This Proto-Iranian entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Iranian edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Indo-Iranian *HlawpaHćás.

Noun edit

*HrawpaHcáh m[1]

  1. fox

Inflection edit

masculine a-stem
singular dual plural
nominative *HrawpaHcáh *HrawpaHcā́ *HrawpaHcā́
vocative *HrawpaHca *HrawpaHcā́ *HrawpaHcā́
accusative *HrawpaHcám *HrawpaHcā́ *HrawpaHcā́nh
instrumental *HrawpaHcā́ *HrawpaHcáybyaH *HrawpaHcā́yš
ablative *HrawpaHcā́t *HrawpaHcáybyaH *HrawpaHcáybyah
dative *HrawpaHcā́y *HrawpaHcáybyaH *HrawpaHcáybyah
genitive *HrawpaHcáhya *HrawpaHcáyāh *HrawpaHcā́nam
locative *HrawpaHcáy *HrawpaHcáyaw *HrawpaHcáyšu

Descendants edit

  • Northeastern Iranian:
    • Khotanese: [script needed] (rrūvāsa), [script needed] (rrivāsa)
    • Ossetian:
      Digor Ossetian: робас (robas)
      Iron Ossetian: рувас (ruvas)
    • Sogdo-Bactrian:
  • Southeastern Iranian:
    • Ormuri: [script needed] (rawas)
    • Proto-Shughni-Yazghulami-Munji:
      • Proto-Munji-Yidgha:
        • Munji: [script needed] (rausa)
        • Yidgha: [script needed] (rūso)
      • Proto-Shughni-Yazghulami:
  • Northwestern Iranian:
    • Baluchi: [script needed] (ropāsk)
    • Proto-Medo-Parthian:
      • Caspian:
        • Gilaki: [script needed] (lavās)
        • Mazanderani: [script needed] (luās)
      • Proto-Komisenian:
      • Old Median: *rawbāsah
      • Parthian: [script needed] (rwbʾs /⁠rōbās⁠/)
      • Proto-Zaza-Gorani:
  • Southwestern Iranian:

References edit

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