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Can we get some older citations?Edit

While the citation from 2007 shows the meaning of the phrase, it doesn't show the history. A small amount of web searching turns up a lot of people asking where it comes from, usually under the impression that it's from the twentieth century or later (e.g., one prominent question on Yahoo answers asks, "What movie does this come from?"). In fact, it's much older. Just for example, a little more digging shows that has a citation from Bartlett's quoting a Robert Burns poem from the eighteenth century. It would be kind of nice to get a couple of older citations listed here.

RFM discussion: July 2010Edit

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Move to gentleman and scholar, retaining this as redirect. Plural seems to get 8000 bgc hits, vs 18000 for singular, not warranting keeping the "a". DCDuring TALK 18:30, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

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