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Hello all. It's been more than ten years since WF started out in WT, but nobody really seems to know who this human is. Here they will say a few things about themself which aren't already mentioned on this website, without revealing too much information.

  • They live somewhere
  • They have been married and may still be.
  • They used to live in other countries
  • They are addicted to WT, being the 4th or 5th most active user, but it's difficult to keep track of all their previous edits under previous usernames.
  • They've met one Wiktionarian in his life, who has the privilege of being the only person they've ever talked about their online persona.
  • They would meet Equinox or SemperBlotto if they had nothing better to do.
  • They are really crap at computer stuff and coding.
  • They've also been active on the French Wikipédia, mainly doing boring stuff connected to British football. They've been blocked there before too.
  • They lie quite a lot.
  • They like to refer to themself in the third-person and in gender-neutral pronouns.