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This template shows mutations of Old Irish words.


  • initial is the initial letter of the word (case-sensitive).
  • remnant is the rest of the word after the initial letter.

A few Old Irish words starting with s- take lenition in ph- instead of the usual ṡ-. For these words, use sw as the initial.

Deuterotonic verbs


Deuterotonic verbs are mutated after the preverb. When using this template for deuterotonic verbs, the initial is the initial letter of the stressed portion of the verb, and the remnant is what follows the initial. The preverb can be specified using the optional parameter p=, which must also contain the raised dot conventionally used to indicate the border between preverb and stressed syllable. p= can also include just the raised dot to indicate a prototonic or conjunct verb form.



For bás type:


For Saxanach type:


For siur (lenition phiur) type:


For do·beir type:


For ·tabair type: