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  1. (Australia) Initialism of South East Queensland.
    • 2008, Paul Spearritt, “Chapter 2: The water crisis in Southeast Queensland: How desalination turned the area into carbon emission heaven”, in Patrick Troy, editor, Troubled Waters: Confronting the Water Crisis in Australia′s Cities, page 22:
      Only 17 per cent of Southeast Queensland is held in state forests and national parks, compared to 43 per cent of Greater Sydney. One obvious result is that the catchment areas for dams in SEQ are not a patch on the Sydney catchment areas.
    • 2011, John Abbott, Chapter 8: Regions of cities: Metropolitan governance and planning in Australia, Jiang Xu, Anthony G. O. Yeh (editors), Governance and Planning of Mega-City Regions: An International Comparative Perspective, page 186,
      The first statutory metropolitan plan for SEQ, called the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2005–2026 (the 2005 SEQ Plan) was released in 2005 (OUM 2005a).
    • 2012, Tabatha Wallington, Cathy Robinson, Brian Head, “Crisis, change and water institutions in south-east Queensland: strategies for an integrated approach”, in Thomas Measham, Stewart Lockie, editors, Risk and Social Theory in Environmental Management, page 190:
      As a result of this planning process and in light of the drought conditions being experienced in other Australian capital cities, recommendations to government in 2004 included dam-building and other contingency methods to plan for the possibility of a potentially prolonged period of low rainfall in SEQ (Queensland Government 2004, 2005).

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