This is the inflection-line template for Hebrew determiners.


|wv= or |dwv=
The headword with vowels, for display purposes. Use dwv if the spelling with vowels differs from the spelling without vowels for displaying both spellings.
A transliteration of the headword into the Latin alphabet, as described at Wiktionary:About Hebrew.
The gender and/or number separated by a hyphen. Number only when other than singular. Note that this is not for plural or dual forms of nouns but only for dual or plural only nouns.
The available code are m for masculine, f for feminine and m-f for both, additionally for plurals the code p can be used with a - separating it from the gender.
The Biblical Hebrew pausal form. The default, if these are not specified, is that no pausal form appears in the entry.

For any of the following parameters, there is available PARAMETERwv= and PARAMETERdwv= to specify their forms with vowels, if they differ from the spelling without vowels.

|m= or |f=
The masculine or feminine counterpart, respectively, if any. Specifying g is required for this to work.