
	["蜈"] = "centipede",
	["蜊"] = "clam",
	["蜍"] = "toad",
	["蜎"] = "''surname''; larva of mosquito",
	["蜑"] = "name of an ethnic group",
	["蜓"] = "dragonfly",
	["蜚"] = "gad-fly",
	["蜛"] = "{{taxlink|Hydrophilus cognatus|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蜜"] = "honey",
	["蜞"] = "grapsus",
	["蜡"] = "candle; wax",
	["蜣"] = "dung beetle",
	["蜥"] = "chameleon; {{taxlink|Eumeces latiscutatus|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蜨"] = "butterfly",
	["蜩"] = "cicada",
	["蜮"] = "mythical creature; toad; worm",
	["蜱"] = "(insect); egg of mantis",
	["蜷"] = "{{taxlink|Melania libertina|species|ver=191210}}; wriggle (as a worm)",
	["蜺"] = "Japanese cicada; rainbow",
	["蜻"] = "dragonfly",
	["蜿"] = "to move (as snake)",
	["蝀"] = "rainbow",
	["蝍"] = "a centipede",
	["蝎"] = "scorpion",
	["蝏"] = "(insect); {{taxlink|Leptogaster basiralis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蝕"] = "eat up slowly; eclipse",
	["蝗"] = "locust",
	["蝘"] = "{{taxlink|Hemidactylus bowringii|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蝝"] = "young locust without wings",
	["蝟"] = "hedgehog",
	["蝠"] = "bat",
	["蝡"] = "wriggle",
	["蝣"] = "{{taxlink|Ephemera strigata|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蝥"] = "Spanish fly; grain-eating grub",
	["蝦"] = "shrimp; prawn",
	["蝨"] = "louse",
	["蝮"] = "venomous snake",
	["蝯"] = "ape",
	["蝶"] = "butterfly",
	["蝻"] = "immature locusts",
	["螄"] = "snail",
	["螉"] = "{{taxlink|Ammophila infesta|species|ver=191210}}",
	["融"] = "harmonious; melt; mild",
	["螒"] = "{{taxlink|Aulacophora femoralis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["螓"] = "small cicada with a square head",
	["螗"] = "(cicada)",
	["螘"] = "ant",
	["螚"] = "{{taxlink|Eristalis tenax|species|ver=191210}}",
	["螞"] = "(insect prefix)",
	["螟"] = "{{taxlink|Heliothus armigera|species|ver=191210}}",
	["螢"] = "firefly",
	["螣"] = "flying dragon",
	["螫"] = "to sting",
	["螬"] = "larva of {{taxlink|Mimela lucidula|species|ver=191212}}",
	["螭"] = "hornless dragon",
	["螮"] = "",
	["螯"] = "nippers; claw (of crab); chela; pincers; {{taxlink|Astacus fluviatilis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["螳"] = "praying mantis",
	["螺"] = "aquatic snail",
	["螻"] = "mole-cricket; {{taxlink|Gryllotalpa africona|species|ver=191210}}",
	["螽"] = "(grasshopper); {{taxlink|Gompsocleis mikado|species|ver=191210}}",
	["螾"] = "the earthworm",
	["螿"] = "{{taxlink|Cosmopsaltria opalifera|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蟀"] = "cricket",
	["蟄"] = "hibernate",
	["蟆"] = "frog or toad",
	["蟈"] = "frog or toad",
	["蟊"] = "Spanish fly; grain-eating grub",
	["蟒"] = "{{taxlink|Python molurus|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蟛"] = "(land-crab); {{taxlink|Grapsus|genus|ver=191212}} spp.",
	["蟜"] = "(insect); ''surname''",
	["蟠"] = "{{taxlink|Trichina spiralis|species|ver=191210}}; to coil",
	["蟢"] = "(spider)",
	["蟣"] = "nymph of louse",
	["蟨"] = "the Siberian jerboa",
	["蟪"] = "(cicada); {{taxlink|Platypleura kaempferi|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蟬"] = "cicada",
	["蟭"] = "eggs of mantis",
	["蟲"] = "animal; insect",
	["蟳"] = "(hairy sea-crab)",
	["蟶"] = "mussel; razor clam; {{taxlink|Solecurtus constricta|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蟷"] = "mantis",
	["蟹"] = "crab",
	["蟺"] = "earthworm",
	["蟻"] = "ant",
	["蟾"] = "toad; moon",
	["蟿"] = "(insect); {{taxlink|Tryxalis masuta|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蠁"] = "larvae",
	["蠂"] = "{{taxlink|Podisma mikado|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蠅"] = "fly; musca",
	["蠆"] = "(scorpion); an insect",
	["蠋"] = "caterpillar",
	["蠍"] = "scorpion",
	["蠓"] = "grasshopper; midge; sandfly",
	["蠔"] = "oyster",
	["蠕"] = "to squirm; to wiggle; to wriggle",
	["蠖"] = "looper caterpillar",
	["蠗"] = "(ape); (shell)",
	["蠙"] = "pearl-oyster",
	["蠛"] = "minute flies",
	["蠜"] = "{{taxlink|Cyrtophyllus|genus|ver=191212}} spp.",
	["蠟"] = "candle; wax",
	["蠡"] = "wood-boring insect; calabash",
	["蠢"] = "blunt; stupid; to wiggle (of worms); sluggish",
	["蠣"] = "oyster",
	["蠨"] = "long-legged spider",
	["蠩"] = "a toad",
	["蠮"] = "{{taxlink|Ammophila infesta|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蠰"] = "{{taxlink|Cerambyx rugicollis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蠱"] = "insanity; poison",
	["蠲"] = "bright; glow-worm; remit taxes",
	["蠵"] = "large turtles",
	["蠶"] = "silkworm",
	["蠸"] = "{{taxlink|Aulacophora femoralis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蠹"] = "bookworm; {{taxlink|Lepisma saccharina|species|ver=191210}}",
	["蠻"] = "barbarian; bullying; very; quite; rough; reckless",
	["血"] = "blood",
	["衁"] = "blood",
	["衄"] = "bleed at the nose; check in battle",
	["衈"] = "the blood of a sacrificial fowl which was sprinkled on doors and vessels",
	["衊"] = "defiled with blood",
	["行"] = "to go; to do; capable; all right; competent; OK; okay; to travel; temporary; to walk; will do; behavior; conduct; a row; profession; professional",
	["衍"] = "to spread out; to develop; to overflow; to amplify",
	["衎"] = "pleased",
	["衒"] = "to boast; to show off",
	["術"] = "method; technique",
	["衕"] = "lane",
	["衖"] = "lane; alley",
	["街"] = "street",
	["衙"] = "office; yamen",
	["衚"] = "lane",
	["衛"] = "to guard; to protect; to defend; ''surname''",
	["衝"] = "of great force; towards; dash against",
	["衡"] = "to weigh; weight; measure",
	["衢"] = "thoroughfare",
	["衣"] = "gown; clothes; to dress; to wear",
	["表"] = "surface; exterior; to watch; to show; express; an example; a list or table; a meter; a watch; chart; external",
	["衩"] = "slit on either side of a garment; open seam of a garment",
	["衫"] = "Chinese gown (unlined)",
	["衭"] = "the lapel of a garment",
	["衰"] = "weak; feeble; decline; wane; mourning garments",
	["衲"] = "cassock; to line",
	["衵"] = "women's undergarments",
	["衷"] = "inner feelings",
	["衽"] = "overlapping part of Chinese gown",
	["衾"] = "coverlet; quilt",
	["衿"] = "overlapping part of Chinese gown",
	["袁"] = "''surname''",
	["袂"] = "sleeve",
	["袋"] = "a pouch; bag; sack; pocket",
	["袍"] = "gown (lined)",
	["袒"] = "to bare",
	["袖"] = "sleeve",
	["袗"] = "unlined garment",
	["袚"] = "knee-pads; buskins",
	["袞"] = "imperial robe",
	["袟"] = "''surname''; book cover",
	["袢"] = "robe",
	["袤"] = "length; distance from north to south",
	["袪"] = "sleeve opening",
	["被"] = "by (marker for passive-voice sentences or clauses); quilt; blanket; to cover; to wear",
	["袱"] = "bundle wrapped in cloth",
	["袲"] = "place name",
	["袷"] = "lined",
	["袺"] = "lift up a dress",
	["袽"] = "old rags",
	["裀"] = "mat; underclothing",
	["裁"] = "cut out (as a dress); cut; trim; reduce; diminish; decision; judgment",
	["裂"] = "crack; split",
	["裉"] = "s seam in a garment",
	["裊"] = "delicate; graceful",
	["裋"] = "coarse clothing of camel's hair",
	["裌"] = "lined",
	["裍"] = "a border or band on the edge of a dress",
	["裎"] = "take off clothes",
	["裏"] = "inside; internal; interior",
	["裒"] = "collect",
	["裔"] = "descendents; frontier",
	["裕"] = "abundant",
	["裘"] = "fur; fur coat",
	["裙"] = "skirt",
	["裛"] = "to wrap and bind; damp; dripping; wet; a book bag",
	["補"] = "to repair; to patch; to mend; to make up for; to fill (a vacancy); to supplement",
	["裝"] = "to dress up; costume; to pretend to be; to pack; to load; to install",
	["裡"] = "inside; within; in; lining of clothing",
	["裨"] = "to benefit; to aid; assistant; small; advantageous; profitable",
	["裯"] = "bed curtain; coverlet",
	["裱"] = "hang (paper); mount (painting)",
	["裲"] = "waistcoat",
	["裳"] = "lower garment; skirts; petticoats; garments",
	["裴"] = "''surname''",
	["裸"] = "naked",
	["裹"] = "wrap around",
	["製"] = "manufacture",
	["裾"] = "garment",
	["褂"] = "coat",
	["複"] = "repeat, double, overlap",
	["褉"] = "short garments",
	["褊"] = "narrow; urgent",
	["褌"] = "sacrificial robe of the empress",
	["褎"] = "sleeve; ample flowing robes",
	["褐"] = "brown",
	["褒"] = "to praise",
	["褓"] = "cloth for carrying baby on back",
	["褔"] = "complex; double",
	["褕"] = "loose garment",
	["褘"] = "ceremonial gowns of a queen",
	["褙"] = "paper or cloth pasted together",
	["褚"] = "''surname''",
	["褟"] = "inner shirt or singlet",
	["褡"] = "cummerbund",
	["褢"] = "to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; to wrap, to conceal",
	["褥"] = "mattress",
	["褦"] = "ignorant; sun hat",
	["褧"] = "monotone garment with no lining",
	["褪"] = "fade; take off (clothes)",
	["褫"] = "strip; deprive of; to discharge; dismiss; undress",
	["褯"] = "child's garment",
	["褰"] = "lift up the skirts; lower garments",
	["褱"] = "to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; to wrap, to conceal",
	["褲"] = "drawers; trousers; pants",
	["褵"] = "bride's veil or kerchief",
	["褶"] = "pleat; crease; (arch.) court dress",
	["褸"] = "soiled; tattered",
	["褻"] = "licentious",
	["褽"] = "collar",
	["襁"] = "cloth for carrying baby on back",
	["襄"] = "assist",
	["襆"] = "hemless skirt; hood; turban",
	["襋"] = "coat collar",
	["襌"] = "garment without a lining",
	["襏"] = "raincoat",
	["襖"] = "coat; jacket; short and lined coat or robe",
	["襚"] = "grave-clothes",
	["襛"] = "bright light; warm dress",
	["襜"] = "the front of clothes",
	["襞"] = "creases; folds or pleats in a garment",
	["襟"] = "overlapping part of Chinese gown",
	["襠"] = "crotch; seat of a pair of trousers",
	["襡"] = "short skirt or tunic",
	["襢"] = "to bare",
	["襤"] = "ragged garments",
	["襦"] = "jacket; short coat",
	["襪"] = "socks; stockings",
	["襫"] = "raincoat",
	["襬"] = "hem at the bottom of garment",
	["襭"] = "carry with the front of a robe",
	["襮"] = "embroidered collar; expose",
	["襯"] = "give alms; underwear; to line; lining; contrast; assist",
	["襲"] = "inherit; raid; suit of clothes",
	["襴"] = "gown or robe",
	["襶"] = "untidy (in dress)",
	["襻"] = "a loop; a belt or band",
	["襼"] = "sleeve of dress",
	["襾"] = "cover; radical no 146",
	["西"] = "west",
	["要"] = "important; vital; to want; to be going to; must; demand; ask; request; coerce",
	["覂"] = "to throw a rider",
	["覃"] = "''surname''; deep",
	["覆"] = "to cover; to overflow; to reply to a letter; to overturn; to capsize",
	["覈"] = "examine thoroughly",
	["見"] = "to see; to meet; to appear; to interview",
	["規"] = "compass; rule",
	["覓"] = "seek",
	["視"] = "to look at; to regard; to inspect",
	["覗"] = "peek",
	["覘"] = "keep at; to spy",
	["覜"] = "have an audience",
	["覡"] = "wizard",
	["覦"] = "passionately desire",
	["親"] = "dear; intimate; parent; relation; closely related; parents-in-law of one's offspring",
	["覬"] = "covet; long for",
	["覯"] = "complete; meet unexpectedly; see",
	["覷"] = "to spy; watch for",
	["覺"] = "feel; find that; thinking; awake; aware; a nap; a sleep",
	["覽"] = "look over; to view",
	["覿"] = "face to face",
	["觀"] = "to look at; to watch; to observe; to behold; Taoist monastery",
	["角"] = "horn; angle; role; actor; contend; horn-shaped; Chinese musical note",
	["觔"] = "catty",
	["觕"] = "coarse, rough, rude",
	["觖"] = "dissatisfied",
	["觚"] = "goblet; rule; law",
	["觜"] = "mouth; (zodiacal sign)",
