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Here are some misspelled versions:

The Southern Planter, Volume 97 (1936), p.24 [1]

Eagerly, the nearby officers, many of them distinguished beau sabreuers[sic], struggled to engage the ravishingly beautiful guest of honor in conversation.

Ben McCulloch and the Frontier Military Tradition, by Thomas W. Cutrer, (1966), p. 89 [2]

The legend of Ben McCulloch was now firmly fixed. George Wilkins Kendall's lavish coverage of his role in the Monterrey campaign [...] established McCulloch's reputation as a beau sabreuer[sic].

Elmore Leonard Gunsights (1979), p. 60 [3]

Some white officer—before Bren Early's time—dubbed Benjamin Catlett the beau sabruer[sic] of the nigger outfit and that was how he had gotten his nickname.

Captain John D. Young, "A Campaign with Sharpshooters", in Alexander Kelly McClure (ed.), The annals of the war written by leading participants north and south (1879), p. 285 [4]

When the army reached this point, the conduct of operations in the rear was intrusted to Major General Fitz Lee, of cavalry fame; an officer who, after the death of Stuart, ranked first in the army for energy, elan, and all other qualities that made the ideal beau sabruer[sic].

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