This template is used to quote from the Old Irish poems of Blathmac mac Con Brettan, an 8th-century poet. It takes two parameters.


Used to specify the edition of the poems. This is mandatory. Accepted values are JC for James Carney's 1964 edition, JD for a 2019 partial edition by Siobhán Barrett and David Stifter (covering several stanzas left out by Carney), SB for a 2017 edition by Siobhán Barrett, and CH for a 2017 edition posted by David Stifter onto the @ChronHib Twitter account.
There are also two extra poems that James Carney edited and translated in a 1958 Ériu article that he reprinted within his 1964 edition of the poems. They can be cited with GT for an Old Irish version of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, and VM for another poem about the Virgin Mary. In James Carney's 1964 edition of Blathmac's poems, the Gospel is located on pages 89-106 and the Virgin Mary Poem is from pages 107-111.
Used to specify the stanza in which the quote occurs. These are numbered 1–303. (The last 30 or so of these are fragmentary.)