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This template creates a balanced table with three columns and may be used to replace the templates {{der-top3}}/{{rel-top3}}, {{der-mid3}}/{{rel-mid3}} and {{der-bottom}}/{{rel-bottom}}.


|1= (required)
Language code of the terms; see Wiktionary:List of languages. The parameter |lang= is a deprecated synonym; please do not use. If this is used, all numbered parameters move down by one.
|2=, |3=, ...
Terms to insert into the table.
Used to add a title.
Use |sort=0 to suppress auto-sorting of the contents.
Use |collapse=0 to suppress auto-collapsing.


{{col3|en|day job|calendar day|daycare|a broken clock is right twice a day|daylight|all-day|as the day is long|Canada Day|daily|day after day|daybreak|daydream|day in, day out|day laborer|daylily|day nursery|day off|day of reckoning|day one|daypart|day school|daystar}}

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