	["觝"] = "to butt; resist",
	["觡"] = "horns; antlers",
	["解"] = "to loosen; to untie; to explain; to remove; to divide; to dissolve; to solve; solution; send under escort",
	["觥"] = "big; cup made of horn; horn wine container",
	["觩"] = "bent upwards; taut",
	["觫"] = "tremble with fear",
	["觭"] = "odd; one horn up and one horn down",
	["觱"] = "fever; tartar horn",
	["觳"] = "(measure); frightened",
	["觴"] = "feast; goblet",
	["觶"] = "goblet",
	["觷"] = "to polish horn",
	["觸"] = "knock against; touch; to feel",
	["觼"] = "buckle; clasp; ring",
	["觿"] = "ivory bodkin for undoing knots",
	["言"] = "to speak; to say; talk; word",
	["訂"] = "to agree; to conclude; to draw up; to subscribe to (a newspaper, etc.); to order",
	["訃"] = "obituary notice",
	["訇"] = "''surname''; sound of a crash",
	["計"] = "to calculate; to compute; to count; reckon; ruse; to plan",
	["訊"] = "to question; to ask; to interrogate; rapid; speedy; fast; news; information",
	["討"] = "ask for; send punitive expedition; to demand; to marry",
	["訏"] = "to boast; great; large",
	["訐"] = "accuse; pry",
	["訑"] = "arrogant; mean",
	["訒"] = "slow in speech",
	["訓"] = "example; pattern; to teach; to train; instruction",
	["訕"] = "abuse; slander",
	["訖"] = "finished",
	["託"] = "entrust",
	["記"] = "to remember; to note; mark; sign; to record",
	["訛"] = "error; exhort; false",
	["訝"] = "astounded",
	["訟"] = "litigation",
	["訢"] = "happy",
	["訣"] = "farewell; secrets (of an art)",
	["訥"] = "large; speak cautiously",
	["訧"] = "fault; mistake",
	["訪"] = "inquire; seek; visit",
	["訬"] = "clamor, uproar, annoyance",
	["設"] = "to set up; to arrange; to establish; to found; to display",
	["許"] = "to allow; to permit; to praise; ''surname''",
	["訴"] = "complain; sue; tell",
	["訶"] = "to blame; ridicule in loud voice",
	["訹"] = "to beguile with false stories",
	["診"] = "examine or treat medically",
	["註"] = "annotate",
	["証"] = "prove, confirm, verify; proof",
	["訾"] = "backbite; dislike; ''surname''; wealth",
	["詀"] = "garrulous; to whisper; to joke",
	["詁"] = "comment; explain",
	["詅"] = "to sell",
	["詆"] = "defame; to slander",
	["詈"] = "curse; scold",
	["詊"] = "pleasing; clever talk",
	["詎"] = "how (interj. of surprise)",
	["詐"] = "crafty; dishonest",
	["詑"] = "cheat",
	["詒"] = "a present in writing; bequeath",
	["詔"] = "imperial order",
	["評"] = "to discuss; to comment; to criticize; to judge; to choose (by public appraisal)",
	["詖"] = "a half-truth; flatter",
	["詗"] = "clever; to gossip; to spy",
	["詘"] = "to bend; yield",
	["詛"] = "curse; swear (oath)",
	["詞"] = "word; phrase; classical Chinese poem",
	["詠"] = "sing",
	["詡"] = "brag; harmony; make known",
	["詢"] = "inquire",
	["詣"] = "go",
	["試"] = "to test; to try; experiment; examination; test",
	["詨"] = "kind of cicada, [[cosmopsaltria]]",
	["詩"] = "poem; poetry; verse",
	["詫"] = "surprised; to wander; to be astonished",
	["詬"] = "sense of shame; to abuse",
	["詭"] = "sly; crafty",
	["詮"] = "explain; comment",
	["詰"] = "investigate; restrain; scold",
	["話"] = "spoken words; speech; dialect; language; talk; conversation; what someone said",
	["該"] = "that; the above-mentioned; most likely; to deserve; should; ought to; owe",
	["詳"] = "detailed; comprehensive",
	["詵"] = "inform; inquire",
	["詹"] = "excellent; verbose",
	["詻"] = "harsh; forbidding",
	["詼"] = "whimsical; humorous",
	["詿"] = "deceive; disturb",
	["誂"] = "tempt",
	["誃"] = "to separate",
	["誄"] = "eulogize the dead; eulogy",
	["誅"] = "execute; punish",
	["誆"] = "mislead; to swindle",
	["誇"] = "to boast",
	["誌"] = "sign; mark; to record; write a footnote",
	["認"] = "to recognize; to know; to admit",
	["誑"] = "deceive; lies",
	["誓"] = "oath; vow; to swear; to pledge",
	["誕"] = "birth; birthday; brag; boast; to increase",
	["誘"] = "entice; tempt",
	["誚"] = "ridicule; to blame",
	["語"] = "speech; language; dialect; tell to",
	["誠"] = "honest; sincere; true",
	["誡"] = "commandment; prohibit",
	["誣"] = "accuse falsely",
	["誤"] = "mistake; error; to miss; to harm; to delay; to neglect",
	["誥"] = "enjoin; grant (a title)",
	["誦"] = "read aloud",
	["誧"] = "huge; to admonish",
	["誨"] = "admonish; instruct",
	["說"] = "to speak; to say; persuade (politically)",
	["誰"] = "who",
	["課"] = "subject; class; lesson",
	["誶"] = "abuse",
	["誹"] = "slander",
	["誼"] = "friendship",
	["誾"] = "''surname''; respectful; speak gently",
	["調"] = "harmonize; reconcile; blend; suit well; provoke; incite; mode (music); to move (troops); tune; tone; melody; to transfer",
	["諂"] = "flatter; cajole",
	["諄"] = "repeatedly (in giving advice)",
	["諆"] = "deceive; contrive",
	["談"] = "to speak; to talk; to converse; to chat; to discuss; ''surname''",
	["諉"] = "shirk; give excuses",
	["請"] = "to ask; to invite; please (do sth); to treat (to a meal, etc); to request",
	["諍"] = "to admonish",
	["諏"] = "choose; consult",
	["諑"] = "complain",
	["諒"] = "forgive",
	["諕"] = "to intimidate",
	["論"] = "to talk (about); to discuss; theory; by the; per; the Analects (of Confucius)",
	["諗"] = "consult",
	["諛"] = "flatter",
	["諜"] = "to spy",
	["諝"] = "deceit; knowledge",
	["諞"] = "brag",
	["諟"] = "examine; judge",
	["諠"] = "clamor; noise; deceitful",
	["諡"] = "confer such title; posthumous title",
	["諢"] = "jest; nickname",
	["諤"] = "honest speech",
	["諦"] = "examine; truth (Buddhist)",
	["諧"] = "harmonious",
	["諫"] = "to admonish",
	["諭"] = "order (from above)",
	["諮"] = "consult",
	["諱"] = "avoid mentioning; to taboo",
	["諳"] = "be versed in; know well",
	["諴"] = "bring into accord; sincerity",
	["諵"] = "mumble in repetition",
	["諶"] = "faithful; sincere",
	["諷"] = "satirize",
	["諸"] = "all; many; various",
	["諺"] = "proverb",
	["諼"] = "''[[Hemerocallis flava]]''; false; forget",
	["諾"] = "to promise; to yes",
	["謀"] = "to plan; seek; scheme",
	["謁"] = "to visit (a superior)",
	["謂"] = "speak of",
	["謄"] = "make a (clean) copy",
	["謅"] = "make up (a story)",
	["謆"] = "beguile; cajole",
	["謇"] = "speak out boldly",
	["謊"] = "lies; to lie",
	["謍"] = "humming sound",
	["謎"] = "riddle",
	["謏"] = "small; induce",
	["謐"] = "quiet",
	["謑"] = "shame, disgrace",
	["謖"] = "composed; rise; to begin",
	["謗"] = "to slander; defame; speak ill of",
	["謙"] = "modest",
	["謚"] = "confer such title; posthumous title",
	["講"] = "to talk; speech; to speak; to tell; to explain",
	["謝"] = "to decline; to thank; gratitude",
	["謠"] = "popular ballad; fake rumor",
	["謨"] = "plan; to practice",
	["謪"] = "to consult; to deliberate; commerce",
	["謫"] = "disgrace (an official); find fault",
	["謬"] = "absurd; erroneous",
	["謳"] = "sing ballads; songs",
	["謷"] = "greatness; slander; sound of weeping",
	["謹"] = "cautious",
	["謼"] = "to shout; to mourn; to invoke",
	["謾"] = "disrespect; neglect; slight; deceive",
	["譁"] = "clamor; noise",
	["譅"] = "talkative; loquacious",
	["譆"] = "oh (denoting fright)",
	["譈"] = "dislike; hate",
	["證"] = "certificate; proof; to prove; to demonstrate; to confirm",
	["譊"] = "wrangling, contention, to dispute",
	["譎"] = "deceitful",
	["譏"] = "ridicule",
	["譒"] = "promulgate; to spread",
	["譔"] = "compose; compile; discourse in praise",
	["譖"] = "slander",
	["識"] = "to record; write a footnote; to know; knowledge",
	["譙"] = "ridicule; to blame; ''surname''; drum tower",
	["譚"] = "talk; ''surname''",
	["譜"] = "chart; list; score (music); spectrum (math.)(phys.)",
	["譟"] = "disturbance; noise of crowd",
	["警"] = "to alert; to warn; police",
	["譫"] = "incoherent talk; talkative",
	["譬"] = "give an example",
	["譭"] = "defame; to slander",
	["譯"] = "to translate; to interpret",
	["議"] = "criticize; discuss",
	["譴"] = "punishment; scold",
	["護"] = "protect",
	["譸"] = "deceive; to lie",
	["譹"] = "to shout, roar, terrify; swiftly",
	["譽"] = "reputation",
	["譾"] = "shallow; stupid",
	["讀"] = "to read; to study; comma; phrase marked by pause",
	["讅"] = "investigate; try (in court)",
	["讆"] = "to exaggerate; incredible",
	["變"] = "to change; to become different; to transform; to vary; rebellion",
	["讋"] = "be frightened",
	["讌"] = "feast; repose",
	["讎"] = "enmity; feud",
	["讒"] = "slander; defame; misrepresent; to speak maliciously",
	["讓"] = "to ask; to let; permit; have (someone do something); to yield; to allow",
	["讕"] = "make a false charge",
	["讖"] = "prophecy; omen",
	["讙"] = "acclamation",
	["讚"] = "to praise",
	["讜"] = "advice; counsels",
	["讞"] = "decide judicially",
	["讟"] = "to murmur; to slander",
	["谷"] = "valley",
	["谽"] = "a mouth or opening",
	["谿"] = "creek",
	["豁"] = "opening; stake all; sacrifice; crack; slit; clear; open; exempt (from); liberal-minded; play Chinese finger game",
	["豆"] = "bean; sacrificial vessel",
	["豇"] = "cowpeas; black-eyed beans",
	["豈"] = "how can it be that",
	["豉"] = "salted fermented beans",
	["豊"] = "abundant, lush, bountiful, plenty",
	["豋"] = "ceremonial vessel",
	["豌"] = "peas",
	["豎"] = "(straight down character stroke); to erect; vertical",
	["豏"] = "d (29th); half-grown beans",
	["豐"] = "abundant; plentiful; great; ''surname''",
	["豔"] = "glamorous",
	["豕"] = "hog; swine",
	["豖"] = "a shackled pig",
	["豗"] = "clash; grunting of pigs",
	["豚"] = "suckling pig",
	["豜"] = "pig of 3 years",
	["豝"] = "corned beef; female pig",
	["象"] = "shape; form; appearance; elephant; image under a map (math.)",
	["豢"] = "feed pigs and dogs; to rear",
	["豦"] = "a wild boar; to fight",
	["豨"] = "swine",
	["豪"] = "grand; heroic; luxurious",
	["豫"] = "beforehand; prepare; Henan Province (abbrev.)",
	["豬"] = "hog; pig; swine",
	["豭"] = "boar; male pig",
	["豳"] = "name of an ancient city",
	["豵"] = "litter of pigs; little pig",
	["豶"] = "gelded pig",
	["豷"] = "breathing of pigs",
	["豸"] = "beast with long backbone; legless insect",
	["豹"] = "leopard; panther",
	["豺"] = "dhole",
	["豻"] = "(canine); jail",
	["貂"] = "sable; marten",
	["貅"] = "(leopard)",
	["貆"] = "badger",
	["貉"] = "badger-like animal; name of a wild tribe; silent",
	["貊"] = "name of a wild tribe; silent",
	["貌"] = "appearance",
	["貍"] = "wild cat",
	["貓"] = "cat",
	["貔"] = "(leopard)",
	["貘"] = "tapir",
	["貜"] = "(ape)",
	["貝"] = "cowries; shell; valuables; shellfish",
	["貞"] = "chaste",
	["負"] = "lose; negative (math. etc.); to bear; to carry (on one's back)",
	["財"] = "money; wealth; riches; property; valuables",
	["貢"] = "tribute; gifts",
	["貤"] = "promote; reward",
	["貧"] = "poor",
	["貨"] = "goods; money; commodity",
	["販"] = "deal in; trade in; to peddle; to sell",
	["貪"] = "greedy",
	["貫"] = "pierce; to string",
	["責"] = "duty; responsibility; to reproach; to blame",
	["貯"] = "to store; to save; stockpile",
	["貰"] = "borrow; buy on credit; rent out",
	["貲"] = "fine instead of punishment; property",
	["貳"] = "two (fraud-proof)",
	["貴"] = "expensive; noble; your (name); precious",
	["貶"] = "to diminish; to demote; reduce or devaluate; disparage; censure; depreciate",
	["買"] = "buy",
	["貸"] = "lend on interest; borrow; loan; make excuses; pardon; forgive",
	["貺"] = "bestow; confer",
	["費"] = "to cost; to spend; fee; wasteful; expenses; ''surname''",
	["貼"] = "to stick; to paste; to keep close to; to fit snugly; subsidize; allowance",
