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  1. Alternative spelling of UN
    • 1964, Proceedings of the International Congress of Nutrition, page 446:
      Supplies and money poured in, to be directed, by airlifts and great humanitarian efforts by the U.N. and the Children’s Fund and the International Red Cross, to the empty bellies.
    • 1973, American Opinion, page 17, column 1:
      Indeed, the man ultimately running our side of the war was the U.N. Under Secretary for Political and Security Council Affairs, who runs all U.N. military activities, and whose name was Alexei E. Nesterenko – a Soviet Communist from Russia – pursuant to the agreement made with the Russians at the first U.N. London Conference in January, 1946, by top conspirator John Foster Dulles and his close friend, Soviet spy Alger Hiss, to the effect that a Communist always would run that U.N. Department.
    • 1996, Usha Sud, United Nations and India: Saga of Cooperation, Vikas Publishing House, page 116:
      Secondly, the accelerated decolonization wave has not only increased the U.N. membership, but has also altered its priorities of concern, the focus of its political organs, their methods and procedures of functioning, as also the U.N.’s broad objectives.

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