Template:ar-proper noun

ar-proper noun ?

This template is for displaying the headword line of Arabic proper nouns.

Please note that the pronunciation of proper nouns often doesn't match their spelling, in that short vowels are often spelled as long vowels to aid in pronunciation. Furthermore, pronunciation of proper nouns often includes short and long e and o, which cannot be indicated using diacritics. Hence, it may not be possible to adequately specify the pronunciation of an Arabic proper noun using vowel diacritics, and it may also be necessary to explicitly specify a transliteration. An example is كاليفورنيا kāliforniyā, where a spelled long ي (ī) stands for short i, and a spelled long و (ū) stands for short o.


|1=, |head2=, |head3= ...
Overrides the displayed headword. This should be used to provide the vocalized equivalent of page name (i.e. with vowel diacritics). Should always be included.
Additional parameters are available if there are multiple possible vocalized equivalents of page name.
|2=, |g2=, |g3=, ...
Gender: m or f or mf (rare).
|tr= and |tr2=, |tr3= ...
Transliteration. Normally unnecessary if the vocalized form was already provided, as it will be automatically derived. But see above about borrowed nouns (see also Wiktionary:About Arabic#Romanization).
If multiple vocalised variants of the page name were provided, then each one has a corresponding numbered |trN= parameter.