	["貽"] = "bequeath",
	["貿"] = "commerce; trade",
	["賀"] = "congratulate",
	["賁"] = "bright; energetic",
	["賂"] = "bribe; bribery",
	["賃"] = "to rent",
	["賄"] = "bribe; bribery",
	["賅"] = "''surname''; include in; prepare",
	["資"] = "resources; capital; to provide; to supply; to support; money; expense",
	["賈"] = "merchant; to buy",
	["賊"] = "thief",
	["賏"] = "pearls or shells strung together",
	["賑"] = "to relieve (the distressed)",
	["賒"] = "buy on credit",
	["賓"] = "visitor; guest",
	["賕"] = "to bribe",
	["賙"] = "bestow alms",
	["賚"] = "bestow; confer",
	["賜"] = "confer; bestow; grant",
	["賝"] = "(gem)",
	["賞"] = "enjoy the beauty of; give; award",
	["賠"] = "lose in trade; pay damage",
	["賡"] = "continue (as a song)",
	["賢"] = "worthy (person)",
	["賣"] = "sell",
	["賤"] = "inexpensive; lowly",
	["賦"] = "poetic essay; taxation; bestow on; endow with",
	["賧"] = "fine",
	["賨"] = "tribute paid by Han dynasty tribes",
	["質"] = "hostage; substance; nature; quality",
	["賬"] = "account",
	["賭"] = "bet; gamble",
	["賮"] = "farewell presents",
	["賴"] = "disclaim; rely; to blame",
	["賵"] = "gift to the dead",
	["賸"] = "have as remainder",
	["賺"] = "cheat; swindle; earn; make a profit",
	["賻"] = "contribute to funeral expenses",
	["購"] = "to buy; to purchase",
	["賽"] = "to compete; competition; match",
	["賾"] = "mysterious",
	["贄"] = "gifts to superiors",
	["贅"] = "superfluous",
	["贇"] = "good appearance",
	["贈"] = "give present",
	["贉"] = "pay an advance; silk book cover",
	["贊"] = "to patronize; to support; to praise",
	["贍"] = "to support; provide for",
	["贏"] = "to beat; to win; to profit",
	["贐"] = "farewell presents",
	["贓"] = "booty; spoils",
	["贔"] = "able to support great weight",
	["贖"] = "redeem; to ransom",
	["贗"] = "false",
	["贛"] = "Jiangxi",
	["赤"] = "red; scarlet; bare; naked",
	["赦"] = "to pardon (a convict)",
	["赧"] = "blush",
	["赫"] = "distinguished; awe-inspiring",
	["赬"] = "deep red",
	["赭"] = "ocher",
	["走"] = "to walk; to go; to move; to leave",
	["赴"] = "go towards; go to; attend (a banquet, etc.); to go",
	["起"] = "to rise; to raise; to get up",
	["趁"] = "avail oneself of; take advantage of",
	["趄"] = "recline; hesitate; mark time",
	["超"] = "to exceed; overtake; surpass; transcend; ultra-; super-; to pass; to cross",
	["越"] = "to exceed; to climb over; to surpass; the more ... the more",
	["趑"] = "can't move; to falter",
	["趒"] = "to jump, to climb over, to leap, to posture; a gangway",
	["趔"] = "stumble",
	["趕"] = "to catch up; to overtake; to hurry; to rush; to drive away",
	["趙"] = "''surname''",
	["趟"] = "a time; a trip",
	["趡"] = "place name",
	["趣"] = "interesting; to interest",
	["趨"] = "to hasten; to hurry; walk fast",
	["趫"] = "nimble; walk on stilts",
	["趮"] = "easily provoked, hasty; fierce, cruel",
	["趯"] = "to jump; way of stroke in calligraphy",
	["趲"] = "hasten; urge",
	["足"] = "foot; to be sufficient",
	["趴"] = "to lie on one's stomach",
	["趵"] = "jump; leap",
	["趷"] = "to jolt",
	["趹"] = "to gallop",
	["趺"] = "instep; tarsus",
	["趼"] = "callous",
	["趾"] = "toe; foot",
	["跁"] = "to squat; crouch",
	["跂"] = "foot with six toes",
	["跅"] = "careless",
	["跆"] = "trample",
	["跋"] = "travel; walk",
	["跌"] = "to drop; to fall; to tumble",
	["跏"] = "sit cross-legged",
	["跐"] = "to trample, to step, to walk on the ball of the foot",
	["跑"] = "to run; to escape",
	["跕"] = "shuffle",
	["跖"] = "sole of foot",
	["跗"] = "instep; tarsus",
	["跙"] = "weak, lame",
	["跚"] = "limp",
	["跛"] = "lame; crippled",
	["距"] = "at a distance of; distance; to be apart",
	["跟"] = "to follow; to go with; heel; with; and",
	["跡"] = "footprint; mark; trace; vestige; sign; indication",
	["跣"] = "barefooted",
	["跤"] = "bones of leg; wrestle",
	["跦"] = "pace back and forth; to walk",
	["跧"] = "to curl up; crouch",
	["跨"] = "step across; step astride",
	["跩"] = "waddle; swagger",
	["跪"] = "kneel",
	["跫"] = "sound of trampling",
	["跬"] = "brief; short step",
	["跮"] = "hasty walking",
	["路"] = "road; path; way",
	["跱"] = "to squat; to stop",
	["跲"] = "stumble",
	["跳"] = "jump; hop; skip (a grade); to leap; to bounce; to beat",
	["跴"] = "capture; step on",
	["跺"] = "(v) stamp one's foot",
	["跼"] = "cramped; narrow",
	["跽"] = "kneel",
	["踅"] = "to walk around; turn back midway; walk with one leg",
	["踆"] = "squat",
	["踉"] = "stagger; sway from side to side; jump",
	["踊"] = "leap",
	["踏"] = "step on",
	["踐"] = "fulfill (a promise); tread; walk",
	["踒"] = "to slip and sprain a limb",
	["踔"] = "to get ahead; to stride; to excel",
	["踖"] = "to step; walk reverently",
	["踘"] = "leather ball",
	["踜"] = "to stumble; to slip; to fall",
	["踝"] = "ankle (bone)",
	["踞"] = "be based upon; squat",
	["踟"] = "hesitating; undecided; hesitant",
	["踡"] = "to curl up",
	["踢"] = "kick; play (football or soccer)",
	["踣"] = "corpse; prostrate",
	["踤"] = "butt against",
	["踦"] = "shin",
	["踧"] = "carefully; level; smooth",
	["踩"] = "step upon; tread on; stamp",
	["踫"] = "collide, bump into",
	["踮"] = "tip toe",
	["踰"] = "exceed; jump over",
	["踱"] = "stroll, pace, walk slowly",
	["踴"] = "leap",
	["踵"] = "arrive; follow; heel",
	["踶"] = "kick; tread on",
	["踹"] = "kick; trample",
	["踼"] = "to fall flat; to fall on the face",
	["踽"] = "hunchbacked; walk alone",
	["蹀"] = "tread on",
	["蹁"] = "to limp",
	["蹂"] = "trample",
	["蹄"] = "hoof; pork shoulder",
	["蹇"] = "difficulty; lame",
	["蹈"] = "tread on; trample; stamp; fulfill",
	["蹉"] = "error; slip; miss; err",
	["蹊"] = "footpath",
	["蹋"] = "step on",
	["蹌"] = "stagger; sway from side to side; walk rapidly",
	["蹐"] = "walk with short steps",
	["蹓"] = "to stroll; walk a horse",
	["蹔"] = "temporary; fleeting; ephemeral",
	["蹕"] = "to clear streets when emperor tours",
	["蹙"] = "urgent; wrinkled; contracted; to kick",
	["蹚"] = "wade",
	["蹜"] = "walk carefully",
	["蹝"] = "slippers",
	["蹟"] = "footprint; trace",
	["蹠"] = "metatarsus; sole of foot; tread on",
	["蹡"] = "(manner of walking)",
	["蹢"] = "hoof",
	["蹣"] = "limp",
	["蹤"] = "footprint; trace; tracks",
	["蹦"] = "to jump; bounce or hop",
	["蹧"] = "to waste; spoil",
	["蹩"] = "limp",
	["蹬"] = "step into (as tight shoe)",
	["蹭"] = "rub against; walk slowly; rub",
	["蹯"] = "paws of animal",
	["蹲"] = "crouch; squat",
	["蹴"] = "carefully; kick; tread on; stamp",
	["蹶"] = "stumble; trample; to kick (as a horse)",
	["蹺"] = "raise one's foot",
	["蹻"] = "raise one's foot",
	["蹼"] = "web (of feet of ducks, frogs, etc.)",
	["躁"] = "hot-tempered; impatient",
	["躄"] = "both feet crippled; lame",
	["躅"] = "to step on; footprint",
	["躇"] = "hesitate",
	["躉"] = "wholesale",
	["躋"] = "go up",
	["躍"] = "to jump; to leap",
	["躐"] = "step across",
	["躑"] = "to kick; to jump; foot filth",
	["躒"] = "move; walk",
	["躓"] = "stumble",
	["躔"] = "course of stars; follow precedent",
	["躕"] = "irresolute; undecided",
	["躗"] = "exaggerate",
	["躘"] = "to walk",
	["躚"] = "manner of dancing; walk around",
	["躝"] = "to pass; to step over; to creep; to twine round",
	["躞"] = "to walk",
	["躠"] = "to limp",
	["躡"] = "chase; step; tread",
	["躥"] = "jump up",
	["躦"] = "to jump",
	["躩"] = "bend; leap",
	["躪"] = "trample down, oppress, overrun",
	["身"] = "body; torso; person; life; status; pregnancy; (a measure word used for clothes) suit",
	["躬"] = "body; oneself; personally; to bow",
	["躲"] = "avoid; get out of way; to hide; to go into hiding",
	["躺"] = "to recline; to lie down",
	["軀"] = "human body",
	["車"] = "vehicle on land; car; machine; to shape with a lathe",
	["軋"] = "crush; in the first place",
	["軌"] = "course; path; track; rail",
	["軍"] = "army; military; arms",
	["軏"] = "crossbar for yoking horses",
	["軒"] = "covered carriage; pavilion",
	["軔"] = "brake",
	["軘"] = "war chariot",
	["軛"] = "restrain; yoke",
	["軜"] = "inner reins of a 4-horse team",
	["軝"] = "end of axle",
	["軟"] = "soft; flexible",
	["軥"] = "ends of yoke",
	["軨"] = "lattice work on front and sides",
	["軫"] = "d (11th); strongly (as of emotion)",
	["軱"] = "wheel",
	["軷"] = "sacrifice",
	["軸"] = "axis; axle",
	["軹"] = "end of axle outside of hub",
	["軺"] = "light carriage",
	["軻"] = "given name of Mencius",
	["軼"] = "disperse; put in order; surpass",
	["軾"] = "crossbar in carriage front",
	["軿"] = "curtained carriage used by women",
	["輀"] = "hearse",
	["較"] = "clear; distinct; compare; comparatively",
	["輅"] = "chariot",
	["輇"] = "small; wheel without spokes",
	["輈"] = "beam; pole; shaft",
	["載"] = "to carry; to convey; to load; to hold; and; also; as well as; simultaneously; year",
	["輊"] = "back and lower of chariot; short; low",
	["輒"] = "sides of chariot where weapons",
	["輓"] = "draw; pull; send funeral ode",
	["輔"] = "to assist; to complement; auxiliary",
	["輕"] = "light; easy; gentle; soft; reckless; unimportant; frivolous; small in number; unstressed; neutral",
	["輗"] = "clamps for crossbar of carriage",
	["輛"] = "(a measure word for vehicles)",
	["輜"] = "carriage that has curtain; carriage for military supply",
	["輝"] = "bright; glorious",
	["輞"] = "tire; wheel band",
	["輟"] = "stop; cease; suspend",
	["輠"] = "grease-pot under a cart",
	["輤"] = "a pall to cover the hearse",
	["輥"] = "revolve; stone roller",
	["輦"] = "emperor's carriage",
	["輩"] = "contemporaries; generation; lifetime",
	["輪"] = "wheel; gear; (by) turn; rotate",
	["輬"] = "a hearse; a carriage",
	["輮"] = "wheel band",
	["輯"] = "gather up; collect; edit; compile",
	["輳"] = "converge; hub of wheel",
	["輴"] = "hearse",
	["輵"] = "great array of spears and chariots",
	["輶"] = "light carriage; trifling",
	["輸"] = "to transport; to lose",
	["輹"] = "parts of cart holding the axle",
	["輻"] = "spoke of a wheel",
	["輾"] = "roll over on side; turn half over",
	["輿"] = "carriage; sedan chair; world",
	["轀"] = "hearse",
	["轂"] = "hub of wheel; wheel",
	["轄"] = "have jurisdiction over",
	["轅"] = "shafts of cart; yamen",
	["轆"] = "windlass",
	["轇"] = "complicated, confused; dispute",
	["轉"] = "to revolve; to turn; to circle about; to walk about; to convey; to forward (mail); to transfer; to shift",
	["轍"] = "rut; track; to remove; to withdraw",
	["轎"] = "sedan chair",
	["轏"] = "chariot for sleeping and conveyance",
	["轑"] = "spokes",
	["轒"] = "war chariot",
	["轔"] = "rumbling of wheels",
	["轕"] = "confused; disorderly",
	["轖"] = "leather top of a cart",
	["轗"] = "unable to reach one's aim",
	["轘"] = "to tear between chariots (punishment)",
	["轙"] = "rings on the yokes",
	["轝"] = "sedan chair",
	["轞"] = "vehicle for transporting prisoners",
	["轟"] = "explosion; bang; boom; rumble; strike (by thunder or a bomb)",
	["轡"] = "bridle; reins",
	["轢"] = "to bully; wheel-rut",
	["轤"] = "windlass",
	["辛"] = "8th [[heavenly stem]]; tired",
	["辜"] = "crime; sin",
	["辟"] = "law; king; emperor; monarch; royal; ward off",
	["辣"] = "hot (spicy); pungent",
	["辦"] = "to do; to manage; to handle; to go about; to run; to set up; to deal with",
	["辨"] = "distinguish; recognize",
	["辭"] = "bid farewell; diction; resign; say goodbye; take leave; decline",
	["辮"] = "a braid or queue; to plait",
	["辯"] = "dispute; debate; argue; discuss",
	["辰"] = "5th [[earthly branch]]; 7-9 am",
