{{ko-pos|(part of speech)|hangeul=|hanja=|rv=...|mr=...|y=...}}
  • part of speech, e.g. proper noun, pronoun, suffix, particle, etc.
  • hangeul= hangeul form, this parameter is wikilinked if not
  • hanja= hanja form, this parameter is wikilinked if not
  • rv= Revised Romanization of Korean, the Wiktionary standard romanization
  • mr= McCune-Reischauer romanization
  • y= Yale romanization

The relevant forms not including the headword (entry name) itself should be supplied.

The Revised romanization should always be supplied on Hangeul and Hanja entries, while the others are optional, but any combination is acceptable. Yale is not as important, (it isn't even used by Yale anymore, but of course is in the literature).

The headword is displayed with font set to Korean when the rv= parameter is supplied. (E.g. on hanja and hangeul entries)

This template may to be used for

  • abbreviations using abbreviation
  • adjective forms using adjective form
  • adverbs using adverb
  • auxiliary verbs using auxiliary verb
  • contractions using contraction
  • counters using counter
  • determiners using determiner
  • idioms using idiom
  • interjections using interjection as the first argument
  • letters using letter
  • nouns using noun
  • numbers using number
  • numerals using numeral
  • particles using particle
  • phrases using phrase
  • prefixes using prefix
  • pronouns using pronoun
  • proper nouns using proper or proper noun (or better yet, {{ko-proper noun}})
  • proverbs using proverb
  • suffixes using suffix
  • syllables using syllable
  • verb forms using verb form

For others, use the relevant template in Category:Korean_headword-line_templates.