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Hello, in frenchEdit

we have a lot of equivalents for « bilious » , (which is astounding, since from Elyseum down to Tartarus you'll never find a bilious frenchman or woman in Paris or around ...)

  • from the latin, we have, for example :

-"avoir le teint bilieux" : to have a bilious complexion

- "cet homme n'est pas pas bileux" (without the i) : that man doesn't give a damn, shrugs every problem away

- "se faire opérer d'un calcul biliaire" : to have a gall-bladder stone taken out

- "attention, c'est un atrabilaire" (without the i) : take care, he is a bilious one...

  • from the greek : colérique , coléreux etc...
  • from the old french : hutin (though not much used since Louis the Xth)
  • from our argot (slang) : "pète-sec" (not a dry-farter, but a curt-snapper) , "soupe-au-lait" (milk-soup), "râleur" (snarler)
  • etc, etc...

T.y. Arapaima 14:06, 29 March 2010 (UTC)

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