Map of Formosa (Taiwan) including Takow (1917)


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Proper nounEdit


  1. Kaohsiung
    • 1919, Supplement to Commerce reports : daily consular and trade reports issued by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce[1], United States Department of Commerce, page 32:
      The three shipping companies maintaining regular services with this port are the Douglas Steamship Co. (British) touching at Foochow, Amoy, Swatow, and Kongkong; the China Merchants' Steam Navigation Co. (Chinese), whose steamers run between Foochow and Shanghai; and the Osaka Shosen Kaisha (Japanese), whose steamers touch at Foochow, Shanghai, Tientsin, Dairen, Amoy, Takow, and Keelung (the last two ports being in Formosa).
    • 2019, Huang Chia-lin and Jake Chung, “Descendant of Britain’s first consul visits Taiwan”, in Taipei Times[2]:
      A descendant of Robert Swinhoe, the first British consul in what was then known as Formosa, on Thursday visited the British Consulate at Takow (打狗英國領事館) in Kaohsiung, hoping to deepen his understanding of his ancestor.
      Robert Swinhoe was stationed in Taiwan in July 1861 as the first British vice-consul, and he set up the first British Consular Office in Taiwan in Taiwanfu (modern-day Tainan), the Kaohsiung Bureau of Cultural Affairs said.
      Three years later, Britain relocated the vice consulate from Taiwanfu to Takao (modern-day Kaohsiung), after the Port of Kaohsiung was opened.