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This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

This template should be placed at the top of all rhymes pages. It creates breadcrumbs for navigation, and also adds the page to the appropriate rhymes categories.


The language code. See Wiktionary:Languages.
2=, 3= etc.
The different parts of the rhyme, in phonemic IPA notation. The full rhyme (which is in the page name) is formed by adding the different parts together.
  • Each part except the last one is used to link to a subpage for rhymes beginning with a certain prefix, and also adds a category for rhymes with that prefix. For example, {{rhymes nav|en|aʊ|t|ɪd}} would be for the page named Rhymes:English/aʊtɪd, and would create links to Rhymes:English/aʊ- and Rhymes:English/aʊt-, and categorize in Category:English rhymes/aʊt using ɪd as the sort key.
  • If the last part of the rhyme is equal to the parts themselves, use -. For example, {{rhymes nav|en|aʊ|-}} for Rhymes:English/aʊ. The difference between this and {{rhymes nav|en|aʊ}} is that the former still treats as a prefix and links and categorizes accordingly, while the latter does not.
  • If the pronunciation in the page name equals the rhyme parts plus "-", it's treated as a prefix index page. For example, {{rhymes nav|en|aʊ}} would be used for Rhymes:English/aʊ-.