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Earliest occurrences on Usenet via Google Groups:

  • alludes to: net.v7bugs - 21 May 1981 by utzoo!henry
    This also may have cured the largest-negative-dividend bug that the V7-addenda-tape README alludes to
  • allude to: - 3 Jun 1981 by CSVAX.mark
    engneers allude to a possible level problem, or race condition, or sunspot activity..
  • alluded to: net.general - 2 Nov 1981 by ucf!whm
    In the past couple of days I have seen an Arpanet mailing list called INFO-VAX alluded to.
  • alluding to: net.math - 12 Sep 1982 by pur-ee
    This was the type of function that I was alluding to in my previous letter.

Hippietrail 01:32, 23 Jan 2005 (UTC)

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