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Relief depicting a Tesem


From a nineteenth-century transcription of Egyptian ṯzm (hound).


Tesem (plural Tesems)

  1. A kind of dog from Ancient Egypt resembling a greyhound
    • 1933, Henry Devenish Skinner, “Origin and Relationships of the Polynesian Dog” in The Journal of the Polynesian Society, vol. 42, no. 1, page 18:
      We possess many illustrations of these Tesem greyhounds from the whole period of the Egyptian supremacy, some 3,000 years, and much care must have been taken to keep them pure-bred.
    • 1984, Patricia Sylvester, The Reader’s Digest Illustrated Book of Dogs, page 225:
      Greyhounds, one of the oldest known groups of dogs, share a common ancestor — the Tesem.
    • 2002, Johan Gallant, The Story of the African Dog, page 65:
      The Egyptians had inherited the Tesem as a sleek sight hound breed that had been derived from early domesticated dogs in Southwest Asia.