	["辱"] = "disgrace; insult",
	["農"] = "agriculture",
	["辿"] = "follow, pursue",
	["迂"] = "literal-minded",
	["迄"] = "as yet; until",
	["迅"] = "rapid",
	["迋"] = "deceive; scare; to travel",
	["迍"] = "falter, hesitate",
	["迎"] = "to welcome",
	["近"] = "near; close (to); approximately",
	["迓"] = "receive (as a guest)",
	["返"] = "to return (to)",
	["迕"] = "obstinate, perverse",
	["迢"] = "remote",
	["迣"] = "to leap over",
	["迤"] = "extending to; winding",
	["迥"] = "distant",
	["迨"] = "catch; seize; until",
	["迪"] = "direct; follow",
	["迫"] = "to force; to compel; pressing; urgent",
	["迭"] = "alternately; repeatedly",
	["迮"] = "haste; to press",
	["述"] = "to state; to tell; to narrate; to relate",
	["迴"] = "to curve; to return; to revolve",
	["迷"] = "bewilder; crazy about; fan; enthusiast; lost; confused",
	["迸"] = "to burst forth; to spurt; to crack; split",
	["迺"] = "thereupon",
	["迻"] = "to shift; to transfer",
	["追"] = "pursue (a problem); to chase",
	["迿"] = "to be the first to begin a quarrel",
	["退"] = "retreat; to decline; to move back; to withdraw",
	["送"] = "to deliver; to carry; to give (as a present); to present (with); to see off; to send",
	["逃"] = "to escape; to run away; to flee",
	["逄"] = "''surname''",
	["逆"] = "contrary; opposite; backwards; to go against; to oppose; to betray; to rebel",
	["逋"] = "flee; abscond; owe",
	["逌"] = "distant; joyous; satisfied",
	["透"] = "to penetrate; thorough; penetrating; to pass through; to pierce",
	["逐"] = "to pursue; to chase; individually; one by one",
	["逑"] = "collect; to match",
	["途"] = "way; route; road",
	["逕"] = "way; path; direct; diameter",
	["逖"] = "far",
	["逗"] = "stay; stop; to pause (while reading); to tease (play with)",
	["這"] = "this; these; (sometimes used before a measure word, especially in Beijing)",
	["通"] = "go through; know well; to connect; to communicate; open",
	["逛"] = "to stroll; to visit",
	["逝"] = "depart; die",
	["逞"] = "please oneself; presume on; boast",
	["速"] = "fast; rapid; quick",
	["造"] = "to make; to build; to invent; to manufacture",
	["逡"] = "shrink from",
	["逢"] = "every time; meet by chance",
	["連"] = "even; as; to join; to link; successively",
	["逭"] = "escape from",
	["逮"] = "catch; seize; until; arrest",
	["逯"] = "go carefully",
	["週"] = "cycle; week",
	["進"] = "advance; enter; to come in",
	["逴"] = "apparent; distant; highly",
	["逵"] = "crossroads; thoroughfare",
	["逶"] = "winding, curving; swagger",
	["逸"] = "escape; leisurely; outstanding",
	["逼"] = "force; compel; drive; press for; extort; press on towards; press up to; close in on; close",
	["逾"] = "to exceed; to go beyond; to jump over",
	["遁"] = "disappear; to escape",
	["遂"] = "forthwith",
	["遄"] = "hurry; go to and fro",
	["遇"] = "meet with",
	["遉"] = "spy, reconnoiter; detective",
	["遊"] = "to roam; travel",
	["運"] = "to move; to transport; to use; to apply; fortune; luck; fate",
	["遍"] = "a time; everywhere; turn; all over; one time",
	["過"] = "to cross; to go over; (experienced action marker); to pass; to celebrate; to live; to get along; excessively; too-",
	["遏"] = "to stop; check",
	["遐"] = "abandon; distant",
	["遑"] = "leisure",
	["遒"] = "consolidate; end; strong",
	["道"] = "direction; way; method; road; path; principle; truth; reason; skill; Tao (of Taoism); a measure word; to say; to speak; to talk",
	["達"] = "attain; pass through; achieve; reach; realize; clear; inform; notify; dignity",
	["違"] = "to disobey; to violate; to separate; to go against",
	["遘"] = "meet unexpectedly",
	["遙"] = "distant; remote; far; far away",
	["遛"] = "to stroll; walk a horse; to linger",
	["遜"] = "to yield",
	["遝"] = "abundant; mixed",
	["遞"] = "to hand over; to pass; to give",
	["遠"] = "far; distant; remote",
	["遣"] = "dispatch",
	["遨"] = "make excursion; ramble; travel",
	["適"] = "to fit; to suit",
	["遫"] = "alert; nimble; quick",
	["遭"] = "a time; incident; meet by chance; turn",
	["遮"] = "cover up (a shortcoming); screen off; to hide; to conceal",
	["遯"] = "disappear; to escape",
	["遰"] = "go away; migrate",
	["遲"] = "late; delayed; slow",
	["遴"] = "select for appointment",
	["遵"] = "to observe; to obey; to follow",
	["遶"] = "go around; to wind (around)",
	["遷"] = "to move; to shift",
	["選"] = "to choose; to pick; to select; to elect",
	["遹"] = "follow; in accordance with",
	["遺"] = "to lose; to leave behind",
	["遻"] = "recalcitrant; to encounter",
	["遼"] = "Liaoning; name of a dynasty",
	["遽"] = "hurry; fast; suddenly",
	["避"] = "avoid; shun; flee; escape; leave; to keep away; to leave; to hide",
	["邀"] = "invite to come",
	["邁"] = "take a step",
	["邃"] = "deep; distant; mysterious",
	["還"] = "pay back; return; also; in addition; more; still; else; yet; (not) yet",
	["邅"] = "not making progress",
	["邇"] = "near",
	["邈"] = "profound; remote",
	["邊"] = "side; edge; margin; border; boundary",
	["邏"] = "to patrol",
	["邐"] = "winding",
	["邑"] = "city",
	["邕"] = "harmonious",
	["邗"] = "name of an ancient river",
	["邘"] = "''surname''; place name",
	["邙"] = "name of a hill",
	["邛"] = "mound; place name",
	["邠"] = "name of an ancient city",
	["邢"] = "''surname''; place name",
	["那"] = "that; those; which",
	["邦"] = "a state; country or nation",
	["邧"] = "place name",
	["邪"] = "demonical; iniquitous; nefarious",
	["邰"] = "''surname''; name of a feudal state",
	["邱"] = "''surname''; mound",
	["邲"] = "''surname''; ancient place name",
	["邴"] = "''surname''; ancient city name; happy",
	["邵"] = "''surname''; place name",
	["邶"] = "name of a feudal state",
	["邸"] = "''surname''; lodging-house",
	["邽"] = "''surname''; ancient place name",
	["邾"] = "''surname''; name of a feudal state",
	["邿"] = "place name",
	["郁"] = "''surname''; elegant",
	["郃"] = "name of a person",
	["郅"] = "''surname''; extremely",
	["郇"] = "name of a feudal state",
	["郈"] = "''surname''; place name",
	["郊"] = "suburb",
	["郎"] = "youth",
	["郔"] = "place name",
	["郕"] = "name of a feudal state",
	["郗"] = "''surname''; name of an ancient city",
	["郙"] = "ancient place name",
	["郚"] = "place name",
	["郛"] = "suburbs",
	["郜"] = "''surname''; name of a feudal state",
	["郝"] = "''surname''; ancient place name",
	["郟"] = "name of a district in Henan",
	["郠"] = "place name",
	["郡"] = "canton; county; region",
	["郢"] = "name of an ancient city",
	["郤"] = "''surname''; crack; occasion for dislike",
	["部"] = "ministry; department; section; part; division; troops; board; (a measure word); (a measure word for works of literature, films, machines, etc.)",
	["郪"] = "name of a river; place name",
	["郫"] = "place name",
	["郭"] = "''surname''; outer city wall",
	["郯"] = "''surname''; name of an ancient city",
	["郰"] = "birthplace of Confucius in Shandong",
	["郳"] = "place name",
	["郴"] = "name of a district in Hunan",
	["郵"] = "post (office); mail",
	["郹"] = "place name",
	["都"] = "metropolis; capital city; all; both (if two things are involved); entirely; even; already",
	["郾"] = "place name",
	["郿"] = "ancient place name",
	["鄀"] = "place name",
	["鄂"] = "Hubei province (abbrev.)",
	["鄄"] = "name of a district in Shandong",
	["鄆"] = "place name",
	["鄇"] = "place name",
	["鄈"] = "place name",
	["鄉"] = "country; village",
	["鄋"] = "name of a tribe",
	["鄍"] = "place name",
	["鄎"] = "place name",
	["鄏"] = "place name",
	["鄐"] = "''surname''",
	["鄑"] = "place name",
	["鄒"] = "''surname''; name of district in Shandong",
	["鄔"] = "''surname''; ancient place name",
	["鄖"] = "name of a feudal state",
	["鄗"] = "ancient place name",
	["鄘"] = "''surname''; name of a feudal state",
	["鄙"] = "rustic; low; base; mean",
	["鄚"] = "''surname''",
	["鄜"] = "name of a district in Shaanxi",
	["鄞"] = "name of a district in Zhejiang",
	["鄠"] = "name of a district in Shaanxi",
	["鄢"] = "''surname''; name of a feudal state",
	["鄣"] = "place name",
	["鄤"] = "place name",
	["鄧"] = "Deng (Xiaoping)",
	["鄩"] = "''surname''; place name",
	["鄫"] = "name of a feudal state",
	["鄬"] = "place in Henan province",
	["鄭"] = "''surname''",
	["鄮"] = "ancient place name",
	["鄯"] = "name of a district in Xinjiang",
	["鄰"] = "neighbor; adjacent; close to",
	["鄱"] = "name of a lake",
	["鄴"] = "''surname''; name of ancient district",
	["鄶"] = "''surname''; name of a feudal state",
	["鄹"] = "name of a state; surname",
	["鄺"] = "''surname''",
	["鄻"] = "place name",
	["鄾"] = "place name",
	["鄿"] = "(herb); place name",
	["酃"] = "name of a district in Hunan",
	["酅"] = "place name",
	["酆"] = "''surname''; name of an ancient city",
	["酇"] = "group of 100 families; place name",
	["酈"] = "''surname''; ancient place name",
	["酉"] = "10th [[earthly branch]]; 5-7 pm",
	["酊"] = "tincture",
	["酋"] = "tribal chief",
	["酌"] = "to pour the alcoholic drink; to consider",
	["配"] = "to join; to fit; to mate; to mix; to match; to deserve; to make up (a prescription)",
	["酎"] = "rich alcoholic drink that is fermented multiple times",
	["酏"] = "elixirs; sweet wine",
	["酐"] = "anhydride",
	["酒"] = "alcoholic drink",
	["酖"] = "poisonous; to poison; addicted to liquor",
	["酗"] = "drunk",
	["酚"] = "phenol",
	["酞"] = "phthalein",
	["酡"] = "flushed (from drinking)",
	["酢"] = "toast to host by guest",
	["酣"] = "intoxicated",
	["酤"] = "to deal in liquors",
	["酥"] = "flaky",
	["酪"] = "Chinese cream; cheese",
	["酬"] = "entertain; repay; return; reward; compensate",
	["酮"] = "ketone",
	["酯"] = "ester",
	["酰"] = "(chem.) -acyl; acid radical",
	["酲"] = "alcoholic",
	["酴"] = "yeast",
	["酵"] = "yeast",
	["酶"] = "enzyme; ferment",
	["酷"] = "ruthless; strong (as of wine); (slang loan from English) cool, great",
	["酸"] = "sour; sore; ache; acid",
	["酹"] = "pour out libation; sprinkle",
	["酺"] = "drink heavily; drink in company",
	["醁"] = "name of a wine",
	["醃"] = "to salt; pickle",
	["醅"] = "unstrained spirits",
	["醆"] = "wine cup",
	["醇"] = "of alcoholic drink, rich, pure",
	["醉"] = "intoxicated",
	["醊"] = "pour libation on ground",
	["醋"] = "vinegar",
	["醑"] = "spiritus; strain spirits",
	["醒"] = "to wake up; to awaken; to be awake",
	["醓"] = "brine of pickled meat",
	["醚"] = "ether",
	["醛"] = "aldehyde",
	["醜"] = "shameful; ugly; disgraceful",
	["醝"] = "white wine",
	["醞"] = "to brew",
	["醡"] = "press for extracting wine",
	["醢"] = "minced meat; pickled meat",
	["醣"] = "carbohydrate",
	["醨"] = "dregs of wine",
	["醪"] = "alcoholic drink with dregs",
	["醫"] = "medical; medicine; doctor; to cure; to treat",
	["醬"] = "jam; thick sauce",
	["醭"] = "mold on liquids",
	["醮"] = "perform sacrifice",
	["醯"] = "vinegar; acyl",
	["醰"] = "bitter taste in wine; rich; full flavoured",
	["醲"] = "concentrated; strong wine",
	["醴"] = "sweet wine",
	["醵"] = "contribute to a feast",
	["醹"] = "strong (of wine)",
	["醺"] = "to be drunk; to intoxicate with alcohol",
	["醼"] = "strong (of tea)",
	["醽"] = "name of a wine",
	["醾"] = "unfiltered wine; wine brewed twice",
	["釀"] = "ferment; brew",
	["釁"] = "offer blood in sacrifice",
	["釂"] = "drain a goblet",
	["釃"] = "to filter alcohol; to pour alcohol or tea into drinkware; to branch off a river",
	["釅"] = "strong (of tea)",
	["釆"] = "to distinguish",
	["采"] = "allotment to a feudal noble; affairs; gather",
