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Classical NahuatlEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Huastec Tamuch "near the scorpions" according to Brinton (1886), "but this interpretation seems unlikely" according to Nicholson (1973).

Proper nounEdit


  1. A place conquered during the rule of Axayacatl.
    • 16C, Codex Mendoza, f. 10v.
      tamuoc . pŭ
    • 17C, Annals of Cuauhtitlan, 64:37,45
      nican hualtequitia [...] tamaoc
      (Those who paid tribute here [i.e., to Tetzcoco?]: [...] Tamaoc)
    • 17C, ibid., 67:6–8,17–18
      Auh yn iquac yn oyuh onmic yn moteucçoma yc ontlatocat yn Axayacatzin [...] auh yehuatl quinpeuh [...] tochpan [=] tenexticpac = tapatel = tamomox ·
      (And when Moteuczoma died, Axayacatzin became ruler. [...] And he conquered [...] Tochpan, Tenexticpac, Tapatel, Tamomox.)
    • 17C, Legend of the Suns, 84:50–51, 121:4–5
      auh in itepehual izquicanin in axayacatzin [...] Tenexticpac, Tochpan, Tampatel, Quauhtlan, Tamooc ·
      (Now, all the places of Axayacatzin's conquests: [...] Tenexticpac, Tochpan, Tampatel, Cuauhtlan, Tamooc.)


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