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Is there an adjective form of this?

Incomplete definition of "diatribe"Edit

The definition is only partially correct: the 1934, 37,,45 "Webster's New International Distionary, 2nd ed. says:

A pronounced discussion; esp., a bitter or abusive harangue - (Look up harangue !)

The 1990 definition shows the more recent usage (maybe): from Random House Webster's College Dictionary, 1990:

a bitter, abusive denunciation or criticism.

I think the correct definition is along the lines of its length, as in: A lengthy (and topical) (personal) speech, and not always completely Negative.

Notes from ArizonaUSA.. - 18:16, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

The word "diatribe" is used very often in writings of Martin Luther. Especially in his writing: "VOM UNFREIEN WILLEN" ("De Servo Arbitrio") 1525 ("On the Enslaved Will" or "The Bondage of the Will"). Here a quotation just at the beginning of the introduction of this letter to Erasmus of Rotterdam: "THAT I have been so long answering your DIATRIBE on FREE-WILL, venerable Erasmus, has happened contrary to the expectation of all, and contrary to my own custom also..." (translation of Henry Cole)

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