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    Question: What is a wazoo and why are things always coming out of it?  According to Wikipedia, it is a rear end, a trap door, a sphincter and any other name you may call your body's primary waste exit.  As to why it seems incapable of retaining various and sundry items of curiosity, your guess is as good as mine.  We have been known to exclaim, with fervor, that there are all manor of stuff and perturbations making regular exodus through this portal.
    For instance, on or about April 15th, most law abiding citizens of the United States will be disgruntled, finding it necessary to remark that Uncle Sam has been taxing them unfairly.  They may say something close to the following:  "Why does the government need to tax my income? With all of the wealthy people in this country, Washington should have money coming out the wazoo."
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