	["釉"] = "glaze (of porcelain)",
	["釋"] = "explain; to release",
	["里"] = "li, a Chinese unit of length",
	["重"] = "heavy; serious; to double; to repeat; repetition; iteration; again; a layer",
	["野"] = "field; plain; open space; limit; boundary; rude; wild",
	["量"] = "capacity; quantity; amount; to estimate; to measure",
	["釐"] = "centi-",
	["金"] = "metal; gold; money",
	["釓"] = "gadolinium",
	["釔"] = "yttrium",
	["釕"] = "ruthenium",
	["釗"] = "encourage; to cut; to strain",
	["釘"] = "nail",
	["釙"] = "polonium",
	["釜"] = "kettle; caldron",
	["針"] = "needle; pin; injection",
	["釣"] = "to fish with a hook and bait",
	["釤"] = "samarium",
	["釦"] = "button",
	["釧"] = "an armlet; bracelet",
	["釩"] = "vanadium",
	["釪"] = "an alms bowl; a small bell",
	["釬"] = "to solder; weld by heat",
	["釭"] = "hanging bowl for lamp or fish",
	["釱"] = "fetters; to fetter",
	["釵"] = "hairpin",
	["釷"] = "thorium",
	["釸"] = "silicon",
	["釹"] = "neodymium",
	["鈀"] = "palladium",
	["鈁"] = "francium",
	["鈃"] = "long-necked wine flask",
	["鈄"] = "a wine flagon",
	["鈆"] = "lead",
	["鈇"] = "axe",
	["鈉"] = "sodium",
	["鈊"] = "cadolinium",
	["鈌"] = "to pierce, to stab; to take",
	["鈍"] = "blunt; stupid",
	["鈐"] = "latch of door; seal",
	["鈑"] = "metal plate; sheet of metal",
	["鈒"] = "germanium",
	["鈔"] = "money; paper money",
	["鈕"] = "button",
	["鈞"] = "30 catties; great; your (hon.)",
	["鈣"] = "calcium",
	["鈥"] = "holmium",
	["鈦"] = "titanium",
	["鈧"] = "scandium",
	["鈮"] = "niobium",
	["鈰"] = "cerium",
	["鈳"] = "columbium",
	["鈴"] = "(small) bell",
	["鈷"] = "cobalt",
	["鈸"] = "cymbals",
	["鈹"] = "beryllium",
	["鈺"] = "hard metals",
	["鈽"] = "plutonium",
	["鈾"] = "uranium",
	["鈿"] = "gold inlaid work",
	["鉀"] = "potassium",
	["鉅"] = "great; hard iron",
	["鉆"] = "treasure",
	["鉈"] = "thallium",
	["鉉"] = "stand for bronze tripod (archeol.); used in names, e.g. 盧武鉉 President Loh Roh Mu-hyun of South Korea",
	["鉋"] = "a plane; to plane",
	["鉌"] = "small bell",
	["鉍"] = "bismuth",
	["鉏"] = "hoe",
	["鉑"] = "platinum",
	["鉗"] = "pincers; pliers; tongs; claw (of animal); to grasp with pincers; to pinch; to clamp; to restrain; to restrict; to gag",
	["鉚"] = "riveting",
	["鉛"] = "lead (metal)",
	["鉞"] = "battle-axe",
	["鉤"] = "entice; hook",
	["鉥"] = "acmite",
	["鉦"] = "gong used to halt troops",
	["鉬"] = "molybdenum",
	["鉭"] = "tantalum",
	["鉲"] = "cadmium",
	["鉶"] = "caldron for soup",
	["鉸"] = "scissors; to cut (with scissors)",
	["鉺"] = "erbium",
	["鉻"] = "chromium",
	["鉼"] = "plate",
	["鉾"] = "spear",
	["鉿"] = "hafnium",
	["銀"] = "silver; money",
	["銃"] = "a gun; a pistol",
	["銅"] = "copper",
	["銍"] = "sickle",
	["銎"] = "eye of an axe",
	["銑"] = "shining metal",
	["銓"] = "estimate; select",
	["銕"] = "iron; strong, solid, firm",
	["銖"] = "twenty-fourth part of a tael",
	["銘"] = "inscribed motto",
	["銚"] = "weeding tool; pan with a long handle",
	["銛"] = "fish-spear; sharp",
	["銜"] = "hold in mouth; nominal office",
	["銠"] = "rhodium",
	["銣"] = "rubidium",
	["銤"] = "americium",
	["銥"] = "iridium",
	["銦"] = "indium",
	["銧"] = "point of a sword",
	["銨"] = "ammonium",
	["銩"] = "thulium",
	["銪"] = "europium",
	["銫"] = "cesium",
	["銬"] = "shackles, manacle",
	["銲"] = "to solder; weld by heat",
	["銳"] = "acute",
	["銶"] = "single-headed pick; stone chisel",
	["銷"] = "to melt; to do away with; to sell",
	["銻"] = "antimony",
	["銼"] = "a file (tool for shaping metal); to file",
	["鋁"] = "aluminum",
	["鋂"] = "lock; metal dog collar",
	["鋅"] = "zinc",
	["鋆"] = "gold",
	["鋇"] = "barium",
	["鋈"] = "-plated; to plate",
	["鋊"] = "a poker; brass filings; to file",
	["鋌"] = "big arrow; walk fast; ingot",
	["鋍"] = "beryllium",
	["鋏"] = "pincers for use at a fire; sword",
	["鋐"] = "utensil; implement",
	["鋑"] = "to engrave or carve, as a block for printing",
	["鋒"] = "point or edge of a tool",
	["鋕"] = "engrave; to record",
	["鋘"] = "to plaster; trowel",
	["鋙"] = "hoe",
	["鋝"] = "(ancient unit of weight)",
	["鋟"] = "carve",
	["鋤"] = "a hoe; to hoe or dig; to weed; get rid of",
	["鋦"] = "curium; mend chinaware with staples",
	["鋨"] = "osmium",
	["鋩"] = "sharp point",
	["鋪"] = "a bed; a store; to spread",
	["鋮"] = "person's name",
	["鋯"] = "zirconium",
	["鋰"] = "lithium",
	["鋱"] = "terbium",
	["鋸"] = "a saw; to saw; to mend (china) with staples",
	["鋹"] = "sharp; a keen edge; sharp point",
	["鋼"] = "steel",
	["錀"] = "(metal)",
	["錁"] = "grease-pot for cart; ingot",
	["錄"] = "to record; to hit; to copy",
	["錆"] = "the color of a mineral",
	["錈"] = "to bend iron",
	["錏"] = "ammonium",
	["錐"] = "awl; to bore",
	["錒"] = "actinium",
	["錔"] = "encase the end with metal",
	["錕"] = "steel sword",
	["錘"] = "to hammer; weight of steel yard",
	["錙"] = "ancient weight; one-fourth of a tael",
	["錚"] = "clang of metals; small gong",
	["錛"] = "adz; adze; [gen3] ; blunt; tough; chewy",
	["錞"] = "copper drum",
	["錟"] = "long spear",
	["錠"] = "ingot",
	["錡"] = "caldron; chisel",
	["錢"] = "coin; money",
	["錤"] = "hoe",
	["錦"] = "brocade; embroidered work; bright",
	["錨"] = "anchor",
	["錩"] = "metal utensil; mounting; fitting",
	["錫"] = "tin",
	["錮"] = "obstinate disease; restrain; to stop",
	["錯"] = "mistake; error; blunder; fault; cross; uneven; wrong",
	["錳"] = "manganese",
	["錶"] = "watch",
	["錸"] = "rhenium",
	["錼"] = "np",
	["鍆"] = "mendelevium",
	["鍇"] = "high quality iron",
	["鍉"] = "spoon, key",
	["鍊"] = "refine",
	["鍋"] = "pot; pan; boiler",
	["鍍"] = "-plated; to plate",
	["鍏"] = "spade",
	["鍐"] = "a headstall, ornament on a bride",
	["鍔"] = "blade edge; sharp",
	["鍘"] = "lever-knife",
	["鍚"] = "ornaments on headstall of horse",
	["鍛"] = "forge; wrought; to discipline",
	["鍠"] = "sound of drums and bells; trident",
	["鍥"] = "cut; to carve",
	["鍩"] = "Nobelium",
	["鍪"] = "iron pot; metal cap",
	["鍬"] = "shovel; to dig",
	["鍭"] = "metal arrowhead",
	["鍰"] = "(ancient measure); money",
	["鍱"] = "thin plates of metal",
	["鍵"] = "(door lock) key",
	["鍶"] = "strontium",
	["鍹"] = "spade; hoe",
	["鍺"] = "germanium",
	["鍼"] = "needle",
	["鍾"] = "(ancient measure); ''surname''",
	["鎂"] = "magnesium",
	["鎉"] = "thallium",
	["鎊"] = "pound (unit of currency)",
	["鎌"] = "scythe; sickle",
	["鎍"] = "chain; wire",
	["鎏"] = "bessemerizing of matte",
	["鎒"] = "to hoe; to weed",
	["鎓"] = "onium",
	["鎔"] = "to smelt; fuse",
	["鎖"] = "to lock up; to lock",
	["鎗"] = "rifle; spear",
	["鎘"] = "cadmium",
	["鎚"] = "a hammer; to hammer",
	["鎛"] = "large bell; hoe, spade",
	["鎞"] = "plowshare; barb, lancet",
	["鎡"] = "hoe",
	["鎢"] = "tungsten",
	["鎤"] = "sound of a bell; small bell",
	["鎦"] = "lutecium",
	["鎧"] = "armor",
	["鎩"] = "spear",
	["鎪"] = "to engrave (metal of wood)",
	["鎬"] = "bright; place name; stove; a pick",
	["鎮"] = "composed; small town; to suppress; to press down; to post",
	["鎰"] = "abrasion; gold-20 taels in weight",
	["鎳"] = "nickel",
	["鎵"] = "gallium",
	["鏃"] = "arrowhead; sharp",
	["鏇"] = "lathe; thread in screw",
	["鏈"] = "chain; lead or tin ore",
	["鏌"] = "sword",
	["鏐"] = "pure gold",
	["鏑"] = "dysprosium",
	["鏖"] = "violent fighting",
	["鏗"] = "jingling of metals; to strike",
	["鏘"] = "tinkling of small bells",
	["鏚"] = "battle-axe",
	["鏜"] = "noise of drums",
	["鏝"] = "side of coin without words; trowel",
	["鏞"] = "large bell",
	["鏟"] = "spade; shovel",
	["鏡"] = "mirror; lens",
	["鏢"] = "a throwing weapon; dart",
	["鏤"] = "engrave; hard steel",
	["鏦"] = "spear; to plunge (with spear)",
	["鏨"] = "engrave",
	["鏵"] = "ploughshare; spade",
	["鏷"] = "protactinium",
	["鏹"] = "money; string of coins; sulfuric acid",
	["鏻"] = "phosphonium",
	["鏽"] = "rust",
	["鏾"] = "the trigger of a crossbow; crossbow",
	["鐃"] = "big cymbals",
	["鐇"] = "vanadium",
	["鐏"] = "butt end of spear",
	["鐒"] = "lawrencium",
	["鐓"] = "upsetting (forged pieces)",
	["鐔"] = "knob on a sword-handle",
	["鐘"] = "clock; time as measured in hours and minutes; bell",
	["鐙"] = "stirrup",
	["鐠"] = "praseodymium",
	["鐨"] = "Fermium; fermium",
	["鐩"] = "speculum",
	["鐫"] = "degrade; engrave (wood or stone)",
	["鐮"] = "scythe; sickle",
	["鐲"] = "bracelet",
	["鐳"] = "radium",
	["鐵"] = "iron",
	["鐶"] = "(ancient weight); metal ring",
	["鐸"] = "large ancient bell",
	["鐺"] = "clank; clang; sound of metal; frying pan; griddle",
	["鐻"] = "(mus. instr.)",
	["鐿"] = "ytterbium",
	["鑀"] = "ionium",
	["鑄"] = "cast metals; to coin (money)",
	["鑊"] = "boiler or caldron",
	["鑌"] = "fine steel",
	["鑐"] = "bolt of a Chinese lock",
	["鑑"] = "example; mirror; to view",
	["鑒"] = "example; mirror; to view; reflection; to reflect; to inspect; to warn; (ancient bronze mirror)",
	["鑕"] = "(executioner's) block",
	["鑞"] = "solder",
	["鑠"] = "bright; melt; fuse (metal)",
	["鑢"] = "polishing tool",
	["鑣"] = "darts; escort; horsebit",
	["鑤"] = "a plane; to plane",
	["鑥"] = "lutetium",
	["鑪"] = "stove",
	["鑫"] = "(used in names)",
	["鑭"] = "lanthanum",
	["鑯"] = "awl; sharp iron point",
	["鑰"] = "key",
	["鑱"] = "sharp instrument for digging",
	["鑲"] = "to inlay; to embed; ridge; border",
	["鑴"] = "to engrave or carve, as a block for printing",
	["鑵"] = "a can; a jar",
	["鑷"] = "forceps; to nip",
	["鑼"] = "gong",
	["鑽"] = "an auger; diamond; enter (a hole); probe",
	["鑾"] = "imperial",
	["鑿"] = "chisel",
	["钁"] = "a mattock; a billhook",
	["钃"] = "metal",
	["镅"] = "Americium",
	["镎"] = "Neptunium",
	["長"] = "long; length; forever; always; constantly; chief; head; elder; to grow; to develop",
	["門"] = "opening; door; gate; doorway; gateway; valve; switch; way to do something; knack; family; house; (religious) sect; school (of thought); class; category; phylum or division (taxonomy)",
	["閂"] = "to bolt",
	["閃"] = "flash; lightning",
	["閆"] = "''surname''",
	["閈"] = "gate of village; village",
	["閉"] = "to close; stop up; shut; obstruct",
	["開"] = "open; operate (vehicle); start",
	["閌"] = "in 閌閬, open space in a structure",
	["閎"] = "''surname''; big; gate",
	["閏"] = "intercalary",
	["閑"] = "to stay idle; to be unoccupied; not busy; leisure; enclosure",
	["閒"] = "idle; interstice; separate",
	["間"] = "interstice; separate; between; among; space; (measure word)",
	["閔"] = "''surname''; feel compassion for",
	["閘"] = "gear; watergate",
	["閟"] = "hidden; hide",
	["閡"] = "obstruct",
	["閣"] = "council-chamber; shelf",
	["閤"] = "council-chamber; shelf; side door",
	["閥"] = "clique; valve",
	["閨"] = "small arched door; women's apartment; women",
	["閩"] = "abbreviation for Fujian Province; Min",
	["閫"] = "door to women's room; threshold",
	["閬"] = "閬中 place in Sichuan; 閬苑 palace, home of immortals; in 閌閬, open space in a structure",
	["閭"] = "gate of a village; village",
	["閱"] = "peruse; review; to read",
	["閶"] = "gate of heaven; gate of palace",
	["閹"] = "castrate",
	["閺"] = "look down",
	["閻"] = "gate of village",
	["閼"] = "first wives of xiong-nu chiefs; shut; stop",
	["閽"] = "door-keeper",
	["閾"] = "threshold",
	["閿"] = "wen xiang, Henan province",
	["闃"] = "live alone; quiet",
	["闇"] = "to shut the door; unilluminated",
	["闈"] = "door to women's room; gate to palace",
	["闉"] = "''surname''; inner gates",
	["闊"] = "rich; wide; broad",
	["闋"] = "section of a song; shut",
	["闌"] = "door-screen; exhausted; late",
	["闍"] = "used in Buddhist transliteration; tower over a city gate",
	["闐"] = "fill up; rumbling sound",
	["闑"] = "vertical divider of a door way",
	["闒"] = "door or window in an upper story",
	["闓"] = "loosen; open",
	["闔"] = "entire (family)",
	["闕"] = "imperial city; deficiency",
	["闖"] = "to rush; break through",
	["闚"] = "peep; pry into",
	["關"] = "to close; to shut; to turn off; to concern; to involve; mountain pass",
	["闞"] = "peep",
	["闟"] = "peacefully; quietly",
	["闠"] = "gate of market",
	["闡"] = "to express; disclose; enlighten; open",
	["闢"] = "dispel; open up; refute",
	["闤"] = "wall around a market place",
	["闥"] = "door of an inner room",
	["阜"] = "abundant; mound",
	["阞"] = "layer; vein",
	["阡"] = "road leading north and south",
	["阤"] = "bank; hillside",
	["阨"] = "defile; pass; in distress",
	["阪"] = "a slope; hillside",
	["阬"] = "pit; to defraud",
	["阮"] = "''surname''; a Chinese plucked stringed instrument",
	["阯"] = "foundation",
	["阱"] = "hole; pitfall",
	["防"] = "to protect; to defend; to guard (against)",
	["阹"] = "a pen; to surround",
	["阻"] = "to hinder; to block; to obstruct",
	["阼"] = "steps leading to the eastern door",
	["阽"] = "dangerous",
	["阿"] = "(phonetic character); (final part.); (interj.); flatter; an initial particle; prefix to names of people",
	["陀"] = "(phonetic); declivity; steep bank",
	["陂"] = "rugged; uneven; reservoir",
	["附"] = "to add; to attach; to be close to; to be attached",
	["陋"] = "low; humble; plain; ugly; mean; vulgar",
	["陌"] = "raised path; street",
	["降"] = "to drop; to fall; to come down; to descend; to surrender",
	["限"] = "limit; bound",
	["陑"] = "place name",
	["陔"] = "step; terrace",
	["陘"] = "border the stove; defile; pass",
	["陛"] = "the steps to the throne",
	["陜"] = "Shaanxi",
	["陝"] = "Shaanxi",
	["陞"] = "promoted",
	["陟"] = "advance; ascend",
	["陡"] = "steep",
	["院"] = "courtyard; institution",
	["陣"] = "disposition of troops; short period; wave; spate; burst; spell",
	["除"] = "remove; do away with; wipe out; divide; except",
	["陪"] = "to accompany; to keep sb. company",
	["陬"] = "corner; foot of mountain",
	["陰"] = "(of weather) overcast; Yin; feminine; moon; cloudy; negative (electric.); shady",
	["陲"] = "frontier",
	["陳"] = "arrange; exhibit; narrate; tell; old; stale; state; display; explain; ''surname''",
	["陴"] = "parapet",
	["陵"] = "mound; tomb; hill; mountain",
	["陶"] = "pleased; pottery",
	["陷"] = "to fall; trap",
	["陸"] = "shore; land; continent; six (fraud-proof)",
	["陼"] = "islet; bank",
	["陽"] = "positive (electric.); sun; male",
	["陾"] = "sound of stonemason's shovel",
	["隃"] = "exceed; jump over",
	["隄"] = "dike",
	["隅"] = "corner",
	["隆"] = "grand; intense; prosperous; start (a fire); sound of drums",
	["隈"] = "bay; cove",
	["隉"] = "dangerous",
	["隊"] = "squadron; team; group",
	["隋"] = "name of a dynasty",
	["隍"] = "dry moat; god of city",
	["階"] = "rank or step; stairs",
	["隒"] = "the appearance of a mountain, as if two pots were standing one upon the other; the steep bank of a stream a rough mountain path",
	["隔"] = "to separate; to stand or lie between; to divide; to cut off",
	["隕"] = "fall; meteor; perish",
	["隗"] = "''surname''; eminent; lofty",
	["隘"] = "a pass or defile; narrow; confined; in distress",
	["隙"] = "crack; occasion for dislike",
	["際"] = "border; edge; boundary; between; among; interval; while",
	["障"] = "to block; to hinder; to obstruct",
	["隤"] = "fall in ruins; soft",
	["隧"] = "subterranean; underground passage",
	["隨"] = "to follow; to comply with; to allow; ''surname''",
	["隩"] = "bay; cove",
	["險"] = "danger (ous); rugged",
	["隮"] = "go up; rainbow",
	["隰"] = "''surname''; low; marshy land",
	["隱"] = "secret; hidden; concealed",
	["隳"] = "to destroy",
	["隴"] = "Gansu",
	["隸"] = "attached to; scribe",
	["隹"] = "short-tailed bird",
	["隻"] = "(a measure word, for birds and some animals, for one of a pair); single",
	["雀"] = "bird; lentigo; sparrow",
	["雁"] = "wild goose",
	["雂"] = "(bird)",
	["雄"] = "heroic; male",
	["雅"] = "elegant",
	["集"] = "to gather; to collect; collected works",
	["雇"] = "hire",
	["雉"] = "ringed pheasant",
	["雊"] = "crowing of pheasant",
	["雋"] = "smart; eminent; talented",
	["雌"] = "female",
	["雍"] = "''surname''; harmonious",
	["雎"] = "(fish hawk); osprey",
	["雒"] = "black horse with white mane; fearful",
	["雕"] = "engrave; shrewd",
	["雖"] = "although; even though",
	["雗"] = "a white pheasant",
	["雘"] = "red earth used for paints",
	["雙"] = "two; double; pair; both",
	["雚"] = "a heron; small cup",
	["雛"] = "chick; young bird",
	["雜"] = "mixed; miscellaneous; various; to mix",
	["雝"] = "harmonious",
	["雞"] = "fowl; chicken",
	["雟"] = "sparrow; revolve; place name",
	["離"] = "to leave; to depart; to go away; from",
	["難"] = "disaster; distress; to scold; difficult (to...); problem; difficulty; difficult; not good",
	["雨"] = "rain",
	["雩"] = "summer sacrifice for rain",
	["雪"] = "snow",
	["雯"] = "multicolored clouds",
	["雰"] = "misty; foggy",
	["雱"] = "heavy fall of rain or snow",
	["雲"] = "cloud; (abbr.) for Yunnan; surname",
	["零"] = "remnant; zero; to fall",
	["雷"] = "thunder",
	["雹"] = "hail",
	["電"] = "electric; electricity; electrical",
	["需"] = "to require; to need; to want; necessity; need",
	["霂"] = "drizzle; fine rain",
	["霄"] = "firmament; heaven",
	["霅"] = "''surname''; rain",
	["霆"] = "clap of thunder",
	["震"] = "shake; shock; sign in trigram",
	["霈"] = "torrent of rain",
	["霉"] = "bacteria; fungi; moldy",
	["霍"] = "quickly",
	["霎"] = "all of a sudden; drizzle",
	["霏"] = "fall of snow",
	["霑"] = "moisten",
	["霓"] = "secondary rainbow",
	["霖"] = "continued rain",
	["霙"] = "sleet; snowflakes",
	["霜"] = "frost",
	["霝"] = "drops of rain; to fall in drops",
	["霞"] = "red clouds",
	["霢"] = "drizzling rain; showered with favors",
	["霣"] = "rain storm; to fall",
	["霤"] = "dripping of rain from eaves",
	["霧"] = "fog; mist",
	["霨"] = "rising of clouds",
	["霪"] = "heavy rain",
	["霫"] = "Sui-Tang (premodern ethnic group)",
	["霮"] = "denseness of clouds",
	["霰"] = "sleet",
	["露"] = "to show; to reveal; to expose; dew",
	["霸"] = "feudal chief; rule by force; tyrant; lord; master; hegemon; usurp",
	["霹"] = "of thunder, to strike",
	["霽"] = "sky clearing up",
	["霾"] = "dust-storm",
	["靄"] = "cloudy sky; friendly",
	["靈"] = "alert; departed soul; efficacious; quick; effective; intelligence",
	["靉"] = "cloudy; shady",
	["青"] = "green (blue, black); Qinghai province (abbrev.)",
	["靖"] = "pacify; quiet",
	["靚"] = "make up (face)",
	["靛"] = "indigo pigment",
	["靜"] = "still; calm; quiet; not moving",
	["非"] = "(be) not; wrong; blame; Africa",
	["靠"] = "depend upon; lean on; near; by; against; to support",
	["靡"] = "extravagant; go with fashion; not; wasted",
	["面"] = "face; side; surface; aspect; top",
	["靦"] = "bashful",
	["靨"] = "dimple",
	["革"] = "leather; remove",
	["靪"] = "to cobble, to patch",
	["靮"] = "reins; bridle",
	["靰"] = "leg warmer",
	["靳"] = "''surname''; martingale; stingy",
	["靴"] = "boots",
	["靶"] = "target; mark",
	["靷"] = "traces (of a carriage)",
	["靸"] = "laborers; shoes; slippers",
	["靺"] = "name of a tribe; socks; stockings",
	["靼"] = "(phonetic); dressed leather",
	["靿"] = "the leg of a boot",
	["鞀"] = "hand drum used by peddlers",
	["鞃"] = "a leaning board on carriage",
	["鞄"] = "to work hides; leather bag",
	["鞅"] = "martingale",
	["鞋"] = "shoe",
	["鞍"] = "saddle",
	["鞏"] = "secure; solid",
	["鞗"] = "reins of leather",
	["鞘"] = "scabbard; sheath",
	["鞙"] = "fine",
	["鞚"] = "bridle; reins",
	["鞝"] = "patch of leather",
	["鞞"] = "scabbard",
	["鞠"] = "to bring up; to rear; ''surname''",
	["鞡"] = "leg warmer",
	["鞣"] = "suede; chamois; tannin; to tan",
	["鞨"] = "buskin; name of a tribe; turban",
	["鞬"] = "a quiver on a horse; a store",
	["鞭"] = "a whip or lash; to flog; slash or whip",
	["鞮"] = "''surname''; leather shoes",
	["鞶"] = "large belt",
	["鞹"] = "leather",
	["韁"] = "bridle; reins",
	["韃"] = "Tartar; a tribe in China",
	["韅"] = "leather girth on horse",
	["韉"] = "saddle blanket",
	["韋"] = "''surname''; soft leather",
	["韌"] = "annealed; pliable but strong; tough; tenacious",
	["韍"] = "kneepad",
	["韎"] = "a grass that gives red dye",
	["韓"] = "(South) Korea; ''surname''",
	["韔"] = "bow bag",
	["韖"] = "tan, soften",
	["韘"] = "archer's thumb ring",
	["韙"] = "correct; right",
	["韜"] = "bow case; to cover",
	["韝"] = "archer's arm guard",
	["韞"] = "contain",
	["韡"] = "gorgeous",
	["韣"] = "bow case",
	["韭"] = "leek",
	["韱"] = "wild onions or leeks",
	["音"] = "sound; noise; news",
	["韶"] = "(music); excellent; harmonious",
	["韹"] = "music of bell and drum",
	["韺"] = "music of legendary emperor Gu",
	["韻"] = "rhyme",
	["響"] = "to make a sound; to sound; to ring; (a measure word for sound); loud",
	["頀"] = "music",
	["頁"] = "page; leaf",
	["頂"] = "go against; most; peak; top; to replace; to substitute; a measure word (use with \"hat\")",
	["頃"] = "100 mu; a short while ago; a 'ching' (unit of area); approx. (with dates); a short while",
	["頄"] = "cheekbone",
	["項"] = "back of neck; item; thing",
	["順"] = "to obey; to follow; to arrange; to make reasonable; along; favorable",
	["須"] = "necessary; must; need",
	["頊"] = "grieved; anxious",
	["頌"] = "to praise",
	["頍"] = "raise one's head",
	["頎"] = "tall",
	["頏"] = "fly down",
	["預"] = "to advance; in advance; beforehand; to prepare",
	["頑"] = "mischievous; obstinate; to play; stupid; stubborn; naughty",
	["頒"] = "promulgate; send out; issue; to grant or confer",
	["頓"] = "a time; jerk; stop; meal; bout; spell; (measure for beating)",
	["頖"] = "disperse",
	["頗"] = "quite; rather; uneven; sloping",
	["領"] = "neck; collar; to lead; to receive",
	["頜"] = "maxilla and mandible",
	["頞"] = "junction of nose and forehead",
	["頠"] = "easeful carriage of one's head",
	["頡"] = "''surname''; fly upwards; neck",
	["頤"] = "cheeks; nourish",
	["頦"] = "chin",
	["頫"] = "look down; stoop",
	["頭"] = "head; (''noun suffix'')",
	["頯"] = "cheekbone; protrude",
	["頰"] = "cheeks",
	["頲"] = "narrow forehead",
	["頷"] = "chin; nod assent",
	["頸"] = "neck",
	["頹"] = "become bald; decadent",
	["頻"] = "frequency; frequently; repetitious",
	["顆"] = "(measure word for small spheres)",
	["題"] = "topic; subject; to inscribe; to superscribe",
	["額"] = "volume; amount; quantity; forehead; quota",
	["顎"] = "jaw; palate",
	["顏"] = "color; countenance; face",
	["顑"] = "yellow",
	["顒"] = "great; just; stern",
	["顓"] = "''surname''; good; simple",
	["顗"] = "pleasing; respectful manner",
	["願"] = "hope; wish; desire; ready; willing",
	["顙"] = "forehead; kowtow",
	["顛"] = "inverted; jolt; top",
	["顜"] = "honest; upright",
	["類"] = "kind; type; class; category; similar; like; to resemble",
	["顣"] = "frown",
	["顥"] = "bright; white",
	["顧"] = "look after; take into consideration; to attend to",
	["顫"] = "to tremble; to shiver; to shake; to vibrate",
	["顯"] = "prominent; conspicuous; to show",
	["顰"] = "knit the brows",
	["顱"] = "forehead; skull",
	["顳"] = "temporal bones",
	["顴"] = "cheek bones",
	["風"] = "wind; news; style; custom; manner",
	["颭"] = "sway",
	["颮"] = "whirlwind",
	["颯"] = "declining; sound of wind",
	["颱"] = "typhoon",
	["颳"] = "blow (of the wind)",
	["颶"] = "hurricane",
	["颸"] = "cool breeze of autumn",
	["颺"] = "soar; tossed by wind or wave",
	["颻"] = "floating in the air",
	["颼"] = "blow (as of wind); sound of wind",
	["颽"] = "balmy; genial as wind",
	["颾"] = "blowing of the wind",
	["颿"] = "sail",
	["飀"] = "soughing of wind",
	["飂"] = "wind in high places",
	["飄"] = "to float",
	["飆"] = "whirlwind",
	["飌"] = "wind",
	["飛"] = "to fly",
	["食"] = "eat; food; to feed; animal feed",
	["飢"] = "hungry",
	["飣"] = "display food for show only; sacrifice",
	["飥"] = "food made of dough",
	["飧"] = "supper",
	["飪"] = "cooked food; cook until well done",
	["飫"] = "full (as of eating)",
	["飭"] = "keep in order; stern; to order; direct",
	["飯"] = "food; cuisine; cooked rice; meal",
	["飲"] = "drink",
	["飴"] = "syrup",
	["飶"] = "fragrance of food",
	["飼"] = "to raise; to rear; to feed",
	["飽"] = "to eat till full; satisfied",
	["飾"] = "adorn; ornaments",
	["餀"] = "tainted food",
	["餂"] = "lick; lap",
	["餃"] = "dumplings with meat filling",
	["餅"] = "round flat cake; cookie; cake; pastry",
	["餇"] = "food",
	["餈"] = "fried rice cake",
	["餉"] = "soldier's pay",
	["養"] = "give birth; keep (pets); to support; to bring sb. up; to raise (pig, etc.)",
	["餌"] = "bait",
	["餐"] = "eat; meal",
	["餑"] = "cake; biscuit",
	["餒"] = "hungry",
	["餓"] = "to be hungry; hungry",
	["餔"] = "evening meal",
	["餕"] = "remains of a sacrifice or a meal",
	["餖"] = "set out food",
	["餗"] = "pot of cooked rice",
	["餘"] = "remainder",
	["餚"] = "meat dishes",
	["餞"] = "farewell dinner; preserves",
	["餟"] = "circle shrines and make sacrifices",
	["餡"] = "stuffing; forcemeat",
	["餤"] = "to advance",
	["餧"] = "steamed bread; to feed",
	["館"] = "house; establishment",
	["餩"] = "hiccup",
	["餪"] = "send a present of a feast",
	["餫"] = "Chinese ravioli",
	["餬"] = "congee; making a living",
	["餮"] = "gluttonous",
	["餱"] = "dry provisions",
	["餲"] = "spoiled, sour, mouldly",
	["餳"] = "malt-sugar; molasses",
	["餵"] = "to feed",
	["餼"] = "grain ration; sacrificial victim",
	["餽"] = "make a present",
	["餾"] = "reheat by steaming",
	["餿"] = "rancid; soured (as food)",
	["饁"] = "carry food to laborers in the field",
	["饃"] = "mantou",
	["饇"] = "to eat too much; to confer",
	["饈"] = "delicacies",
	["饉"] = "time of famine or crop failure",
	["饋"] = "food; make a present",
	["饌"] = "food; delicacies",
	["饎"] = "food; to cook",
	["饐"] = "rancid",
	["饑"] = "hungry",
	["饒"] = "to spare",
	["饔"] = "dressed food; first meal of the day",
	["饕"] = "gluttonous",
	["饗"] = "offer or enjoy sacrifice",
	["饘"] = "thick congee",
	["饜"] = "eat to the full",
	["饞"] = "gluttonous; greedy",
	["饟"] = "soldier's pay",
	["馕"] = "naan",
	["首"] = "head; chief; first (occasion); first (thing); measure word for poems",
	["馗"] = "cheekbone; crossroads; high",
	["馘"] = "cut off the left ear of the slain",
	["香"] = "fragrant; incense; (of food) savory; appetizing; sweet; scented; popular",
	["馝"] = "fragrance",
	["馡"] = "fragrant",
	["馣"] = "fragrant odor",
	["馥"] = "fragrance, scent, aroma",
	["馨"] = "fragrant",
	["馬"] = "horse; surname",
	["馭"] = "manage; to drive",
	["馮"] = "Feng (Chinese surname)",
	["馱"] = "carry on back",
	["馳"] = "run fast; speed; spread; gallop",
	["馴"] = "attain gradually; tame",
	["馵"] = "(horse)",
	["馹"] = "horse for relaying dispatches",
	["駁"] = "argue; parti-colored; tranship; dispute; contradict; refute",
	["駃"] = "fast (horse)",
	["駉"] = "in good condition (as a horse)",
	["駋"] = "(horse)",
	["駐"] = "resident in; stationed in; located at; to station (troops)",
	["駑"] = "worn out old horses",
	["駒"] = "colt",
	["駓"] = "(horse)",
	["駔"] = "powerful horse",
	["駕"] = "to drive; to draw; to harness; to mount",
	["駗"] = "chatter mark",
	["駘"] = "tired; worn out horse",
	["駙"] = "prince consort",
	["駛"] = "hasten; proceed to; sail a vessel",
	["駜"] = "strong horse",
	["駝"] = "humpback",
	["駟"] = "team of 4 horses",
	["駢"] = "two adjacent horses; side by side; parallel; antithetical",
	["駪"] = "large crowd",
	["駬"] = "(horse)",
	["駭"] = "astonish; startle",
	["駮"] = "argue; parti-colored; tranship",
	["駰"] = "iron-gray (as a horse)",
	["駱"] = "camel",
	["駴"] = "thunderous beating of drums",
	["駸"] = "fleet horse",
	["駹"] = "black horse with a white face",
	["駽"] = "grey",
	["駾"] = "approach at swift gallop (on horses)",
	["駿"] = "spirited horse",
	["騁"] = "hasten; run; open up; gallop",
	["騂"] = "bay horse",
	["騃"] = "stupid; foolish",
	["騄"] = "(horse)",
	["騅"] = "''surname''; piebald",
	["騆"] = "divine horse",
	["騉"] = "fine horse",
	["騋"] = "mare",
	["騍"] = "mother horse",
	["騎"] = "to ride (an animal or bike); to sit astride",
	["騏"] = "piebald horse",
	["騑"] = "horse with yellow back",
	["騕"] = "name of a fabulous horse",
	["騖"] = "fast; greedy; run rapidly",
	["騙"] = "to cheat; to swindle; to deceive; to fool",
	["騢"] = "(horse)",
	["騣"] = "bristles; horse's mane",
	["騤"] = "powerful; strong",
	["騧"] = "piebald horse",
	["騫"] = "defective; raise",
	["騭"] = "determine; promote; stallion",
	["騮"] = "bay horse with black mane",
	["騰"] = "to soar; to gallop; to rise; to prance; to hover; to move out",
	["騵"] = "chestnut horse with white belly",
	["騶"] = "go; mythical animal",
	["騷"] = "to bother; to annoy; to have sex appeal",
	["騸"] = "to geld",
	["騺"] = "heavy horse; horse unable to move because of twisted leg; plodding",
	["騾"] = "mule",
	["驀"] = "leap on or over; suddenly",
	["驁"] = "a noble steed; untamed",
	["驂"] = "outside horses of a team of 4",
	["驃"] = "white horse",
	["驄"] = "buckskin horse",
	["驅"] = "to expel; to urge on; to drive; to run quickly",
	["驆"] = "used in transliterating Buddhist books",
	["驈"] = "black horse with white legs",
	["驊"] = "chestnut horse",
	["驌"] = "(horse)",
	["驍"] = "brave; good horse; strong",
	["驏"] = "horse without saddle",
	["驒"] = "(horse)",
	["驔"] = "black horse",
	["驕"] = "proud; arrogant",
	["驖"] = "dark brown horse",
	["驗"] = "to examine; to test; to check",
	["驙"] = "(horse)",
	["驚"] = "to startle; to be frightened; to be scared; alarm",
	["驛"] = "remount stations",
	["驟"] = "sudden; suddenly",
	["驢"] = "donkey",
	["驤"] = "prance (as a horse)",
	["驥"] = "thoroughbred horse; refined and virtuous",
	["驦"] = "good horse",
	["驩"] = "docile horse",
	["驪"] = "black horse; good horse",
	["驫"] = "a horde of horses",
	["骨"] = "bone",
	["骫"] = "be bent; crooked (of bones)",
	["骭"] = "shinbone",
	["骰"] = "cuboid bone; dice",
	["骱"] = "joint of bones",
	["骴"] = "a putrid carcass",
	["骷"] = "skeleton",
	["骸"] = "bones of the body",
	["骼"] = "skeleton",
	["骾"] = "blunt; fish bones; unyielding",
	["髀"] = "thigh; thigh bone",
	["髁"] = "condyles",
	["髆"] = "shoulder blade",
	["髏"] = "skull",
	["髑"] = "skull",
	["髒"] = "dirty; filthy",
	["髓"] = "marrow",
	["體"] = "body; form; style; system",
	["髕"] = "kneecap",
	["髖"] = "pelvis; pelvic",
	["高"] = "high; tall",
	["髟"] = "hair; shaggy",
	["髡"] = "make the head bald",
	["髣"] = "seemingly",
	["髦"] = "bang (hair); fashionable; mane",
	["髧"] = "long hair",
	["髫"] = "tufts of hair on children",
	["髭"] = "mustache",
	["髮"] = "hair",
	["髯"] = "beard; whiskers",
	["髲"] = "a wig",
	["髳"] = "bang (hair); fashionable; mane",
	["髹"] = "red lacquer; to lacquer",
	["髺"] = "dishevelled hair, as in mourning",
	["髻"] = "hair rolled up in a bun, topknot",
	["髽"] = "dress the hair",
	["髾"] = "tail of a comet; long hair",
	["鬁"] = "bald; scabby",
	["鬃"] = "bristles; horse's mane",
	["鬅"] = "disheveled",
	["鬆"] = "loose",
	["鬈"] = "to curl; curled",
	["鬋"] = "to hang down (hair)",
	["鬍"] = "beard; mustache",
	["鬎"] = "bald; scabby",
	["鬐"] = "dorsal fins; horse's mane",
	["鬑"] = "hanging temple hair",
	["鬒"] = "bushy black hair",
	["鬖"] = "wild hair",
	["鬗"] = "head ornaments; pretty hair",
	["鬘"] = "beautiful hair",
	["鬙"] = "short hair; unkempt",
	["鬚"] = "beard; mustache",
	["鬟"] = "a knot of hair on top of head",
	["鬠"] = "to make a top knot",
	["鬢"] = "temples; hair on the temples",
	["鬣"] = "bristles; mane",
	["鬥"] = "fight; contend; incite; meet; encounter",
	["鬧"] = "make noise or disturbance",
	["鬨"] = "have a hilarious time; riot",
	["鬩"] = "feud, fight, quarrel",
	["鬮"] = "(draw) lots; lot (in a game of chance)",
	["鬯"] = "sacrificial spirit",
	["鬱"] = "dense (growth); melancholy",
	["鬲"] = "''surname''; earthen pot; iron caldron",
	["鬵"] = "big iron pot, cauldron",
	["鬷"] = "kettle on legs",
	["鬻"] = "vend",
	["鬼"] = "ghost; sly; crafty",
	["魁"] = "chief; head",
	["魂"] = "soul",
	["魃"] = "drought demon",
	["魄"] = "soul",
	["魅"] = "demon; magic; to charm",
	["魆"] = "beguile; suddenly",
	["魈"] = "elf",
	["魊"] = "ghost of a child",
	["魋"] = "Japanese brown bear",
	["魏"] = "''surname''; name of a dynasty",
	["魑"] = "mountain elf",
	["魔"] = "devil",
	["魘"] = "nightmare",
	["魚"] = "fish",
	["魛"] = "the mullet",
	["魟"] = "ray (fish)",
	["魦"] = "shark family, including some rays and skates",
	["魨"] = "leatherfish",
	["魬"] = "sole or flounder",
	["魯"] = "crass; place name",
	["魴"] = "bream; ''[[Zeus japonicus]]''",
	["魵"] = "shrimp",
	["魷"] = "cuttlefish",
	["鮀"] = "(fish)",
	["鮆"] = "(fish)",
	["鮐"] = "globefish",
	["鮑"] = "abalone",
	["鮒"] = "silver carp",
	["鮓"] = "preserved fish",
	["鮚"] = "oyster",
	["鮞"] = "caviar; fish roe",
	["鮠"] = "a kind of shad with a head like a sturgeon",
	["鮦"] = "snakefish",
	["鮨"] = "{{taxlink|Epinephelus septemfasciatus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鮪"] = "little tuna; {{taxlink|Euthynnus alletteratus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鮫"] = "shark",
	["鮭"] = "blowfish; salmon",
	["鮮"] = "few; rare; fresh",
	["鮶"] = "{{taxlink|Sebastodes guntheri|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鮸"] = "{{taxlink|Miichthys miiuy|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鮿"] = "(fresh-water fish)",
	["鯀"] = "[[w:Gun (Chinese mythology)|Gun]], father of Yu the Great",
	["鯁"] = "blunt; fish bones; unyielding",
	["鯄"] = "{{taxlink|Lepidotrigla microptera|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鯆"] = "the skate or ray",
	["鯇"] = "carp",
	["鯈"] = "{{taxlink|Leuciscus macropus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鯉"] = "carp",
	["鯊"] = "shark",
	["鯔"] = "{{vern|flathead grey mullet}}",
	["鯕"] = "bream; white common carp; {{vern|redlip croaker}}",
	["鯖"] = "mackerel; mullet",
	["鯗"] = "wine-preserved pomfret",
	["鯙"] = "[[moray eel]]",
	["鯛"] = "{{taxlink|Pagrus major|species|ver=181212}}",
	["鯠"] = "to confer; to bestow on an inferior; to reward",
	["鯡"] = "herring",
	["鯢"] = "{{taxlink|Cryptobranchus japonicus|species|ver=191212}}; salamander",
	["鯤"] = "sea-monster; young of fishes",
	["鯥"] = "{{taxlink|Pomatomus saltatrix|species|ver=191212}}; bluefish",
	["鯧"] = "a type of fish",
	["鯨"] = "whale",
	["鯪"] = "pangolin; {{taxlink|Manis pentadactylata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鯫"] = "''surname''; minnows; small fish",
	["鯰"] = "sheat",
	["鯸"] = "blowfish",
	["鯽"] = "bastard carp; sand perch",
