c. 895–901, Vita tripartita Sancti Patricii, published in Bethu Phátraic: The tripartite life of Patrick (1939, Hodges, Figgis), edited and with translations by Kathleen Mulchrone, line {{{line}}}



This template creates a reference for quotations in relation to Vita tripartita Sancti Patricii, a ninth- or tenth-century biography of Saint Patrick. On DIL, this biography is indicated as Trip.2 for Kathleen Mulchrone's edition, and Trip. for Whitley Stokes's edition.


The first parameter indicates which edition of the biography was quoted from. It defaults to Mulchrone's edition, since it is by far the most commonly referenced version in DIL.
For Stokes's edition, this is used to indicate the page number.
For Stokes's edition, this overrides |page=, in case a quote stretches across a page boundary.
Indicates the line number. (Note that Stokes numbers his lines vastly differently from Mulchrone.)