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Days of the week in Punjabi · ہَفْتَہ واراں دے ناں (haftah vārāṉ de nāṉ) (layout · text)
اَیْتْوار (aitvār) سومْوار (somvār) مَن٘گَلْوار (maṉgalvār) بُدّھْوار (buddhvār) جُمْعِرات (jumʻirāt), وِیْر وار (vīr vār) جُمْعَہ (jumʻah), شُکَّرْوار (śukkarvār) ہَفْتَہ (haftah), چَھنِچَّھرْوار (chaniccharvār), چَھنِچَّھر (chanicchar)

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This template is a table cross-linking terms in Western Panjabi. Use this template in the "See also" section of all the members of this table, and the title entry as well:

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{{table:days of the week/pnb}}

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