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This template links to an audio file for quick listening, either in the "Pronunciation" section of an entry to indicate how a term is pronounced, or elsewhere to provide an audio recording that is relevant to the entry.


The template takes the following parameters:

  • |1=mandatory: a code indicating the language of a term. See "Wiktionary:List of languages" for a list of these codes. The parameter |lang= is a deprecated synonym; please do not use. If this is used, all numbered parameters move down by one.
  • |2=mandatory: the name of the audio file.
  • |3=mandatory in some cases: the text to use as a link to the audio file. You must use this parameter when indicating the pronunciation of a term with this template.
  • |format= – if using the template to provide a relevant audio recording, use |format=1.


To indicate the pronunciation of a term
  • Wikitext: {{audio|en|En-uk-ubiquitous.ogg|Audio (RP)}}
  • Result:
The file name should be formatted as [language code]-[dialect if any]-[term].
To link to a relevant audio recording
  • Wikitext: {{audio|en|WWII submarine dive klaxon.ogg|A dive alert, or klaxon, aboard a [[World War II]] {{w|United States Navy}} [[submarine#Noun|submarine]]|format=1}}
  • Result:
    A dive alert, or klaxon, aboard a World War II United States Navy submarine
Visit klaxon to see how the template is used.

See alsoEdit

  • {{audio-IPA}} – a version of the template to be used with IPA transcriptions


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

TemplateData for audio

An audio file to assist readers pronouncing the word. Labeled with language and possibly dialect.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


The language the recording is in.

Audio file2 file clip

The sound file to play

en-US pronunciation of "antishinto".ogg
Text displayed3 text context

Text displayed on the link; typically something like "Audio (GA)". You must use this parameter when indicating the pronunciation of a term with this template.

Audio (RP)