For Old Irish prepositions that inflect. Use under ====Inflection==== subheading.

Individual forms can be listed directly; multiple alternative forms need to be linked with double square brackets. The third-person forms have distinct dative and accusative forms; all other persons do not. Emphatic forms are added to the parameters whose names end in "-em". Any unattested forms can be left blank or omitted altogether.

Template for copying and pasting:

 |1sg         = form
 |1sg-em      = 
 |2sg         = [[form1]], [[form2]]
 |2sg-em      = 
 |3sgm-dat    = 
 |3sgm-dat-em = 
 |3sgm-acc    = 
 |3sgm-acc-em = 
 |3sgf-dat    = 
 |3sgf-dat-em = 
 |3sgf-acc    = 
 |3sgf-acc-em = 
 |1pl         = 
 |1pl-em      = 
 |2pl         = 
 |2pl-em      = 
 |3pl-dat     = 
 |3pl-dat-em  = 
 |3pl-acc     = 
 |3pl-acc-em  =