Punic War



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Punic War (plural Punic Wars)

  1. Any of several wars between Ancient Rome and Carthage.
    • 1992, Brian Caven, The Punic Wars, Barnes & Noble, page 64:
      So ended the first and longest of the three Punic Wars; or, if viewed from a more romantic standpoint, the first act of a three-act tragedy, the tragedy of the destruction not only of Carthage but also of old Rome - of Rome the city state.
    • 2002, Richard Michael Pasichnyk, In Defense of Nature: The History Nobody Told You About, iUniverse, page 133:
      The first Punic War has ended in 241 BC, but another Punic War would begin in 218 BC.
    • 2004, Kevin McGeough, The Romans: new perspectives, ABC-CLIO, page 69:
      The third and last Punic War (151-146 B.C.E) led to the complete destruction of Carthage.