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  1. Abbreviation of Queen.
    • 1684 [1559], Anth[ony] Sparrow, compiler, A Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances, & Constitutions Ecclesiastical, with Other Publick Records of the Church of England, [], 4th edition, London: [] Blanch Rawlet [], →OCLC, title page:
      a COLLECTION of ARTICLES, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances, & Conſtitutions Eccleſiaſtical, With other PUBLICK RECORDS of the Church of England, Chiefly in the Times of K. Edward VI. Q. Elizabeth, K. James, and K. Charles I.
    • 1689 [1683], Francis Osborn[e], “Some Traditional Memorials on the Reign of Q. Elizabeth”, in The Works of Francis Osborn, Esq; [], 9th edition, London: Printed, and are to be sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster, →OCLC, paragraph 10, page 606:
      Wherefore the Earl of Eſſex, if he had not been befated with a ſtrong Opinion of ſucceſs in all his actions, (though built on the weakeſt foundation,) would never have referred his life and future well-being to the ſole arbitration of Chance, and the unconſtant guidance of a Womans Affection; which being only skin-deep, could not but in a Court furniſh a perſon of far leſs magnitude than a Sovereign Power with choice enough; eſpecially after his enemies, for their own ſecurity, had ſo far Indulged his, as to furniſh him with an Army paid by the Q. and choſen by himſelf.
    • 1709, Nicholas Rowe, Some Account of the Life of Mr. William Shakespear[1]:
      And his Elogy upon Q. Elizabeth, and her Successor K. James, in the latter end of his Henry VII, is a Proof of that Play's being written after the Accession of the latter of those two Princes to the Crown of England.
    • 1725, Ralph Winwood, Edmund Sawyer, Memorials of Affairs of State in the Reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I. [] In Three Volumes, volume I, London: Printed by W[illiam] B[owyer], for T. Ward, [], →OCLC, title page:
    • 1734, Thomas Burnet, “An Index to the Two Volumes of This History”, in [Gilbert] Burnet, edited by Thomas Burnet, Bishop Burnet’s History of His Own Time. [], volume II, London: [] Joseph Downing [], and Henry Woodfall [], →OCLC, page 763, column 2:
      Tories taken in by K. William, II. 40, 242, 254. and by Q. Anne, 313, 314, 552.

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Q. m (indeclinable)

  1. Praenominal abbreviation of Quintus.

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  1. Abbreviation of quận.