present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. {{{pres_1sg}}} en {{{pres_conn}}} 1st sing. olen {{{past_part}}} en ole {{{past_part}}}
2nd sing. {{{pres_2sg}}} et {{{pres_conn}}} 2nd sing. olet {{{past_part}}} et ole {{{past_part}}}
3rd sing. {{{pres_3sg}}} ei {{{pres_conn}}} 3rd sing. on {{{past_part}}} ei ole {{{past_part}}}
1st plur. {{{pres_1pl}}} emme {{{pres_conn}}} 1st plur. olemme {{{past_part_pl}}} emme ole {{{past_part_pl}}}
2nd plur. {{{pres_2pl}}} ette {{{pres_conn}}} 2nd plur. olette {{{past_part_pl}}} ette ole {{{past_part_pl}}}
3rd plur. {{{pres_3pl}}} eivät {{{pres_conn}}} 3rd plur. ovat {{{past_part_pl}}} eivät ole {{{past_part_pl}}}
passive {{{pres_pass}}} ei {{{pres_pass_conn}}} passive on {{{past_pass_part}}} ei ole {{{past_pass_part}}}
past pluperfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. {{{past_1sg}}} en {{{past_part}}} 1st sing. olin {{{past_part}}} en ollut {{{past_part}}}
2nd sing. {{{past_2sg}}} et {{{past_part}}} 2nd sing. olit {{{past_part}}} et ollut {{{past_part}}}
3rd sing. {{{past_3sg}}} ei {{{past_part}}} 3rd sing. oli {{{past_part}}} ei ollut {{{past_part}}}
1st plur. {{{past_1pl}}} emme {{{past_part_pl}}} 1st plur. olimme {{{past_part_pl}}} emme olleet {{{past_part_pl}}}
2nd plur. {{{past_2pl}}} ette {{{past_part_pl}}} 2nd plur. olitte {{{past_part_pl}}} ette olleet {{{past_part_pl}}}
3rd plur. {{{past_3pl}}} eivät {{{past_part_pl}}} 3rd plur. olivat {{{past_part_pl}}} eivät olleet {{{past_part_pl}}}
passive {{{past_pass}}} ei {{{past_pass_part}}} passive oli {{{past_pass_part}}} ei ollut {{{past_pass_part}}}
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. {{{cond_1sg}}} en {{{cond_conn}}} 1st sing. olisin {{{past_part}}} en olisi {{{past_part}}}
2nd sing. {{{cond_2sg}}} et {{{cond_conn}}} 2nd sing. olisit {{{past_part}}} et olisi {{{past_part}}}
3rd sing. {{{cond_conn}}} ei {{{cond_conn}}} 3rd sing. olisi {{{past_part}}} ei olisi {{{past_part}}}
1st plur. {{{cond_1pl}}} emme {{{cond_conn}}} 1st plur. olisimme {{{past_part_pl}}} emme olisi {{{past_part_pl}}}
2nd plur. {{{cond_2pl}}} ette {{{cond_conn}}} 2nd plur. olisitte {{{past_part_pl}}} ette olisi {{{past_part_pl}}}
3rd plur. {{{cond_3pl}}} eivät {{{cond_conn}}} 3rd plur. olisivat {{{past_part_pl}}} eivät olisi {{{past_part_pl}}}
passive {{{cond_pass}}} ei {{{cond_pass_conn}}} passive olisi {{{past_pass_part}}} ei olisi {{{past_pass_part}}}
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. 1st sing.
2nd sing. {{{pres_conn}}} älä {{{pres_conn}}} 2nd sing. ole {{{past_part}}} älä ole {{{past_part}}}
3rd sing. {{{impr_3sg}}} älköön {{{impr_conn}}} 3rd sing. olkoon {{{past_part}}} älköön olko {{{past_part}}}
1st plur. {{{impr_1pl}}} älkäämme {{{impr_conn}}} 1st plur. olkaamme {{{past_part_pl}}} älkäämme olko {{{past_part_pl}}}
2nd plur. {{{impr_2pl}}} älkää {{{impr_conn}}} 2nd plur. olkaa {{{past_part_pl}}} älkää olko {{{past_part_pl}}}
3rd plur. {{{impr_3pl}}} älkööt {{{impr_conn}}} 3rd plur. olkoot {{{past_part_pl}}} älkööt olko {{{past_part_pl}}}
passive {{{impr_pass}}} älköön {{{impr_pass_conn}}} passive olkoon {{{past_pass_part}}} älköön olko {{{past_pass_part}}}
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. {{{potn_1sg}}} en {{{potn_conn}}} 1st sing. lienen {{{past_part}}} en liene {{{past_part}}}
2nd sing. {{{potn_2sg}}} et {{{potn_conn}}} 2nd sing. lienet {{{past_part}}} et liene {{{past_part}}}
3rd sing. {{{potn_3sg}}} ei {{{potn_conn}}} 3rd sing. lienee {{{past_part}}} ei liene {{{past_part}}}
1st plur. {{{potn_1pl}}} emme {{{potn_conn}}} 1st plur. lienemme {{{past_part_pl}}} emme liene {{{past_part_pl}}}
2nd plur. {{{potn_2pl}}} ette {{{potn_conn}}} 2nd plur. lienette {{{past_part_pl}}} ette liene {{{past_part_pl}}}
3rd plur. {{{potn_3pl}}} eivät {{{potn_conn}}} 3rd plur. lienevät {{{past_part_pl}}} eivät liene {{{past_part_pl}}}
passive {{{potn_pass}}} ei {{{potn_pass_conn}}} passive lienee {{{past_pass_part}}} ei liene {{{past_pass_part}}}
Nominal forms
infinitive participle
active passive active passive
I present {{{pres_part}}} {{{pres_pass_part}}}
long I2 {{{inf1}}}kseen 2 past {{{past_part}}} {{{past_pass_part}}}
II inessive1 {{{inf2_ines}}} 1 {{{inf2_pass_ines}}} agent1, 4 {{{agnt_part}}} 1, 3
instructive {{{inf2_inst}}} negative {{{nega_part}}}
III inessive {{{inf3_ines}}} 1) Usually with a possessive suffix.

2) Used only with a possessive suffix; this is the form for the third-person singular and third-person plural.
3) Some uses of the verbal noun are called the 'fourth infinitive' by certain sources (more details).
4) Does not exist in the case of intransitive verbs. Do not confuse with nouns formed with the -ma suffix or the 3rd infinitives.

elative {{{inf3_elat}}}
illative {{{inf3_illa}}}
adessive {{{inf3_ades}}}
abessive {{{inf3_abes}}}
instructive {{{inf3_inst}}} {{{inf3_pass_inst}}}
IV3 {{{inf4_nomi}}}
V {{{inf5}}} 2