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Does anybody know when the word 'standee' was first coined? I am convinced that this was a term invented by the bus company to cover up a tragic misprint on their notices. A misprint resulting in either a lack of space for the sticker, or somebody chuckling to themselves as they play the most subtle prank ever devised on humanity. -An_User

I'm telling you, I'm not crazy. This is how the word was coined. And if you eat milanos, hate Microsoft, use Gentoo Linux, encourage capitilism over socialist idealogies, and believe Fox to be unbiased, then yes, I am talking directly to you.

The stated etymology is sound, unlike your silly Michael Moorish propaganda. - TheDaveRoss
The etymology is correct, but I have not seen the word used anywhere other than a bus. Therefore, I believe that they were the first people to use 'standee'. And as for the other points, they're merely serving as an inconspicuos reference to the person who I brought this up with, eg, I prefer Ubuntu to Gentoo (and capitilism over socialism, though I'd much rather have anarchism). -An_User
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