This template generates a headword line and categorizes entries for English numbers entries.


If used, the template should be placed within the English language section, immediately following the Numbers L3 header.

As with other Wiktionary headword line templates, please do not use subst:.



The parameters and documentation were standardized for use in various languages written in Latin, Greek and other related scripts. If a particular number, or all numbers, don't need a parameter, please ignore it.

sc: The script code of the number, for categorization and formatting purposes. When this parameter is empty or omitted, the default script is used.


These parameters should be used when a number may be written in upper case or lower case (such as when a character may be used both as letter and a number), and both cases have numerical value.

upper: The upper case form.
upper2: A second upper case form.
lower: The lower case form.
lower2: A second lower case form.
mixed: The mixed case form.
mixed2: A second mixed case form.