Template:he-proper noun

he-proper noun

This is the inflection-line template for Hebrew proper nouns.


|wv= or |dwv=
The headword with vowels, for display purposes. Use dwv if the spelling with vowels differs from the spelling without vowels for displaying both spellings.
A transliteration of the headword into the Latin alphabet, as described at Wiktionary:About Hebrew.
The gender and/or number separated by a hyphen. Number only when other than singular. Note that this is not for plural or dual forms of nouns but only for dual or plural only nouns.
The available code are m for masculine, f for feminine and m-f for both, additionally for plurals the code p, and rarely for duals d, can be used with a - separating it from the gender. If the term is dual or plural it's added to Category:Hebrew dualia tantum or Category:Hebrew pluralia tantum receptively.
The Biblical Hebrew pausal form with vowels. The default, if these are not specified, is that no pausal form appears in the entry.