c. 11th century, Serglige Con Chulainn, from the Lebor na hUídre, published in Serglige Con Culainn, Mediaeval and Modern Irish Series 14, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1953, edited by Myles Dillon



This template is used to make quote citations to Serglige Con Culainn, a 9th to 11th-century Old/Middle Irish tale. It takes two parameters, |1= for recension identity (see the Recension section below) and |2= for the section number.



The LU text is a composite of an Old Irish text, known as Recension B, and a later Middle Irish text, known as Recension A.

  • Sections 1, 4-27, and a verse in section 28 are from Recension B with the exceptions of the lines indicated below. Set |1= to b in this case.
  • Sections 2 and 3, lines 82-85 in section 9, lines 311-315 in section 28, and all lines from sections 29 onwards belong to Recension A. Set |1= to a in this case.