c. 900, Sanas Cormaic



This template creates a reference for quotations from the Sanas Cormaic, or "Wisdom of Cormac", an Old Irish glossary originating from c.900, but known now in later manuscript copies.

References are canonically in the form "Corm. Y 212", where Y indicates that the primary source is the Yellow book of Lecan, and the number is the index number of that gloss.

An online, searchable and concordantised version is available at the Early Irish Glossaries Database.

If no parameter is given, it gives the bare reference.

If only one parameter is given and it is not one of the letters listed below, it assumes that the source manuscript is the Yellow Book of Lecan. If it is one of those letters, it gives it without numerical reference.

Two parameters specify source manuscript and reference:

Possible Manuscript sources are:

  • Y: Yellow Book of Lecan
    Trinity College Dublin, ms 1318 (H.2.16), and the number is the index number in K. Meyer (ed.), ‘Sanas Cormaic’, Anecdota from Irish Manuscripts, IV (Halle, 1912; repr. with Meyer’s corrections added to the text, Felinfach, 1994), which is the usage in DIL.
  • B: Leabhar Breac
    Royal Irish Academy MS 23 P 16 (1230)
  • H: H1a and H1b from TCD ms 1317 (H.2.15b)
  • K: Killiney MS A 12
  • L: Book of Leinster, TCD ms 1339 (H.2.18)
  • La: Bodleian MS Laud 610
  • M: Book of Uí Maine, RIA MS D ii 1 (1225)

These are not enforced in the case that two parameters are given.