Bengali IPA pronunciation template, using Module:bn-IPA as a backend. It displays the pronunciation in Rarh (Standard Bengali), Dhaka and Vanga dialects.

Usage edit

The template automatically uses the page name, but accepts the following optional argument:

  • |1=:
    The WT:BN TR romanisation of the Bengali word. The following letters can be used to enforce certain phonemes:
    Use ô for /ɔ/.
    Use ó for /o/.
    Use apostrophe (') to suppress certain metatheses.
  • |style= or |type=:
    The dialect to display in the output.
    • By default, only Rarh and Dhaka pronunciations are displayed.
    • "rarh" displays only Rarh pronunciation.
    • "dhaka" displays only Dhaka pronunciation.
    • "vanga" displays both Vanga and Eastern Vanga pronunciations.
    • "eastern_vanga" displays only Eastern Vanga pronunciation.
    • "full" displays pronunciation in all dialects.
  • |audio=:
    Whether to include audio pronunciations or not. The audio pronunciations are included by default. Use "no" to stop including the audio pronunciations.

Example usage edit

উইকশনারি (uikśonari): {{bn-IPA|uikśônari}}

  • (Rarh) IPA(key): /u̯ikʃɔnaɾi/, [ˈu̯ikʃɔnaɾiˑ]
  • (Dhaka) IPA(key): /u̯ikʃɔnaɹi/, [ˈu̯ikʃɔnaɹiˑ]

ব্রাজ়িল: {{bn-IPA|brazil}}

ফাহ্মী (phahmi): {{bn-IPA|phah'mi}}