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This template may be used for creating citations in "References" sections and on discussion pages.

(There is currently no template for indicating quotations from video games in dictionary entries. To request for one, leave a message at "Wiktionary:Grease pit".)

Sample template

Most commonly used parameters
{{cite-video game|developer=|last=|first=|author=|authorlink=|coauthors=|title=|location=|publisher=|date=|month=|year=|version=|platform=|level=|oclc=|id=|text=|lang=}}
All available parameters
{{cite-video game|author=|last=|first=|authorlink=|author2=|last2=|first2=|authorlink2=|author3=|last3=|first3=|authorlink3=|author4=|last4=|first4=|authorlink4=|author5=|last5=|first5=|authorlink5=|coauthors=|quotee=|title=|location=|publisher=|date=|month=|year=|year_published=|version=|platform=|level=|oclc=|id=|text=|passage=|text_block=|passage_block=|t=|translation=|lang=}}

Certain basic parameters can be used in the template without any named parameters, as follows:

#* {{cite-video game|[date]|[author]|[title]|[platform]|[level]|[passage]|[translation]}}

This will not work if any of the parameters contains an equals ("=") sign. The value of any parameter containing an equals sign must be surrounded by <nowiki> tags.

The following example:

{{cite-video game|developer=Bungie|authorlink=Bungie|title=[[w:Halo 3|Halo 3]]|publisher=[[w:Microsoft Game Studios|Microsoft Game Studios]]|date=25 September 2007|platform=[[w:Xbox 360|Xbox 360]]|version=1.0|level=The Storm|passage='''Arbiter''': More Brutes? / '''Master Chief''': Worse.}}

produces this:

Bungie (25 September 2007) Halo 3, v1.0, Xbox 360, level/area: The Storm, Microsoft Game Studios: “Arbiter: More Brutes? / Master Chief: Worse.”


All parameters are optional except for those marked "Mandatory", and may contain inline interwiki or external links as needed.

Parameter Description
last and first
The author or game developer's name. Use either author (or developer), or last and first, not both. Additional authors can be added using the parameters author2 to author5, or last2 and first2 to last5 and first5.
authorlink The name of an English Wikipedia article about the author or developer, which will be linked to the author's name. Additional articles can be linked to other authors' names using the parameters authorlink2 to authorlink5. Do not add the prefix ":en:" or "w:".

Alternatively, link the author's name directly, like this: "author=[[w:Cybersoft (video game company)|Cybersoft]]" or "author={{w|Bungie}}".

coauthors The names of one or more coauthors. If there is more than one, separate the names with semicolons.
quotee The name of the person being quoted, if the whole passage quoted is a quotation of someone other than the author.
title Mandatory: the title of the video game.
location The location(s) where the video game was published. If more than one location is stated, separate the locations with semicolons, like this: "London; New York, N.Y.".
publisher The name of one or more publishers of the video game. If more than one publisher is stated, separate the names with semicolons.
lang, language, or worklang A code indicating the language that the video game is written in (preferred; for a list of the codes, see Wiktionary:List of languages), or the names of one or more languages written in full. It is unnecessary to indicate the language if the video game is written in English.
OCLC or id The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) number (which can be looked up at the WorldCat website) of the video game. Use id for an identifier other than the OCLC number.
(month and) year
Mandatory: the date, or (month and) year, of publication of the video game.
year_published If year is used to state the year when the original version of the video game was published, year_published can be used to state the year in which the version quoted from was published, for example, "|year=2005|year_published=2015".
version The version of the video game quoted.
platform The computing platform on which the video game cited is designed to run.
level The level (experience point) at, or area in, which the passage quoted is encountered.
text or passage A passage from the video game that you wish to quote. If the passage exceeds 300 characters, it is automatically displayed in a separate text block. To suppress this, use text_block=no or passage_block=no.
text_block or passage_block This parameter can be used in two ways:
  • To have the template display a quote in a separate text block.
  • Use text_block=no or passage_block=no together with text or passage to ensure that the quote is not displayed in a separate text block (see text or passage above).
t or translation A translation of the passage.
lang, language, or worklang A code indicating the language that the video game is written in; for a list of the codes, see Wiktionary:List of languages. It is unnecessary to indicate the language if the video game is written in English.

Technical information

This template makes use of {{cite-meta}}.

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