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Note on creationEdit

I have created the template as a point of reference to be expanded later. Currently, it does the trivial thing of using the {{conj|cs|verb}} template. In the future, it may be extended with paramaters for perfective and imperfective or whatever is required. --Daniel Polansky 09:49, 14 November 2007 (UTC)


  • a - aspect: p or i or p-i (if both perfective and imperfective)
  • aa - alternative aspect: the full spelling
  • aa2, aa3 - more alternative aspects
  • inf - the infinitive form, useful for multi-word entries


Giving of the other aspectEdit

One downside to giving the other aspect in the entry head using aa parameter is that there may in fact also exist the repetitive aspect or whatever it is called exactly, like in>

  • perfective: lehnout
  • imprefective: ležet
  •  ?: lehat
  •  ?: lehávat

So far, only the first two aspects are specified in the entry head.

Sometimes, there is no one canonical other aspect, like in:

  • imperfective: hořet
  • perfective: shořet
  • perfective: dohořet
  • perfective: uhořet