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A contraction of the Dutch Hottentot.


Totty (plural [please provide])

  1. (slang, archaic) a Hottentot
    • 1859, William and Robert Chambers, CHAMBERS'S JOURNAL OF POPULAR LITERATURE SCIENCE AND ARTS, London: W. & R. Chambers:
      Only the elite of the party are here assembled; for it would be little short of sacrelige for a Totty or a Caffre to presume to enter these sacred precincts, or to join in the conversation of the master
    • 1879, Alfred Wilks Drayson, Among the Zulus: The Adventures of Hans Sterk, South African Hunter and Pioneer, Griffith and Farran, page 338:
      Between the Totty and the Kaffir a deadly hatred exists, the former seeming to have a natural love for hunting the latter.