	["鰆"] = "{{taxlink|Scomberomorus sinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鰈"] = "flatfish; flounder; sole",
	["鰉"] = "sturgeon",
	["鰋"] = "mudfish",
	["鰍"] = "loach",
	["鰒"] = "{{taxlink|Haliotis gigantea|species|ver=191212}}; {{vern|sea ear}}",
	["鰓"] = "gills of fish",
	["鰜"] = "a flounder; flatfish",
	["鰣"] = "shad; {{taxlink|Ilisha elongata|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鰤"] = "{{taxlink|Seriola qinqueradiata|species|ver=191212}}; yellow tail",
	["鰥"] = "widower",
	["鰩"] = "ray (fish)",
	["鰭"] = "fins; supporting surfaces",
	["鰱"] = "''[[Hypophthalmichthys molitrix]]''",
	["鰲"] = "sea turtle",
	["鰳"] = "(shad); spermary of fish",
	["鰶"] = "''[[Konosirus punctatus]]''",
	["鰷"] = "Chub ''[[Leucichthys]]''",
	["鰹"] = "bonito",
	["鰻"] = "eel; {{taxlink|Anguilla rostrata|species|ver=190907}}",
	["鰼"] = "loach; mudfish",
	["鰽"] = "herring",
	["鰾"] = "air bladder of fish",
	["鱄"] = "(fish); ''surname''",
	["鱆"] = "poulpe",
	["鱈"] = "codfish; {{taxlink|Gadus macrocephalus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鱉"] = "turtle",
	["鱎"] = "(fish)",
	["鱐"] = "dried fish",
	["鱒"] = "barbel",
	["鱔"] = "{{vern|Chinese yellow eel}}",
	["鱖"] = "''[[Helicolenus]]''",
	["鱗"] = "scales (of fish)",
	["鱘"] = "''[[Acipenser]]'' spp.; sturgeon",
	["鱟"] = "king crab",
	["鱠"] = "chopped meat or fish",
	["鱣"] = "{{taxlink|Acipenser micadoi|species|ver=191212}}; sturgeon",
	["鱧"] = "snakefish",
	["鱨"] = "(fish)",
	["鱭"] = "{{taxlink|Coilia nasus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鱮"] = "{{taxlink|Hypophthalmichthys moritrix|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鱵"] = "{{taxlink|Hyporhampus sajuri|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鱷"] = "crocodile; alligator",
	["鱸"] = "common perch",
	["鳥"] = "bird; penis",
	["鳦"] = "a swallow (bird)",
	["鳧"] = "wild duck; to swim",
	["鳩"] = "turtle-dove; {{taxlink|Turtur orientalis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鳳"] = "male fenghuang",
	["鳴"] = "to cry (of birds)",
	["鳶"] = "kite",
	["鳷"] = "{{taxlink|Garrulus lidthi|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鳻"] = "the wild pigeon",
	["鴃"] = "shrike",
	["鴄"] = "wild duck",
	["鴆"] = "[[w:zhenniao|a mythical bird]]; poisonous; to poison",
	["鴇"] = "Chinese bustard; procuress",
	["鴈"] = "wild goose",
	["鴉"] = "crow",
	["鴒"] = "wagtail; lark",
	["鴕"] = "ostrich",
	["鴗"] = "{{taxlink|Alcedo bengalensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鴝"] = "(mynah)",
	["鴞"] = "[[Ural owl]]",
	["鴟"] = "[[scops owl]]",
	["鴠"] = "a kind of nightingale",
	["鴢"] = "(duck)",
	["鴥"] = "to swoop, fly swiftly",
	["鴨"] = "duck",
	["鴳"] = "quail",
	["鴷"] = "woodpecker",
	["鴻"] = "{{vern|eastern bean goose}}; great; large",
	["鴽"] = "quail-like bird",
	["鴿"] = "pigeon; dove",
	["鵀"] = "hoopoe",
	["鵁"] = "{{taxlink|Mycticorax prasinosceles|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鵂"] = "owl",
	["鵑"] = "cuckoo",
	["鵓"] = "woodpidgeon",
	["鵙"] = "a shrike",
	["鵝"] = "goose",
	["鵠"] = "swan; white-haired",
	["鵩"] = "owl",
	["鵪"] = "quail",
	["鵫"] = "pheasant",
	["鵬"] = "peng (large mythical bird)",
	["鵯"] = "bird",
	["鵰"] = "golden eagle",
	["鵲"] = "magpie",
	["鵵"] = "''[[Scops semitorques]]''",
	["鵷"] = "firebird",
	["鵻"] = "snipe; turtle-dove",
	["鶂"] = "hawk",
	["鶇"] = "thrush; {{taxlink|Tardus fuscatus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鶉"] = "quail",
	["鶊"] = "oriole",
	["鶖"] = "crane",
	["鶚"] = "fish eagle; fish hawk; osprey",
	["鶡"] = "crossbill; long-tailed pheasant",
	["鶦"] = "pelican",
	["鶩"] = "tame duck",
	["鶬"] = "oriole",
	["鶯"] = "oriole",
	["鶱"] = "soar",
	["鶲"] = "Siberian flycatcher",
	["鶴"] = "crane",
	["鶵"] = "chick; young bird",
	["鶸"] = "siskin",
	["鶻"] = "falcon; migratory bird",
	["鶼"] = "mythical bird with one eye and one wing",
	["鶿"] = "cormorant",
	["鷁"] = "fishhawk bow or prow",
	["鷂"] = "sparrow hawk; ''[[Accipiter nisus]]''",
	["鷃"] = "quail-like bird",
	["鷇"] = "fledglings",
	["鷊"] = "pheasant",
	["鷏"] = "bird name",
	["鷕"] = "cry of hen pheasant",
	["鷖"] = "widgeon",
	["鷗"] = "common gull",
	["鷙"] = "birds of prey",
	["鷟"] = "phoenix; river gull",
	["鷦"] = "eastern wren",
	["鷩"] = "{{taxlink|Phasianus pictus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鷭"] = "water-hen; ''[[Gallinula]]''",
	["鷲"] = "black eagle; condor; cruel",
	["鷳"] = "{{taxlink|Phasianus nycthemerus|species|ver=191212}}",
	["鷴"] = "silver pheasant badge worn by civil officials of the 5th grade",
	["鷸"] = "[[common snipe]]",
	["鷹"] = "eagle; falcon; hawk",
	["鷺"] = "heron",
	["鷽"] = "{{vern|oriental bullfinch}}",
	["鸇"] = "sparrow hawk; swift",
	["鸏"] = "tropic bird",
	["鸒"] = "{{vern|eastern jackdaw}}",
	["鸓"] = "flying squirrel",
	["鸕"] = "fishing cormorant",
	["鸛"] = "crane; stork",
	["鸝"] = "{{vern|Chinese oriole}}",
	["鸞"] = "(mythical bird); imperial",
	["鹵"] = "crass; halogen; salt; brine",
	["鹹"] = "salty",
	["鹺"] = "brine; salt",
	["鹼"] = "alkali; soda; base (chem.)",
	["鹽"] = "salt",
	["鹿"] = "deer",
	["麀"] = "female deer",
	["麂"] = "{{taxlink|Moschus chinensis|species|ver=191212}}",
	["麃"] = "to weed",
	["麇"] = "hornless deer",
	["麈"] = "leader of herd; stag",
	["麋"] = "moose; river bank",
	["麌"] = "stag; herd",
	["麑"] = "fawn",
	["麒"] = "male unicorn",
	["麓"] = "foot of a hill",
	["麗"] = "beautiful; Korea",
	["麚"] = "buck; stag",
	["麛"] = "fawn; young of animals",
	["麝"] = "musk deer",
	["麟"] = "female unicorn",
	["麤"] = "coarse; rough; rude",
	["麥"] = "wheat; barley; oats",
	["麩"] = "bran",
	["麮"] = "porridge",
	["麰"] = "barley",
	["麵"] = "flour; noodles",
	["麻"] = "(to have) pins and needles; tingling; hemp; numb; to bother",
	["麼"] = "dimi.",
	["麽"] = "(interrog. suff.)",
	["麾"] = "signal flag; to signal",
	["黃"] = "yellow",
	["黈"] = "a yellow color",
	["黌"] = "school",
	["黍"] = "[[broomcorn millet]]; [[glutinous millet]]",
	["黎"] = "''surname''; black; abbreviation for Lebanon",
	["黏"] = "sticky",
	["黑"] = "black; dark; Heilongjiang Province (abbrev.)",
	["黓"] = "black",
	["黔"] = "Guizhou; black",
	["黕"] = "red",
	["默"] = "silent; write from memory",
	["黛"] = "umber-black dye for painting the eyebrow",
	["黜"] = "dismiss; expel",
	["黝"] = "black; dark green",
	["點"] = "point; dot; (decimal) point; o'clock; (measure word))",
	["黟"] = "black and shining ebony",
	["黠"] = "(phonetic); crafty",
	["黥"] = "''surname''; tattoo criminals on face",
	["黧"] = "yellowish black",
	["黨"] = "party; association; club; society",
	["黮"] = "black, dark; unclear; private",
	["黯"] = "deep black; dark",
	["黰"] = "bushy black hair",
	["黲"] = "grey black",
	["黴"] = "bacteria; fungi; moldy",
	["黶"] = "black spots on body",
	["黷"] = "blacken; constantly; to insult",
	["黹"] = "embroidery",
	["黻"] = "(embroidery)",
	["黼"] = "(embroidery)",
	["黽"] = "toad",
	["黿"] = "{{vern|Cantor's giant softshell turtle}}",
	["鼇"] = "huge mythological sea turtle",
	["鼉"] = "large water lizard",
	["鼎"] = "ancient bronze cauldron; throne; (''Min'') wok",
	["鼏"] = "cover of tripod kettle",
	["鼐"] = "incense tripod",
	["鼒"] = "tripod with a small opening on top",
	["鼓"] = "convex; drum; to rouse; to beat",
	["鼕"] = "boom (of a drum)",
	["鼖"] = "large brass drum",
	["鼙"] = "drum carried on horseback",
	["鼚"] = "sound of drum",
	["鼛"] = "large drum",
	["鼠"] = "rat; mouse",
	["鼢"] = "(mole)",
	["鼪"] = "stoat; weasel",
	["鼫"] = "long-tailed marmot",
	["鼬"] = "weasel, {{taxlink|Mustela itatis|species|ver=191210}}",
	["鼯"] = "{{taxlink|Petaurista leucogenys|species|ver=191210}}",
	["鼴"] = "mole",
	["鼷"] = "mouse",
	["鼻"] = "nose",
	["鼽"] = "congested nose",
	["鼾"] = "snore",
	["齁"] = "snore; thirsty from salty food",
	["齆"] = "stuffed nose",
	["齈"] = "cold in the head; catarrh of the nose",
	["齉"] = "stoppage of the nose; to speak with a nasal twang; snuffling; snuffle (as in nose with a cold)",
	["齊"] = "even; neat; identical; ready; to make even; simultaneously; placename",
	["齋"] = "a fast; studio",
	["齎"] = "send; to present in both hands",
	["齏"] = "fragment; spices",
	["齒"] = "tooth",
	["齔"] = "replace the milk teeth",
	["齕"] = "gnaw",
	["齗"] = "gums (of the teeth); to dispute",
	["齙"] = "projecting teeth",
	["齜"] = "projecting teeth",
	["齞"] = "to display the teeth",
	["齟"] = "irregular; uneven teeth",
	["齠"] = "shed the milk teeth; young",
	["齡"] = "age; stage of one's life",
	["齣"] = "M for plays; act, stanza",
	["齦"] = "gums; gnaw; bite",
	["齧"] = "''surname''; gnaw",
	["齪"] = "dirty; small-minded",
	["齬"] = "irregular teeth",
	["齮"] = "''surname''; bite",
	["齯"] = "teeth grown in old age",
	["齰"] = "to bite",
	["齲"] = "decayed teeth; dental caries",
	["齵"] = "uneven (teeth)",
	["齶"] = "palate",
	["龍"] = "dragon; imperial; ''surname''",
	["龐"] = "huge; enormous; tremendous",
	["龑"] = "high and bright",
	["龔"] = "to supply; to respect; to follow; ''surname''",
	["龕"] = "niche; shrine",
	["龘"] = "the appearance of a dragon walking",
	["龜"] = "tortoise; turtle",
	["龠"] = "(ancient measure); flute",
	["龢"] = "harmonious",
	["龤"] = "to harmonize; to accord with; to agree",
	["𨭎"] = "seaborgium (Sg)",
	["嘢"] = "(''Cantonese'') thing",
	["鐧"] = "ancient weapon like a long solid metal truncheon; type of rapier",
	["嗰"] = "(''Cantonese'') that",
	["覲"] = "to have an audience with the Emperor",
	["淑"] = "good; pure; virtuous; charming",
	["軲"] = "wheel; to roll",
	["𨅝"] = "(''Cantonese'') to kick; to tread on; to depart",
	["椰"] = "coconut",
	["閪"] = "(''Cantonese'') vagina",
	["𨳊"] = "(''Cantonese'') penis",
	["噏"] = "(''Cantonese'') to babble",
	["麴"] = "yeast; alcoholic beverage",
	["訌"] = "quarrel",
	["煦"] = "warm; gentle; kind",
	["蝸"] = "land snail",
	["䴉"] = "ibis",
	["藩"] = "fence; screen; vassal",
	["擀"] = "to roll flat with a rod",
	["癔"] = "hysteria",
	["淆"] = "to mix; to confuse",
	["爿"] = "piece; side",
	["骶"] = "sacrum",
	["聒"] = "to grate on one's ears",
	["哋"] = "(''Cantonese'') plural particle",
	["啲"] = "(''Cantonese'') a few; some; those",
	["橇"] = "sledge",
	["苷"] = "glycoside",
	["嚟"] = "(''Cantonese'') to come",
	["攞"] = "(''Cantonese'') to take; to get",
	["鮃"] = "[[Bothidae]]",
	["櫼"] = "wood wedge; thin wooden stick",
	["㞎"] = "(''childish'') feces",
	["芎"] = "[[Szechuan lovage]] (''{{ll|mul|Ligusticum striatum}}'')",
	["柊"] = "[[holly osmanthus]]",
	["戕"] = "to kill",
	["腈"] = "nitrile",
	["謔"] = "to joke",
	["腩"] = "belly flesh",
	["鐐"] = "fetters",
	["碸"] = "sulfone",
	["焗"] = "to wrap food in gauze",
	["䓬"] = "tropylium",
	["苄"] = "benzyl",
	["蝰"] = "viper",
	["粳"] = "Japonica rice",
	["槭"] = "maple",
	["掬"] = "to hold with both hands",
	["蕹"] = "water spinach",
	["乸"] = "(''Cantonese'') female",
	["囧"] = "(''slang'') shocked; surprised; embarrassed; awkward",
	["幺"] = "tiny; youngest; one; ace",
	["喺"] = "(''Cantonese'') be ...-ing; in, at, within; to be (located)",
	["璉"] = "vessel for holding grain offerings"

export.nonlemma = "蜘蜉膃肭螵枇杷尷疙瘩虼鴯蟑蜋螂氆氌氍毹芪鮟鱇糬蝙遢垃圾蕁蟥蛞蝓螅蟋蛐栴蜢蚱蚯蜒蚰茼荸葧蚣仃苤冏仉餛飩琵琶邯鄲邡跎闆蝤蜾蠃鞦韆荔澎罳鷥蝴蛺螃茉莉嘧噶伽迦邂逅璃袈裟琉毾萄崁橄菠檎檳猞猁獁僳嫦苜蓿姮囫圇忐忑旖旎匍匐鸚鵡鵜鶘鳲鴛鴦鷓鴣鶺鸑鸂鶒鵒舴艋舢舨琺拮据荽蓯芙妯娌嬡獬廌醍醐骯臢萸剞劂齷碡茯菡萏菝葜菪硨磲佧岢嵋狁薐靆嗦磟猢猻鷯鶗騠倥顢彷徨徘徊徜徉彿玲氤樨蜴蠑螈蓇葖鷫鷞靂蝌蚪嶸鷾鶹蕷犰狳侏坷揶顬玕逍鱺鋃吽蠊餺躊蠐蛉蝃褳饅魍魎"
return export