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Rhymes stressed on /uː/Edit

This page conflates two English vowels, -yo͞o, /-juː/, as in few, and -o͞o, /-uː/, as in foo. The difference has not been noted in any way in the rhyme pages. There are conflicting opinions as to whether words differing in these vowels are rhymes, as the /j/ is sometimes considered part of the preceding consonant, and in any case precedes the nucleus of the syllable. The difference between the two vowels is lost after the consonants /tʃ/, /dʒ/, /ʃ/, /ʒ/, /r/ in RP, and in other dialects also after /t/, /d/, /n/, /l/, /s/, /z/, and /θ/, for example in dew, do. (Note: In Welsh English, /-juː/ is pronounced [-ɪʊ̯], and is distinct from /-uː/ after all consonants, so in this dialect due, few, chew, crew do not rhyme with do, shoe, who, too.)

Rhymes ending in Example Longer endings
/uː/ you /uː.../
/uːb/ cube /uːb.../
/uːbz/ cubes
/uːtʃ/ pooch /uːtʃ.../
/uːd/ rude /uːd.../
/uːf/ proof /uːf.../
/uːɡ/ fugue /uːɡ.../
/uːɡz/ jougs
/uːdʒ/ huge /uːdʒ.../
yoo-hoo, etc /uːh.../
/uːk/ duke /uːk.../
/uːks/ spooks
/uːkt/ spooked
/uːl/ fool /uːl.../
/uːld/ Gould /uːld.../
/uːlz/ Jules
/uːm/ whom /uːm.../
/uːmz/ rooms
/uːn/ tune /uːn.../
/uːnd/ wound (injure, injury) /uːnd.../
/uːnz/ spoons
/uːp/ hoop /uːp.../
/uːps/ hoops
/uːpt/ pooped
Uri (one pronunciation), etc /uːɹ.../
/uːs/ juice /uːs.../
/uːst/ boost /uːst.../
/uːʃ/ douche /uːʃ.../
/uːʒ/ luge /uːʒ.../
/uːʒd/ luged
/uːt/ boot /uːt.../
/uːts/ hoots
/uːθ/ tooth /uːθ.../
/uːð/ smooth /uːð.../
/uːv/ prove /uːv.../
/uːvz/ hooves
/uːz/ use /uːz.../