Thai autocreation template, relying on Module:th function new.

Must be substituted.


Basic structureEdit



นักปักษีวิทยา (nák-bpàk-sǐi-wít-tá-yaa):


Core parametersEdit

  • |1= (optional)
    Phonetic respelling. Syllables should be separated by hyphens or spaces. Multiple respellings are separated by commas.
  • |2= (optional)
    Part of speech. Acronyms are accepted and preferred. Default is 'n' if empty. See pos_table in Module:th#new for a list of acronyms.
  • |3= (compulsory... well, it gives {{rfdef}} if you insist on leaving it blank)

Other parametersEdit

- More PoS

  • |4=
    Second part of speech.
  • |5=
    Definition for the second part of speech.
  • |6=
    Third part of speech.
  • |7=
    Definition for the third part of speech.

- Head

  • |head=
    Feeds the |head= parameter in headword templates. Trick is that if phonetic respelling is simply a syllable-divided version of pagetitle, it will be used to generate the 'head' parameter in headword templates automatically if no |head= is given here.

- Wikipedia

  • |wp=y
    Wikipedia link.

- Etymology

  • |e=
    Etymology text. (unformatted)

-- Other words: No brackets needed in these parameters.

  • |alt=, |alt2=, |alt3=, |alt4=
    Alternative forms.
  • |syn=, |syn2=, |syn3=, |syn4=
  • |ant=, |ant2=, |ant3=, |ant4=
  • |der=, |der2=, |der3=, |der4=
    Derived terms.
  • |also=, |also2=, |also3=, |also4=
    See-also terms.

-- Others

  • |cat=

More examplesEdit

การจูบ (gaan-jùup):


กาฬ (gaan):

{{subst:th-new|กาน,กา-ละ-,กาน-ละ-|a|[[black]], [[dark]] [[blue]], [[dark]]||black mark of [[death]]
# [[cold sweat]]}}